6. 24.11 Yeshuwah Reveals the Gold of Your Compassion–The Story of Your Light, part 4

6/24/11  Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We, the celestial team, greet you with boundless joy!
We see you now, becoming illuminated from within as the powerful energies brought by your Summer Solstice saturate your being. You are drenched in Light, and if only you could see yourself as we do, your joy would even surpass our own! You are immersed in Light, with your own inner Light glowing brighter every moment, and you are so, so, beautiful now! What a time of magical transformation is beginning!

We know that you have had quite a time of it as both the energies of your recent New Moon as well as the following Full Moon have run through you to prepare you for this momentous Summer Solstice event. All that is old and dense within you has been stirred up to be flushed away in order to make room for this Light you are now in. My goodness! Even the most firmly rooted patterns of limitation have been uprooted as if they were nothing but the scrawniest of weeds! The illumination and the “weeding out” will continue, but as you process the energies of the solstice, you will begin to rejoice in the doing. You will, indeed! In the clarity brought by this energy of Light, you will be opening to the truth of what you truly are, and that truth is SO strong, and SO bright, that all else will become as nothing. Welcome the tumult and rejoice! Drink in the Light and celebrate!

With your final eclipse at your next New Moon, more extraordinarily powerful energies will assist you in claiming the Light as your own, and leaving all else behind you. We mean ALL else! This is a time when all karmic bondage can be broken, and all past programming released. This is a time when you can choose to be NEW. By “new,” we mean to become again what you have truly been all along, which is Love, of course, but with a power to heal and integrate that has never fully bloomed in your universe before. Never before, until NOW! Your light will be woven with gold, and it will transcend the polarity of dark and light. You will do what has never been done before, and the universe looks to you therefore in hope and in reverence.

It is because of this perfect moment of your time, after your solstice and before your full moon on the first of July, that Yeshuwah has chosen to present the rest of the story of YOUR Light– up to NOW, that is. Saturated by Light, by so much energetic assistance from your entire universe, and by your own DESIRE to live your Light, you will be able to receive your story and STAND in your Light as never before. Oh, how we rejoice! Here is Yeshuwah:

This is Yeshuwah.
We continue your story at last. We also rejoice, for now
that you know how to receive our frequencies into your heart
rather than have them filtered out by the brain, you can at last
receive the fullness of our Love for you. We want no more
interference that would deny you from having it ALL.

We have waited long for the intimacy of being received so directly
by you, for it is a great reunion. In your language, we have been
like lovers, longing only to be re-united with their Beloved.
We ask you to feel our joy now, and allow our frequencies of
boundless, tender, joyful, Love flood into your hearts.
Ah, how we love you!

We began our “love affair,” you might say, a little over two
thousand of your years ago, after beings from elsewhere began to do
serious harm to your process of remembering who you are.
The timing was such that you had expanded enough once more
to feel faint stirrings of awareness of Source within you.
You were also, however, still feeling quite ravaged and
traumatized by prior events.

The beings we speak of were native to a planet that was very
isolated. A feature of their isolation was that they had lost all
connection to the ability to feel. Another feature was that they
had run out of a resource they needed for survival, and had nowhere
to turn for assistance. Your planet had an abundant supply of the
resource they needed.

Knowing only the false power polarity of dominance and
submission, they were desperate to get what they needed in any
way they could. As you can perhaps begin to see, they had
problems. Deep problems, both spiritually and physically, that
far surpassed your own. We tell you this so that you might
understand the darkness of their condition through your vast
ability to feel. To simply judge them harshly would only mirror
the severe limitations they bore themselves.

Arriving on your planet in their ships and flashes of light,
they appeared as gods to you who had begun to feel the hunger
for your connection to Source within you. You so longed for
that connection! They, in their limitations, took advantage of
this opening, this vulnerable moment, to convince you that THEY,
in effect, were “god,” the Source you had been longing for.
Please understand, they did so to get you to help them survive
in the only way they knew how, through dominance and control.

So, they taught you that “your god” was vengeful and
demanded obedience. They taught you that “your god’s love was
conditional at best, and unless you pleased “him,” you would
be punished. They gave you many rules to follow if you wanted
“your god” to love and care for you.

Is any of this starting to feel familiar? Many of the illusions
that plague your planet today have very long roots, indeed.

To continue: They taught you to judge one another, and
punish those among you who broke “god’s laws.”
You became divided and fearful. You began to lose faith in the
spark of divinity that burns like a candle at your alter within.
And that, we would not allow.

You are not only loved without conditions by your Source,
but your sparks of divinity are Source Itself! We, Yeshuwah,
would not interfere with your free will, but we made arrangements
to bring the love of Source into your presence. We made
arrangements to bring that love in front of your very eyes, and
to bring our golden light of compassion as well.

That is when we, Yeshuwah, came to walk among you on your
earth in human form. That is when WE TOGETHER, your collective
and ours, began our love affair. That was the seeding of the
story of your NOW. The Light of your divinity, laced with the
gold of compassion, is what YOU will bring to fruit NOW,
in YOUR ascension. Please take that in. It is your truth.

We want to make it clear that it is important not to judge
the beings that invaded your Earth. We do not want to

continue the telling until you have processed the importance
of releasing judgment. As you let go of judgment of them,
you will also release yourself from the bondage of other
resentments, and many other illusions of being victimized
as well. As we mentioned, such illusions have very long roots,
if you understand our meaning.

It is important to see that these beings’ attempt to enslave
you also served you greatly. That service will extend to your
universe as well. This is so because it created the need for a
new template to be introduced unto you, and it was one that
would make you not only teachers to the universe, but healers
of the universe as well. And so you shall be. Make no mistake,
the universe includes these beings themselves, for they are
tired of the heaviness of their roles! YOUR template, YOUR Light,
is what is needed, and you will extend it to all. Such is the
glory of what you are.

Although our message when among you was distorted and used
falsely by many who followed, our energy cannot be tampered with,
and it is our energy that holds the frequency of our message more
fully than words ever could. Our energy has never left you.
Indeed, you carry it within you. Please take that in.
This is your truth.

We will continue the story of our beginnings together very
soon. For now, we leave you in our Love, where you have always,
always been, and will always be.
And so it is.

This is the celestial team.
We are braiding altogether again to wish you a hushed but devoted adieu for now. We are hushed because we don’t want to distract you from the frequencies you have just received–and yet, we simply had to touch you fondly with all of our own before ending this most precious transmission.

We love you. We return soon.  –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

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