Good News From The Cutting Edge


Judith here, sharing good news from within what seems like the opposite to many of us celestial humans at the moment. This is certainly true from a global perspective. Don’t forget, what we see is also within us!

Which is exactly why the celestial team wants me (who’s in this with you) to share the good news–

We celestial humans projected onto planet earth are on the cutting edge of discovering that old paradigm perceptions of isolation and enslavement are illusionary and nothing more.

As in, the very concepts of isolation or enslavement are unfamiliar on the other side of this edge! Can you imagine? Have you already had a glimmer or two of what that is like?

“Surreal” may be a word that applies to experiencing a NEW “reality” emerging from within an old one. “Bleed-through” is another word for overlapping “realities.” Whatever you call it, get used to it, I say! And enjoy it.

And congratulate yourself. You’re outgrowing (growing OUT of) the confinement of third dimensional linear perception…”tunnel vision.” You’re emerging from the tunnel!

Some of you might feel a whole lot of RELIEF to hear that. Others, maybe even more than relief… maybe even the big AHA that will carry you right over the edge of isolation into Unity awareness. Who knows? Only you, of course. Our journeys are each so specialized! Or so we “think”…

No matter where you are in your journey, you are on your way into a perceptual paradigm shift right along with the rest of us. Maybe if I give an example of something the celestial team and I are currently doing to assist in bringing this perceptual shift into awareness, it will be useful–

We (me and the team) have begun to intentionally give “generic” titles to our web-in-ares. The definition of “generic” is “including or indicating an entire group.” In the old paradigm of isolation, you might therefore assume that a web-in-are with a “generic” title wouldn’t directly address your own particular unique and specific problems. Right? NO. NOT ANYMORE.

The opposite is true. I’m going to say this very concisely, frequency-wise, so please take it in (don’t skim over the next sentence, in other words)–

Each of us expresses one thing in a myriad of original ways, and ALL of our ways enrich it’s expression.

Get it? No matter how “different” your current need, heartbreak, and/or longing seems from another’s, it is NOT.

Does that mean you are not unique? NO. It does NOT. It means that you are. It means that you a unique expression of one whole, and therefore necessary to the whole… it means that at the core of you is a spark of the same Source that is the spark in all of us… it means that nobody can express our spark as YOU can.

Whether it be through a manifested circumstance, health issue, financial concern, or a relational dynamic (ALL of them are relational, actually), you illuminate a shared spark of longing, and your expression of it enriches and comforts the all of us. The gift of attending a “generically titled” web-in-are is that we get to find this out together.

Wherever you gather, with whomever you share your own heartbreaks, fears, and longings, I/we encourage you to find that out together, too, in the coming days. Because you CAN.

Because we are aspects of one another, and Source rejoices in our highly creative individual expressions of longing… the longing to feel whole together again.

So there’s the news. It’s big. GODSPEED.

*** ❤ ***

What’s NEW– The recording from April 8th’s COALESCENCE!
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While Flying Toward Lion’s Gate 888


This is Judith, and this will be brief. I am very busy BE-ing, and that will never mean “staying the same” to me again, not even from one moment to the next. What you are reading is akin to scribbled notes delivereed fast. As there is “no time” to proofread for typos let alone fuss over wording, I count on you to make all necessary corrections in alignment with your own resonance as you read.

The only reason I am pecking this out at all is because there will be no status quo in these next few days. By tomorrow, I may forget the impact of my current experience/awareness (there is not the slightest illusion that experience and awareness are “separate” at the moment), as it may have become another and then another fifty times by then.

We are rushing towards Lion’s Gate 888, propelled by the velocity of our own desire.
Triple 8… Power and Balance x 3, and exponentially so.
Three is the sacred geometry of Unity Consciousness encoded into numerical form.
One + 1 is more than the sum of its parts.

This transmission is also encoded, by the way.
Yes, even though it is coming from very human me, it is a transmssion– and that is all I know or need to know.
Lke a broadcast from a radio station, each one who reads it will receive it differently in accordance with their own frequency bandwidth.
Once again, we have the example of something that is more than the sum of its parts.

Which brings me to the 3rd example. When united, the frequencies of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine become far, far, more than the some of It’s parts. When they work as ONE, NEW LIFE is created!

When not working as ONE, the essence of the powers of creation within each and all of us are split. Neither is powerful, and so havoc is wreaked. ONE cannot be Sovereign when power is split into opposing forces, obviously. One will always feel powerless, and so align with one side or the other…. domination or enslavement.
We all know the truth of that, already.

