3.26.11 A Love Letter to You from The Mary Collective

3/26/11 the celestial team; Love/Light Message for Navigating NOW
A Love Letter to You from The Mary Collective

We, the celestial team, greet you with loving acknowledgement for all that you are!

We want much to convey the honoring care with which we are watching you. There is a collective among us who feels this desire most acutely now, and so will speak of this for us:

You may call us Mary.
We feel with you now, as you experience all that is going
on around you through the filters of what is activated within
you. We know that some of you find yourselves “tuning out” as
a result, and wondering why you feel a little numb, or want only
to go to sleep. We smile our tenderness to you. Others of you
feel the sense of overwhelm in your physical bodies, often as
a sense of nausea or upset in your digestive system.
To you, we croon a song of soothing.

We see those of you who find your own lives resonating with
the external, erupting into what feels like chaos, or catastrophe.
We hold you close in the balance of our love. There are other
responses to this moment of your collective shift as well, we know.
We see them and respond to each of you with the frequencies you
need most. Allow yourself to feel them now.

How we extend our love to you all! What a downpour of love pours
through the skies! We beseech you, do not let any temporary
feelings of disequilibrium dismay you! You are beautiful,
you are very fine. Remember who you are! Remember that you are
divine, you are a master of co-creation, and your power is
right within you! We say this so fervidly from the depths of
our love for you that, in truth, if we could WILL you to
believe it, we fear that we would!

Such is how you are loved. FEEL how you are loved through
the frequencies of these words! Do not, ANY of you, feel small,
or helpless, or unimportant, or anything less than the divine
creatures that you are, and WORTHY of such love!
Let us suckle you with love, surround you with adoration,
raise you up with our words of praise. We are all around you,
and would be most grateful if you would allow us to do so.
We would never, EVER, leave you unattended.

This is the celestial team.
Mary expresses truth, and even we are moved by the devotion in her words. We want now to elaborate on how important you are, for you are vast and with power to match. Remember that you are holographic, and so your very state of being is power itself.

Remember that by balancing yourselves in your neutral position of unconditional self-love within, you emit those frequencies to all. If you find it difficult to identify your frequencies, you can attune with them by imagining them as colors fanning from your center of white light. See which ones are weighted, and release your attachment to them until you feel balanced in your heart centers once more. See how that white light of your being then spreads far, far beyond your physical bodies!

Or, you can hear your frequencies as sound. What kind of music are you playing? What would you like to emit instead? Make yourselves a symphony! Orchestrate, and change your song as you wish, when you wish. Remember always, that what you emit from your being goes out to all, no matter how “personal” your concerns are, or how “trivial” they seem. It is the frequency, not the emotions or thoughts you employ to create them, that are universally received.

Do you understand? Even in your most private moments, you are connected with all, and all receive the benefit of your own unconditional self-love. It does not take the frequencies of many to change a template for the entire planet! You are powerful every minute. Take heart in that; take to your heart and love yourself without rhyme or reason! Love and emanate. THAT is PRECISELY how you change the world.

We love you, we cheer for you, we are always with you. –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved. http://www.thecelestialteam.com

3.22.11 Make Your Earth the Home You Long For

3/22/11 the celestial team;Love/Light Message for Navigating NOW
Make Your Earth the Home You Long For

We greet you, and swoop in briefly at this moment to whisper to your being,

We whisper softly into you now in response to the calling we have heard from many. We respond, we always do, whether you hear us or not. Now, we whisper this: The reason you fear death so much is because you long for it. Yes! You long for “home,” snuggled safely into the all once more, love, loved and radiating love.

You frighten yourselves with this longing, shut the door on it, run the other way! Of course. We understand. What is more, you also feel a strain of longing, deep inside, for the upheaval around you to mount, once and for all, into a catastrophe that will set you free. You want to go home. Can you find that longing in you, and face it? If so, that is a good thing! Welcome the longing, own it, and therefore know your immortality.

Know also that your longing is there to remind you of your mission, which is to bring home HERE. The aspect of you that is on this planet knows what that means, and knows how. HAVE home by infusing HERE with the emanations of all you know. That is why you are here. And you are not alone! ALL of you share the longing! As even a few of you emanate unconditional love, you awaken others, who will shed tears of gratitude and relief, whether you are witness to this or not.

