12.28.12 NYE–Fizz into 2013 with the celestial team!

12/28/12 Love/Light Message from Judith and the celestial team

Hello, Beloved Human Family!

This is Judith, and the celestial team is braided with me a little (but they’ll be coming through on their own in a minute or two, have no doubt!). In this last of our 2012 messages, my part is to remind you that the unprecedented energetic transformation we have been participating in this month is not over yet! New Year’s Eve will bring us the last of December’s monumental, three phase download of energy designed to fuel and support us across the threshold from a paradigm of separation into one of Unity Consciousness.

As you recall, the first was on 12/12/12, and its purpose was to prepare us for the “main event,” which was the actual crossing of  “zero point” on the threshold,  meaning out of the old energies and into the NEW. As you also know, this occurred during our Winter Solstice (or Summer, depending on your location on the planet). The third download, which we will receive on the 31st, will assist us in completing our process of integrating, and integrating ourselves into, the energies of this New Era we have entered. They will help to “ground us” in our NEW energy grid, and to live in alignment with the “Whole New Paradigm of Being” that the celestial team has been talking about since Oct., 2011! This is a very big deal, because only by consciously choosing to LIVE in alignment with the energy of Unity Consciousness will we then ground it in our own energy grids, and so make it “real” for us.

Well, the celestial team is very excited about the power of this moment, let me tell you! They are fizzing all over with their desire to support each and all of us in making that conscious choice in any and every way they possibly can–and they are enterprising, as you will soon read/feel a little further into this message! Since, as their earthly member, I’m still only consciously able to focus my physical presence in one place at a time, however, let me tell you where WE will be physically focused on the eve of 2013–and then they can take it from there.

The  celestial team and I, both in turn and together, will be speaking, providing energy alignments, and answering questions about “Presence and the Setting of Intentions” at a New Year’s Eve event in West Los Angeles. We want you to know that, just in case you will be anywhere within commuting distance and wish to join us. If you are able to attend, you can expect lots of amplified energetic attention–and PLEASE be sure to introduce yourself to me/us personally, because there are many thousands of beings (including me) who would absolutely love that!  To attend the event, here’s the where and how–
Location: The Gateway- a Portal for Growth and Wellness
2511 S. Barrington Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Reservations are required, so go to http://www.thegatewayportal.com, click the calendar,
click 12/31, and resvp “yes.” This will put you on the guest list, and you’re all set.

Even if you cannot join us physically, here’s where the celestial team gets enterprising, and I won’t even bother to attempt to describe the physics of this! The bottom line is that, because you take in their messages, you are already “hooked up” with them. This means that when they transmit in L. A. on the 31st, you can receive their energy activations if you join us energetically, because they will have “all lines open.” If you choose to receive them, simply go off somewhere quiet so you can tune into us without distractions, for about 10 minutes, at around 10:00 p.m. pacific time. Or, even better, get your friends to do it WITH you! Because they are hooked up with YOU, they’ll also be able to receive through YOU.  (See how amazing Unity Consciousness is?) Then, open your heart centers, and RECEIVE.

And NOW…here comes the celestial team fizzing through—

Hello, Beloved, and YES, we ARE fizzing! Our Love for YOU makes us fizzy to begin with, and when you add the JOY we feel at seeing you move into Unity Consciousness, you can’t even imagine how fizzy we are right NOW! You’ll just have to feel it– so open your heart, and breathe our fizzy Love and joy right in! And, if you do not feel it rush in right away, open your heart even wider! Then, before your next breath, decide, with your full Sovereign Authority, to breathe our frequencies in “to the max!”

THEN, your miraculous lungs and heart will honor your command in an instant. At your command, they will not only receive our fizzy frequencies on your behalf, but will spread them throughout your body in one rapid “whoosh.” What divinely intelligent “organs’ they are, are they not? Your word “organs” does not even begin to express their remarkably advanced vibrations of Unity Consciousness as they nourish and support your physical body! Nonetheless, they are always at your service. They breathe Love into you, amplify Love within you, and pulse Love outward from you, to whatever extent you allow. Never forget that, Beloved! All they await is your command. So give it NOW and feel our fizz rush in! It will be like being at a wonderful spa, right inside your own body. How your cells will thank you!

