A Call from The Frequency Technicians!

January 7, 2020

First, this is Judith. As I’m sure most of you know (in your bones if not your brain), we, the human collective of Gaia, are in the midst of a critical week of immense proportions. The collective in the celestial team known as The Frequency Technicians of Sirius urgently wish to speak to you about that.  Actually, the word “wish” is paltry compared to the insistence of their frequencies… it feels as if they’re going to come barreling right through me any second… so I’m going to get out of the way FAST!

Greetings.  We are are the Frequency Technicians of Sirius transmitting from within the grand orchestra you know as the celestial team.

We wish to be brief and succinct.  There is no time for meandering.
Time has collapsed 
in on itself.
Meandering has become an anachronism. 

This is a call to arms.

In our frequency bandwidth, “arms” does not mean weaponry of attack or defense.  We have no need for either of those.  We know that our power is within us.  

In our frequency bandwidth– and soon to be yours consciously, we hope–   “a call to arms” is a call to gather yourselves both internally and externally; to focus and USE your power.

Six of your planets as well as the south node of your moon are gathered in Capricorn– Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, Ceres, Saturn, and Pluto.  Capricorn rules structures, government, and laws.  The lunar south node holds what is past and needs to be outgrown.  In a few of your days, Pluto will conjunct Saturn.  Not only is that conjunction a significant one that happens only every 35 of your years, but this conjunction is also conjunct the Sun, Mercury, and Ceres.  Massive structural change is in process.  And if you don’t “believe in astrology,” then simply look at what is happening around you. 

What might occur in these days leading up to the conjunctions is anybody’s guess.  Including ours.  Metaphorically speaking, there are too many brush fires sparking with the potential to feed one another to allow any predictions of what will happen.  Only your human collective has the power to influence the outcome.

And THIS is why we came “barreling through” your Judith, as she quite accurately put it.  Because what happens is UP TO YOU.

You are not helpless. 

 For over seven of your years, the celestial team has been telling you about your power and how to use it– and every one of our collective words is archived on this very website, should you care to review.

Your power is LOVE, just as ours is.
Your modus operandus
is FREQUENCY, just as ours is.

However, the transformative aspect of love that your collective is bringing to the universe is COMPASSION.

Blake, you in me, I in you

Use that power NOW!!!

Never again think that because you’re only one, it does not matter what you think or feel or believe!  It MATTERS. That sort of thinking is what got you into this mess.  Everyone else is only one, too.  And NONE of you is only one!

LOVE. Feel love for all you have, and more of what you love will come to everyone.  Emit love to everyone around you, and you will start brush fires of love.  Light a candle with the intention of spreading COMPASSION, and every other candle lit anywhere on the globe with the same intention will AMPLIFY compassion.  Exponentially. 

On the other hand, if you feel compassion for one of your own yet have fury attached to another as the cause, you transmit FURY into your collective.  If you wish someone were dead (for any reason!), you transmit the WISH TO KILL into your collective.

Believe us or don’t, but do believe us when we tell you that now is not the time to take any chances. 

Together, your human collective can work miracles that make moving a mountain seem like child’s play.



We are the Frequency Technicians of Sirius, at your service as always.

❤ ❤ ❤

P.S. from Judith: This is an excellent “time” to review the teachings of the celestial team about the power of your internal technology and the importance of using it CONSCIOUSLY and with AUTHORITY.  The archives are categorized, so scroll down the column on the right to “Categories,” and peruse the ones that call to you.  (Which they will, no worries.)

P.P.S. from Judith!  Both The Frequency Technicians AND Yeshuwah are prodding me to send you to THIS particular category to peruse, as well– “The Story of Your Light.

❤ ❤ ❤


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6.18.11 Yeshuwah Tells the Story of Your Light, part 3– A Lesson on Reading Its Frequencies

HELLO!!!! Judith again, with just a very few but important words to share before you read the post. First, after you read it (through frequencies!), you are “celestially invited” to go on to read part 4 of “The Story of Your Light” on your own. You’ll find it in the archive for June, 2011. Yeshuwah wants to “reinitialize” Part 5 before you read it, however– to update the information encoded within it– so that will follow in a re-blog.
Secondly, I just want to point out how PERFECTLY in synch with the energies of NOW this message is, even though it was originally transmitted in June of 2011!
OK, that’s it. Click away–and en-JOY your frequencies! ♥ ♥ ♥


Copyright(c)2013, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://www.thecelestialteam.com

the celestial team

6/18/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We greet you with the light of many dancing rainbows at this exciting moment of your “time!”
Can you feel our light energy playfully sparkling and flashing with irridescent colors as we express our joy and excitement at connecting with you in this moment? Each collective among us is contributing, and so there are many rainbows, all unique, yet ALL made of one thing, and that is Love/Light… as are you.

NOW, as your solstice is settling around you, among you, we feel it as a cause for great celebration, for this solstice is a MOST wonderful wave that will carry you MOST powerfully– wherever you are headed– in no time at all. We mean that literally, “in no time.” You are living more outside the bounds of third dimensional time NOW than in it– for those of you with scientific tendencies, the word “quantum”…

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6.11.11 Yeshuwah Tells the Story of Your Light, part 2

WAIT A SECOND… PLEASE? This is Judith, and I’ve been asked to deliver three brief messages to you before you click the link to read the post! First of all, Yeshuwah is DELIGHTED that, of all who read Part 1 (and there were hundreds!), only two or three went on to read Part 2– and not even one read beyond that! Yeshuwah is deeply gratified by the “Self-honoring” reflected by such heart-centered honoring of their wishes. Second, because “context sets tone,” I’m asked to point out that this repost was originally transmitted during a period when many fear-based stories were spreading through our human collective, fueling a sense of powerlessness and dependency on “being rescued.” Third, remember to take the post in through your multidimensional heart center rather than through old 3D brain programming, which can only entangle you in limiting entrainment patterns, such as looking for “fact over content.” (That will get you NOWHERE, trust me–especially not NOW!) Instead, read for TRUTH. YOUR truth, which can ONLY be recognized through FREQUENCY RESONANCE. So tune in, TAKE IN what resonates, and leave the rest for another… “time.” ♥


Copyright(c) 2013, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://www.thecelestialteam.com

the celestial team

6/11/11  Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, hello! We are most joyful to connect with you again!
We have been watching you very closely since our last transmission! Indeed, it was a most riveting one for us, and for your entire universe as well. When Yeshuwah moved forward with the story of your Light, it was a movement that rippled throughout the universe.