You have no idea as yet how many people are awakened by your love, how many recognize home in your emanations of love, and are transformed! When you are radiating love, you do not have to do anything but BE to cause this profound miracle to happen! Find this common ground amongst you now. Reach out from there, and you will all be standing on the same soil, finding the same thirst quenched in one another.

Neither fear death, nor wish for the end. Bring home HERE, to your planet, NOW. Home is LOVE. Period. It is that simple. Remember that when you radiate love, you FEEL love, are filled and surrounded by the frequencies of love! You do not have to wait to get love from another! You have an endless supply, for your heart is connected to Source itself. It doesn’t matter whether love is channeled through you, or the trees, or someone else– love is love, and unconditional love is experienced the same way throughout the universe. Tap it in your heart, emanate love, and then you will feel everything around you ring with love in response. Love is everywhere and everything. Home is within you, and so you can find it anywhere in an instant.
When you love yourself enough to emanate those frequencies of love, ALL will rise to sing along with you. It cannot be helped! Such is the power of your love.

We love you, and we just wanted to remind you. You are Masters of Love!
Open your hearts, let it flow, and be home, right where you are, right now.

–the celestial team

Copyright(c)Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved. http://www.thecelestialteam.com

3.20.11 The World as Your Playground

3/20/11 The World as Your Playground

We spread our warm hellos to you tonight through the light of your beautiful moon!

How wonderful you all are, and how wonderful your planet is! Your earth has always been admired for her beauty, and for her lush and loving ability to provide endless sources of abundance. Your sun is a powerful and conscientious overseer, your moon a luminous orchestrator, and both innundate you unfailingly with their own warmth and life-sustaining magic! At this moment, we try to imagine what it would be like to stand as you do on the nurturing soil of your glorious planet, gazing at your ethereal moon as she hovers closely over you in her fullness. As we do this, we are overcome by the beauty, the care, and the safety that humanity has been offered on this planet and in this solar system. We are awed.

How wonderful to experience physicality as you do, in bodies so exquisitely designed that they hold whole universes within them, and run them all smoothly! How wonderful to have such range and depth of emotional experience, such infinite capacity for creating relationships, and every one of them unique! Such fun manifesting in the physical realm of duality! And above all, SO many ways to love.

Truly, you are in a playground of sorts! You have taken “Wholeness” apart, explored every aspect with intense enthusiasm, and have come to know every aspect of “Wholeness” intimately. Masters that you are, you have revealed Creation to Itself! Now, you are putting “Wholeness” together again, and adding to Creation in the doing. You are making “Wholeness” richer, for you are not simply putting pieces together again. Masters of the Alchemy of Love that you are, you are integrating them, through the power of compassion, so that there are no longer pieces that can be split apart! You could say, Masters, that you are making “Wholeness” Itself more whole.

So, we see you, on this glorious planet, in the midst of doing this glorious work, and we are awed. What a wondrous thing to be a part of, what a wondrous thing to be doing. We will tell you openly that many in your universe long, at times, for the experiences you are having, and for the mastery that you each and all have within you! We will tell you also that each and every one of you were thrilled at the opportunity to contribute your gifts to this grand transformation that humanity is creating on behalf of the universe!

Make no mistake–you would not be there now if your gifts were not authentic and powerful. There are only true masters among you, and you are one of them. You all play various roles in the exploration of all aspects of “Wholeness,” it is true. But all are important, and what you call the “dark roles” were perhaps the hardest ones to volunteer for. Remember this! As you experience this phase of the integration process that you are creating, remember that you are all playing together, and you are all one.

This Spring Equinox will bring you respite from the deluge of awakening energies that have been both challenging and revitalizing you since your Winter Solstice. That energy was like an alarm clock, rousing you into bright light that exposed all as it shifted your planet into 5th dimensional frequencies. The exposure will continue, for how can you integrate what cannot be seen? You, however, are supported by this equinox in your process of attuning to 5th dimensional frequencies. Now is the time to focus on these gentler energies of balance, and USE them!

Balance yourselves in the neutral position of unconditional love as we have described in prior messages, for from there, you can choose for the good of ALL. Remember that as far into one spectrum, or extreme, you go, the more you strengthen the opposite spectrum as well. Give up both resistance and attachment, therefore, for neither will work for you any longer. They are what you used to create duality! That phase is over. Now, you work from neutral, unconditional love, neither resisting nor attaching to anything. From there, you choose, and speak of, what is for the good of all. THIS is your work now! Do not “choose sides,” but accept all and be whole within you! Then, share that unconditional acceptance with others. Let it emanate from within you, as the Master you are.