And…if you join us on New Year’s Eve, we will make sure you feel “the fizz” within you then, as well, and there will be even MORE of it, given all of the energies that will be at play with our own.  Just like the finest, bubbliest,  of your champagnes—only we won’t get you “drunk!” NOW, how is that for a lovely way to welcome your NEW Year, your NEW Paradigm, and your NEW YOU?  We say go for it!

Then… expect miracles as the days of your 2013 unfold, Beloved. As long as you remember that YOU are the miracle worker, it cannot be otherwise.

As long as you claim your Sovereign Authority, and leave the dissonance of powerlessness, fear and competition behind you …

As long as you begin to “see” that in Unity Consciousness, diversity only makes the music of your collective richer as you harmonize as One…you will, indeed, make miracles.

BE the frontrunner you surely are if you are reading this message, then! Continue to sing the song of harmony that you hear in your own heart, even when you hear nothing but dissonance around you. And be patient.

Remember that it is YOU who is bringing the sound of harmony into the world! You will not hear it echoed back to you unless YOU create the echoes!

So SING, Beloved, in full voice, and never cease. Sing out the melodies of Loving interconnection!

Sing it to those who have heard them in their own hearts and have been longing for someone to harmonize with–just as YOU hace been.  

Sing it warmly and gently to those who commit violence, for behind all violence is a spirit frozen in trauma, and who NEEDS the warmth of your song most of all.  

Sing your heart to everyone, and know that all are thirsty for it, no matter what the reason!  Let nothing distract you from this, your most important and glorious mission, and we promise you—we PROMISE you–you WILL begin to hear the echoes–as long as you persist.

You WILL begin to hear other voices harmonizing with your own. At first a few, and then in mighty choruses. Know that the sound of this harmony is what will replace judgment with compassion as it spreads across your earth, for all things are created through the vibrations of sound. We will explain more about that soon, but for NOW,  just trust that it is true.

SING that compassion into being, for it is the song of compassion that will Light your world, and your entire universe as well. Trust this, Beloved. TRUST the song in your heart, and sing it loud and pure and strong, so that ALL may hear!

Happy, Happy, New Year. Happy New Paradigm, and Happy New YOU.                       SING, BELOVED, SING!
Much Love/Light to you. Always and in All Ways—Judith and the celestial team

Final note–If you need support in leaving the old behind and stepping into the NEW, NOW is the time to command it. As a result, many are, and Judith and the celestial team’s private sessions by phone, Skype, or in person are now almost filled through the second week in January. So, if your heart is asking for one, don’t hesitate. YOU are ALSO worth it. YOU deserve…and WE know it. We love You! ♥
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12.22.12 Yes,You ARE Crossing! Keep Going, Beloved!

12/22/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Beloved, we greet you with frequencies of celebration for who you are, and ALL that you are!

Well, it is a NEW day, indeed, for we see you entering a NEW dawn, and an entirely NEW kind of day, as well! Although we know that in “physical reality,” your stage of crossing your Solstice threshold depends on where you are physically on your planet, but we are not physically embodied beings, and so we see where you are from a very different perspective. We “see” you energetically, through your frequencies, and so regardless of where you are physically, we know that you are well across the midpoint of your threshold NOW! We also see that there are many among you who feel disoriented, and aren’t quite sure where they are! They are not sure if they crossed, or if they even found a threshold to cross at all!

In truth, that concern has flickered through every one of your minds, even if only for an instant. That is why we wanted to address those flickers right away. They are completely understandable, as we will explain, but we did not want them flickering so much that they started little brushfires of serious doubt here and there through the mighty forest of your human collective! Oh no, we would not have that, not if WE have anything to say about it—and WE DO. We have plenty to say about it, so let us “cut to the chase,” then, and say it without further ado!