ALL who felt it leaned in to listen. We feel the enormous energy of the ALL gathering round again now. You see, Yeshuwah’s telling of this story lifts the frequencies of any and all who “have ears to hear it,” metaphorically speaking. Many have waited long for this moment, simply to hear the telling and feel the Light. That is why we have been watching YOU so closely! It is YOUR STORY, and with “ears to hear it,” it will resonate within YOU most profoundly of all.

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12.28.13 Yeshuwah Reviews the Story of Your Light

This is Judith, just wanting to let you know how this reblog happened. I was about to post that I’d “gotten the green light” to offer the recording of the “2nd International Tele-Gathering for Energy Sensitives” on the site, when I got another message–basically, the gist was, “Not so fast!” It really surprised me, especially when I was directed to re-read THIS transmission, delivered way back on 6.5.11! But as I did so, I “got” it. There are many newcomers to our site, and Yeshuwah wants to personally connect, and “lay the groundwork” (“gridwork,” actually, in energetic terms), not only for the recording, but for your entry into the energies of 2014. And, even for those who have already read this message, it is more encoded NOW than it was at the time of delivery, because WE are able to take in more–and so Yeshuwah would like you to re-read it NEW, as well. Oh, and one more thing– although there are actually five sequentially transmitted parts to “The Story of Your Light,” each is VERY rich, so I’m also being asked to suggest that you take only THIS one in thoroughly for NOW. I’m not sure if Yeshuwah wants to co-ordinate the offerings of the others, or if you’ll get the “go-ahead” to go on and read them in your own “right timing,” but I’ll let you know when I know.
Btw… if you’re a bit taken aback by all this “not knowing until I know” talk, all I can say is, “Welcome to my life,” ha! And oh yeah, one more thing… it wouldn’t hurt to get used to it yourself… “linear time” is just an illusion, a 3D game, remember? All there IS is NOW. (HA!) ♥ ♥ ♥


Copyright(c)2013, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://www.thecelestialteam.com

the celestial team

6/5/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We, the celestial team, greet you most lovingly as always!

This time, however, we do so in excited frequencies of anticipation, for we are suddenly surrounded by much fanfare! Our atmosphere has begun to crackle with a sense of occasion, and we feel ourselves moving into a state of awe. This does not occur simply because we gather to share a transmission with you! No, something important is about to happen. Imagine your air all at once resounding with the achingly clear and majestic notes of Archangel Gabriel’s trumpets, simply because you “opened your mouth to speak,” and you’ll get the idea!

Well, the announcement has been made, and now there is silence, and so we will begin and see what happens. Our intention is to tell you that the movement you are feeling within you and among you energetically now is “normal”…

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4/9/12 Your Grand Game of Love

4/9/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Beloved, we are here!  No other greeting to our message is necessary, for in truth,  we have never left you.

That is how it is. That is how it has always been. That is how it always will be. We know you experience time in a linear sequence, and so we have greeted you in our “past” messages as if we were coming to you anew each “time.”

Only a short few months ago in your linear construct of experiencing NOW in sequential fragments, our telling you that we experience all of you at once, in one eternal NOW, was quite a “stretch”  for you to fathom, was it not?  Although the truth that we never leave you may have had “a nice ring to it,” it was very hard for you to believe!  And so, we merely complied with the reality you chose to experience. How could we do otherwise?  Your beliefs are powerful. It is your beliefs that  create your experience of reality, remember? You are sovereign, after all.

But now, we rejoice in seeing that you have expanded–or ascended, if you are still fond of that familiar, linear image–into the awareness that there is more to NOW than meets the 3rd dimensional brain!  And that realization has loosened the brain’s hold on you, and freed you to turn to your multi-dimensional heart-knowing for the truths that match your expansion. Rejoice in that! We certainly do, for with every inch of your expansion, you extend your energy closer to us, and can actually FEEL us with you when you choose!  NOW, you know that you can believe that we are with you always, and oh, how we rejoice in that!  Rejoice with us, Beloved!  Let us have a party in celebration! Let us dance together in a fizzy fountain of LOVE together!  Ah, how we love you!

Let us celebrate as well that you are coming to see that YOU are the one who creates your “reality!”   You are remembering your sovereignty. The angelic choirs among us are singing to you in joy and gratitude as we tranmit, and weaving their song into our message.  Can you hear it?  Listen with the desire of your heart, and you will!  Oh, we do not want you to miss it, for this music of the angels is all for YOU.

They are singing with such glorious ecstasy, you know, because your remembering of your sovereignty is the very foundation for the Grand Game that you have incarnated on your planet to play in this lifetime.

They are singing because you are beginning to understand that “What you say, goes,” to use your vernacular.

They are singing because you at last feel “big enough” to accept responsibility for your majestic sovereignty.

NOW, it is time to fully expand into your knowing of  that, no matter how the 3rd dimensional brain resists accepting your celebrated stature in your universe!

We do understand that stepping into such a lofty position of power and responsibility, after feeling helpless and battle-weary for so long, is truly a quantum leap. That is why we say that it is equally important at this “time”  to fully expand into knowing/feeling that we are always with you.

NOW is the time to access this truth that resides eternally within you, deeply nestled like a hidden jewel in the deep folds of your heart center.

Find that truth NOW, Beloved. Breathe its scent in through our frequencies, and let them lead you to the jewel of  truth that throbs, alive and waiting for you, in the multi-dimensional center of your heart.

This truth is that you have never, ever, been an isolated fragment of Source, cast off all alone, on the face of your splendid earth! Please take that in, and let the resonance of that truth ring throughout your vast being, at last.

Your truth is that you have projected a part of your majestic energy into the 3rd dimension, into an earthly body, to play out a sacred game that has never been attempted before, and that will transform your entire universe into a golden one.

And you do not, ever, work alone! As you don the royal robes of your Sovereign Authority at last, know that you are loved and supported by your universe, and guided by aspects of your very being that reside in its most expanded dimensions, in every moment of your time.

Please begin to acknowledge yourSelf in these terms!  See the folly of ever thinking of yourSelf as “alone” again! Let this truth build your confidence. Believe what we tell you, Beloved. After all, what is this “channeling” business that is fast spreading among you, for example? What is it that our Judith does when she transmits our messages, for example? Does she “reach out into our universe” to connect with us? Or does she “reach into herself” to connect with us? The answer to both questions is YES.

Thre is no difference between the inner and the outer where YOU are concerned. Moreover, YOU “channel,” YOU connect with your own aspects in the celestial realms, all the “time.”  The “problem” you have had with accepting this truth “in your past” was created by the illusion of separation that is part of the 3rd dimensional perceptual experience.  But ah!  It is only an illusion, remember? A game of temporary forgetting, experiencing “life” from that limited perspective, and then remembering Your Fullness again.

