Ah, Beloved! You have arrived, exactly whre You have been aiming yourself, for aeons. As has your planet Gaia, for there is no separation between You. You have collectively arrived in the sector of space that is alive with tbe highest frequencies that humanity has ever known. We congratrulate You, as does your entire universe. There is quite a cosmic party of celebration going on on your behalf!
NOW that You have arrived–use it well, Beloved! Do not wait, for “time” is an illusion that is disappearing fast. Step into yourSelf, NOW.
And oh, we cannot wait to watch You ignite your Light! We love You so–the celestial team


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley, 2013-All Rights Reserved.

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


To all of you who have shared your powerful experiences as you take in the energies of the first POWER TOOLKIT video–a huge, heartfelt, THANK YOU!!!
I am SO glad that so many of you began to feel it working within you as profoundly as you did, right from the very first viewing. I am equally glad that those of you who did not, persisted until you did! 

The process of “opening to receive and take in” is different for everyone, and exactly RIGHT for everyone, no matter how it unfolds. The important thing is to commit, persist, and allow it to, in whatever way it does. BRAVO to all of you for that! (Take THAT in, please!)

As well, PLEASE continue to take in the video–especially the meditation–on a daily basis! Make it a practice– until it becomes a habit– until you know it “by heart”–until…

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6.22.13 The Moment of Power is NOW!

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

6/22/13 Solstice energies, AND a full Capricorn “super moon!”

Just to tell you, I never exactly, specifically, intended to be writng posts as often as I seem to be doing these days. I thought I’d just be witing once in awhile, as  insights arose and sparked me to share them. About six months ago, I noticed that those periodic insights started to arise and spark me to share them more and more often–and NOW, they are coming almost every day.

Not my plan, that’s for sure, to be spending so much “time” writing posts! But then, that’s just confirmation that NOTHING “pre-planned” will ever work in the energies of NOW. We are in NEW energies that  continuously accelerate their support of our expansion way beyond “pre–anything” we have been limited to expect before NOW! So, we either align with our own desires for expansion and say say “yes” to them, or we resist them and…

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Solstice, 6.21.13–An Ocean of Love Surrounds You NOW–FLOAT in Love, Beloved!

Solstice, 6.21.13– Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Bask in the solstice energies that surround You NOW! Feel them as a body of water–an ocean, lake, river, stream, tidepool, swimming pool, or even a bath tub. The form does not matter. What DOES matter is that You feel them, and relax in them.

Let go, Beloved, and expand into the frequencies of FLOATING. Let go, and simply float…wide open, relaxed, and so completely safe and supported.  Let go…feel the warmth support You… enjoy the softness of the energy, feel it as it enfolds You in the frequencies of your word “caress.” Let go and receive that caress.

Float NOW, Beloved! GIVE yourSelf to these energies, and they will ease your tired muscles, rock your emotional pain in their arms, and quench your thirsty spirit–but only if You will let them.

Ah, what a crossroads You are at, Beloved…
You do not not have to trudge any longer. Simply float. Trust the energies that suppport You NOW. Let go, and go WITH them. TRUST them! Only through that trust will You discover that THEY will bear your weight.

Float in the Love that surrounds You, let it carry You! Experience for yourSelf, once more, that all roads are simply variations of ONE road–just as all waterways carry ONE water, from One Source–just like YOU…
…and just like us, as well. We Love You.–the celestial team


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley, 2013–All Rights Reserved. wwwthecelestialteam.com
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6.19.13 Ready, Set, GO–The Power Toolkit for Energy Alchemists has Arrived!

Ready Set, Go–
This is Judith, here to let you know that the first segment of the Power Toolkit has arrived and is yours to receive, at last!

For those of you who have been waiting and wondering when that would finally happen—know that I was, too! I began to create it several times over the past two months, but would always feel  the words, “Not just yet, dear,” as if a celestial hand was gently stilling my arm whenever I attempted to put it to paper. NOW I understand–the arrival of the Power Toolkit was to be synchronized with the arrival of our solstice energies! This particular solstice is bringing us activations that will expand our awareness of “energetic interconnection,” and that is exactly aligned with the very purpose of the Power Toolkit—because it is that “energetic interconnection” that one uses an Energy Alchemist.

