Entering MAY, 2016– Five Planets Stop To Ask, “Are You SURE?”

Hear hear, Beloved!
We love You. Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


Segment 2.
It really is dramatic, the way five planets are literally stoppng in their tracks, the last of which is Mercury who is stationing as I write. This does not happen very often! Not since a decade ago have we experienced such a collaborative phenomenon, and that was also by design. If you remember your state-of-being ten years ago, you may know why they did. 

FEEL why,  I should say,  just to be clear. FEELING what you are experiencing will give you a lot more information than “thinking about” what you are experiencing ever will. That has always been true. NOW, however, it has become exponentially true. Fortunately, if  there ever was a “time” when the resistance that some still have to FEELING their own experience will finally be recognized as a useless and exhausting endeavor, it is NOW.

The synchronistic sequencing of our five planetary allies as they pause…

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THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING Recording– Alive, Available, and A Lot To Be Excited About!

Hello, Beloved! We want You to HAVE this post from our Judith; we want You to feel her HUMAN frequencies of excitement; we find them deliciously catching, and even fizzier than our own! And WHAT she is fizzing over is indeed, a most powerful “game-changer.” We encourage you to tap into the LIVE recording she speaks of and USE it! Only through experience can You know why, or can You even know at all, and oh, there is SO much to know that You can do! We can hardly wait to WATCH You, Beloved!
How excited we are for You, how we love You, Always and in All ways– the celestial team!

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


Segment 1.
disco-dance-10034668I AM VERY EXCITED. I have been for days, and so many synchronicities keep happening that amplify my excitement that it just keeps gathering momentum… which is why I haven’t shared why I’m so excited with you until NOW. “WHY” keeps growing faster than I can write! But I can’t wait any longer to tell you what sparked all this excitement, because it is meant to be shared and spread… like  WILDFIRE. So I will, right NOW, and save all the rest for later… which is why I’m calling this post “Segment 1,” btw. Maybe I should actually call it “The Beginning”… but that’s for you to decide for yourSelf.

The spark of this excitement ignited the minute I pressed the record button at the beginning of THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING (last Sunday, 4.17). In a Energy, particle connectionnanosecond, it spread through the entire multidimensional energy circuit of the tele-gathering… an…

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Questions, Questions… the Answers Are In Another Paradigm, However

Hello Beloved,
One cannot see NEW through old eyes. Nor can NEW be described in old words. One has to WANT to experience NEW before one CAN experience NEW. Form FOLLOWS frequency, remember? We remind You.
We Love You. Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


“I’ve been following your websites and using everything you say about working with energy and IT’S WORKING!! My boyfriend sees it too, but he says I have nothing to do with it. He says things just happen. I love him, but this is starting to bother me a LOT. Should I dump him?”

What I think (and said) is that you should get yourself to THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING on Sunday!  For lots of reasons. I don’t see a reason to “dump” a loved one in any of them. I don’t see how that would solve anything at all, unless what the loved one “thinks” bothers you so much that you realize you really DON’T love him/her. Or you may have simply outgrown one another, but if that were true, there would be no reason to use anything to “fight against” to  drift apart.

It most certainly IS possible to love…

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Greetings. We are The Frequency Technicians of Sirius transmitting from within the grand orchestra of the celestial team. It is we who called for THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING. It is also we who called for this announcement to be shared with you. THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING is “our gig” as Judith puts it. We like the sound of that. It is “our gig” on YOUR behalf, however. There are particular energy laws at play in this month of your April that, when converging as powerfully as they are, can work FOR you very potently IF you use them. If you do not…. well. we will say it will be far better to USE them than to be victimized by your own power as you used to be when you did not use your own internal technology with CONSCIOUS INTENION. That was because you did not know how, of course, or did not KNOW you knew, more accurately. We offer THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING to give you the opportunity to KNOW HOW NOW. We will tell you honestly that whether you choose to know or do NOT choose to know will be a life-altering choice. Sovereignty is YOURS. You are so Sovereign you can even choose powerlessness. ALWAYS, however, the choice is YOURS alone. We hope we are clear. We look forward to engaging with you in THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING. We are the Frequency Technicians of Sirius.

