10.26.11 NOW is the Moment of Power, and Your Power is Within!

10.26.11 Love/Light Message From the celestial team

We greet you with focused and finely-honed frequencies of recognition in this moment!

We do so because we want you to feel our recognition, whether you are reading deeply through your heart, or simply skimming the words while your mind is on other things. We know each one of you well, you see, and never more intimately than when you read our messages. It is then that your frequencies actually interact with our own, and some of you know this very well, for you feel the experience most profoundly. You also know that we then stay with you to work with your energies and support you with ours for many days afterward.

Of course, we know that some of you do this with some messages more than others, and yes, we know you who still prefer to “skim the surface” and let your ego/brain programming run your show, as well! There is nothing to judge about that, either, nor is there anything to hide. (Besides, there is no hiding where frequency is concerned, and frequency IS your medium as an energetic being!) We know you each and all, and love the each of the all of you with the same overflowing and unconditional love.

However, we want this particular transmission to deliver our recognition of you especially personally, regardless of where you are in the gamut of taking in our frequencies. So, our frequency technicians are working with us very closely as we transmit now, that you will FEEL our recognition, regardless of your reading method. It is very important that you do so now, for you are in a most powerful moment of your dimensional shift. And YOU are the creator of the way your shift unfolds, moment by moment. Indeed, you are now the shift, itself.

That is why our frequencies are honed in recognizing YOU as the creator of all you experience, and that includes all physical manifestations as well. Our mission in the doing is to have our focused recognition resonate with your own SELF-recognition of your power as a Co-Creator. Even if they startle or shock you into that self recognition, it is all right with us right now–and you know that is far from our usual bent in communing with you! Take that, then, as a sign of how important it is for you to recognize your power in the energies of NOW.

NOW is a time when all you believe will be reflected in your external experience very rapidly.
NOW, the energies are also complex, for all of your collective is stirring, and creating various dynamic waves and quickly moving currents within the energy that you share together, and more consciously than ever before.
What this means is precisely what we have just said, and which bears repeating:

NOW, it is most important that you realize that what YOU believe will be REFLECTED IN YOUR EXTERNAL EXPERIENCES. It will be YOUR beliefs and YOUR intentions, that shape and define the collective maelstrom into YOUR perspective, and then YOUR experience, and then into PHYSICAL REALITY ITSELF.

The one thing you CANNOT alter through your belief or disbelief is that you ARE the creator of all that you experience around you through your transmission of frequencies. NOW, it is most important that you take responsibility for your power as an energetic alchemist.

For those of you who are still drawn to finding a scientific framework for our messages, we have appreciated your efforts to discover a holistic synthesis of your definitions of “physics” with “metaphysics,” for you are quite right in intuiting that both express perspectives of one magnificent whole. NOW, however, we can use neither your quantum physics nor your mental conceptual abilities to “orient” you to the multi-dimensional processes that you are engaging in. It is beyond the very framework of perception that you are familiar with. There is no scientific research and there are no words that could possibly describe what is beyond that which you have known in your earthly lifetimes!

You can, however, use your logic (if you must!) to see that, if what you desire to do is to shift into another dimension, then of course you would need to be willing to let go of the old that is known in order to enter the NEW that you wish to experience. Even “the logic of the brain” can put that together, can it not? And one cannot enter the new through the patterning of the old. That, as we mentioned in our last message, is only “rehash.” Or, to be creative with one of your current colloquialisms, it would be trying to “talk the walk” rather than “walking the talk.”

NOW, what you need, rather than looking for external proof of synthesis, is to claim that holistic synthesis within. That is actually the meaning of integrity. Integration results in a whole that is reliable because all within it is in alignment. This is what your entire human collective is in the process of becoming now, and until each of its individual members has taken responsibility to reach that integration within themselves, the collective, therefore, cannot be whole.

Does this sound overwhelming, our talk of the responsibility of each and every member to reach integrity within them in order for the collective of almost seven billion members to be whole? Does it seem like an impossible task, when you see so many around you “not caring at all” about the collective?

