In Preparation for Vernal Equinox, 2015: Understanding the Illusion of NOW

Judith here. You have heard it all, I’m sure… what a powerful week we are in… that we’re actually planting seeds that will become our future for the next several years… that only after six months or so will they have germinated enough for us to even SEE what we have sown.

Sounds like an enormous responsibility, doesn’t it, having such total sovereign authority over our lives (even if it’s what we thought we wanted, lol)– especially for those who’ve been feeling pretty crappy about some things that are going on in their lives these days. If you, by any chance, might be one of them…

First of all you’re not alone. There are about five billion others who feel pretty crappy about something or other, just like you do. (Some even feel a whole lot crappier than you do, btw.) Second of all, whatever is manifesting NOW has nothing to do with whether or not you’re going to screw up the next next seven years or so of your life!

The celestial team has something very important to say about such “illusions,” as they put it, which I’m sure will go a long way towards helping you feel a whole lot better– which will be a whole lot better all the way around. AROUND. Please note that I did NOT say “as you go forward.”

The reason I didn’t is because even TRYING to play “living my life” on that linear backwards/forwards track anymore is to keep smacking into concrete… that’s been MY experience, anyway. Not to mention the double-bind of “trying,” period… And on that note, the celestial team is fizzing through to lighten up, shed some light, en-light-en… expand our perceptions altogether, shall we say–

Hello, Beloved!
There is urgency in our transmission, and we say that only to confirm what You ALREADY feel. Urgency means crisis, and urgency means opportunity suddenly offered. Both are the same. Both are NOW.
“BOTH” is an excellent word to fly around with in this moment of your time, which brings us to the crux of our message:
The past and present meet the future in every pulse of NOW. 

Take that IN please, Beloved!
There is a “time lag” between what YOU create and when your creation manifests, re-member? And that “time lag” is decreasing rapidly.

Beloved, do You understand? There is NO SUCH THING as “the way it IS” where YOU are concerned! You are creating the way it IS through the FREQUENCIES you are holding in every moment. What You see around You are only past creations– they are like paintings You’ve already finished, You might say.

It will serve You greatly NOW to re-member this, so as not to become discouraged and drop out of the FREQUENCIES of what it IS that You are creating. Instead, let the feelings and experiences of the past run through You like an old tape that is winding down in the present–and BE GLAD they are! Then, You’ll be choosing a template for the future that You will be VERY GLAD to live in.

How we love You! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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Finding the One Person Who Can Change Your Life

3.10.15 A Message for NOW from Judith and the celestial team—

If You are searching for that one person who will change your life–
look in the mirror. 

 Beloved, the truth stated above is SO BIG and SO PROFOUNDLY TRUE that one can miss it entirely. Quite literally, it boggles the 3rd dimensional brain, so either gets tossed out entirely or conceptualized– usually as one of those cliches that sound nice but mean nothing (as far as the brain is concerned, that is). If that is what the quote we began our message with seems like to You– hang on to it because it means You’ve struck gold.

Pan for it until You find it, and PERSIST! Say the words aloud. Shout them, sing them, dance them. Write them on your mirror, or better yet, on your face. Paint your wall with them. Meditate into them, let your mind wander around in them.

Lose your mind in them altogether! The whole idea is to go BEYOND the limitations of the brain’s processing center. Once You are beyond the limitations of “what you thought you knew,” You will find yourSelf discovering  what You KNOW but never “thought you did.”

The more You play around like this with EVERYTHING that doesn’t make sense, the more You will strengthen your perceptual “muscles.” The stronger they become, the more You will begin to see beyond all kinds of Self- limiting beliefs– ones You are so used to, You didn’t even KNOW they were beliefs! You “thought” they were reality.

And NOW a final word (or a little “solo,” as we perceive it), from our celestial/earthly member who is also part your own human family.
Judith here. Speaking just between “you and I,” when we change even ONE belief that limits our perception of ourSelves, we change EVERYTHING.
Namaste. ❤


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Have a Question? Ask the celestial team- Live Over the Air Waves TONIGHT!!

This is Judith, just stopping by to make sure YOU get this invitation–

Tonight (Monday, March 2nd) at 7:30 p.m. pstd,
the celestial team and me on
Heart to Heart Talk Radio!

(Last minute notice, I know, but better late than never, right?)

The show airs live, and we’ll be answering questions from callers during the second half.
So, if you want to call us, we’d love to hear from you!

Link to listen online:

To listen by phone and/or call in with a question:

We’ll talk to you later!

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