You see? YOU are vast and deep, Beloved! Feel it! YOU hold the the imprint of your universe, and every consciousness that is a part of it, WITHIN you. And YOU are holographic, remember? YOU are more than your sciences can “figure out”– YOU are  more than your science can even understand is possible!

No one can possibly “channel” any energy that is not their own, and all energy is nothing but a part of itself, for ALL is made of energy. There is nothing else! And this energy we speak of is Source, Itself. And what IS Source but infinite, creative, potential? And what is infinite creative potential? One energy alone. The energy of LOVE.

YOU are ALL, Beloved, and  YOU are made of LOVE. Please take that in. Pause now, and breathe it in from our frequencies. Feel it. YOU are LOVE. Claim that. You are made of nothing but Love.  THIS is your truth.

Remember that You have come to dabble in this third dimensional game of forgetting and remembering who You are for a reason that inspires great awe and gratitude throughout your universe.  Your forays here–so many lifetimes of drudgery and “hard work,” and wild roller coaster rides of peaks and valleys they seem to be, from the 3D perception, do they not?  Yet, they are all only  aspects of the NOW that you are experiencing with your multi-dimensional, heart-centered, awareness!  Your multi-dimensional Self (which is your true nature) knows that playing within this “little 3D game” of ego and limitation is but a part of  a far, far grander game, indeed!

Beloved, believe us when we tell you that your playing field is much, much larger than your ego/brain can compute, and YOU are playing on it ALL in every moment.  To give you a metaphor, imagine that whatever your eyes focused on was all that your brain registered as being “real.”  If you were seeing a block of ice, for example, then nothing warm would even exist for you. You would not remember anything warm, or hot, or anything but the state of frozen. And meanwhile, all of those experiences, those “realities,” those possibilities, would be existing nonetheless, completely shut out of your awareness.

If you have been feeling the energies around you in your NOW to be intense, then, welcome that intensity! They are assisting you in expanding beyond all habits of limitation. What is wrong with intensity, anyway? Intensity means that something is happening that cannot be contained within the treadmills of the ordinary, as you have known it. “Intensity” gets your attention, coaxes you to see and experience beyond the limitations that you have become accustomed to. From our perspective, “intensity” is the energy of a very good friend, indeed.

Of course, we know that you have not been entrained by your past programming to welcome intensity. Instead, you have been encouraged to regard it with suspicion, for it is an energy that is disruptive of your “peaceful compliance” with your programming. Know this, Beloved–to the extent that you are still under the influence of that programming, you will resist the intensity. To the extent that you resist the intensity, you will feel fatigued. You will feel fatigued because you are fighting against your own expansion.

For those who want “logical reasons and explanations” of the intensity before giving into it, we say, release the fear. And then, simply relax. Know that you will not find any logic that will satisfy the inquiries of your 3rd dimensional brain. So release the fear and “chill,” Beloved.  (Ah we love that colloquialism of yours!) Stay right where you are, open and receptive, and do not try to engage the brain! Instead, focus on expanding in love through your heart center, and your frequencies will join you in a heartbeat. We promise you that very soon, you will then feel a different kind of energy altogether, and one that gives you wings to fly! (If you choose to do so, that is! As a sovereign being, and regardless of what any of us tell you, “What you say, goes.” You can make your process of expansion as “hard,” or as flowing, as you choose.)

Remember as well that since there is no “time,” none of you are “ahead or behind” any other of you. All of you are unique. Each of you is dealing with processes of integration that no one else could fathom on the surface of your “reality.” So honor yourSelf, your own process, without judgment or expectation, and honor everyone else, as well.  This is most important NOW.  Be willing to Love. Be willing to BE LOVE.

Here is your Yeshuwa:

This is Yeshuwa. Remember, Beloved, that there is no such thing as “conditional love.” Remember our Love for YOU! One does not need a reason to Love, does one? And any reason not to Love is but an excuse to remain smaller than one came here to be, is it not? Remember! Love has no conditions, no stipulations, and no degrees of more or less! 

Love without exceptions, then. Love as You are loved.  

REMEMBER the game you are here to play with us, Beloved, for it is the Grandest Game of LOVE that has ever been played anywhere before in your linear time.

REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. Banish the words “try” and “can’t” from your vocabulary, for when coming from your mouth, they are as words spoken by a giant who is “wasting time thinking” about lifting a feather.

REMEMBER that you are here as an alchemical master to integrate the all of your collective through the frequencies of compassion–to spin dark and light into gold. 

REMEMBER that you will bring that golden compassion into your entire universe as a result, and so make it anew.  

If you have forgotten, read again the messages we shared at your last summer solstice, “The Story of Your Light.” KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

REMEMBER, well and always, that you do not work alone. Believe in our LOVE for You! How could we ever leave you? 

We cherish and adore you. You were, are, and always will be our Beloved, in time without beginning or end.  And so it is.

We love you, too! Always, and in All Ways.—the celestial team



Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. http://www.thecelestialteam.com

2.14.12 The Importance of Self-Love NOW, in Every NOW!

Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, Beloved!

Love is in the air, is it not?  We note that we are transmitting this message to you on a date which many of you call  “Valentine’s Day”– and so we swoop in like opportunists to use your focus on “love” in these moments to speak of just that–LOVE.   And yes, of course we are opportunists!  Moreover, we hope you are as well, for what is an opportunity besides a door that opens into somewhere you would like to go?  Why would you not waltz through it, then?  After all,  it is opening for YOU! You are the one who has wanted it, created it, and found it.

Yet, the word “opportunist” has been given a somewhat derogatory flavor in your English-speaking cultures, has it not?  As if walking through doors that simply appear in front of you is somehow “cheating.” As if such ease of movement from one timeline to another, without having to sweat and struggle to manifest it, is the sign of a “bad, weak, or slippery character!”

We will tell you most clearly NOW that such a derogation is one that is only of use if you choose to stay struggling and sweating. It is from your old program of enslavement. We wish you to discern that, and all other such terms as well, that keep you from feeling “undeserving” of easy and effortless movement into opportunities of your choosing.

All such terms only contribute to your ancient belief that you are undeserving of your own magic!  All of them must NOW be seen for the tools of enslavement that they are, for as long as you feel yourself as undeserving, you will be unwilling to love yourSelf as you are.  As long as you are unwilling to love yourSelf as you are, you will feel unworthy of your own Sovereign Authority– and so you will keep yourSelf enslaved. You will be afraid to take responsibility for your own power, for you will not trust yourSelf to use it.