Once I “got” that this endeavor is being guided and supported–by the whole Cosmos!– I was stunned, awed, and humbled, to say the least. But I was also (and still am) wildly excited! It is so easy to forget that we are not small, and even when we know we are not working alone as we create something NEW to offer to others- -we can still feel small and vulnerable wihen we must do the offering through our human selves. The same is true when we begin something NEW that seems like a HUGE leap in consciousness–as YOU will be in receiving this offering. So, let my confirmation of that cosmic support be YOUR confirmation, as well– that you are very far from small, and that the energies of the whole universe are supporting our mutual endeavor, which is designed to support the leap into the HUGE, Sovereign, Alchemical Master that YOU truly are.

But… oh dear… I hope my using the word “leap” didn’t conjure up any images within you of sailing helplessly (or free-falling!) through mid-air… Well even if it did, take heart!  This first segment of the Power Toolkit is a video that will sail you right through them and “situate you in your NEW terrain,” right from the get-go. “Situate you,” energetically of course, since energy IS your NEW terrain as an Energy Alchemist!

Please also take to heart that “getting yourself situated” is a critical first step, as it is foundational to all that will follow. For that reason, I encourage you to take full advantage of this video. The way to do that is  by taking in not only every word of it until you “get” the meanings that are carried through the words, but the energy that is coming through me in addition to the words. This energy will expand your perception in surprising ways, and will also ground these NEW meanings in your energy field. The more you watch the video and use it in this way, the more thoroughly you will acclimate yourself, the more grounded and at home within your NEW Paradigm of Being you will become—and the more you will begin to feel your power as an energy alchemist. That means, the sooner you’ll be able to use it with confident, effective, authority!

OK, want to get started? Here’s a brief summary of the video and how to access it NOW. (There’s also a “Power Toolkit Handbook” of sorts below, so please read that sometime before watching the video, too!) Ready…Set…GO!

Power Toolkit—#1.
* Acclimation to the characteristics of NOW.
* Orientation to your NEW multidimensional operating system.
* MEDITATION—connecting with, and running Source energy through,
each 3D chakra; clearing blocks; aligning with 5D version of
“Self;” grounding ALL that YOU are in Gaia; transmutation of old,
limited, identity into NEW, Earthly/Celestial Identity with access to
unlimited creative power.

To RECEIVE the Power Toolkit #1 Video–
Press the “Donate buttonin the right sidebar of
* Activate the “reciprocal energy exchange” with a donation of $6.00,
offered from your heart center. (Why $6.00? VERY important
reason! See below. Of course, you can donate even more, if your
heart desires—always trust your heart!)
* Mark your donation as “gift;” subject, “Power Toolkit #1.”
The link to the video will then be sent to you via email within 36 hours,
to watch, receive from, and practice with as often as you wish!

NOW, why $6.00—because the number 6 carries frequencies of interconnection–most relevantly, the connection of above and below (earth/celestial). They are also working, building, active, frequencies that will support the proper sequencing through which you “build” your alchemy energetically. Lastly, the overall “personality” of 6 is a nurturing one, which is aligned with MY intent in offering the Power Toolkit.

AND, a brief lesson on the alchemical power of donating, just in case you’re wondering. (See? You’re already receiving from the Power Toolkit, and you haven’t even seen the first video, yet!)—
Donations are simply a form of energy, and when energy is plugged (focused) into a power source (intention), it becomes a carrier of the characteristic (frequency) of that power source. As such, your donation will ground your commitment to yourself to become an energy alchemist in your own energy grid, and so “charge” and energize your process of actualizing that commitment. Your donation will also activate the “reciprocal energy exchange” used in your NEW Laws of Creation. (To explain “how THAT works” at this point would not be of service to you, as it would be structurally “out of sequence” in the integration process of alchemical knowledge–but don’t worry, you’ll begin to understand all about it soon enough!)

About the Power Toolkit –A User Handbook

The Power Toolkit is a series of videos and interactive webinars that will gulde you through the process of mastering the ancient craft of alchemy as a Sovereign, Creator Being of Frequency. Through it, as aligned in proportion with your committed intention

* You will learn (re-member) the Laws of Energy, which change in accordance with octaves of frequency (most of which our quantum physicists are only beginning to “discover.”)

* You will integrate your 5th dimensional version of Self (sometimes called the “Higher Self”) into your 3rd dimensional embodiment—which is truly NEW, as it has never been done before!

* You will learn to manifest your dreams into external form through the alchemy of the Laws of Creation. (Nope, this is not the Law of Attraction. The Laws of Creation are not bound by the 3rd dimensional limitation of attracting energetic “matches” to your frequency. This is about creating “something out of thin air,” you might say, through frequency, alone!)