Neither fear anyone or anything! In the frequencies of unconditional love, nothing can harm you. Remember the Laws of Entrainment! Lower frequencies will have to match yours in order to engage with you! Only if you traffic in the frequencies of fear will you invite attack of any kind. Only if you hold a belief that you are susceptible will you be affected by toxins, nuclear or otherwise. You will hear many beings, human and otherwise, speak to you of protection, for truth is a matter of perspective. If their words trigger alarm in you, then know you still hold 3rd dimensional programs of fear, and by all means, protect yourself if you feel the need! At the same time, work to release the fear, for then you will have no need for protection. You see? YOU are the one who creates all, through your own beliefs. As your frequencies change, so do beliefs, and so does what is true for you.

We have much more to say. We end now, however, because we know that reading us through words on one of your computers is tiring to the eyes. If you hold our frequencies in your heart centers after we end this transmission, however, we will continue to share much more through them with you! We love you, masters, and any of you who do not yet identify with that title, we ask that you do so now. A master cannot consciously be one until he accepts the role. It is TIME.

With admiration, love, and complete engagement, we “sign off” for now.
—the celestial team

Copyright(c)Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved. http://www.thecelestialteam.com

3.13.11 Welcome the Ringing of Alarm

3/13/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team
Welcome the Ringing of Alarm

We, the celestial team, send our frequencies to remind you of us, and yourselves, for a moment!

At this time, we feel the alarm that has been activated in many of you by the powerful manifestations of change that are occurring on your planet. We also feel how your alarm is, in turn, activating a longing to “control” the events of now. We understand. You are so newly on the threshold of the fifth dimension,and it is so easy to fall back into the entrained third dimensional patterns when alarmed. What is familiar can seem like a refuge, we know.

Alarm, however, can also be the bell that rouses one more fully awake, when one is committed to awakening. It is when the commitment is not firm that alarm becomes fear.Therefore, we have swept in to remind you to stay in your knowing now! Do not fall back into the programs that caused you to fear change, that kept you slumbering for so long! USE all of our messages now! Use all of the tools you have been learning. Use all that we have told you about who and what you are. Trust the resonance you feel deep within when you read our messages through your heart. Commit to trusting that resonance, for then you will trust the truth of who you are, and you will not fear change! You will become the Author of change, embodied in human form.

What you are currently witnessing is this: your planet is reflecting humanity back to itself. The tsunami that manifested off the coast of Japan did not begin in Japan. The earth’s rumble in those waters did not begin locally. Moreover, ALL of you are participants in what is playing out in Libya, as well. All of you are part of ALL that is occurring. Tune into the pattern revealing itself around you, and you will feel it within you as well! You feel it resonating in your cells, in the seawater of your very bloodstream. What you are witnessing around you is YOU, for you are all, and all is within you.

Look at the patterns, then, and see what they are revealing to you! Do not allow the fixations of 3rd dimensional patterns of judgment, blame, and victimization to blind you and imprison you any longer. If you are reading these words, you know that you are all participants in all that occurs, that all external experience is a reflection of what is within you–and you also know that physicality is not life itself! No one leaves their bodies unless they have chosen to! Would YOU, then, want to stop them?

For long, you have also known that trafficking with nuclear reactors is dissonant with the universal laws of energy. Well, we will tell you that you have no idea how much nuclear waste has been buried in your planet over the last decades. You may “think” that you do not know that your earth has been used as a dumping ground by some for such powerful, radioactive, toxins. You may find the thought unbelievable, even as you read this. That is the limitation of thinking through the third dimensional brain. In your hearts, we assure you that you do know, however.

Go to your hearts for your knowing! Do you want the revelations triggered by the alarm over the nuclear power plant’s meltdown in Japan to be buried yet again? Do you want all of the dangers that were exposed to be covered over, one more repetitive time, as “false alarms?” Do you want nuclear trafficking to appear safe and controllable after all? Of course you do not, in your heart. In your heart, the alarm is a welcome ringing of truth, and the louder and clearer it rings, the better.