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft



When: Sunday, April 17th from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm PSTD.
For: Those who are choosing Sovereignty rather than enslavement.
Purpose: To present the most critically important laws of energy NOW and how to USE them as a Sovereign Reality-Creator.
Where: Wherever in the world you are, the tele-gathering can be joined through an international toll-free number by phone or Skype.
Reason: It is IMPORTANT NOW.

To Register: Offer your reciprocal energy exchange of $17.00 via Paypal to thecelestialteam@gmail.com.
The toll-free number and access code to enter the tele-gathering will then be sent to you by email.



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All Power is In the NOW, YOU Have the Power, Let’s Make Sure You Know How to USE it!


This is Judith (sorta… you know what I mean). For the last three days, I’ve been attempting to post as much information as I can about the energy laws that are at play NOW. Why? Because as Sovereign Reality -Creators, ir would be a REALLY GOOD IDEA to know what we are doing NOW!

And why is that? To review– many timelines converged in the unprecedented fulcrum of opportunity that we entered in March. The month was also a turning point into a New Paradigm of Sovereignty, and so our internal technology as reality-creators “upgraded” in alignment with our NEW energetic milieu. As you know, it was for both of these reasons that The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into SOVEREIGNTY manifested in March.

As we entered April, the point of convergence became less distinct. Only through experience have I discovered what that means for us, personally. The energy is still intense, but also somewhat convoluted (okay, intensely  convoluted). For those who are Energy Sensitive, the automatic (entrained) reaction would be to contract against the chaotic experience of being exposed to so many overlapping timelines. For those who have never been Energy Sensitive, well they are NOW, so they’re contracting against feeling these energies big-time.

If you know anything about physics, you know that contraction = resistance = amplifying whatever one is contracting against. NOT helpful at all, in other words. If you know anything about music, you also know that higher frequencies vibrate faster than lower ones. Depending on the focus of our own frequencies, we create an infinite number of variations of every one of them in every moment. Of course, that has always been true. We just didn’t know it because we didn’t change our focus very often (the Law of Entrainment) at least not intentionally (the Law of Inertia) and not for long enough to notice (the Law of Momentum). But NOW, as Sovereign Reality Creators, “the wind is at our back,” metaphorically speaking. Whatever we focus on, we manifest with more intensity, and faster than ever before.

 The reason I  haven’t been able to get this post written until NOW is for all of the above reasons, btw. The moment I begin, I’m flooded with too much information!  Too much to express through the written word, anyway. To try would take at least 48 hours straight, this post would be at least 48 pages long, and by the time I got it posted, it would be obsolete. That is how fast, we and our “realities” are changing! Besides, reading is conceptual, this energy and my own excitement about it and in it is very much alive, and only through sharing experience vibrationally and then applying it does one come to know it.

That is also why it is me fumbling my way through writing this post rather than The Frequency Technicians zapping it into the page wiith their laser focus. Apparently, my human attempts to articulate the complexity of the energies we are navigating through this month carries encoded human information that resonates more validly to a human reader than anything the Frequency Technicians would transmit far more succinctly. 