Beloved, imagine your Solstice threshold to be a grander version of the moment in your daily 24 hour cycle of time that has been designated as the threshold between night and day on your planet. Look: one minute, it is 11:59 p.m. at night. The next minute, it is 12:00 a.m.–in the morning. Just like that! Do you see it happen? Does it feel radically different, to cross that minute of your time between night and day? No, but you cross it nonetheless. And so it is with the threshold of your Solstice. It is the crossing from the ending of a very long night into the beginning of a whole NEW glorious day!

NOW, you must trust the crossing. NOW you must keep moving across that threshold, walking further and further INTO the NEW day, for only as you do so will you begin to see the evidence of daylight you are looking for. Only as you move forward will you begin to see the dawn that your very movement forward has brought you to! And once you see the dawn, you will know, just as you do in your night/day cycles on your planet, that soon you will be flooded with Light.

To look at it from another angle, you also know that the only way to cross any threshold is to commit to taking the action of crossing it. The only way to move from one room to another in a house, or to cross from one side of a street to another in your neighborhood, or from one airplane runway to another on your world—or, from one dimension to another in your universe—is to take the actions required to make the crossing, yourself.

NOW, with the threshold between a long, dreary, era of darkness and a NEW, most wonderful era of Light beneath your feet at last, we encourage you to keep walking, and with no hesitation! Only YOU can make the crossing. Only YOU can carry yourself forward into the dawning Light, and then with every step into more and more Light. You are Sovereign, remember? Only YOU can choose, only YOU can decide, only YOU can make it happen.

Onward, then, Beloved. Know that we SEE you, you ARE crossing into the Light, so trust that, and keep on going! And never forget—YOU are Sovereign. “Thy will WILL be done.” Just as your Yeshuwa says. And so it is.

Bravo, Beloved! We are here to cheer you on, so listen for us!

How we love you!  Always and in All Ways—the celestial team


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

Hello, Most Cherished Beloveds–
Consider this another “Hit of the Day,” and BIGTIME, as you say! We ask that you please share it with everyone you know who either holds fear around the date of 12/21/12, or believes that how they feel about it doesn’t matter. It DOES matter, because THEY matter! ALL in the human collective matters a great deal.We want each and all to know that most especially NOW–for that knowing can (and will) change the world. No one is exempt from Sovereignty. No one’s beliefs are powerless. All effect the ALL.
Thank you, Beloved. How we love you! Always, and in All ways.
— Judith and the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

12/16/12  About 12. 21.12…

Here it comes! December 21st, 2012 is just around the corner, and this is a real mind-bender. Even if you are one of those who intends to live through it as “just another day,” don’t kid yourself–it’s still a mind-bender. Why? Because this date  has been imbued with prophesies and predictions that have been repeated and embellished throughout generations for a very long time. They have thus gathered what Jung called “the archetypal numinosity” of a very powerful myth in the  collective unconscious of humanity. Meaning, whether you know it or not, it’s in yours, too.

So, regardless of what you “think” about 12/21/12, it is the experience of living out such a powerful myth as an actual day in your life that bends the mind.  Like dreams, myths are not even in the same “reality” as everyday life, you see, and to experience both at once will be an unprecedented event, indeed.  Of course, this is not to say that the date won’t…

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12.13.12 New Moon, New Way of Being

12/13/12 New Moon, New Way of Being

Discombobulation and the Human Bridge, Hit #2 from Judith

Hello, Re-Ascending Masters (or “Beloveds,” as the celestial team refers to us!),

This is Judith, and I may not be quite as fizzy as my celestial counterparts are, but I’m still feeling pretty bubbly with excitement, nontheless. Here’s why: Today we have a new moon, which always gifts us with fertile energy in which to seed our intentions. This particular new moon is in Sagittarius, “the archer.” It is an energy of momentum, optimism, confidence, and freedom. The archer can aim the arrow of his/her intention at possibilities that would seem too “far away” without it, and reach them in a seeming instant.

Within those energies, Uranus, “the awakener,” is also finally going direct, and the energy of Uranus is innovative. As we know, innovation is not only NEW change, but sudden “quantum leap-like” chamge. And this is following right on the heels of the portal that opened with 12/12/12, which invited us into  NEW energy and so a whole NEW experience of ourSelves!