We know this is a challenging moment for you. Your current alarm has also awakened many ancient memories of the traumatic “fall” of Atlantis. In spite of how the rumblings of insight and the awakened tides of memory may shake you to the core, know that it is a fine, fine, thing! Let them all surface, rather than blind you in fear. Here is the key awareness that will release you from fear and activate your alchemical power:

This is not Atlantis! This is the time when you rewrite the history of Atlantis and create an entirely new future! Ground yourself in these words, and recognize the truth of You. Let your heart be your mind as well as your compass, and be present, NOW. This is not a “flashback,” for there is no time. All is now, but it is only in the moment that you have focused yourself in as your “reality” that you have the power to create. USE it! We will give you some “tips” to focus your power, if you wish.

As you well know, in the 3rd dimension, everybody wants to “do something” to change what is happening “out there.” Everybody says, “Send love to those victims! Send intentions to make their crisis go away!” Do, do, do! Change what’s happening out there! Nobody looks at what is being stirred WITHIN them. Well, as you are beginning to realize as you read our messages, there are no victims “out there.” Moreover, the 3rd dimensional perceptions of who is truly suffering most are quite distorted.

You be the change then, by looking within. Feel compassion, and begin with yourself. Then, you will emanate that compassion outward to where it is needed most. It happens. This is how energy works, and how you as a master alchemist in human form are wired. it is not something you “do!” From within your being, what you “see” will be very different from old associations. From within your being, you will see beyond fear, and judgment, and resistance. You will SEE, and you will know that all you see is a reflection of YOU, and the way you see will be a reflection of nothing but your own frequencies.
Here is Yeshuwa:

This is Yeshuwa.

Feel our presence, for we are familiar.
Feel our love, and strength. We are with every one of you.
You know us. Find us within you, and know you are not alone.
This is a time of radical change. Nothing can be viewed
through the old lenses, in order to see the new! See new.
Be new. Be ONE. We are always with you, always there.
Call on us, and we will be your eyes,
and we will be your strength,
and we will be your love.
We are in you all. YOU ARE ONE. WE are one.

This is the celestial team.
We leave you now to rest in the frequencies of your Yeshuwa. Remember until next time that we love you. Always, and in All Ways.
–the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved   www.thecelestialteam.com

3.11.11 Begin to See Your Mastery

3/11/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team
Begin to See Your Mastery

We, the celestial team, extend our frequencies now MOST fervently to you!

At this time, we wish that through the “seeing” of our message as written out in words, we provide you with a visible, sensory, validation of what you are “feeling” inside yourselves. We want very much to encourage your self-attunement, for you are heading into a new energetic phase of your dimensional shift, and the only way to navigate consciously now is from WITHIN YOU. We ask that you move into this energy with the exhilaration, focus, and confidence of a master surfer who is about to crest the wave of a lifetime!
You ARE masters, and this IS the wave you have been dreaming of.
That is how you created it!

In our own role as the celestial team, we are also attuning our messages to the energies of NOW. In our case, we experience that as “harmonizing;” with the planetary movement in your solar system, your galaxy, all of your aspects throughout the universe, within each of our collectives, within Gaia, within humanity, and within each of you individually. We will tell you all much more about harmonizing in time, but for NOW, you must build the foundation, which is attunement within YOURSELF.

We feel at this time that we will support you best in your process of inner attunement by giving you messages that are shorter in length. Although we DO love to beckon you into our spiral of multi-dimensional awareness, we feel that you will be invited enough into expansion by the energies themselves for awhile!
Until you realize how masterful you are and begin to enjoy the waves fully, we therefore choose to connect with shorter messages. We hope you will use them to strengthen your ability to discern the difference between your frequencies and others, and perhaps to even dabble with harmonizing with ours, as well!

Ah! We realize that in our explaining of that, we have already put much length to our message! Our Judith is laughing at us now, for she well knows that what we communicate in an instant requires over a page of words to even summarize with your words! However, we point out to her triumphantly that we have also shared much information with you through the frequencies carried by the word patterns in the first part of our message! You see how it is in non-linear dimensions? No matter what is addressed, many aspects that exist in relationship to the topic are revealed in the communication, nonetheless!

Now. On at last to our “main course,” if you will. In our last two communications, we focused on inviting you into “unconditional self-love.” We are delighted that as a result, some of you already see, or are on the brink of seeing, our purpose within the grand design of all that is unfolding in the flowing now! In review, we asked you to center yourselves within the ALL that is YOU, and experience every aspect as unique and important. None are resisted or judged, none are attached to or preferred. Love is not of duality! Love does not need reasons. Love simply loves. Yes? And to the extent that you practiced this complete self-acceptance within you, you have moved yourself out of fear into self-compassion. Do not underestimate the power of such inner movement! It is your compassion that will set you free.

