There Are A Few Things You Need To KNOW. Here Is One Of Them.


This is Judith. There are a LOT of things we need to know, and I’ve been getting them so fast and furious (as we say) over the past couple of weeks that my only priority fast became to integrate them and use them really, REALLY, fast.
And they are still coming,  which is why I haven’t been writing very much… we are in movement!  That is not a good “time” to sit down and talk about it (just ask a really good surfer, lol).

Nonetheless, I’ve been concerned about it… after all, I am the earth member of the celestial team… it’s my JOB to translate and share this transformational process with you! Lol again. “WAS my job” is what I’m getting. Our “jobs” are changing. MINE is in flux… so is YOURS.
Listen up–

Greetings. We are the Frequency Techicians of Sirius resonating to you from within the orchestra of the celestial team.  

We are interrupting our earth member’s integration of the NEW frequencies, which you are also receiving. Consider it an “upgrade,” as commensurate with your own current frequency signature’s range of reception.

We do not choose to interrupt such integration, of course, unless there is a reason that merits such an interruption– and the being who allows the process to be interrupted can hold onto it despite the interruption.

As that is the case, we interrupt. Briefly, to transmit one thing only in this moment.

The word “STUCK.” It is a word used only by slaves who acquiesce to enslavement.
Otherwise, it has no meaning, whatsoever.

As energy is always in motion, so you are as well.
Choosing to be “stuck” requires a mighty amount of effort in order to resist the flow of life, itself.

To stay “stuck,” one has to hold the frequencies of “stuck” with impressive determination, and a very POWERFUL ability to focus.

Therefore, we wish to tell those among you who are able to perpetuate the experience of “stuck” that we bow to you. You teach us much about the mighty power of resistance. Truly, you are MASTERS.

We are the Frequency Technicians.


THANK YOU for your recoprocal  energy  exchange! For any who have just found us, the “donate” tab is in the right sidebar.

❤ ❤ ❤

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Entering Wonder-land!


Well, Beloved! You have just had your very first experience of being within a true vortex of Love/Light!

Take that to heart, for that is what the many galactic events during your month of September became as they coalesced. Congratulations, for You will never be the same, nor will You want to once these energies begin to settle and integrate in You.  

We wish YOU to settle, too.
By that, we mean settle IN. Here is a metaphor:
Imagine (or feel, or simply know) that you have been on a grand excursion to a foreign NEW land– one You have saved UP for all of this lifetime.

Even using a vortex as your mode of transportation was NEW and foreign to You.

NOW, You emerge into a “space/time,” if You will, that is completely unknown to You.
All You know–and You don’t even know HOW You know, but very deep inside, You are quite sure of it, nonetheless– it is where You have ALWAYS wanted to go.
Let that be enough and plenty to know for NOW!

Revel in that knowing, relax, and simply float in it for awhile.
Wander through your days, be aimless and idle, look around, wonder, daydream… oh yes, indulge yourSelf in daydreaming, by all means!
We promise You that in this NEW place You’ve arrived into, daydreams are far from a “waste of time”… they are powerful manifestation tools. In your NEW land, You can even dream yourSelf into being…and so You will. Over and over again.

We will say no more, for we do not wish to give You too much to “think” about!
As well, we do understand that You are also currently still in the structure of “where You were,” meaning your life as You have known it. Indeed, we hear some among You in this very moment saying, “I cannot simply drop everything, stay home from work, leave my children to fend for themselves, while I go off to drift and daydream!” 

We laugh softly with You at how ridiculous that sounds. Of course You can’t!
But You CAN drift and daydream far more than You “think” You can.
And You can even handle things in the current structure of your life as You experience it WHILE You drift and daydream.  

Ah, we are laughing again… not at You! NEVER at You, quite the contrary. We laugh because we can hardly wait for YOU to see what YOU CAN DO… and without even “lifting a finger,” as You say.

How we LOVE You! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team 

P.S. from Judith! Although the celestial team did not mention this, as earth member and translator I personally felt the energy of our New Moon catalyze this transmission.  New moons are fertile soil for planting NEW seeds. THIS one is ideal for planting ourSelves in our New Paradigm together, in the innocence of childlike wonder that accompanies BEing NEW.

❤ ❤ ❤

Heartfelt gratitude to all who receive these messages and support their continuation by pressing the “donate” tab in the right sidebar. TRULY, that would not be possible without You.
Namaste, my Beloved human family!


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You Do NOT “Mess Up!”


BELOVED!  We greet You with a most fervent request because we love You so.

Please consider how we see You when You think You are “messing up” in some way.
We won’t go into the ways You come to this dire conclusion, because there are so many.

You can and do find ANY way to hold onto a belief long enough to manifest enough shreds of “reality” from it to keep it going.

You are so powerful in your focus and so relentless in your determination that You truly ARE a master of creation.

That IS the truth. You demonstrate it over and over… and You NEVER fail. That is obvious to all of us in the celestial team, and to all in your universe as well.

It is SO obvious that You can easily see how effortlessly You create “reality” through your own focus… if You choose to see… because NOW, there are no more blocks, no veils, no “hocus-pocus” ideations that prevent You from seeing that YOUR frequencies are the source of every manifestation You experience.

We ask You, therefore, to real-ize that it is IMPOSSIBLE for You to “mess up!”
Follow our logic for a moment (oh YES, logic only gets finer at higher frequencies).
To “mess up,” You would have to be “messing your SELF up.”
Since You are MADE of Source energy (which is LOVE), the whole concept of “messing up” is therefore a moot one.

SOURCE does not perceive “messing up.” SOURCE is curious and fascinated by NEW creative possibilities… NEW ways of experiencing polarity in order to love them even MORE as ONE.

SOURCE-in-You delights in your “messing up” (as You used to call your delving into divine paradox) as much as SOURCE-in-You delights in flowing directly INto the manifestation of your desires!

Beloved… You really DO need to let go of the whole idea of “messing up” altogether. That is OUR perspective, of course. Yet we also know that You who reads this is reading to RECEIVE it.  

How we LOVE You! How we adore your creativity!
Always and in All Ways– the celestial team.

❤ ❤ ❤

Blessed are You for supporting our Judith in devoting her earthly life to BEing a human/celestial bridge– for You, and We, and the ALL of us–by offering even the smallest bit of your own energy, You bless yourSELF, of course. 

From Judith– In plain English (lol), the “Donate” tab is in the right sidebar.
Thank you. I love you.


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