So of course it is no accident that all contracts of enslavement were rendered null and void during our most recent solstice. It is no accident that all transmissions coming through me, from me, or in a collaboration of the 2 (which equals 3, please note!) have been about stepping into Sovereignty. And they will continue, have no doubt… but also have no doubt that you will perceive them differently on the other side of Lion’s Gate 888.
You may, for example, resonate with them as you never have before.
Or, they may suddenly sound like nonsense to you.

There are no half measures encoded into the sacred geometry of 8. It is a number made of 2 circles in perfect balance within itself. Whether aligned with personal limitation or spiritual freedom, so it will become more than the sum of its parts. Knowing that, it is good to re-member that 8 is also the symbol of infinity. And so it is. As above so below. As within so without.

If you know the celestial team, you have likely already communed with the Yeshuwah Collective within a transmission. You may have even communed with the Mary Collective, the Divine Feminine aspect of the frequencies of Yeshuwah. But before NOW, you have not heard from a “sub-collective within a collective” that is part of the celestial team.You are hearing from one NOW. She is leading us to Lion’s Gate 888, and her energy is all around you.

It is MAGDALEN. At last! I cannot tell you how much I love her… her courage, her purity of intent, her strong deep love of the Divine Masculine, her unshakable unwillingness to dishonor the power and the beauty of the reunion. I believe she will begin to speak directly through me soon (rather than only within me), in that dear unique voice I cherish that sounds like no one but MAGDALEN!

And oh, how the celestial team will part to make a path for her. Oh how they love her, too! MAGDALEN. A NEW ancient voice within us for all of us.
MAGDALEN, who has been waiting for US to expand into a frequency through which to hear her for over 2,000 years. Yeshwah has been waiting for that as well… and oh how I could sail off into rhapsodizing in the bliss of this for pages, feeling the truth of both of them and the ONE they are!

I will not, however. This transmission isn’t for my self-indulgence, after all. Besides, I indulge myself freely every single day, writing pages and pages of what has become an entire library of my hand-written journals!

No, this message is for YOU. For what YOU find in it… for what YOU make of it as we each fly as ONE towards Lion’s Gate 888. Bless your beautiful united heart of LOVE.

❤ ❤ ❤

THANK YOU to each one of you who feels prompted from within to offer a reciprocal energy exchange after receiving my own energy through these messages. Never think your offering is too small! Together, we truly are more than the some of our parts.
Namaste as we enter Lion’s Gate together… ONE in heart at last!


Copyright(c) 2015, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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New video: The Alchemy of SELF-CHERISHING


Hello Beloved!

This is the celestial team, whooshing in through our Judith to offer You OUR introduction to HER introduction to the video that is presented in this post. Please note that we do NOT mean that ours is “different”  from hers in the way that You used to understand “difference” as meaning “DIFFERING.” 

Please DO note that, Beloved. For to the degree that You perceive difference as meaning “separate from” rather than “another layer of,” so will You keep yourSelf locked in the illusion of separation and so dissension.

We point this out because You cannot change anything that You are not a part of. Change is an organic process, in other words. Alchemists must know know this, and You are a master alchemist… trust us on that one, as our Judith would say!

Your knowing may require that You simply BELIEVE that, at first, in order to allow the knowing to be remembered. We ask You to believe.

We will also tell You that the word “alchemy” will become more and more familiar to You in the coming weeks and months. It is your “key,” You might say, and we would agree… to transformation, to living your dreams… to the very reasons why You are on your planet at this “time” in human form.

Your alchemy is a HUMAN GIFT. It must be rediscovered by humans, shared through human connection, and USED by humans. Your universe, and all of us who are in it with You, can only support You… and yes, we can do so most powerfully, because we KNOW You! 

But we cannot do it FOR You. The alchemy you carry encoded in your being is YOURS, not ours. We have said enough for NOW. Here is our Judith–

Okay, this is Judith, and here we go! This video offers the first of the alchemical tools that were promised in the last video (posted on 10.3), “The Alchemy of Transformation: Cracking the Codes!”

I discovered the many-layered, encoded power of self-cherishing in the same way I uncover all of the alchemical tools I share with you– through my own human experience. I offer it to you so that you can activate the potent frequencies of self-cheishing in your own life… if you choose, of course.

The guidelines presented in the video are easy to follow. The most common pitfalls to watch out for are presented, as well (the ones we’ve all been using for aeons to keep us enslaved in powerlessness and scarcity!).

HOW this alchemy works is also shared, so that you can see the “big picture,” and the scope of its power. As with all alchemy, you’ll find that “what it does” is far more than “it seems to be doing.” At first, anyway.

