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Hello, Beloved! As You can see (FEEL, rather), this post is from US. Our Judith uncluded.
Take it to heart!
— the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


You can feel it.  You are going through something, but there are no words for it that anyone can understand.  (Including YOU, actually.)

Besides, everyone has a history unique unto themselves that they call their story.  That means that even words have meanings that were developed in the stories, and since no one’s story is the same… you get the picture.

Yet all of us are going through the same something this month, albeit in our own unique versions.  How do I describe it?  Depends on your version of the story, and what/who you believe is the playwright.  Yet even that is simply your version of what we’re all going through… let’s just drop that angle, okay?

As a  clairgnostic psychotherapist who sees into the stories as well as the BIG story that each is a unique expression of, what I REALLY feel called to do in this post is say something simple that…

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We, the celestial team, send our love/light frequencies to remind You of us, and of yourselves.

At this time, we feel the alarm that has been activated in many of You by the powerful manifestations of change that are occurring on your planet.  We also feel how your alarm is, in turn, activating a longing to “control” the events of NOW.  We understand.  You are so newly on the threshold of your New Paradigm, and it is so easy to fall back into the entrained third dimensional patterns when alarmed.  What is familiar can seem like a refuge. We know.

Alarm, however, is also the bell that rouses one more fully awake, when one is committed to awakening.  It is only when the commitment is not firm that alarm becomes fear. 

Therefore, we have swept in to remind You of your commitment to yourself NOW!  The alarm will not ring forever.  Do not fall back into the programs that caused you to fear change and kept you slumbering for so long, Beloved!

You have already gathered all that You need.  USE our messages now!  Use all of the tools You have been learning from us through our Judith for over six of your years.  Use all that we have told You about who and what You are!  

Re-READ the messages. They are all right here for You in the archives, organized by month from January, 2011 until the present, and by topic as well.  Re-VISIT our videos. They are all here for You, too, on our “Video Page” or something, as well as on our handy “from the celestial team” youtube channel.  Re-LISTEN to your recordings of our tele-gatherings and web-in-ares!

Beloved, we have been pouring all of this to You through our single earth member Judith to prepare You for NOW. Take it IN!  When You read our messages through your heart center, You feel the resonance. Commit to trusting that resonance!  Your trust in the truth of who You are will follow, and You will no longer fear change. You will welcome change.  You will become the Author of Change, embodied in human form.  (Not that You haven’t always been.)

In a rather grossly simplified nutshell, what You are currently witnessing is this: your planet has moved into an octave of higher frequencies.  Of course there is upheaval, and quite literally so.  Humanity is being reflected back to itself in the process, for one thing!  Humanity does not have a strong history of embracing Unity Consciousness as yet… do YOU, Beloved?  Do You feel the truth that You are part of ALL that is occurring, and so share responsibility for co-creating ALL of it?  

Tune into the patterns revealing themselves around You, and You will feel them within You.  You’ll feel the resonance in your cells, in the seawater of your very bloodstream!  What you are witnessing around You is YOU,  for You are all, and all is within You.

Look at the patterns, then, and see what they are revealing to You!  Do not allow the fixations of 3rd dimensional judgment, blame, and victimization to blind You and imprison You any longer! 

Consider this to be the “time of your life!”
EVERYTHING is of service to YOU.
 EVERYTHING You react to lets You know more about your own inner landscape. Use the reflections well, for as You can see, avoidance (blaming your own reflection on others, for example) will not serve You at ALL. It never has–  but a very big advantage You have NOW is that the frequencies of your milieu are so much higher than they were even three of your months ago that You cannot “get away with talking one way and walking another,” as our Judith puts it. (And very succinctly, too, we add.)

We end our transmission with that. It may seem abrupt to You.  If so, that is a good sign, because You are accurate in perceiving that our dialogue within You is not finished. It is simply YOUR turn.

We are listening!– the celestial team

*** ❤ ***


Ever since the celestial team asked me (earth member Judith) to create this website, their purpose has never wavered– to connect with YOU, as well as provide you with the resources you need to assist you with your frequency-raising transformation into living as the Sovereign Being of Frequency you truly are. To begin to live by FREQUENCY is the cornerstone they began with, and since that was way back in 2011, there is an enormous amount of invaluable information that has accrued here! Whatever you need… from tapping into your galactic history, to nourishment for your human soul, to energetic recalibration as you switch operating systems to your multidimensional heart center, to 24/7 tech support as you activate your exquisite internal technology as a Master Reality Creator


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