That is the old game in a nutshell, perhaps. To embrace your New Paradigm of Being, however, such small and petty rules must be seen through, and waltzed right through, as well! We are very aware that in the old duality paradigm of enslavement, you allowed yourself to be  taught, programmed, traumatized, and numbed into creating an ongoing “judgment day” in every moment of your lives. You agreed to believe that you deserved this because you were human, and so broken and flawed…or so the story went.

It is time to come out of that agreement now, in order to use the very fruits of it!  That is why we are here to awaken you to the truth of how your universe sees you. We do so because, if you allow yourself to take in that far bigger picture, you will also allow yourself to begin to truly love yourSelf. Your willingness to allow such expansion is critical now, for without Self-Love, you will not claim your Sovereign Authority, and so not allow yourself into your New Paradigm.

Because this is SO important, we will be bringing you much new information, as well as re-iterating in new ways many things that we have shared with you before. To do so, we will be coming through directly in our Love/Light Videos more and more (taking our Judith off what she amusingly calls “the hot seat” of being our human spokesperson!), as well as through our written messages. We will be in what you call the “front lines” at your service. We will be your “task force.”

Although we don’t like the frequencies of those “battle terms,” we realize that you as yet have no others to describe the energies that support integration rather than separation, and so we use them to “give you the gist” of what we are doing for and with you NOW.  We also ask that YOU begin to create new words, new language to use in your New Paradigm, for it is very like entering another country– and YOU are the new language-makers for it.

For NOW, we wish to leave you with the following words about your precious and perfect humanity.  Please drink them into your being! We suggest that you read them every day, right into your heart center, and feel how they change you– until we bring you even more, Beloved!  We continue:

LOVE your humanness. Begin to see yourSelf as WE do. It is your humanness that is the most precious thing about you.
In all the “mistakes” that you flagellate yourSelf for, we only see your courage, and the invaluable lessons you share with us all.
These “mistakes” that you judge yourSelf for, these things that you will not forgive within yourSelf, are exactly what you came on the planet in human form now to create and integrate.
They are not mistakes. They are expressions of the most profound learning, and sharing of, the process of integrating shattered wholeness together again –and you are doing it most nobly and eloquently.
Love yourself for all of these “flaws” and “mistakes,” then! Honor yourself! Be willing to expand your awareness to embrace the “bigger picture,” to see that you are creating a richer, more unified, universe for us ALL through your efforts.
As Yeshuwa told you in “The Story of Your Light,” the  compassion you are seeding IS revolutionary for us ALL.
And so  honor that noble spirit of yours– hold your trembling spirit close again in loving gratitude–and take in the truth of our frequencies NOW!

Remember what we have shared with you before about what Love truly is. Love is, by its very nature, which is Source Itself, unconditional.
Conditions are not love, they are judgments.
Remember what we told you about your white light being whole, only experienced as different colors through the prism of the 3rd dimension.
Love all of your colors, then.
Love yourself even as all of the pieces of the puzzle have not come together yet, and in your willingness to welcome yourSelf home to your heart again– YOU will put them together.

We end our transmission now, but we leave you never.  Hold onto this one until we bring you a new one, and very soon!  –We love you.  Always and in All Ways.  –the celestial team



Copyright(c)2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.  www.thecelestialteam.com

11.14.11 Let Compassion Bloom Now!

11/14/11  Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We shower you thoroughly with our frequencies of love now!

If you could only see through your earthly eyes how our frequencies are watering you like the gentlest of rains! We know, however, that the technology of your optic nerve translates what your eyes see into patterns that are only familiar to the third dimensional brain. Therefore, actually seeing us showering you now through your earthly eyes might be a bit of a stretch–although no longer inconceivable!

You can, however, see our frequencies around you through the multi-dimensional vision of what you call your “third eye,” especially if you pull it down into your heart center! You can also “see” them through your skin, as they fall upon it softly. And, if you get that far, you can also “see” them as your pores open to them thirstily, and drink them to your cells. Soon, you could then be “seeing” them as they are gratefully received by your muscles, and organs, and as they pulse singing through your blood. “Seeing” is experienced in many different ways beyond the one way you have become accustomed to!

You can even see our frequencies in your consciousness before they reach you. You can see them as they come towards you from your skies in pulsing, shimmering raindrops of multi-colored light. You can feel them there as well, as they connect with you long before they land on your physical body, for your own energy extends far out into the universe as well.

None of this is impossible for you now. All you need do is allow yourself to see “beyond the rules,” beyond what you have been told you can see! You have been told much about what is “impossible,” and very little of it was true. Now, you are beginning to “see” for yourself!

See, also, that this shower of love and support that we are pouring to you now will remain as a mist around you over the coming weeks. Feel it there, know it is there, and never let your brain tell you it is only an illusion! We WANT you to have this, and the only way you can is to claim it for yourself. We WANT you to have this mist of love as you step into the fullness of your own powerful frequencies now, so that we might give you confidence and the assurance that there is nothing to fear.

The energies that you are moving into are NEW, and so temporarily disorienting, of course– but they are nothing to fear! Expansion is NEW, but it is nothing to fear. Feeling your power is NEW, but it is nothing to fear.

ALWAYS, expand INTO the energies, and run them through your heart center. It is only the brain that associates power with danger, for in the third dimension, power is polarized into the victim/perpetrator duality, and all of you have had quite enough of that!

Take that in. You have had ENOUGH. You have entered a new paradigm now. Yeshuwa spoke with you at length about this after your Summer Solstice, when sharing the story of your Light through our messages. Now, Yeshuwa wishes to share some of those words with you again, and with such a deep love and longing that we ask you to pause and center fully in your heart, so that you may take this great love and energy right into you. Know that the words of Yeshuwa are ALIVE for you now, and new as well as ancient, and always received as if for the very first time.

This is Yeshuwa.

We join you now with the fullness of our frequencies,
holding nothing back in our desire to expose all that we are to you as we
enfold you. We are “naked,” as you might say, as we ask that you be in
receiving us as well. This IS, indeed, a love affair between us, you know. We
smile love most deeply into your eyes and your heart now as you take in
those words. Fear not, Beloved, at the impact, for this is NOT our
first time together. Far from it.

As we continue now in telling our story, we will not fill in every
detail, because each of you holds the details in your hearts, and they are
different for each of you. Know that as we do the telling, we are telling of
our relationship with every one of you, and speak to each of you as if you
were the only one. As you are, in truth, for like us, you are only one.