If it does, then you are looking in the wrong direction. You will never move into integrity while looking outside of yourself for what is “out of alignment,” we promise you! By expending your energies into looking for what others need to do, or even worse, fighting AGAINST what they are doing, YOU will never become the whole member that the all needs in order to be whole.
Here is Yeshuwa:

This is Yeshuwa.
The eye of the needle is within you.
We have already told you this, we know, but we tell it again now in order
 to remind you that you need not feel overwhelmed. You need not concern
yourself with what others do or do not do. Though your responsibility to the
all is great, the eye of a needle is very tiny, and surely not to large to manage,
is it? In truth we tell you that it is only the eye of the needle within you, and
nothing more, that you need take responsibility for in order to work miracles for the all.

If you can move all of YOU into the eye of your needle, woven into a
silken thread of unconditional self-love, then your silken frequencies will also
move THROUGH the needle with ease, and out into the all of the ALL of YOU.
Although these words may sound simple, please take them to heart, for we
assure you that the truth they express is both powerful and profound.

If you can make of yourself a smooth and silken thread, then there is no
self-judgment or other harshness towards any part of yourself left within
you. Your thread will then turn to the gold of compassion as it moves
through you and out to others– for you cannot judge in others what you have
forgiven and embraced within yourself.

As we have also mentioned before, compassion is the revolutionary energy
that will change your world and carry you all into a dimension of harmony.
Compassion is what you have come here to learn, and it is what you will then
spread from your world into your entire universe. It is a magnificent
endeavor, and one only undertaken by those who have the desire as well as the
abilities to succeed. There is not one on your planet who lacks either of
these, regardless of your illusions.

Take that to heart, then, as well. Know that the only thing that could
prevent you, or any of the all of you, from succeeding, would be to spend your
energies pointing fingers at others at the expense of threading the tiny
needle within. Weave yourSelf together with self-love, then, and spin your
alchemical thread of compassion. Nothing more is asked of you. Nothing more
is needed.
Love yourself as we love you.

This is the celestial team, braiding together to wish you only love. Let love be all you wish yourself as well, and ALL will then be well in Love.   —the celestial team

10.20.11 The Emerging NEW is Created By Your Frequencies of Navigating NOW

10/20/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

This is the celestial team, greeting you as always with frequencies of joy in connecting with you in this special way!

As we have told you, we communicate with you through the written word because we have discerned that such a method can be powerful in re-awakening your abilities to attune to frequencies. Of course, the power of our method depends on the desire of the receiver to retrieve those abilities, we know! We also know that we began to engage you in this endeavor well before “the many” were quite ready to participate. No problem, we say! (That is one of our favorite phrases on your planet!)

That was all right with us because we started exactly when we did by design.
You see, it is well known in the universe we share together that the wisest approach to introducing something “new” into your human collective has been to begin with the very gentlest infiltration of energies– a mere, loving wisp of a suggestion, an almost timid introduction–no matter how important the “something new” was. This wisdom has been followed as much as possible in order to keep from activating your traumas of being controlled.

It is known in our universe that to do otherwise always triggers your internal awareness of just how much you STILL are controlled, and so causes you to project that awareness outward onto any being who “rocks your boat,” so to say. As we have also told you before, however, nothing is hidden. It is only within the illusions of the 3rd dimensional game you were participating in that such a belief could be even slightly entertained.

Yet that is the game you have been absorbed in until now. And so, to introduce a paradigm that was radically different from the one you have been constrained by for aeons –one that would resound into the core of your being should you have allowed yourself to fully take it in– one such as the one we offer– would have opened quite a writhing can of worms within you, and would have then flung them out among you– had we not been very, very, careful.

And so we were. First and foremost, never do we want to catalyze any writhing within you or among you. We love you too much. That is why we have been dribbling our communications to you slowly over the past nine months. But we saw you all, and each of your reactions, and took each and all of them into our care.

We saw you who were ready to drink in our very first message, and in the doing, connected with the thirst of your soul! We have watched you continue to drink from each one of our messages ever since, and grow very expanded and full! We have been beside you rejoicing, every time.

We have watched you who would “tune in” every so often, and then succumb to the reality you most believed in. You decided that you really “didn’t have time to spend” on reading the messages with any regularity, since the “real life” you had chosen to believe in was pulling at you to stay in the old game. We honored your dedication and your loyalty to your beliefs, and bowed to your determination to live in integrity with them.

We were there with you who decided that our messages were “too hard to comprehend,” and so not really “your cup of tea,” to use yet another of your charmingly expressive colloquial phrases. Having to expand into “reading frequencies” felt like quite a demand, after all!