I sure hope I have given you a feel for how important it is for us to know what we are doing NOW! The best way to share all the reasons with you is through my own human frequencies. And so, here are two announcements that will create experiences to do just that–

THE MAGIC SLIDING SCALE BRIDGE INTO SOVEREIGNTY has been extended through the month of April for private sessions.
There are just too many energy laws at play to dissemble The Magic Bridge yet..Anyone one who wants a private session can have all the assistance they need at setting and maintaining  their NEW template of Sovereignty. In case you didn’t know, there is no “fee.” Instead, you invest in yourself through a reciprocal energy exchange, and you determine what that is in yourself, not me. For more information about that, click this magic word.
To schedule your private session, email thecelestialteam@gmail.com

THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING, Sunday April 17th, 2:00- 3:30 pm pstd. 
That just manifested three days ago. The most basic, important, energy laws that we all need to use right NOW will be explained in this tele-gathering, and with laser focus, I am quite sure (this is The Frequency Technicians gig!). Please do join us, and bring your questions!

offer your reciprocal energy exchange  of $17.00 via Paypal to
The toll-free number and access code for wherever in the world you are will then be sent  to you.

* Just as a heads up, I’ll soon be announcing a monthly group for Energy Sensitives. To make sure you get that (and everything else that will be coming up soon, I’m sure) press the “follow” button in the right side bar.

There will be more transmissions to come about all of what is going ON in every moment NOW and from NOW ON. My mind keeps being blown by how radical this paradigm shift is, and I’m sure I didn’t do the best, job of  articulating it all here…. however, that might have taken me till next June, lol. I just wanted to finally get the announcements about The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty and THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING to you!

You are SO NOT ALONE ❤

White Heart in pink sky

❤ ❤ ❤

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BIG “Hit of the day”- Watch out for ENTRAINMENT!

The information that is shared in this human transmission may seem rudimentary to you who have been aware of the basic laws of energy for quite awhile. If si, we ask you to reconsider what AWARE means to you. Awareness is not conceptual. Awareness is experiential. For that reason, we will tell you that nothing you hear from us is worth anything unless you apply it to your own experience. That is especially true NOW. We have never experienced what you are experiencing in this transitional period of your humanly embodied “time.” We have never been in the paradigm of human enslavement that you are transitioning out of. That is why WE are learning from YOU. What you will read here illuminates what was overlooked throughout your human, as well as your cosmic, “history,” through the construct of “linear time.” We speak of Atlantis, of the Orion Wars, for example. The Law of Entrainment is powerful. You can use it at your service, or you can be… used. Pay attention. All of your power is in the moment. ALL is in the moment.
We are The Frequency Technicians of Sirius transmitting from the grand orchestra of the celestial team, at your service.

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


It is a HUGE deal to step out of enslavement and into Sovereignty!
The first big challenge is to understand that it cannot be done from a mindset of enslavement. If that sounds paradoxical, it IS. That’s a good thing, btw,  and it will help a LOT to understand WHY–
1). We are vibrational beings, and
2) form FOLLOWS frequency.

In fact, I’d say it’s essential. So if you’re already used to experiencing yourself vibrationally, hurray for you!–  because right NOW,  the Law of Entrainment is about to show you why it’s essential. You’ll also see why you’re going to need to use your internal technology very intentionally in order to stay in your NEW frequencies of Sovereignty.

Then, get ready to have your  mind-blown by how deeply, subtly, complexly embedded our cultural entrainment to enslavement has been. And since we cannot get OUT of it while we’re…

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April– Good News From the Frequency Technicians!


Greetings. We are the Frequency Technicians of Sirius transmitting from within the grand orchestra of the celestial team.

As per your request, we are responding to your transmissions as you emerge from your transitional month of March, 2016. Please make sure you “heard” that, and please take it personally. It is YOU we are “talking” to.

If you are reading this, it is because you asked us to pay close attention to your frequencies as you emerge from the portal of March, 2016.

Understand what that means. We do not reside on your planet. We live in another dimension entirely. Yet YOU communicate with us. Obviously, you have very powerful internal technology, and you know how to use it very, very well.  And that is not all to understand. We not only respond, but we do so at YOUR SERVICE. Obviously, you are Sovereign.

And so it is, so it has always been, and we assure you that residing in the density of the 3rd dimension did not make it otherwise! YOU create physicality; YOU translate frequencies through  your self-created physical senses into what you call “sight, smell, sound,” etc.; YOU manifest every experience of your “reality.” The paradox is that your mastery of frequency technology is so effortless that you have forgotten that YOU are the creator of your own manifestations!  