Get it? This is an entirely NEW paradigm that you will be stepping into–one with no limitations on your Sovereign Authority as a Creator Being. So, to those who have been stuck on the old treadmill of limiting possibilities through planning, scheduling, and “needing to know” outcomes before they happen—I say, fasten your seatbelts, and welcome to freedom!

“Freedom” means that there is no pre-set, linear plan for the Power Toolkit’s unfolding. I am being especially guided to avoid predicting or striving for any particular outcomes at all. Those “old paradigm methods” did an excellent job of running us on the treadmills of linear thought, re-creating old experiences in various ways, over and over and over…

…but NOW, it is “time” to get off those old treadmills. To wake up and re-member that NOW is the moment of creative power. NOW is the “moment of energetic confluence,” where all possibilities converge. NOW, present and fully alive in the moment, is where magic happens—and YOU are the magician.

Consider the process of the Power Toolkit’s unfolding to be a template for operating as a Sovereign Being of Frequency–for that is exactly what it IS. Through the process of receiving the Power Toolkit, you will ground this NEW template in your own energy grid. The more you integrate and practice using every sequential segment of the Power Toolkit, the more you will recognize the confluent energies of NOW as your very medium of creation.

The particular confluence of energies involved in the Power Toolkit’s unfolding includes YOUR energy, and it is the confluence of them all that will inform how that process takes shape. TRUST, then, that each segment will arrive in “perfect timing,” and in the form that will be of the highest benefit in that NOW.

Please release all beliefs otherwise, because to practice energy alchemy, you have to believe that it is “REAL.” You also must believe in your own Sovereign Authority. In other words, “What YOU say, GOES. Period.” Otherwise, you will create  experiences of being “stuck” as you integrate the segments of the Power Toolkit. They can be frustrating, but if you do create one, rest assured that it is usually par for the course in the beginning, and for good reason–alchemy is an experiential process, not a cognitive one. It is through getting a feel for frequencies that one learns how to use them as a Creator Being.

We will be dealing with at least a few illustrations of this in our interactive webinars, I am sure! But for NOW, I will offer a way to minimize that possibility, or even avoid creating the experience of “stuckness,” altogether—

* Integrate each video by practicing with it daily–until the practice, itself, has become a NEW HABIT– before moving onto the next.
THIS is the way of the master. THIS is THE process of total commitment that true masters use to awaken their mastery. It is the commitment that makes it exciting, which leads to discoveries that fuel that excitement—until there is nothing they would rather do.

* To propel you smoothly into that process, remember that “sequencing” is critical in mastering energy alchemy. You might think of each segment of the Power Toolkit as being an energetic “building block” that is supported by the one before, and will support the next one. If any of these blocks are weak, eventually your building will collapse.

* If you do fall into “stuck”–RELAX. Probably, you just missed integrating some small but crucial piece in the last segment. Go back and review, taking each sentence in consciously and slowly through your heart-center—and Eureka! When you put that missing piece into its proper sequential place, the whole puzzle will come alive!

* If, at some point, you get into “stuck mode” and just can’t seem to find your way out, let me know— and RELAX. You most certainly will not be the only one, and an interactive webinar will manifest to get you up and flying again.

* If you get really, really, agonizingly stuck—RELAX!! Don’t fight against it, because the energy of resistance only reinforces “stuckness.” Remember that it is an energy pattern, that’s all! You either created it, or amplified it–with your OWN energy—and so you darn well can change it with your OWN energy, too! And let me know (I do NOT want you “stuck” in the frequency of agony!). Because I “see” energy patterns,  I can usually spot the way out of them, and I’ll  direct you towards it.

* For ongoing support, (just to feel the wind beneath your wings!), you are welcome to join my Facebook Page, Judith Dagley Flaherty-Beyond Therapy. It is an interactive “virtual meeting place” where I post high frequency suggestions, inspirational guidance, and respond to questions and comments on an almost daily basis.
You see? Ask, and you shall receive. You are NOT alone…not anymore! (Never were, but NOW you KNOW!)

Lastly, should you want them, I’ll offer these words from others who have studied energy alchemy with me (I’m not big on the whole idea of  displaying “testimonials,” but I know they can be re-assuring to read sometimes, so if you want a few more to read, let me know.)

“Judith changed my life. I know she would say that I’m the one who did it! But her teachings showed me I’m not powerless, and her loving care showed me I am lovable. That’s what changed my life. I will always be grateful.” –Mia S.