We even know you who left our little Facebook group page as a result, either openly or otherwise, so as to keep your lives as clear of the “extraneous” as possible. You are masters of linear focus! Know that we recognize that in you. (We also add that you were not able to leave us completely…nor did we leave you. But that is a story of your future, and you do not yet know that you are there every bit as much as you are here, so we will leave that for another time.)

Perhaps the last acknowledgement we will make now, as our message is getting long before we have even gotten to the “meat” of it, is to you who identifies yourself, and quite aptly, as a lightworker, and so recognizes the fruits within our transmissions– but is caught in your own, seemingly personal, quagmire of struggle with the ego. Alas! Because you perceive the messages as coming from someone other than you, your “ego personality” will not let you receive from us through another!

Ah, Beloved. We see your struggle, and we ask you to cease your engagement with it. Your own unique contributions to the all are precious, unique, and celebrated. The moment you stop measuring them against the contributions of others, so will you allow them to flow into your own awareness, and enjoy their fruits as well. In the meantime, know that they are seen–NOTHING is hidden, remember! We will do all we can, if you will let us, to open you through our frequencies into recognizing your Self as the invaluable diamond of light that You are.

All right. There are so many more “snags of self-allowing” that we could address, but then we might go on quite literally forever! Know that we know all of them, and all of you. Our only purpose in sharing our knowing of you is to encourage you to clear all of the snags away, or rather, expand beyond them. They are nothing more than leftover debris now! Trust that. We know you who are reading by name, and we know every subtlety of every one of your snags. They are nothing compared to your light! If you need proof of our knowing, you can always call our Judith, and we will tell you through her voice. We will tell you in any way you ask us too, in order that you see your light for yourself!

Here is the reason we will “pull out all the stops” on your behalf now: There is new energy on your planet, and new energy permeating your collective as well, right NOW! We ask that you feel the difference in the frequencies between “new” and “old,” so that you do not mix them up any longer. For you who senses that the “new” has arrived yet you aren’t quite “in it,” we tell you that doing this exercise of exploring the frequencies of “old” and “new” may turn out to become your vortex of release.

“New” means the birth of something not yet formed.
“New” cannot be realized on any familiar pathways.
“New” is outside of any of the formulas that held the stuctures of the old in place.
“New” is created from self-love and compassion. It is far, far “out of the box. ”
As your Yeshuwa told you in a message back in July, “Compassion is Revolution.”
Yes! “New” is THAT far out of the boxes you are used to! And all else is rehash. All of it.

“Old” is what is perpetuated by being in the NOW with the frequencies of the PAST.
No matter how much you long for the “New,” assumptions that you are entrained into will not serve you in doing anything other than perpetuating the past.

Take this in: You are at a turning point of quantum proportions!
By putting your focus on what you choose to manifest, you can change your life and your world very quickly.

By following the treadmills of old energetic patterning, you will only create more of the same–no matter what you “think” you want! Only your frequency will show you your truth, for it is your frequencies –and nothing else!– that create your external reality.
NOW is the time to take that in fully!

And NOW, do you see as well why we introduced the reading of our messages as a way to begin this critically important discussion? Just as your beliefs created your decisions about reading or not reading our messages, and how you chose to read them, and how much you allowed yourself to take in, so do you choose to receive the energies of NOW , and create what they will become.

Your power is boggling to the mind, is it not?
NEW is actually what you create with every inhalation of breath. With every exhalation it is gone, so that you can breathe ANEW. We are NOT speaking metaphorically now. It is far too much”quantum science” to go into at this point, but you are, quite literally, born again with every breath. It is only your entrained assumptions that make it appear otherwise.

To venture one step further, we will tell you that your very embodiment in 3rd dimensional reality pulses in much the same way as your breath, only much “faster,” as you would call it in your dimension of time/space. You are “not there” as much as you “are there.” It is only your decision to focus on “being there” that makes your physical presence seem constant. That is the nature of frequency, that’s all, and it is quite apparent. Your scientists have simply been locked into third dimensional obedience, and so have not seen it.

Your focus is ALL. Your focus is like a laser beam for your frequency. Focus it in the NEW. Enjoy discovery, and let no NEW NOW be burglarized by any past assumptions. This is NOT the time to fall into old patterns! This is the time to be conscious. The NEW of your dreams is at your feet. Stay in the now, then, every new breath of it, and create rather than repeat!