Although the process is not “hard,”  the purpose is joyful and profound… to transform duality, through your own human experience, into a feast of diversity rather than a conflict of opposites. In essence, you’ll find a blueprint for the process of creation, itself. As YOU use it, you’ll energetically offer the codes as a NEW template to all of humanity.

USE the video then! Use it to transform your own life. Use it to create paradise for all. There is no difference between the two.


How we love You! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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NEW VIDEO– The Transformational Alchemy of Integration: Cracking the Codes!


Hi, this is Judith, bringing you a very important video! In June, 2014, the celestial team and I released “The Human Wound–The Truth That Will Set You Free,” in which we cracked the codes of separation (alchemically speaking). I understood there was a crucial second half to it that would be coming, but only after the required “period of digestion” needed in order to thoroughly take in the alchemy released through those codes.

Well, I/we are excited to say that NOW is the “time,” and so we bring you this NEW video, which cracks the codes of integration— or more accurately, RE-integration!

Through my spoken words combined with the celestial team’s frequencies, we share with you:
* the sequential stages of the tranformational alchemy involved;
* the energy alignments that will elevate your own frequency signature to the “3rd
power point;”
* a working game plan through which to USE this alchemy;
* the nurturing teacher of Unity Consciousness that you’ve been part of all along;
*** and a whole lot MORE!

That this information is priceless, I can personally attest to. Yet we offer it to you freely because YOU are priceless, and you DESERVE. So, use it thoroughly and well, freely and often, whenever you like. It can take you everywhere.
And PLEASE SHARE! Because every one of us is priceless. Every one of us DESERVES.
For your inclusion of the ALL, we thank you.

AND… to each of you who “donates” to support our continuing mission to serve you, the celestial team showers you with grateful Love/Light! Please understand that it is only because of your reciprocal energy exchange that we keep going, month to month. I, Judith, will add  that it definitely keeps me living in the NOW, trusting the reciprocal nature of giving/receiving as one gestalt! I’ll also admit that there have been months when I wondered how that was possibly going to hold true… but somehow, it always has. For that, I thank you from my heart. Without you, I could not continue to devote my life to being the “earth member,” bringing it all through–for YOU. And that is MY greatest joy.

Newcomers, we welcome you! Please join the energy circuit of reciprocity by pressing the “donate tab” in the right sidebar. From the fruits of your own generosity, so YOU shall reap. (I  can personally attest to that, too!

Much Love/Light to Each and ALL of You! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

 And FINALLY…  here’s the VIDEO!

The Transformational Alchemy of Integration: Cracking the Codes! 


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8.13.14 The LESSON In The Loss– Understanding Polarity

Beloved, we come because we know You are grieving NOW, and our Love/Light goes out to You. 

One of the brightest stars in your human galaxy has chosen to leave it temporarily, at least in physical form. We understand your grief. We also feel your shock, that such a Light of laughter could also be tormented by the darkness you call “depression.”  

We wish to  point out that he is showing you a great lesson about the dimension of polarity in which you reside.

In a construct of polarity, there will always be two opposing tendencies, each carrying the same force as the other. What this means is that those among you who are gifted with the ability to be conduits of the highest frequencies of joy will also have access to the lower ones in equal measure. Much like a pendulum swings between exact points on either side of its center, this is simply the physics of polarity. It cannot be otherwise. 

Never again doubt that those who shine the brightest do not also experience the opposite in equal measure. And… never doubt that those who live in darkness do not experience the longing to express their light. 

NONE of You are either “this” or “that!”
And so what is the lesson? COMPASSION, of course. 

And how does one implement this lesson? By honoring the dark in the light, and the light in the dark, and knowing that they are ONE.  

And how does one integrate these polarities? By allowing both to exist (which they do, whether You allow them or not)– and staying centered in your own FREQUENCY SIGNATURE.

We know that we (including our Judith) have shared much about the importance of knowing your FREQUENCY SIGNATURE over the past four of your years. NOW, however, illustrations of this importance will continue to manifest at a rapidly increasing rate. Thus, we wanted to point this lesson out NOW– as offered by one of your brightest Lights– that You may be spared the trauma that comes with not knowing HOW. 

Feel how we love You! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team 

From Judith– As per requests that I put reminders about the Monthly Energy Tele-Gatherings in  every post, the next one is on August 17th. As of NOW, we have room for three more participants!


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8.8.14 NEW Threshold! And They’ll Keep Coming.