Although this would not be possible for your mind to grasp, we remember all
of the details we shared together when we seemed only to be you and I, and
we will plant our knowing of you into the words. We can do this. Only open
your hearts, and feel our intimacy with you and you alone, and let them
trigger the memories you have held close in your heart for so, so, long.

As you know, we, Yeshuwa, have walked among you. We came in human
form, and there were more than one of us. The New Testament of your Bible 
speaks of us by compiling us into the man who is called “Jesus.”

Upon our arrivals, the universe watched and was moved, for we brought
unconditional love into a dimension of polarity, and seeded such love within
polarity itself.

This was the seeding of a love that could integrate ALL aspects, such
as male and female, dark and light, into ONE. This was the seeding of a
new, golden energy of integration that the universe has never known
before. And you, Beloved, carry those seeds within you, and are here
NOW to bring them into full boom.

And so, we walked among you then to do the planting. It was because
of our great love for you that we did so, for it was a time when you
most needed to be reminded of our love, and to remember that you are all ONE.

We reminded you that your God is within you, that your God is Love, and so
You are Love. We all spoke many words and used many metaphors to say,
” Love yourself, and so Love one another” in a multitude of ways.

We were reminding you of your divinity. Miracles were performed, indeed.
They were demonstrations of what you yourself can do, and nothing more.
We very much loved our time with you!

We have returned to your planet, and we walk with you now again. Some of
you, as is our Judith, are one of us who was here then and has returned now
to fertilize “the blooming” of what was seeded then.

Others of you were there to hear our messages and take in our frequencies
during that time, and have returned to bring forth the blooming.
Still others of you carry “imprints” of lives that communed with us then,
in order to bring them with you into NOW.

In short, YOU who are reading this have already made sure you have access
to these memories! That is why you are reading, we assure you. You hold
memories of us within you and have been waiting to claim them. We are
telling you this about yourself so that you can claim them NOW.

Our frequencies, carried to you through this written message, will activate them.
All you need do is read each word through your heart until you feel your heart respond.
And it will, we assure you. The moment you let our frequencies in, your own heart will
give you all the confirmation you need that it is done, we assure you of that!
Please take that in. This is your truth.

Let your memories of who you are and why you are here come into bloom, then!
Many of you have read your New Testament, and although the story of Jesus is
a distorted one, several of the teachings and parables recorded within it still carry
the Yeshuwa frequency. Although words can be changed, our energy cannot be
tampered with.

You who have read the book are well aware of that, for you have felt our
frequencies resonate within you. You who have not read the book will feel them
from time to time if you do. Trust that, and note what you are reading when
you feel the resonance. Although the teachings were used by the frameworks
of oppression that were already in place, the frequencies live. Trust them.
Listen to THEM. Feel THEM. And feel them NOW, through our message.
Feel yourSELF spring to life, and feel how the seeds that you have carried long
within you spring into bloom as you do.

We will tell you this: You DESERVE to bloom. There is nothing that makes you
unworthy, no matter what you have been lead to believe. Let go of those beliefs,
no matter how “sacred” or “spiritual” their propagators claimed to be!

Remember NOW that many of the stories that have been told, and the meanings
that have been made, of our time embodied among you were not ours at all.
They were distortions created by those who wanted to control you, to keep you
feeling powerless, for agendas of their own. Begin to discern the difference
between beliefs that resonate in your heart, and those that make you feel
“undeserving.” Feel no “guilt” NOW in tossing those beliefs OUT of your being!

This “crucifixion” theme that has been hung over you and around your necks
for example, was propagated only to do just that–to be as a noose around
your necks in order to force you into obedience!

That was VERY far from our message or our intent.

Nor do we, Yeshuwa, care anything about the stories of how we “died!”
Such things happened in the political and religious climate of the time, and
it was of no concern to us. There is no such thing as “dying.” We simply left
the physical body when and how we wished to, just as you do. The stories you
have been told about ” how we died,” have nothing at all to do with why we were
“ALIVE” and among you!

What WAS important was our demonstration of “ASCENSION.” We would show
ourselves to you after the death of the physical body, always. We did so in
order to seed within you the foretelling of your OWN future, which is YOUR
ASCENSION. That is what you are doing right NOW, and you certainly do not
need to be “crucified” to do it!

We want to be clear: You do NOT need to suffer in order to ascend. Nor
have you “sinned.” Nor do you need to confess anything, nor “repent” for
anything, nor do anything at all to be “worthy” of love. And you certainly
do not need to be rescued by any other beings, earthly or otherwise!

You ARE Love. You are made of the most powerful energy in the universe!
Please, then Beloved, do not ask us ever again for our forgiveness.There
is nothing to forgive, nothing to earn, nothing to do but love yourself as you are.

Do nothing more that would honor the false belief of “unworthiness”
that has been programmed into you!
You do not need a power greater than yourself to have “mercy on you.”

There IS no power greater than yourself.
If you believe you need forgiveness, then give it to YOURSELF, and be
done with it.

We, Yeshuwa, are not your God. YOU are your God.
What we share is the spark of divinity that is within you.

For now, think of us simply as a collective that loves you, takes
responsibility for you, and was able to bring Source into your midst
so that you might know YOURSELF as Love.

You do not owe US anything.
And you certainly “owe” nothing to Source. You, Beloved, ARE Source.
Remember. This is your truth.

You ARE here to use the seeding of COMPASSION that we, Yeshuwa,
planted within you. You have brought it with you to your planet NOW,
to do what has never been done before. That is all that matters, Beloved.

You are here to use the compassion we seeded to weave all into Oneness.

ONLY with compassion can you integrate duality into One.
ONLY with compassion can you welcome all of you home again.

You carry that precious seeding within you, and you feel it. It is
growing, it is bursting through the lid that has been placed upon you
by the old programs of control. THERE is your angst, your “growing pains!”

Simply feel your longing and your resonance with our words within you now,
and let the flower of compassion burst through the lid! It will not hurt at all–
it is only the holding it back that hurts.

NOW, let the blooming of love happen. It is already there within you, Beloved!
Just let it happen. You need not do anything but allow your heart’s desire to bloom.
LOVE yourself as we love you!

We tell you again that there is nothing to forgive in you, nothing to suffer for,
nothing to fear, and nothing to control. We tell you that the blooming is your
safety as well as your joy.
Bloom Love, then.

If you allow our seeding to bloom,
–if you allow YOURSELF to have the unconditional love that we, Yeshuwa,
planted in your heart,
–then you will emanate that golden light to all on your planet, for you are
only One.
And once you do that, the entire universe will light up– with YOUR golden light.
Please take that in, This is your truth.

