BIG “Hit of the day”- Watch out for ENTRAINMENT!

The information that is shared in this human transmission may seem rudimentary to you who have been aware of the basic laws of energy for quite awhile. If si, we ask you to reconsider what AWARE means to you. Awareness is not conceptual. Awareness is experiential. For that reason, we will tell you that nothing you hear from us is worth anything unless you apply it to your own experience. That is especially true NOW. We have never experienced what you are experiencing in this transitional period of your humanly embodied “time.” We have never been in the paradigm of human enslavement that you are transitioning out of. That is why WE are learning from YOU. What you will read here illuminates what was overlooked throughout your human, as well as your cosmic, “history,” through the construct of “linear time.” We speak of Atlantis, of the Orion Wars, for example. The Law of Entrainment is powerful. You can use it at your service, or you can be… used. Pay attention. All of your power is in the moment. ALL is in the moment.
We are The Frequency Technicians of Sirius transmitting from the grand orchestra of the celestial team, at your service.

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


It is a HUGE deal to step out of enslavement and into Sovereignty!
The first big challenge is to understand that it cannot be done from a mindset of enslavement. If that sounds paradoxical, it IS. That’s a good thing, btw,  and it will help a LOT to understand WHY–
1). We are vibrational beings, and
2) form FOLLOWS frequency.

In fact, I’d say it’s essential. So if you’re already used to experiencing yourself vibrationally, hurray for you!–  because right NOW,  the Law of Entrainment is about to show you why it’s essential. You’ll also see why you’re going to need to use your internal technology very intentionally in order to stay in your NEW frequencies of Sovereignty.

Then, get ready to have your  mind-blown by how deeply, subtly, complexly embedded our cultural entrainment to enslavement has been. And since we cannot get OUT of it while we’re…

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