Transformational Recordings!

The Experience, the Big Picture Context;
Difference between Brain and Heart Processing;
Multidimensional Snynthesis and Synchronicity;
MEDITATION: Setting Your NEW TEMPLATE of Interconnection;
Introduction to Your NEW BLUEPRINT!
And more… much more…

The INSECTS (false beliefs) and the SEQUOIA (the Energy Sensitive);
Using Emotions as your GPS;
Tools, Tips, and Transformational Energy Technology;
Integrating your NEW BLUEPRINT;
And still much more…

Reciprocal Energy Exchange–
Both Parts– $40.00
Part One only– $25.00
Part Two only (not recommended)– $20.00


The Second International Tele-Gathering for ENERGY SENSITIVES
Activation from Yeshuwah of individual blueprints for each and all;
The fast, easy (alchemical) way of LIVING your NEW BLUEPRINT;
And indescribably MORE….

Reciprocal Energy Exchange– $35.00


This is the BIG one. If you are NEW to this site, NEW to understanding that you are a Being of Frequency, and/or NEW to your NEW Paradigm of Sovereignty, it might be best to begin with one of the other recordings.
On the other hand, this one WILL wake you up fast, if you feel you need that.
It will also give you all you need to know in order to work with the Laws of Energy that you really need to know!

Reciprocal Energy Exchange— $45.00


* Press the “Donate” tab in the right sidebar
* Submit your reciprocal energy exchange via Paypal
* Note the chosen recording in your transaction
* The link to download your recording will be sent to you via email within 48 hours.

About the reciprocal energy exchange– It is not a “payment.” It IS an energy exchange, and will activate your own personal connection to the content of the recording, which is energetically transmitted.  I  set the exchange as low as I possibly can without diminishing its ability to activate full reciprocity (in other words, your ability to receive all of it, energetically). There is a lot more in these recordings than “meets the ear,” as you will soon discover.

About the recordings— Each one is extremely encoded with high frequency information. For that reason, they are not edited or polished in any way, lest the encodings be lost. Occasionally, you may hear a brief bit of static in the background. Do not “tune it out!”  The static is alive with messages for you, which your multidimensional heart center will take in and decode for you over the next few days.  Our current technology just isn’t equipped to handle such high frequencies, that’s all–but YOU are!

Lastly, PLEASE DRINK A LOT OF WATER as you engage with these recordings! Begin sipping water before you listen, as you take them in, and for at least 48 hours afterward. 

En-JOY!  Much Love/Light to You!  ♥ ♥ ♥



Copyright(c) 2014, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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