Thus began your adventure of experiencing the illusion of powerless in a paradigm of enslavement. This was not an easy feat, by any means, either. The ability to “forget” has required incredible mastery of focus in order to maintain such an illusion, as the evidence that you are NOT powerless was also all around you. Again, we point out the paradox, for within it lies “the truth that will set you free,” to quote one of your own master cohorts. 

Should you have any residual inclination to continue to feel enslaved (and you do), the belief that you create reality unconsciously (and so beyond your own awareness) may come to mind. If so, you are quite right. However, you are not unaware because you are unconscious. You are unconscious because you are NOT AWARE.

It is “time” to become AWARE. It is “time” to become CONSCIOUS. Your frequencies as a reality creator are even more powerful NOW that you have crossed the bridge of March 2016 into your NEW Paradigm of Sovereignty. There are many reasons for this. You are in higher (as you say), more finely attuned frequencies, for one thing. To read more about the confluence of energetic factors involved, we direct you here. All of that is physics, however, as the cosmos aligns with your OWN grand design in your year of 2016– the old paradigm of enslavement is over. Your “timing” is cutting edge, as usual, for to remain in it any longer would be… TOO long. We will leave it at that for NOW. 

Therefore, our culminating decision, after coalescing the frequencies of all who have asked for our attentiveness during this very critical “time” of integration, acclimation, NEW template amplification, etc., has been what you would call a “no-brainer.” Because the law of entrainment is proving to be quite challenging to reverse after focusing yourself so well into a paradigm of enslavement for as long as you already have (please note the paradox), we have decided–

The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty will be extended through the month of April. 

Your own guides and the celestial team are in unanimous agreement, including your earth member Judith… she loves you, you know. As do we all. 

We are the Frequency Technicians of Sirius transmitting from within the grand orchestra of the celestial team.

This is Judith. Yowza… do we ever have support right NOW! And rightly so. That is becoming more and more apparent to me as I go through this transformation right along with you. The law of entrainment is not something to take lightly, particularly in our case at the moment, but that only became obvious once we GOT to this moment. Remember, what we are doing right NOW has never been done before! That’s why we asked the Frequency Technicians to keep a close eye on us, and why it is only NOW that it became obvious that The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty needs to be extended.

And of course I am delighted to extend The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty through the month of April! I have LOVED every private session, it would be impossible not to love each one of you that I commune with under such special circumstances. Regardless of how you “think” you are, when that Light of yours begins to shine out of you… when I see you begin to sit erect and present and Sovereign… when I FEEL you begin to remember and FEEL the truth of that … I am moved to tears all over again just writing about it.

So by all means, YES! There isn’t any reason not to receive your own private session. There is no “fee.” Not that there ever is one for a private session with me, lol…. there is a reciprocal energy exchange, which is an investment in yourself. But by using The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty, you choose your OWN reciprocal energy exchange…  and that is something even NEWER.

Neither the concept nor the process even existed a few weeks ago, and it only exists here, with the celestial team and me… so far anyway. The template is out there in vibrational form NOW, though, available to anyone who can perceive it. Because it is a NEW Paradigm concept, however, it isn’t in the perceptual range of anyone who still experiences “reality” through the old paradigm of enslavement. Even if they hear or read about it, it would make no sense, whatsoever. Check that out for yourself if you want to, because it’ll give you a great experiential example of this temporary convergence of two radically different paradigms– just tell someone who’s still enslaved by “lack” (which means most of corporate America) about The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty, and listen to them call me crazy, lol!

Bridge into beyond

If you are NEW to our website, welcome! If what you’re reading does resonate, you can read even more about it here. Either way, trust your own resonance, by all means, and if you do wish to schedule a private session, email thecelestialteam@gmail.com. I look forward to seeing your Light!

Namaste for NOW. ❤


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