Can you feel the way this combo is  pulling you out of the old and into the NEW? Because I sure can, and it’s certainly not the time to kick and scream about it, either (as I had to remind myself a time or two, just a little bit…). Old fear-based programs die hard, until we let them go entirely. And NOW is the TIME to do that. NOW is the time to let them go and trust these radically innovative, NEW energies entirely… and just let them happen to you. Just let them HAPPEN. And then, set your intentions to fly like the archer,  beyond anywhere you could have imagined getting yourself so fast, before NOW.

Why” Why trust these energies, and the NEW way they are guiding you/us? Because none of them are working alone. They are all of a piece, one being born from another. They are all part of one cosmic intent– to support us in what has NOW become our quantum leap into Unity Consciousness.  We have been moving towards it for aeons, but such a process seems slow until the very end–and then it all appears to happen very fast, as if in an instant, comparatively. That is where we are NOW–at very, very, fast!

Understand that the energies of NOW, for the next three months or so, will be rapidly changing AND all part of ONE Energy at the same time, and that Energy is at our service. That Energy is pulsed from Source, of which we are all a part, revealing Itself in multidimensionally expressed ways, yet united as ONE in a common desire to assist us. And so, the energies are demonstrating the truth that all in our universe is ONE, and modelling the very methods of Unity Consciousness, as well. So trust them! They are Love, Itself, just as we are, and wish only to serve YOU, for YOU, and WE together, are the promised Beloved. WE are the ONE they are waiting for, to teach our process of transformation from separation into Oneness to all in our universe who long to do so, and await our mastery.

Don’t doubt it for a second!  Lotsa Love/Light, and an 0utpour of human love to you from my heart as well–Judith

P.S. Don’t forget that personal sessions with the celestial team and I are available via Skype, phone, or in person! To set up a session, see the “New Paradigm Private Sessions” page on our website for contact info. ♥


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12.9.12 New Video: The 12/12/12 Portal- Cross the 12/21/12 Threshold MAKING LOVE!

12/9/12 Love/Light Message and Video from Judith and the celestial team

Greetings, my human family of Beloveds!

This is Judith, bringing you the link to the new Love/Light video that, except for my brief intro,  is completely transmitted by the celestial team. I felt a lot of power coming through me while I was transmitting, and had a sense that it was “explaining everything,” but it was only when I was able to watch it later that I really “got it,” myself. Then, I hurriedly tacked on the opening and closing, which is fast work because I never edit the videos–I just deliver them exactly as they “happen” –and waited impatiently for youtube to process it so that I could  get it out to all of you!

It wasn’t until I was finally getting it onto the airwaves that I noticed  “20:12″ at the bottom of the video. The exact length of the video, after the opening and cl0sing were added, is 20 minutes and 12 seconds. Never could I have planned such a thing if I’d even thought of doing so! “Linear precision” is not one of my strong points. Nope, that was the celestial team’s doing, I am quite sure, as they worked in synchronized collaboration with the  energies that are being pulsed  to us with exquisite precision, indeed, by our Galactic Center.  What a subtle and lovely example they gave us, of the infinite possibilities that “harmonizing” can manifest, and which they assure us, in this video, will soon be ours again in Unity Cosciousness!

 The celestial team also explains all about the “discombobulating” process we have been going through as the energies that are assisting us to cross the threshold of Winter Solstice have intensified. They tell us, as well, to prepare for the purpose and focus of these energies to abruptly change on 12/12/12, and how, if we use the change, we can make crossing our threshold on 12/21/12 the incredibly joyful and triumphant event we want it to be.
There is a LOT packed into this video! Lots of information communicated verbally, lots more through frequency, and lots of individual energetic attunements for each viewer as well.  The more often you watch, the more you get, and this is a video to get all you can out of.
Btw, if you keep watching it after 12/12/12, or even  after 12/21/12,  it will not be “too late” to  receive whatever it offers you with full impact! The celestial team always keeps up to speed with exactly what you need when, and if you set an intention to receive all the energies transmitted by the universe on those dates in your current NOW, you will. (This is the New Paradigm, remember? We can do that timeliine jumping stuff consciously NOW!)
Here’s the link:
Lots of Love/Light to you! Always and in All Ways–Judith and the celestial team
Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

12.6.12 Discombobulation and the Human Bridge, #1

12/6/12  Discombobulation and the Human Bridge, #1–A Hit of the Day from Judith

Hello, Fellow Beloveds!

