View From the Bridge… Walking Between Worlds

Beloved, magic is YOURS. Your magic key is Sovereignty.
We love You! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


March, 2016… what a bridge! What a paradigm shift! Walking between worlds… what an experience!
“Experientially” is exactly how the view unfolds, too. A whole NEW way of “seeing”… of perceiving, actually, and by our next equinox, the way we perceived “seeing” only weeks ago will seem like very dim vision, indeed. No wonder we kept bumping into the same things over and over! No wonder we coudn’t see what we were doing as we created our very own “realities”… we couldn’t even see our own reflections in them!

Experiencing what we see as we create it… what an EXPERIENCE! Lol, sorry, that’s the best I can do as far as words are concerned. There are no words for it, and at least I’m smart enough (or not arrogant enough) to try to use them, anyway. If I did, I would turn it into something else entirely… something old…

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A short encoded exchange between the projection of embodied Judith and The Frequency Technicians of Sirius within the grand orchestra of the celestial team.

Judith- Whoa, I didn’t mean to call this post “DISCLOSURE!” I just wanted to disclose my HUMAN self… how grateful I am for everyone who’s using The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty, and how awed I am by these magical private sessions!

TFT- And WHY is “human” Judith so grateful and awed? 

Judith- Because seeing each and every one I connect with in a session has been so  amazing! Because they found me… they heard me… my frequencies, I mean… and they came, and they are still are coming…  and they let me SEE them!

TFT- And WHAT exactly do you see?

Judith- THEM! I see all of their multidimensional Selves. ALL of THEM!

TFT- And is it NEW, seeing  “humans” in private sessions with ALL of their mutidimensional Selves exposed– not only to YOU, we know you always see them– but exposed to their “human selves,” as well?

Judith- YES, that’s NEW! It’s what I always longed for, too.. to be openly together, ALL of US, all I AM with ALL they ARE. And that is finally, really, truly, HAPPENING in these private sessions!

TFT- And you didn’t mean to call this post “DISCLOSURE!”… why NOT, exactly?

Judith- (pause, eyes wide) Whoa. Got it. (eyes fill with tears) All that is “out there” is within us. (tears flow) We are SOVEREIGN… WE are the ones who decide when to disclose our Selves. (crying outright) The Hopi Prophesy! (crying out loud) WE ARE THE ONES WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!!!!

TFT- Exactly.

Cosmic consciousness

I love you all so much! ALL of your multidimensional aspects, your selves in alternate lives, other star systems, your “shadow selves” as well as your personas… the parts of you that have been hidden away aren’t dark, they were just IN the dark, and they are so beautiful out in the Light! Thank you from my heart for showing up, all of YOU… oh, yes indeed, this post IS about “Disclosure!

The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty is activated through March 31st.
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To schedule a private session using The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty, email
Namaste for NOW!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty EXPLAINED!

Greertings. We are The Frequency Technicians of Sirius transmitting to you from within the grand orchestra of the celestial team. “Grand” is an understatement to the extreme, by the way… as is Frequency “Technicians!” Unless you are one of few who bravely jumped out into the “wild.wild west” of this entangled web you call cyberspace because you felt and followed OUR frequencies here, we would like to present a question that we strongly suggest you ask yourSELF– “What am I DOING here?” We then strongly suggest that you LISTEN to the answer from within your SELF! You are a Sovereign Creator Being. YOU create worlds.YOU know what “magic” is, YOU know it is your own inner technology! It only seems like “magic” to those who FEAR your majesty, and so enslave you by zapping YOU with their own fear… the cowboys of the wild wild west, zapping REAL power with mere cattle prods! We suggest that you begin to feel the truth of that, and how RIDICULOUS it is becoming. We suggest that you go into this VOID that has been presented to you by a universe
that adores you… empty of everything, full of potential…
and all of it yours. YOU ARE SOVEREIGN! You have the laser technology that creates WORLDS! And so you ARE.. Right NOW.
We are The Frequency Technicians.
— through celestial team earth member Judith

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


Wow. Wow wow WOW. This is IT, all right. The Turning Point of March 2016, the Void, the Alchemical Vessel of Transmutation, the Coccoon of Transformation… ALL of that. Ever since I offered The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty, I have been innundated with requests via email for private sessions. I respond personally to each and every one, so if you are one who sent your email within the last 24 hours and has not yet received my response, know that you WILL, and very soon.

In the meantime, I have recognized a need to further clarify The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty… what it IS, and how to USE  it… for those of you who may be wanting that clarification. As I am also writing this in the wee hours after responding to emails non-stop for much of what is already yesterday, I am…

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March 2016: Unprecedented Turning Point!

Beloved, there are many reasons why we chose to project the idea of The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty to our Judith in her embodied physical form. This period between your eclipses and your equinox is powerful beyond 3rd dimensional comprehension. Because it is powerful, You can work miracles. Because it is powerful, the energy is incredibly finely tuned at transmitting and transmuting frequencies. That is something to be aware of. The universe does not discriminate, remember! You are Sovereign Creator Beings of Frequency. The universe is at your command.
You are Love, and how we love You! — the celestial team through Judith

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


You may already be very aware that we are in the midst of THE turning point month of 2016, our Year of Transformation. I hope you are! This particular equinox, balanced between its potent collaborative eclipses, provides an energetic fulcrum powered by electromagnetic forces that are so great and so complexly engineered that they are beyond our current comprehension. Paradoxically, they create a kind of void… a coccoon of dissolution and transformation. Right NOW,  we have the capability to dissolve all ancient fears and false beliefs in guilt, shame, abandonment, betrayal, and unworthiness that led us into enslavement over “time,” for ALL “time,” past, present, and future!

That is such a BIG DEAL that I also know why I was inspired to offer The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge Into Sovereignty for private sessions on March 2nd (if you missed it, click the link in the right sidebar)– it can feel pretty scary in the void! Okay, terrifying… especially…

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The Magic Sliding Scale Bridge to Sovereignty!

Sometimes, Beloved, all You need is a bridge!
Always and in All Ways, we love You– the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


What an amazing week I’ve had! When I got the “hit” to offer my special sliding scale for private sessions one week ago, I knew it was numinous (beyond the ordinary) because I felt myself walking between worlds again. I also knew (don’t ask me how) that it was no accident that it came two weeks before our first new moon/solar eclipse in the month of our first equinox of 2016. Most of all, I was excited because it was a NEW PARADIGM offer!

What startled me was the sense that, even though I know we are all well into our NEW  PARADIGM, I did not know how many would “get it,” let alone even seen or hear it. After all, I was offering to slide into accepting whatever reciprocal energy exchange that whoever wants a session decides to offer for it, and that is radically counter to…

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