Beloved, this is the celestial team.
Oh, we know You recognize us through our frequencies! We identify them only because You have experienced us thus far as separate from our earth member, Judith. NOW it is time, however shocking to your sensibilities it may seem, to reveal the truth. Our “earth member” is no more separate from us than we are from one another– or from You.

As You take that in, remember that we, the celestial team, is comprised of many collectives in many star systems, many of which are very “far apart” according to your illusion of distance. Some of us are closer, in your perception of “distance,” to our Judith than we are from the others. Take that in please.
There is NO distance.

So, any collective among us could bring the following message to You, or we could all harmonize to bring it through as ONE. However, we bring ourSelves through the Self among us that is the collective You call Judith in this message because “her” earthly experience is most resonant with your own. And that is exactly the resonance that is required NOW.

This is Judith.
Around the beginning of August, we moved into the “halfway point” between our last solstice and our upcoming equinox. That is when this whirl of energy I talked about in the July Energy Tele-Gathering shifted into its next phase. NOW, it is becoming obvious that “the whirl” was/is not only our own process of integration– but it is introducing us to “the way things are.”

Expansion– all movement, actually– does not occur in a linear fashion. From NOW on, we are released from that limiting illusion. Yep, like it or not, movement is constant. To try to restrain it into a “line” is not only a lot of work, but it also severely limits our ability to move. To try to get to an “end result” and then stop moving… well, just like death as we perceive it… it’ll never happen.

Energy moves in a circular fashion, continually creative, ever seeking congruence with the rising (freeing, in other words) spiral of expansion– which is not “beyond what is or who we are,” but IS what is and who we are. And, it is fueled by a continual reciprocal energy exchange. In other words, you, we, each of us, has to participate.

As the spiral whirls, the human state shifts into one of confusion. As all aspects of each of us whirls into our present NOW in order to be integrated, the 3rd dimensional brain program becomes overwhelmed, and feels like its/our very “reality” is being threatened. The human who does not understand the recipocal process through which all energy transcends itself– who is only “plugged into” that small 3D portion of themselves– then contracts into resistance. Thus, the beat of fear-based pain and struggle goes on, amplified with every whirling moment of NOW.

Until one FEELS it intensely enough to just “drop the ball of linear perception,” the pain of contraction and resistance will increase– until one DOES. That is the divine plan– because that is the “fail-safe” condition WE insisted on having in place for us– right NOW! And of course, it is NOT failing us.

We are in radical change. That is why I was so “strongly” inspired, shall we say, to begin the monthly Energy Tele-Gatherings in July. That is also why so many of you eagerly responded. The August Tele-Gathering will focus on this recprocal process of energy exchange that is the very process of expanding life, itself.

Believe me, I’m not trying to “sell you” on participating in it. Lol! It is by no means a “money-maker.” It is far other, far more than that. It is about generating reciprocity, our energetic gateway to freedom… through which the very term “abundance” will lose meaning as the frequency of “lack” wanes and disappears forevermore. At last.

So whatever you “do,” bless your hearts, and open WIDE!

How we love You! always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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7.23.14 “We Cannot Go Anywhere Unless we Bring ALL of OurSELF With Us.”- from July’s Energy Tele-Gathering, Recording Available NOW!

This is Judith (et all, of course).  And those words– “We cannot go anywhere unless we bring all of ourSELF with us” came out of my mouth in the July Energy Tele-Gathering with a resonance that rang through every cell of my human being. That is indeed the theme of 2014, our Year of Integration. Moreover, it is a process that is ever-increasing in intensity and so power, and will continue through the rest of the year at least. Already, it has become a veritable vortex,  spinning so fast that nothing is either “here or there, past or present.” All of everywhere is spinning into NOW.

Which is, of course, so that we can integrate ourselves whole and get on with it. Which, nonetheless, is also making our heads spin and knocking our human socks off (mine included, please note). So, it is no surprise that it quickly unfolded as the theme of our July Energy Tele-Gathering– the recording of which is NOW available!

And, it is unedited, as well! Meaning, none of the energies that came through in the tele-gathering were left out or adulterated in any way… say, to turn it into a more “attractive product. ” Ha, that sort of “marketing perspective” is one I have never been able to make sense of, anyway– either fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your current perspective. From my own, I’ll just say that I feel very fortunate to know the difference between giving/receiving and selling a product, and leave it at that. For NOW.

That said, I am happy to say that it turned out to be a very “attractive production” of confluence, guidance, and energetic support, all on its human/celestial co-created own! Since it is unedited, you will receive all 1 hour, 56 minutes and 21 seconds through the listening, very close to the extent of actually BEING there. You will even be there for the entering and joining of the participants, before I ever open my mouth– and so will enter and join along with them.