Now, you are seeing all aspects of duality in the process of exposing itself externally, are you not? Your planet, as well as mass consciousness, are reflecting the processes that each of you are facing internally. You are SEEING what most needs to be healed and integrated within you as it plays out around you. Your internal healing contributes to the healing of ALL; conversely, all that you reject within you becomes projected outward. As we told you: You are gods.

Own your power, therefore, and use it now. If you have embraced even a fraction of the remnants of judgment within you, you have activated your power of compassion. As you feel compassion for self within you, you also send it outward to ALL. Let every occurrence that happens now, or will happen, bring you more and more fully into the resonance of compassion. Let compassion be your state of being, and let all you “do” be simply a flow this state. Embody yourselves! Come alive again through your golden gift of compassion! You are like no other being. Are you beginning to understand what we have been telling you these last weeks?
You are golden. Your compassion is your alchemy.

We bow to you, we love you, and we share with you the gratitude of the universe for all that you have the power to do, on behalf of ALL. –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved.

3.7.11 The Cracking Open of Duality and the Marvelous Gift Within!

3/7/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team
The Cracking Open of Duality and the Marvelous Gift Within!

With powerful frequencies of unconditional love, we, the celestial team, pour our greetings out to you!

We pour and pour our love now, on you, throughout you, around you, around all, for you are experiencing the differences between love and fear in many illuminated ways at this time. It is a shock, we know, to experience the contents of duality exposed. Like one of your computers cracked open, all of its pieces are revealed, and as you find them they look startlingly foreign to your eye. Some of these pieces are ugly, some pulse with a driving sort of ruthless energy, some are worn and crusted with despair. It feels deeply unsettling, experiencing these foreign pieces scattered about, when once they were all part of one, whole, familiar, technology that worked in a way that you were used to. We know. We pour our love.

Know that nothing that you are seeing, either around you or within you, is foreign. It is no more “alien” to you than we are! You are simply beginning to see what your world is made of, and what has always been there. Nothing you are seeing or experiencing is new! The underpinnings of your world governments and your systems of economy are not new, for example. WE are most certainly not new! Our love has been with you forever, and, indeed, is a part of you yourself. All that is happening now is that ALL is being exposed.

Exposure is what you might call a “theme” to use in making sense of all you experience now, for all are part of one process. In our last message we asked you to take us on a journey of love within your own being. We asked that you allow us to pour our unconditional love into every cell, every thought, every emotion, every memory, EVERY aspect of who you “think” you are. Every resentment and every forgiveness, every wound and every weapon, every fear and every tyranny, every shame and every shaming act.

We found all within you as well that springs from the eternal fountain of your divine essence! Your joys, the gifts you share freely, your faith in yourself beyond all knowing, your compassion, your caring, your leaps into possibilities, your boundless ability to love! ALL that is you, we asked to touch with our love, for we wanted you to feel how loved every aspect of you is. We wanted you especially to feel how your gifts are not a drop more loved than your deepest shames. Most of you did let us in to love you, and you let yourselves feel our love, and we rejoice in that! In doing so, you allowed yourself much energetic support in aligning to the higher frequencies you are attuning to now.

We also noticed, we must tell you, that there were some of you who kept doors closed to aspects of yourself. We understand. You did so because YOU did not want to experience them, for you deemed them unlovable beyond bearing.
Know that WE do NOT.
Know that we touched ALL of you with our love nonetheless, and know that this was not an invasion of your privacy! ALL is seen and all is shared in the one energy of all, for all is made from that one energy, and the energy is called Love. Your belief that there is any separation, any hiding of anything, is an illusion. We were simply trying to honor your “rules,” your illusions, and the reason is this: We wanted you to INVITE our love, for in that invitation, you would acknowledge that you ARE worthy of love, ALL of you, without conditions.