This is Judith, following up on the last Love/Light message, “Discombobulation!” What I’m actually doing, though, is following through with my part in what has NOW become a true, human/celestial collaboration. For three years, I’ve been transmitting and translating  frequencies from the many collectives in the higher realms who collaborate together in order to hamonize as one orchestra of communication, and who wish to be identified very simply as “the celestial team.” (And without capital letters! They have always been very adamant about that.)

I’ve been doing this translating into English language (the one I know best) in order to facilitate the celestial team’s desire to connect with our human collective “across the great divides” we’ve perceived as existing between our reality and theirs. Now, as I am remembering that there is no diivide between the celestial team and me, I an being asked (both within me and without me, as there really is no difference between the two), to help tobridge the illuionary gap” between our human presence on the planet and our  woltidimensional presence in this universe of ours. This bridge will come in segments that I call “hits,” and will serve to activate the remembrance of multidimensional knowledge in all who are drawn to receive them, in this manner, at this time.

In alignment with that, these “hts” are only delivered to “followers” of the celestial team website.  It is not that we are being “exclusive.” Lol! Far from it!  It is because we do not wish to convince or confuse anyone.  That would be counterproductive to  our very purpose, because NOW, more than ever before, it  “time” for all in our human collective to step into Self-Responsibility.

All who reside on this planet are Sovereign Beings. All are responsible for their own choices, even if they are made by default through entrainment to ego/brain programming, or by giving their power to choose away to others. Never would we (meaning the celestial team and I), advocate the two latter  methods of choosing for anyone! When you choose not to choose, you give your power of choice to others to choose for you.

And that is a “hit of the day” for sure.

NOTICE how you make your choices! Is there any of the energy of old, fear-basesd, ego programming in them? If so, then they will only lead to fear-based manifestations that reflect that programming back to you. Is that what you WANT?

Remember, YOU are the one who creates your experience of life. Life never, ever, “just happens to you!”

If the enegy pattern that creates a faniliar pain has repeated more than twice in your current lifetime, it is “time” to address it NOW! The “projection game” is over. Whether one uses blaming another for the pain, or at the other extreme, makes empathy for the other the scapegoat–it just doesn’t matter. Both are propagandas of avoidance. If you feel pain, it is your OWN pain that you are feeling. Own it, embrace it, LOVE the part of you that is still in pain and longs for your recognition. Only then can you feel true empathy for another. There is nothing to fear– except your own lack of unconditional love for yourSelf, that is. And you need it NOW, believe me. We ALL do.

To be continued .I sense that future “hits” about the threshold we are crossing will be more compact and to the point. (I’d like that, myself, in fact!) But in a tramnsitional time that is as monumental as the one we are in…who knows?

In the meantime, lots of Love/Light to you.  (It’s right there, you know… just breathe it in!)

♥♥♥  Judith
Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved


12/2/12 Love/Light Message from Judith and the celestial team

This is Judith. The moment “Discombobulation!” popped up as the title for this message, the celestial team surprised me by asking me to collaborate with them in creating it. Although they had already let me know that the “time would come” when my own, muddled, human experiences would become just as important to the messages as their exquisitely clear perspectives, I didn’t expect it to suddenly be right NOW. Not when I am at the peak of feeling hopelessly discombobulated, myself!

Yet, there is always method to their divine madness, as I’ve come to trust without hesitation. And when they asked me to begin the message by sharing the resonance of the title with my own current human process, I could feel a divine plan unfolding in my very bones.

