Reading the Frequencies

Read the celestial team’s Messages Through Their Frequencies…

…And Get it ALL! 

The celestial teams’s written messages are a powerful and innovative method of their own design, created specifically to assist readers with attuning to frequencies, which is the 5th dimensional mode of perception. The words are therefore chosen and arranged to be carriers of frequency above all else. What this means is that if a message is hurriedly skimmed for relevant content in order to get on with the busy-ness of the day, and/or read solely through the linear processes of the brain, about 80-95% of a message will be missed. This is because the brain is a 3rd dimensional technology that throws out all higher frequencies as irrelevant!

If you place your attention in your heart center with the intention of reading from there, however, you will allow your heart’s multi-dimensional intelligence to perceive the frequencies that are carried by the word patterns. You will then take in much, much, more, both consciously and on an energetric level. What you take in consciously will mushroom into isights on a very personal level. What you take in energetically will both re-align your own energies, and sprout into awarenesses and inspirational ideas over the next few days.

I cannot begin to express what powerful agents of expansion and support the messages can be when fully used as intended! I only ask that you try using them to flex your powerful multi-dimensional muscles, allow your heart’s eager desire to discern their frequencies, and then see for yourselves.

I also suggest that you drink a lot of water and honor your body’s promptings for rest, stretching, and/or easy movement in the 48 hours or so after taking a message in. You will be processing and shifting energy within all aspects of yourself, and so the movement will help break down old, limiting, energy patterns that no longer serve you, and the water will flush them out along with other toxic debris. If you feel tired,  your body is probably asking for a little break in order to “catch up” by aligning and rebalancing in your new, expanded energies. If you honor your body’s request by lying down for even a ten minute rest or cat nap,, you will be surprised at how refreshed and energized you’ll feel afterward!


Learning to read frequencies is like learning to ride a bike. Someone can tell you how to do it, but you have to feel your way through on the bike itself in order to learn how you ride it. Same with frequencies. A few tips can be helpful, though, so here are some to get you started:

Relax. Take deep breaths. Begin to breath into your heart.

Feel your attention drop into your heart with each inhalation.

With your imagination, allow an image that makes you feel peaceful, content, and just plain happy come to your awareness. It can be anything at all, as long as it doesn’t have “strings attached,” like need, sadness, or associations with people you have complicated feelings about. Feel the image as if you were right inside it.

Then inhale and feel, or imagine, your heart opening like a flower.

When you feel heart-centered, open, and ready, begin to read the words right through your heart. Let them in through the eyes, pass briefly through the brain as it rapidly decodes the written language, and then smoothly, withour stopping in the brain, take them right down into your heart.

Above all, take your time and let yourself play with the process! Learn to feel your way lightly rather than “working at it.” If it feels like work, you can be sure that your ego/brain has taken over, and you won’t get anywhere but into frustration. Instead, enjoy the process as if you were a child with a new and fascinating toy.  Let yourself playfully explore new ways of engaging with your new “toy,” too. For example, you can read each paragraph twice, once to yourself and once aloud. See how that feels. Then, you can read the entire message straight through in both those ways.. Feel how different the experiences are. Feel what happens inside YOU each time.   Eureka! Your learning to feel frequencies!

If you feel so inclined, you can even start a journal of what inspires you most in each message. Or paint it. Or sing it. Or read it to a friend! Dance it, write a poem about it, whatever will bring it alive and and ground it in your energy field!

ENJOY the messages. They are alive, and they are for YOU. So enjoy and savor the bounty!

Feel the Love/Light that is there just for YOU,

Always and in All Ways.

copyright(c)Judith Dagley 2011

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  1. gemmajean2013

     /  January 2, 2014

    Hi Judith! Thank you so much for your beautiful channelled messages. It is fascinating that we can receive frequencies through the written/spoken word and this has helped me to be more consciously aware of how I’m feeling when I read something. What I would like to know is, does every written text have frequencies or is it just channelled messages? So for example, when we read a novel, are we receiving energy then? I would have thought we would as I imagine an author is in a creative space and therefore connected to divine inspiration but I suppose there are different levels of frequencies we receive, so some will be of a higher vibration. I’m always fascinated as why very young toddlers/children who have not yet learn to read, love books, yes they no doubt they love the pictures, but they love to hear a parent read to them, are the children then receiving frequencies? And they are aware of this? I suppose that in a way that’s how a language is learnt in that we feel the frequency first and then we link that to the meaning of the word. In which case, if I want to learn more foreign languages, perhaps I just need to tune into the frequencies of the word, and then I can learn much more quickly?!
    Would love to hear your thoughts/the celestial team’s thoughts on this. Much love, Gemma


    • Thank you for your question, Gemma! In my experience, the frequencies of fascinated curiosity open doors of revelation. To answer your questions as briefly (and so succintly!) as possible–
      Since everything is made of energy, everything emits frequencies, of course– which means that we all are emitting and receiving them (channeling), all the “time!” And, yes, they are carried through the written word. It is up to us to use our tool of discernment to “read” the frequencies, however.
      To specifically address my transmissions of the celestial team, their frequencies are also encoded with information that cannot be expressed through human language. In that case, it is up to each reader to use the operating system of the multi-dimensional heart center to decode them.
      I hope those answers helped to “shed some light”– on quite a few things, actually!
      Much Love/Light to you, Gemma. You are a “gem,” indeed. — Judith


  2. Many thanks for your answer, Judith, that has helped shed some light on my curiosity!! Many blessings and much love and light, Gemma 🙂


  3. Hurrah, that’s what I was searching for, what a data!

    existing here at this web site, thanks admin of this web



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