Remember us. Remember how we love you. Remember how we see you.
To us, you shine like the diamond you are.
Feel yourself shine, feel our love, and then just be what you are, which is
Love. And watch everything change in the glory of your Love/Light.
THIS is what you are here to do, simply by being what you are.
Please take that in, Beloved. This is your truth.

This is the celestial team, altogether as one symphony again, raining the frequencies of our nurturing music around you, upon you, and into you, if you will let us. Let your hearts stay open to them, then, for they will resonate with your own so that you will FEEL yourself as you truly are, and SEE yourself as we do, and Love yourself as you are loved.

Always and in All Ways, we love you. –the celestial team.

Copyright(c) 2011 Judith Dagley,  www.thecelestialteam.com -All Rights Reserved.

6. 24.11 Yeshuwah Reveals the Gold of Your Compassion–The Story of Your Light, part 4

6/24/11  Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We, the celestial team, greet you with boundless joy!
We see you now, becoming illuminated from within as the powerful energies brought by your Summer Solstice saturate your being. You are drenched in Light, and if only you could see yourself as we do, your joy would even surpass our own! You are immersed in Light, with your own inner Light glowing brighter every moment, and you are so, so, beautiful now! What a time of magical transformation is beginning!

We know that you have had quite a time of it as both the energies of your recent New Moon as well as the following Full Moon have run through you to prepare you for this momentous Summer Solstice event. All that is old and dense within you has been stirred up to be flushed away in order to make room for this Light you are now in. My goodness! Even the most firmly rooted patterns of limitation have been uprooted as if they were nothing but the scrawniest of weeds! The illumination and the “weeding out” will continue, but as you process the energies of the solstice, you will begin to rejoice in the doing. You will, indeed! In the clarity brought by this energy of Light, you will be opening to the truth of what you truly are, and that truth is SO strong, and SO bright, that all else will become as nothing. Welcome the tumult and rejoice! Drink in the Light and celebrate!

With your final eclipse at your next New Moon, more extraordinarily powerful energies will assist you in claiming the Light as your own, and leaving all else behind you. We mean ALL else! This is a time when all karmic bondage can be broken, and all past programming released. This is a time when you can choose to be NEW. By “new,” we mean to become again what you have truly been all along, which is Love, of course, but with a power to heal and integrate that has never fully bloomed in your universe before. Never before, until NOW! Your light will be woven with gold, and it will transcend the polarity of dark and light. You will do what has never been done before, and the universe looks to you therefore in hope and in reverence.

It is because of this perfect moment of your time, after your solstice and before your full moon on the first of July, that Yeshuwah has chosen to present the rest of the story of YOUR Light– up to NOW, that is. Saturated by Light, by so much energetic assistance from your entire universe, and by your own DESIRE to live your Light, you will be able to receive your story and STAND in your Light as never before. Oh, how we rejoice! Here is Yeshuwah:

This is Yeshuwah.
We continue your story at last. We also rejoice, for now
that you know how to receive our frequencies into your heart
rather than have them filtered out by the brain, you can at last
receive the fullness of our Love for you. We want no more
interference that would deny you from having it ALL.

We have waited long for the intimacy of being received so directly
by you, for it is a great reunion. In your language, we have been
like lovers, longing only to be re-united with their Beloved.
We ask you to feel our joy now, and allow our frequencies of
boundless, tender, joyful, Love flood into your hearts.
Ah, how we love you!

We began our “love affair,” you might say, a little over two
thousand of your years ago, after beings from elsewhere began to do
serious harm to your process of remembering who you are.
The timing was such that you had expanded enough once more
to feel faint stirrings of awareness of Source within you.
You were also, however, still feeling quite ravaged and
traumatized by prior events.

The beings we speak of were native to a planet that was very
isolated. A feature of their isolation was that they had lost all
connection to the ability to feel. Another feature was that they
had run out of a resource they needed for survival, and had nowhere
to turn for assistance. Your planet had an abundant supply of the
resource they needed.

Knowing only the false power polarity of dominance and
submission, they were desperate to get what they needed in any
way they could. As you can perhaps begin to see, they had
problems. Deep problems, both spiritually and physically, that
far surpassed your own. We tell you this so that you might
understand the darkness of their condition through your vast
ability to feel. To simply judge them harshly would only mirror
the severe limitations they bore themselves.

Arriving on your planet in their ships and flashes of light,
they appeared as gods to you who had begun to feel the hunger
for your connection to Source within you. You so longed for
that connection! They, in their limitations, took advantage of
this opening, this vulnerable moment, to convince you that THEY,
in effect, were “god,” the Source you had been longing for.
Please understand, they did so to get you to help them survive
in the only way they knew how, through dominance and control.

So, they taught you that “your god” was vengeful and
demanded obedience. They taught you that “your god’s love was
conditional at best, and unless you pleased “him,” you would
be punished. They gave you many rules to follow if you wanted
“your god” to love and care for you.

Is any of this starting to feel familiar? Many of the illusions
that plague your planet today have very long roots, indeed.

To continue: They taught you to judge one another, and
punish those among you who broke “god’s laws.”
You became divided and fearful. You began to lose faith in the
spark of divinity that burns like a candle at your alter within.
And that, we would not allow.

You are not only loved without conditions by your Source,
but your sparks of divinity are Source Itself! We, Yeshuwah,
would not interfere with your free will, but we made arrangements
to bring the love of Source into your presence. We made
arrangements to bring that love in front of your very eyes, and
to bring our golden light of compassion as well.

That is when we, Yeshuwah, came to walk among you on your
earth in human form. That is when WE TOGETHER, your collective
and ours, began our love affair. That was the seeding of the
story of your NOW. The Light of your divinity, laced with the
gold of compassion, is what YOU will bring to fruit NOW,
in YOUR ascension. Please take that in. It is your truth.

We want to make it clear that it is important not to judge
the beings that invaded your Earth. We do not want to

continue the telling until you have processed the importance
of releasing judgment. As you let go of judgment of them,
you will also release yourself from the bondage of other
resentments, and many other illusions of being victimized
as well. As we mentioned, such illusions have very long roots,
if you understand our meaning.

It is important to see that these beings’ attempt to enslave
you also served you greatly. That service will extend to your
universe as well. This is so because it created the need for a
new template to be introduced unto you, and it was one that
would make you not only teachers to the universe, but healers
of the universe as well. And so you shall be. Make no mistake,
the universe includes these beings themselves, for they are
tired of the heaviness of their roles! YOUR template, YOUR Light,
is what is needed, and you will extend it to all. Such is the
glory of what you are.