The frequencies of the word “discombobulation” resounded and reverberated within me like the biggest, most finely made drum ever. Obviously, a perfect vibrational match for the way I’ve been feeling over the last few weeks. The resonance was so powerful that I became curious to see if it’s containment into letters had been sufficient enough for it to even be allowed to  be recognized as a real 3rd dimensional word, at all!

So, I looked it up. All I could find was a rudimentary definition of the verb form, “discombobulate,” which was close enough: “to confuse; upset. Discompose.” DIS-COMPOSE! Eureka. Suddenly, I got it. I am in a process of dis-composing!

As I wrote that, I felt a mighty cheer of fizzy energy go up in the celestial team, so I guess I hit it. I’m also beginning to get more about why they wanted me to be the one to begin this message. It is only in our human states that we can really feel, process, and consciously integrate all that we are experiencing NOW. It is only through consciously committing to that process that we learn it well enough to teach it to others. That is why we are here…to integrate separation into Oneness…to teach the process to others…to our Galactic community…and from there to share it with our entire universe. Yowza. We really ARE the masters. And we’d better get that straight, right NOW!

Here’s the celestial team (bursting in before I get so impassioned that I shatter my fragile equilibrium—and yours as well, I’m sure! Lol! Bless their non-embodied, shining hearts.)

We greet you with soothing frequencies of support and reassurance, Beloved!

We have also just had a fond, good laugh at (and with) our Judith for “nailing us” so perfectly, as you put it in your English languge! We did, indeed, “burst in,” and just as you laugh with delight when someone knows and loves you deeply enough to “nail YOU,” so do we laugh when she “nails US.” Remember, Beloved…although we do not live in physical embodiment as you do, we are not nearly as alien to you as you have been taught to believe…far, far, from it, in truth.

And our Judith is right, the frequency of our laughter is very light and “fizzy!” Do you feel it? We encourage you to tune into it if you haven’t yet done so, for it will help to “lighten you up.” We have likened the effect of our “fizziness” to that of a fine bottle of champagne with its cork freshly popped, if you recall. So, drop your attention into your heart center, breathe our energy in, and feel our fizz run through your body! Do it freely, and do not worry–OUR fizz will not get you “drunk!” Use this experience as a corrective one, to remind your body that “feeling good” is not the result of doing something “bad,” and so never NEEDS to result in “feeling bad.” Breathe our fizzy Love in until you feel every cell within you begin to fizz and spin, and ENJOY the exhilaration! Your body is remembering how light you truly are, that is all. And then drink a lot of water, to flush out all of the toxic beliefs that all of this fizzing has stirred up within you!

Do you see, Beloved? Clearing old toxic beliefs out of your system does not have to be arduous, or painful. That is a myth that your collective bought into for awhile, in order to keep you firmly stuck in the polarity of the 3rd dimension, and for very sound and specific reasons. You are an energetic being, after all! You are made of Light! It took an enormous weight of limiting beliefs to chain you onto the treadmills of the 3rd dimension—otherwise you would have, quite literally, flown away!

But in terms of the perspectives of the higher dimensions—which are also your home—we are aghast at the extent of confinement that you have suffered through, on all of our behalves. We honor you and celebrate you for that without measure. NOW, however, it is time to free yourSelf again. As we see, and feel ourselves, the powerful energies that your own Galactic Center is pulsing out to you in it’s loving determination to assist you in freeing yourSelf– you have no idea how moved we are.  Or, how moved your entire universe is, in truth! YOU are one of the few among us who had the mastery to dive into that density, forget all that you know, and then use your wisdom, anyway, to fulfill your mission, and then remember yourSelf, again!

We pause. We are moved. REMEMBER yourSELF, Beloved.  An entire universe adores you for all that you have experienced on behalf of the ALL.

We know you are feeling a bit discombobulated NOW, however. You are “betwixt and between” separation and interconnection. Let us assure you that this is a very good sign that you are in a process of transformation! We also know that it does not always feel “good” to YOU—at least not according to your old definitions—not “by a long shot,” to use your vernacular again. You see, as we watch you, we observe you going through a most wondrous process. Yet, if we share our exihilartion at what we see with you, how well could you relate to it when what you are experiencing often feels very far from “wondrous?”