“The minute I met Judith, it was like I was in a whole new reality. It was weird, like even the light got brighter but also softer. I think I took her classes just to be in her presence, it just felt so good. I never would have been able to admit that a few years ago. I’m glad  I can now and I’m glad I stayed in her classes for whatever reason  because she taught me how to manifest the great lit-up life I have now.”  –Rob C.

“This stuff really works. I never would have believed it until I started really practicing her tools and saw for myself.”  —Jack S.

Much Love/Light to You.

Ready… set…. GO!


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6.15.13 “Why Am I So Tired?”

A Hit of the Day from Judith–The Power of Meaning

“Why am I so TIRED?”

I hear that question a lot (as if I can answer it better than one’s own Self can!). Almost always, it is asked through a tone that communicates protest and resistance–as if there is something WRONG with being tired.

Yikes. We ALL need to look at the meanings we attach to our own processes.

LOOK: To judge being tired as a “problem” will only make it one–for YOU.

REAL-IZE: Such judgment is born of OLD programs of enslavement–not even relevant NOW! Why choose to perpetuate your own enslavement? Why fill the role of being your own slave-driver–when what you long for is the freedom that you already HAVE? Crazy choice, isn’t it?

RECOGNIZE: Fatigue is RARELY  a ”problem!” (Unless you make it one, of course.) Usually, it is a very GOOD indication that one is processing, re-charging, clearing old toxins–HEALING, in other words!

When we wake up to NEW meanings, EVERYTHING changes.


Copyright (C) 2013 Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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6.12.13 “Sovereign Authority 2013” — About Links and Interference…

Hello, Fellow Beloveds!

This is Judith. First of all, I am bringing you a working link to the video that the celestial team very much wants you to re-view–

Sovereign Authority, 2013



The link is actually the same one that was posted in the celestial team’s “Sovereign Authority: Re-View, Re-Member, Re-Claim” message yesterday. However, when posted in the midst of their very powerful, high frequency, Love/Light transmission, through my wearying earthly fingers, some sort of “glitch” occurred, and all who clicked on the link found a black screen saying, “Sorry. This video does not exist.”

Well, the video certainly does exist! A more accurate statement to find on that black screen would have been, “Sorry. Your ability to access this video is currently being interfered with.” Yes. It was “interference.” However, this “interference” is NOW actually being transmuted into a very valuable “teaching moment.” Such is the power of practicing one’s ability to operate as a Sovereign Being of Frequency.

A brief explanation–My weariness led me to ask the celestial team to “Please wrap it up soon so that I could go to bed,” as you probably recall them disclosing! It was a most tender, funny, earthly/celestial moment we  shared…and yet…It occurred because I’d let my weariness trigger old beliefs about “weariness” that brought up old  meanings that were attached to very old memories about feeling powerless and taken advantage of. They had nothing to DO with the NOW! All I needed to do was re-center in the NOW and re-charge through consciously feeling my connecti0n with Source–not to mention the fizzy Love/Light I was transmitting through me!

But  I “lost my place” in the NOW for a moment. When my fatigue activated those old programs, I  went into a subtle state of resistamce–which I will tell you, unless you are tuned into your process and attuned to frequencies, can feel indistinguishable from “plain old weariness.” Well there is no such thing. It is “plain old resistance” that causes the feeling we perceive as “plain old weariness.” Nothing more.

I am very sure that it was my temporary “slide,” out of the NOW and into activations from the past, that created the opportunity for “interference” to scramble the video link codes. And, if I’d  allowed them to put me back to sleep on the treadmills of the old paradigm, I would have fallen into the victim/perpetrator experience of separation. I would  either have felt victimized by the opportunistic interference, or been full of self-blame for allowing it. BOTH are mired in powerlessness.

And, I would have missed a powerful opp0rtunity to access and clear those past programs of victimhood and self-judgment! I would have missed this jewel of an  opportunity to use my own experience as an example of the importance of accessing and practicing our power tools as Sovereign Energetic Beings who create reality through frequency! I would have missed the gift of  illustrating what is an ongoing, very personal process–a way of life–even for one who has been practicing for decades in doing just that, as I have. It is through the moment by moment practice as a way of life that we expand, and create, and feel the exhilaration of BEING– fully alive and growing more sothrough the process–in every moment.