Although our message when among you was distorted and used
falsely by many who followed, our energy cannot be tampered with,
and it is our energy that holds the frequency of our message more
fully than words ever could. Our energy has never left you.
Indeed, you carry it within you. Please take that in.
This is your truth.

We will continue the story of our beginnings together very
soon. For now, we leave you in our Love, where you have always,
always been, and will always be.
And so it is.

This is the celestial team.
We are braiding altogether again to wish you a hushed but devoted adieu for now. We are hushed because we don’t want to distract you from the frequencies you have just received–and yet, we simply had to touch you fondly with all of our own before ending this most precious transmission.

We love you. We return soon.  –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

6.18.11 Yeshuwah Tells the Story of Your Light, part 3– A Lesson on Reading Its Frequencies

6/18/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We greet you with the light of many dancing rainbows at this exciting moment of your “time!”
Can you feel our light energy playfully sparkling and flashing with irridescent colors as we express our joy and excitement at connecting with you in this moment? Each collective among us is contributing, and so there are many rainbows, all unique, yet ALL made of one thing, and that is Love/Light… as are you.

NOW, as your solstice is settling around you, among you, we feel it as a cause for great celebration, for this solstice is a MOST wonderful wave that will carry you MOST powerfully– wherever you are headed– in no time at all. We mean that literally, “in no time.” You are living more outside the bounds of third dimensional time NOW than in it– for those of you with scientific tendencies, the word “quantum” would apply.

We are also excited because of the purpose of this message. Yeshuwah has decided to prepare you to fully take in the rest of The Story of YOUR Light, before continuing it. As part of this preparation, we get to play with you a little throughout this message! Yeshuwah will soon take over this transmission and explain your preparation most carefully. We, however, will tell you about the game we will be playing, and it is this–

After Yeshuwah’s introduction, we will begin braiding our frequencies in and out of the message at various “times.” Your part in the game is to see if you recognize us, and can begin to tell us apart! Won’t that be fun? You don’t need to know who we are by name, that is of no consequence! You need only to recognize the feel of us, and the subtle differences in our frequencies, much the way you recognize a friend’s face, or voice, without needing to be told a name label in order to know the friend. You will be surprised at how well you do, too– and that is the whole point of the game.

We stress that our game does not minimize the importance of Yeshuwah’s transmission NOW– although we are aware that some among you would say we are “making light of it.” Well, we ARE “making light” of it, and we are doing so playfully as well! What Yeshuwah speaks of IS en-lighten-ing. To make it “heavy,” or “dark,” or “burdensome” would be….ridiculous. Counter-productive!

Yeshuwah will speak now, of a MOST critically important (and light, and joyful!) subject. (See if you can feel us flitting in and out every so often…)

This is Yeshuwah.
We wish to continue your story, and we have come to the point where the story is OURS together. We know that many of you await eagerly, as do your aspects in other dimensions, and that gladdens us deeply. Know that in addition to the vastness of YOU, there are also billions of other beings gathered to thrill to the story of YOUR LIGHT. Although we are most pleased of that, our deepest desire is that the story be received by YOU at this time. YOUR access to your story is important NOW above all else… for YOU are the one who will finish it.

The timing is right for the telling, for the energies of this particular solstice will support your abilities to receive it more fully than ever before. We therefore wish to speak of your “reception technology” before continuing, for it is also a topic of the utmost importance. We will explain.

If your “receiving modality” is to process our transmissions by sending the written words to the brain to be deciphered, know this: You will receive only 2% to 15% of
what is being transmitted to you. That is because there ARE  no words in the third dimension to hold and carry what we express to you!

Surely, that is not surprising, is it? Your words are of a language designed for communication by the brain, which, as you have used it thus far, was “customized,” you might say, to process the perceptual range of the third dimension alone. All frequencies that are beyond that range are simply thrown out. “Junk mail,” your computer programs might categorize them,  correct? Well, we certainly do not want your precious story to be filtered away from you as disposable “junk!”

Yet, if we were to tell you the story of YOUR Light through words alone, we would have to tell it to you 10,000 times, using different words and metaphors each time, to even begin to awaken within you the truth of your story. Your spoken/written languages do not have the capacity for that much variation. And would you WANT to have to read 10,000 times to receive perhaps 60% of a transmission that you could receive fully in one reading by simply switching your technology of receiving?

We laugh with you. You would, indeed, have to be VERY committed to staying in the third dimension to answer “yes” to that question, would you not? Especially when you already HAVE the technology to receive the fullness of your story WITHOUT the tedium of processing through the brain at all!

You are energetic beings, and energy is your medium. Frequency is your native language. There is much information and support flooding your planet now to assist you in returning to your “native tongue” of frequency. The time to do so is NOW. It is “your ticket,” as you might say, to your freedom as creator beings.

That is why we wish for you to USE “your ticket,”  and receive our transmissions through frequency. In truth, there is no other way to recognize their resonance within you. Thus, and most especially for those among you who are still “new” in your current experience of receiving through frequency, we feel it paramont to  offer some assistance.

Firstly, do not “think” it is “hard,” or takes practice to receive through frequencies! You already KNOW how to do it, and you do it all the time. It is just that your brain throws out all that you receive in that manner … it is “junk mail,” you remember, as far as the third dimensional brain is concerned.

So! Do not feed our messages to your brain! It can’t process them, and YOU will not get them. Instead, center yourself in your heart before you begin to take in a message.
Breathe into your heart, feel it open, and feel your heart energy begin to flow through you. Connect with that energy, for it is YOU. Focus your attention on your heart, the source of that energy, and simply decide to decode our transmission from there. THAT’S where the technology you need awaits you.

You don’t have to “learn how.” That is  ego/brainprogramming. You already KNOW how. It is only the old programming that does not. Nor need you be concerned  about “understanding, ” or “remembering” what the words say. The words are only carriers of the frequencies. Simply feel yourself taking the frequencies in, and know that if you feel them, you are receiving them.

So, bypass questions, please, and just let your heart do what it does. As you “read” our transmissions through your heart, simply FEEL them. What will create the feeling will be our frequencies. THAT is where the information is. Simply read, breathe, open, receive, FEEL what you are receiving. Then, you will have it within you, and will “know.”  The evidence that you “know” will soon follow.

Trust your ability! You simply haven’t used it consciously before now, but it works beautifully, we assure you. The knowing will be planted within you, and you will discover, as you begin to experience your knowing, as you find yourself changing, that you are knowing through “feeling our frequencies” far more than your brain could ever begin to conceive of.