It is through our Judith that we learn how that process feels to you, and that is why we are asking her to participate in communicating our messages to you in this and future NOWS. Understand this–what you are doing in human form has never been done before. No being in your universe knows what the process you and your human collective is going through feels like. Sure, we have had some experiences that help us to relate to it, but they are nowhere near the epic, dramatic, proportions of your own, and in this very moment of your time, in particular.

And so, we rely on our Judith’s human experience to inform our own perceptions from NOW on, and to communicate with you in a way that resonates with your own. As she is part of every one of our collectives, she is also one of YOU,  of your human collective. This collaboration did not just “happen.” It was a contract that was developed and brought to fruition over many centuries. Now, she—and we—are fulfilling it.

Please take note of this, Beloved, for our Judith is not unique in that regard. You also have contracts that you came to your earth, in this time, to fulfill on behalf of the ALL. Our collaboration with our Judith is but one example of the grand process of integration on behalf of the ALL that you are undergoing NOW, yourSelf. You are now in the last phase of letting go of illusions of separation. You are integrating all of your aspects–do you hear us? ALL of them! Alternate lives (or what you have called “past” lives”), both on your planet and off, and in many dimensions, are now calling for integration within you.

This process feels “discombobulating” NOW because the energies are impulsing you very intensely, and at a rate that is far beyond the speed that your scientists claim is the maximum velocity of light. This is occurring because you are nearing “zero point” in the crossing of your threshold. Your Galactic Center, which is the very womb that birthed you, is NOW caring far more about your soul’s desire than about your ego’s comfort.

Look at it this way: For aeons, your Galactic Center has tolerantly accepted  the development of your ego/brain programming as a necessary stage of “human growing pains,” shall we say– just as an earthly mother accepts and tolerates the individiation process of her adolescent children. NOW, however, you are not an adolescent anymore. NOW, it is time to move into your mastery, and your galactic mother will do all she can to support you in that.  ALL SHE CAN. Do you hear us? And that is the source of your “discombobulation.”

We will end our message for NOW. We give you the picture, but it is for our Judith, our human aspect, to develop a human breakdown of this picture, and so piece the elements into a  kind of human bridge from who you were to who you are NOW. And she will. She has already let us know. She will.

We love you. Always and in All Ways. –the celestial team

OK, then. This is Judith. And yeah, I did get a lot of “hits” as I transmitted this message, about how to implement what the celestial team is telling us in “practical ways.” I also know that this is a very long message already, and probably enough to take in for NOW. Not only that, but I know that there are many on social media sites who get notified of our messages and who may not even want to receive tools about how to use “discombobulation” as a process of sailing over the threshold! We are all at varying stages of expansion,  all of which are valid, and the last thing I ever want to do is bombard anyone with email notifications about tools that excite me, but which they could not care less about!  So, I will share this, for NOW—

* Stay grounded in your body. You are not lost. You are being invited to welcome the NEW!
* Do not try to fit your experience of NOW into anything you have experienced before. It is way, way, “out of the box” NOW—and so are you.
* Catch up to the fact that you are not “separate!” Let go of the arrogance of believing that you are “special,” if you use it to keep you feeling separate from others. That is a seduction of the ego, and nothing more. Those who truly KNOW how special they are look for every opportunity to share themselves wih others.
* Welcome ALL connections NOW! ALL are there at your service, exactly when they need to be.
* And of course., do NOT expect anything—plans, relationships, career, your own inner process, or your way of creating your life to follow a familiar, linear process.

For those of you who want more detailed information about how to actually use these “tips,” you’ll get them all by clicking on “Follow the Love/Light” in the lower right corner of the celestial team’s website, and entering your email address. Even if you also have a website or blog who shares the same host, it’s your email address that will get them to you. And for those of you who are not interested, you won’t be “bothered” at all! Perfect, isn’t it?

Bye for NOW. Much Love/Light to you!
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