 Please watch the video. Within it, the celestial team offers more than you know, through their frequencies and words–since you are just beginning to know, as we ALL are–what being fully alive is like “beyond the treadmills!” And we can all have such FUN together in the learning (re-membering)!  That is what we have forgotten…

It is “time” to “re-member together.” Of that I am very sure., for I have felt “timing” guide me in creating the POWERTOOLKIT, in impulsing me with laser-like precision as to when to offer these lessons in energy alchemy to others, and in exactly what sequence. The “time” has come, and I will be introducing  them very soon. The prosess  is not fixed, for it cannot be. It will change and align with the frequencies and needs of each and all who feel ready to claim their sovereignty and use it. If you do not feel ready, trust that. Trust your process, and BE with YourSelf through it. Know that through your own Sovereign Self Love, your ascendancy is assured.

But if your heart tells you that you ARE ready– trust that! Know that you are a frontrunner, and do not listen to any doubts that tell you otherwise, for as long as you listen, they will always be there. Instead, take the leap, join the rest of us…and welcome home.

Much Love/Light to You ALL! –Judith ♥♥♥


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley, 2013-All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:

6.11.13 Your Sovereign Authority: Re-View, Re-Member, Re-Claim!

6/11/13 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Namaste, Beloved!

We greet you that way NOW because that is the greeting, in your language, that most applies to You NOW. The frequencies of the word “namaste” are rich and complex, just as your humanity is–but to us, all of them resonate with “the God within all that WE are bows to the God within all that You are.” Please take the frequencies of those words into your heart center. Do so until You feel their meaning resonate, deep within your own heart. Feel that resonance swell as we say to You again, “Namaste to YOU, Beloved. Namaste!” Know that what You are feeling is your heart responding to your truth.

And, as You just felt the “living proof” that Source is within YOU,  the real-ization that You are an Energetic Being with Sovereign Authority over all of your creations seems quite obvious, doesn’t it? How could it be otherwise? Your sovereign power to spin “reality” through your own frequencies is, and always has been, “unlimited, free from external control, and ruled by no being, human or otherwise.” You simply forgot, that’s all. You were busy exploring the illusions of powerlessness and separation! But NOW, Beloved, it is “time” to remember. It is “time” to re-member YourSELF.

So please do not let your brain skim over these words, and so keep You asleep in a state of “forgetting.” Do not allow the 3rd dimensional brain programming to run You on the treadmills of that old dream of powerlessness any longer! Neither “buy into” the programs of  struggle and scarcity that kept You running in circles after whatever measley carrot was dangled in front of You. Wake up from the dream that “You had to,” in order to survive!

You do NOT need to run after carrots, Beloved.  You have acres of sustenance within You, and You can spin them into external manifestations of abundance on your own, through your own frequencies! To re-member this, however, You DO need to begin to use your multidimensional heart as your NEW operating system, for that is where your knowing of how to operate as a being of frequency lies.

Please re-member, as well, that the reason You are not yet fully doing so (through your own sovereign choice, we might add) is NOT because You are “lagging behind,” or undeserving of your Sovereign Authority! Please do not “think” yourself back to sleep on those treadmills of  self-judgment!

Instead, process such fears through your heart center, and  please re-view our messages about all that You are doing here–on behalf of all aspects of YourSelf, your human collective, and your families in other star systems, as well. Look first to the messages that our Judith has placed in the category of “Your Gift to the Universe,” and then read wherever your heart calls You. Even if You have read them before, You will read them NOW anew, we assure You.

We are asking You to take our words and suggestions to heart in this particular moment of NOW  because they will prepare You to receive the POWER  TOOLKIT that our Judith will soon be introducing. We know that many who have been waiting for it will be very happy to hear this! We  also know that many who have not yet expressed a desire to receive it are waiting, as well–including those who haven’t yet discovered that they are!  (You see how lovely it is to have vision that is not limited by the illusion of linear time?!)

We see your desires to learn (re-member) the mastery of Energy Alchemy lighting up very quickly NOW because that desire is activated through the re-claiming of Sovereign Authority. And, although each of You does that in your own divine timing,  your desires to do so are quickening as You move into the energies of your next solstice. So, we wish to assist You in “getting up to speed,” as You say!  Our suggestions will help You get into total alignment, energetically, mentally, and emotionally, so that You will be ready to embrace the elements of  the POWERTOOLKIT with excitement, and USE them in a sovereign way!