We love you unconditionally, whatever you choose to create.
Always and in All Ways   –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

10.12.11 Integrity and Integration: The Mentors and Teachers Speak

10/12/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team
Integrity and Integration:The Mentors and Teachers Speak

We greet you with frequencies of clarity and guidance in this moment of your NOW,

We see very clearly that you have, all together, entered a new and expanded phase of your collective vibrational shift! We celebrate this! We see as well that you are SO newly entered into an energetic process, and one SO new to you, that it is quite far beyond your prior third dimensional categories of conceptualizing. Yet, because such “leaps” have an exponential effect, they can lead to others very quickly! (We wish you to note the quotation marks we requested around your word “leap,” please. The word is not an accurate one for your current process, for it is based on a linear way of movement “forward”–and that is another linear word!)

You see, as you move out of the illusion that time occurs in a line, your language itself becomes obsolete, for it was developed from within that very illusion. From our perspective, you are not leaping, you are extending; not moving forward, but expanding. As you practice reading frequencies through your heart center, you will begin to see this clearly for yourself. Remember, your heart’s intelligence is multi-dimensional, and so knows exactly what you are becoming, and how and why as well!

However, until you have fully made your adjustment to multi-dimensional perception, it is time for the mentors and teachers among us to step forward. They are already familiar to you, and they always braid with the frequencies of our transmissions. Now, they will step forward as “the main thread,” for now is when you need them to do so–and they have been waiting for just that! We appreciate and honor their dedication to serving you as beacons of illumination, rudders to steer by, and compasses to rely on so you never need feel lost. They will begin with a few important awarenesses for you to integrate, and then return shortly to expand on them.

We Are the Mentors Who Guide and Teach.
We do not give ourselves a “name,” because they are many. In our realms, we do not need names, for we know one another at once through our frequencies. Some part of our grouping has been with each of you who reads now, either by various names according to your own frequencies, or simply as what you might call insight or intuition. If you “tune into us,” you will recognize us as intimate friends, unseen, perhaps even unknown, but as an energy that has always been with you, nonetheless.

What we wish to introduce into your expanded awareness now is the decidedly non-third dimensional process that you have entered. You have been through many expansions on your own as an individual, it is true. What is recently new is that you are now doing so as an aspect of a collective. A workable analogy might be this:

While before you were able (or limited) to experiencing yourself as an individual cell surrounded by billions of other cells, you now will experience yourself as a cell that, while still individual and necessarily so , is also part of a body. NOW, you expand into knowing that you and all the other cells also hold ONE identity TOGETHER– and so, one common purpose. Therefore, you share the energy of the body you are in as one, while the body also requires the unique integrity of your singular being in order to be whole.

Perhaps you can begin to see from that analogy just how insufficient the word “leap” has become. Perhaps you see that you are certainly not leaping out of anything and into something else! Rather, you are expanding your awareness of the magnificent vastness you ALREADY are within you. Take that dazzling awareness into your heart, for it will serve you well now.
We will leave you with a few more words to set your inner compasses by, and then soon return again with more, and with more “rudders” and “beacons of guiding light” as well!

* Your integrity as a “cell,” or an aspect within the human collective, is critical to your current, unprecedented, ascension process. That is why the entire celestial team has been encouraging you to be whole WITHIN you since our very first written transmission together!
* Integrity is nothing more than knowing and accepting all that is within you. It is claiming the all of yourself as your own. In short, it is internal integration.
* The expanded result of a commitment to doing so is self-love.

* One can only participate in a collective ascension to the degree that one has committed to this internal integration into integrity within.
* This is not a rule to be obeyed, or a grading system set up by external authorities. Nor has it anything to do with your value or self-worth. This is simply the way energetic alchemy works.

And so, we lovingly beseech you to take back any and all remaining fragments of your projections, embrace them as your own, and integrate them within you! We do this beseeching only because we love you far more than you yet know. We also well know the power of your capacity to do so. You are masters of alchemy. You are also masters of Love. Trust our knowing, then– integrate, and you will soon discover and remember for yourSelf!

We end now, braided together again with all of your celestial team. We are united in our devotion to serve you. Indeed, it is an honor and a joy for us to do so. And above all else–oh, how we love you!

Love Always and in All Ways—the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved www.thecelestialteam.com

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