Here is something else we noted: Our joy in showering love on you was far greater than the joy you gave to YOURSELVES when we asked you to join us in the showering! Instead, many of your minds got busy with a faucet, controlling the flow of your love with a very stingy hand of judgment.
We ask that you reward your 3rd dimensional brain for that effort–right NOW–by flooding it with yourlove.
Open your hearts, and send a fountain of love and appreciation to your brain! Breathe in the love we are transmuting through these words if you need a “jump start!”
Flood your brain’s marvelous technology, with all of its stored duality programming, all of its treadmills, flood it all with unconditional love. It‘s operating system was marvelous at keeping you held within the 3rd dimension. Now, however, it is cracking open in your fifth dimensional frequencies.
Love it for its service, and let it be in peace in its transitioning.

Remember that you are holographic in nature! Your brain tunes out all frequencies that are beyond the limitations of third dimensional duality. As you acclimate to the fifth dimension, all that you are seeing break into pieces around you now are only reflections of “the breaking” of the technology that created it, WITHIN you. Aha! So, flood your brain with love for its truly magnificent service at holding you fast in the polarity grid for so long! Let it be drunk with your love!

Then step over its exposed programs and treadmills, and FLOOD YOURSELF with jubilant, giddy, love, from deep within your heart centers.
This time, open every door, and let the love seep into every hidden crevice! Your heart center can easily process all of you as lovable, and it is your new, multidimensional, operating system.
Actually, it is ancient, but never mind that now! Do not try to “figure this out.” Just enjoy it! The more you enjoy, the more you will discover that you already “know.” Yes! You no longer have to “figure things out,” you have graduated, and now you can simply jump to “knowing.” We understand, this is beyond what you have been free to comprehend up to now, but you will see!

FEEL right now what it feels like to be released from the bondage of duality!
If you don’t “think” you can feel this, we suggest that you abandon thinking altogether and move to the more advanced skill of pretending.
PRETEND that you can’t remember any point at all to judgment, or blame, or guilt. No weighing “this against that,” no power struggles, no strife, no fear!
Pretend that you can’t even remember what those things feel like!
Attune to your fifth dimensional frequencies, and GET IT, because if you can pretend it, you recognize it, and that means you are remembering!

All are ONE, and as you accept and love with compassionate understanding every single aspect of yourself within you, you do so for the entire hologram that is ALL of you. Yes! All around you are simply reflections of all within you. It is SO simple, and you are SO used to the complicated treadmills of reality. So, we say GET IT! once again, for we like the thrust of it: YOU ARE GOD.
You are God.

We love you, and we honor your mastery at integration, even as we see you dizzying with the expansion of what we have just told you! We speak truth, however, and we bow to your golden light. It shines through the universe, even in what you perceive as your darkest hours. Believe us! And love. Begin with yourselves. Thoroughly, love everything you have stashed in your most neglected internal closets, for you have love/light, and your golden light has the power to make the universe itself shine with gold. Trust us in that! We end now, but stay with you as well.

Love and shine, golden masters! Love and shine! –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved. http://www.thecelestialteam.com

3.2.11 A Love Bath and A Homecoming

We, the celestial team, greet you most expansively with love for all that you are!

We wish you to know our expansive love for ALL that you are most especially now at this pivotal moment. We wish for you to feel the frequencies of our love, and how total and unconditional they are. We do not even understand how to love you any other way, as it is not possible to love any other way! Further, we tell you that there is not the tiniest particle of you that is not lovable, and does not bring forward the full rush of our love.

We ask if you will allow this love we have for you to be fully received in this moment. We know that you are unused to allowing yourself to be fully loved, for you do not think you deserve to be loved that way. You are used to measuring out love according to how much you have “earned,” and putting yourself “on trial” to judge what part of you is “not guilty” and so can receive some clemency of love. There is no court of law with love!

We humbly ask, then, that you let us lead you into making this crucial discovery for yourself. It is our most profound desire that you will grant us permission to guide you into opening to receive our love before reading further.

We know that we are asking something that may be more difficult for you to do than you might imagine.There are some of you who will find yourselves not wanting to grant us that permission at all! If you are one, just notice how quickly your brain intercedes with many reasons why you “should not” do so in this moment! We understand.

You might say it is because you “are busy, and cannot spare the time.” Or, you just “don’t feel like it.” Or, you’ll “feel silly,” actually interacting with us in that way. It is one thing to read our messages, and another thing entirely to allow us to be “real” to you, and in an intimate, loving relationship with you, is it not?
We understand. Do you?

Will you let yourself be loved, as you are, every single part of you?
Do you believe that if you deny yourself of that, that you will keep parts of yourself hidden from us?
Is it better to be unloved, then, than to be seen as all that you are?