Well, Beloved, our Judith is letting us know that we are, once more, going on too long with our message. “Can’t you wrap it up?” is what she is actually transmitting–to which we shoot back, “We are trying!” We are laughing with great merriment as we tell You this (can You feel our laughter?), for this is an exchange that we often have with our earth member, and we DO understand the dilemma! It is impossible to communicate multidimensional information in a linear fashion without using many, many, MANY, words to capture even “the gist,” as You say. And we SO want to share it ALL with You, but the only way we can truly do so is through frequencies. That is why we will be thrilled when You become adept at reading frequencies–we will be able to tell You in one of your seconds what it takes our Judith hours to diligently sort through, condense, and tap out on her  keyboard. (No wonder she wears the letters off and  has to replace them every few months!)

All right, we are digressing, even we can see that! Our Judith is right, we do rather indulge ourselves in the pleasure of connecting with You, and we have done so quite enough for NOW.  She will tell you more about the POWERTOOLKIT as she presents it, and  we will we will “wrap it up.”

However, one more thing, and the most important one– the very reason we rallied together to transmit this message!  It is to ask You to re-view the video we offered soon after You crossed the threshold of your 12/21/12. It is aptly called “Sovereign Anthority 2013.” Re-viewing it NOW through your heart center will help You to re-member, to activate NEW re-memberings, and  amplify your resolve to re-claim your sovereignty. In other words, it will prepare You to receive your most wonderful energetic “Power Tools” with clarity and authority!  The energy circuit to it (or link, as You call it) is below.

Sovereign Authority, 2013

By the way, Beloved, do You know why we call our transmissions “Love/Light messages?” Because LOVE is POWER, and Light is Information. May You bask in our Love/Light… and your OWN, as well.

How we Love You! Always and in All Ways–the celestial team


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley, 2013-All Rights Reserved.

You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:

NOW Is the Moment of Power…Do Not Go Back to Sleep!

Each day the call comes, and with a little more intensity, or urgency, than the day before. It comes from the collective in the celestial team known as the Frequency Technicians.
“Tell them AGAIN,” they pulse to me with their clean, strong, laser-like precision. “Tell them again that the future is NOW! There is no waiting! Tell them AGAIN that each and all of You are spinning the future into form in every NOW moment, through your own frequencies! Remind them that there is not one version of the future, either, but an infinite number of possibilities. nAs all of You are unique, so the future that each of You is creating NOW is, as well. Remind them that NOW is the time to be conscious! NOW is the time to be responsible! NOW is the time to stay awake! Be a bell that will not stop ringing! Be loud, our Judith! Do not LET them fall back to sleep! You, who are our earthly member, with human feet upon the earth, are a human bridge that other humans can recognize and trust. That is why it is not our transmission, but your human voice that is needed NOW. Tell them what You know, then, and that through the bridge that is You, they can remember what THEY know, as well. And, when the NOW is your tomorrow, tell them again! This is no “time” to be shy. It is time to be loud–very, very loud. So tell them! Broadcast who You truly are, what You know, and what You offer. Go ahead….we are listening…”
Judith here. All right.YES. So, I’ll amplify what I mentioned in the post by telling you again, right here and NOW– if you do not “think” you know how to be an energetic being who creates “reality” through frequency–then LEARN! Step up to the plate and learn until you remember! I will help you. Set up a few sessions, and make it your priority–for I tell you from my heart that it IS. It is the hugest, most important, and most wonderful priority that any of us has even come close to knowing in this lifetime. It is time to “walk the talk,” and claim our own divinity. If you worry about the “cost,” take stock. If you are still running a frequency of scarcity, you are in old paradigm “survival mode”–and the “cost” of choosing to be is high, indeed.
PLEASE! Wake up to the NEW! PLEASE do not fall back to sleep–because We need You–every one of Us– to help us All make the leap into Unity Consciousness. ♥♥♥


Copyright(c) 2013, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

6.1.13  NOW is the Moment of Power

The only “place” that is real  is made of energy, and it is called NOW.  You are also made of energy, and your energy is in the NOW. NOW is the only place where you are ALIVE.

So you can see why NOW is the moment of power. It is where you choose what you want to create– and you DO create–through you own frequencies, the external reflections that match them. DO you see? What you’ve  called “reality” is not. It is simply  your own reflection. The only thing about it that is “real” is the energetic being that is YOU.

DOyou see? YOU are the reality creator! You spin out creative expressions of your own energy continuously–because every NOW is NEW. Do you understand? This means that in every nanosecond, you are also creating  ANEW. Stay present then! USE your power to CHOOSE your creations!


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