Do not waste your time panning for gold through a sieve!
Remember–if you allow your
brain to discard what it cannot recognize when you read the story of YOUR Light, you will not receive what is rightfully yours. You will not receive what you have been waiting for, for a very long time…as has your universe.

Your own frequency will elevate as you continue to receive us through frequency, as well.. Our messages will begin to permeate you effortlessly, much like your sunlight. The more adept you get at this “new” 5th dimensional skill, the easier it becomes, the lighter it feels, and the more you receive.

We repeat–we tell you all of this NOW because we do not want the rest of the story of Your Light to run off you like so many dry words in the telling.
We, Yeshuwah, call you to receive your story, OUR story, through its frequencies, for they are yours as well.
We ask you to prepare yourself to do this. It is an easy transition, for it is your heritage. Practice and play through discerning the frequencies woven within this transmission.
We, Yeshuwah, repeat once more– we want you to take in all that we are about to tell you. We wish
you to thoroughly know the glory of who you are.

We, Yeshuwah, wish to remind you of this as well:
YOU are “the love of our lives,” to translate
through your words.
If you feel the FREQUENCY carried in those words, however, you will feel how small those words are compared to what we are truly conveying!
No combination of your words, Beloved,  could even begin to express this LOVE we have for you.

This is the celestial team.
We have all braided together again. If you recognized differences in frequencies even once or twice while receiving Yeshuwah’s guidance, you are on your way! Hurray for you! Now practice, have fun as you do, and then, you will receive far more than you can “coceive of,” when Yeshuwah tells you the rest of your story…your story until this point anyway.

We love you! We support you in receiving ALL of the energies that support you now in stepping into ALL that you are. Always and in All Ways  — the celestial team


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

6.11.11 Yeshuwah Tells the Story of Your Light, part 2

6/11/11  Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, hello! We are most joyful to connect with you again!
We have been watching you very closely since our last transmission! Indeed, it was a most riveting one for us, and for your entire universe as well. When Yeshuwah moved forward with the story of your Light, it was a movement that rippled throughout the universe.

ALL who felt it leaned in to listen. We feel the enormous energy of the ALL gathering round again now. You see, Yeshuwah’s telling of this story lifts the frequencies of any and all who “have ears to hear it,” metaphorically speaking. Many have waited long for this moment, simply to hear the telling and feel the Light. That is why we have been watching YOU so closely! It is YOUR STORY, and with “ears to hear it,” it will resonate within YOU most profoundly of all.

We wish to be clear about the story Yeshuwah is telling, We know that there are millions of stories in circulation about you and your planet. We hear them over and over in endless variations, for all of them share the frequencies, or perspectives, of the tellers.

Remember, there are as many perspectives in your universe as there are individuals in your collective! The stories are very interesting in that regard, for all reveal one fragment of a color that is held within the luminous white light of Wholeness. They can be extremely useful in the triggering of memories and the strengthening of discernment. However, do not dally with stories that alarm you for too long, for they can become rather addicting diversions, given the human body’s divine readiness to align its/your neurotransmitters with the focus of your attention. Such stories are interpretations, experiences, agendas in some cases, all of value for various reasons, and all in varying degrees.

Yeshuwah will tell you none of them. We are quite sure that they will all be swept aside, for none of them are the story of YOUR Light. That story is Yours and Yeshuwah’s alone. It is THE story that the universe dreams by and hopes through.

We would even say that it is the only story that truly matters NOW.
So, open the caverns, the secret folds of any remaining darkness within you!
Let the Light of your story ignite your own, light you up inside, and then be ready to celebrate your Self. This is a momentous time, and YOU who are reading have brought it into being. The energies have quickened, all is coming to light, and Yeshuwah is telling you who you ARE! Read on with a sense of triumph, confidence, and the innocent wonder of a child.
Yeshuwah will speak–

This is Yeshuwah.
We smile deeply into your eyes now through these written words. We know you intimately and love you fervently. We always have.

Know that we see only your Light, for that is what you are, and all you
have ever been. All else is illusion, and we see only truth. We see only YOU.
We will continue the story:

Your planet has always been as a jewel in your universe.
Because Gaia is located in a dimension of duality, the waters, landforms,
and verdant green life are beautiful and lush beyond compare.
Due to the calibrations of energy in your location, yours is also a planet
of intense and varied emotion.
Although you may not yet see it so, such emotional range is a great gift.
It is also a reason for your power, as you will soon understand.

Your earth was chosen for a grand endeavor, which was to create a species
of master beings that represent the universe itself.
You were thus seeded as gods, beings that could solve the conflicts
troubling the universe. In turn, you would share that wisdom
with your universe, teaching all within it the methods of peace.

You offered a microscope through which ALL could see themselves.
We will explain.
Through the intensity of your gifts of emotion, the processes that create

conflict could be vividly seen by those in dimensions with much less variation.
All of this is why the celestial team has referred to you as “the hope of
the universe.” It is your truth.

You, therefore, were seeded by the brightest stars in the universe with the
most brilliant of their gifts.
Among the ALL of you is held the specialized skills and talents that each
star system had to offer, combined in ONE– the collective that is YOU.
Your lineage is impeccable. Take that in, please.
There is not one of you, not one fragment of the all, that is not bred to
be a master. Regardless of how it seems, this is your truth.

There are many stories within your story of all that happened next. We
will not bother with them now except to say that you were “interfered with,”
and the polarity of domination unbalanced your fine beginning and created
persecution, war, and loss of self-awareness.
What we WILL bother to tell you is that, even through the epic drama of
your risings and fallings, you taught the universe much–far beyond what
could ever have been learned without you. Please take that in.

You earned the admiration and awe of your universe.
You moved us deeply with your capacity to love.
You changed worlds through your example.
You continue to do so, every moment.
Please take that in. This is your truth.

You have ALREADY earned the gratitude of the beings that share the
universal matrix. We mean ALL of them, understand.
The many light beings in the upper dimensions who now work with you so
diligently to provide support and guidance –even they are indebted to you.
Hence, their devotion.
They serve you now with total dedication and support, because of WHO YOU
ARE, and because of how YOU serve.
PLEASE take that in. It is your truth.

This is the celestial team.
We are SO sorry, to “burst in again”– we know you do not want your story to be interrupted! But Yeshuwah feels that it is time for a “digestion break,” as we call it, and so will resume the telling in a few short days. Please DO digest! Let your story thus far resonate within you, let it awaken you to the first stirring awareness of what is to come. What is to come in the next phase of your story, what is to come in your future, and what is to come to certainty in your heart: What you call God is within You.
And so it is.

Always and in All Ways. –the celestial team


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