Ah. Beautiful, wounded master, we tell you that ALL of you is worthy of our love, and ALL of you is ALREADY seen. Hiding is an illusion of yours, born of shame, and you have nothing to regret, nothing to be ashamed of.
Let yourself be loved, then.

Please take this moment to decide to let yourself feel the frequencies of our love.
Settle for a moment, open to this decision, breathe peacefully, and feel your heart open.
Let our love come into you through your breath.
Breathe our love in!
Feel our love fill your diaphragm and spread our warmth throughout your body.
Breathe our love into your heart, feel it fill with our golden love/light, and then pulse that warm elixir outward with every heartbeat.
Feel that golden rhythm move within you.
And there is more.

Notice the shimmering love that has also begun to shine down through the crown of your head.
Feel it sparkle and mingle with the golden love that is flooding through your heart.
Feel all of this love flow down through your feet, filling every one of your dear toes.
And more!

Feel love now begin to caress your skin like the softest silk, and then gently enter every cell.
Feel love enter your bloodstream, and flow into every muscle, every organ.
Feel love in your knees, your elbows, your ear lobes.
Can you feel love in your fingernails? It is there, loving every one of them!

Let every particle of you be plumped up with our love.
Take time, drink in our love for you!
Feel yourself completely, thoroughly loved.
Above all, know that what you are feeling is REAL. You are not imagining it.
Trust and receive.

We want so much for you to let our love fill every pore and molecule of you!
Take time, beloved, to feel that now.

Now we ask you, could anything on your “to do list” be more important than taking in this love? Could there be any reason at all, anywhere, that would be valid enough to keep you from feeling how loved and lovable you are?
How “silly” is it to connect with us when you can feel, though feeling our love, that we are every bit as “real” as you are?

Know as well that our love is always there.
You can drink it into you at any time you wish, as often as you wish.
If you did so every five minutes, we would be ecstatic.

Not only can we penetrate every cell of your bodies with our love whenever you invite us to, but we can also penetrate everything you have ever done and ever felt and ever thought, with that same love.
If you allow us, we will wash our love over all of that right now, and most tenderly.

Do you see? You are loved exactly as you are, because ALL of you is lovable. All of you IS love. THIS is your truth. All else is misunderstanding, distortion, and fear.
Yeshuwa speaks now:

This is Yeshuwa.
We ask you now to go deep within, far, far, deep, down inside yourself
for the memory of how dearly you are loved, for deep in your heart you
hold the memory that you are love. Allow that memory to awaken now.

We will tell you that you are so loved that it pains us when you judge
yourself. You haunt yourself sometimes with memories of perceived
You have failed at nothing.

You fear one another, afraid to open your hearts. We tell you this:
Your heart can never be broken! That is a story you have been told to
keep you fearful. Your heart is whole and shining. The emotional pain
you have suffered has indeed afflicted you, but only because you
believed you deserved it. You did not. And it has never, ever,
damaged your heart.

You do not deserve pain or punishment! We ask you now to call up
every judgment you have ever reined upon yourself. Let them go,
every one of them, and let the lashings cease forevermore.

And now, bring all of you out of hiding. It matters not how you
judge anything you have ever done!
Bring those memories to you now. Feel our love envelop them with
honor and compassion, and then embrace them with your own compassion.
We mean, of course, embrace yourself, claim all of you, in love.
If you hesitate, then do it in our name! Let us pave the way for you.

Do not cast pieces of yourself out any longer!
Hold them close to your hearts, and feel their trembling melt away.
Realize how much they have longed for your love,
how cast out and ashamed they felt.
Realize how much you missed them.

Welcome them home!
Listen to them, for they have valuable lessons to share. They went
into the depths to gather them for you! Love them, rejoice at the
homecoming! Bring them with you on your ascension journey, for in truth,
you cannot make it without them. You cannot leave any part of you behind.
You must come whole, and in love with all of you, for all is one.
Do this within yourself, and you will do much for the all that is ALL.
Be at peace and in love with yourself, then, for all that you seek is
within you.
Love yourself as you are loved.

This is the celestial team.
We are deeply moved by Yeshuwa’s words. We end our transmission now.. but our love remains with you. We wish you to hold onto how thoroughly you are loved, and no part of you less than more.

We ask only that you love All that is you, as we do.
Always, and in All Ways. –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved http://www.thecelestialteam.com

copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011 -All Rights Reserved

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