And that said, I’m happy to also say that the recording came through clear as a bell and energetically intact– and please also understand that what you will hear/receive will be energetically, personally, for you alone. I send every recording out individually, so that each is uniquely aligned with the energy patterns that are carried through the “energy exchange” of the receiver. Oh, sure, this takes quite a lot of personal dedication, energy, and “time” on my part… and through the old paradigm, survival-oriented lens would seem quite “impractical.”  But that is not my lens. I am thrilled as I send off each and every one of them.

NOW, onto the recording!

For those who were NOT present in the July Energy Tele-Gathering—
Offer your reciprocal energy exchange of $8.00 by pressing the “donate tab.”
Note it as July Recording.
It will be sent to you within 48 hours.

For those who DID participate in the July Energy Tele-Gathering–
Offer your reciprocal energy exchange of $3.00 by pressing the “donate tab.”
Note it as July Recording.
It will be sent to you within 48 hours.

And last but far from least– hats off to those of you who have already registered your energy into the August Energy Tele-Gathering on 8/17. . . way to GO!

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11.23.13 For Energy Sensitives–Upgrades, Tech Support, Empowerment, and YOWZA!

Hello, Beloved! We just want to briefly offer “our take” on this post, as You would say. To us it is a living, experiential, example of what it FEELS like to be a frontrunner on your planet in human form. We also know that it is a mere
taste of the challenge that the Energy Sensitives among You face in stepping forward with the truth of your experiences…
“without a net,” so to speak, in a world that still relies on one. We are awed by such courage. We speak in code with these words. There is much within them. But as an Energy Sensitive, we trust that You will find it ALL. Know how we honor you, and how we bow to your courage in bringing your alchemical mastery to your planet, and in USING it NOW. Those of You who have said YES to that are like sacred babes in the woods.
For those who “think” they are lost, YOU are there to show them, through the courage of Love, that they are NEVER lost–for all in the woods is ONE.
How we love and cherish You for that.
— the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

YOWZA is right. And whew. OK, first let me tell you the good news– A two-part, frequency-packed recording called “BEing an Energy Sensitive” is NOW available! It is alive with energy activations, technical support, and multidimensional information. More details, as well as how to receive it, are at the bottom of this post. The content in between is about how the recording came to be, and my own experience of making it. I’d say its well worth reading, but if you just want to cut to the chase and order the recording, you can do that, too– just scroll down, and there you have it.

To continue. I know you’re pretty used to my “multidimensional ways” by NOW, but this is something else, entirely… my “ways” just took a quantum leap, you might say. So, if you’re just visiting my site for the first time, please fasten your seatbelt, because what I’m about to share comes from three…

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9.19.13 Pisces Full Moon- A Gateway Within A GATEWAY

9.19.13 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We shower our Love/Light greetings to You through the gateway of your glorious Pisces full moon, Beloved!

Indeed, it is glorious, for it is a gateway within the larger Gateway that has already formed through recent planetary alignments. You might call it a special door, even a magical one, for all who choose to use it—or a “shortcut” through all of the pressure and confusion that such Gateways stir, and into the integrative energies of your Fall Equinox.
We suggest You also remember the more common term for your Pisces moon as it rises in full splendor at this stage of your yearly cycle, which is “harvest moon,” and know that this term has never applied more than it does NOW.
Then, stand in its light as it rises, large and orange, bathed in the light of your sun as it sets with finely orchestated precision at exactly the same “time.”
Feel the powerful energies of “beginning and ending” spinning together, and recognize that this spinning is precisely what powers and creates a vortex. Then celebrate your own remembered alchemical knowledge, feel the radiance of this vortex resonate within You–and use it!

Use it as a beacon– to feel all that resonates with Love/Light within You, and claim it as your own.
Use it to feel all that does not resonate with Love/Light within you, but instead, scrambles the coherence of your own Light with its dissonance– and let it all go.

Let go of “power struggles,” for they only hold you in the illusion that victimhood is possible.

Let go of blame, in other words..of who did what to you twenty years ago, or five minutes ago.

Let go of all beliefs born of the illusion that anyone ever does anything “to” You, for they will only keep You trapped in the old paradigm of separation.
As the energies of your larger Gateway have been demonstrating in the past months through external reflections, such beliefs only perpetuate the illusion of powerless…and so create power struggles…and so manifest in violence against one’s own Self.

Remember that what You see around You are only reflections of what You hold within You.
Use your vision NOW to release what no longer serves You, and so no longer serves your human collective!
Release all within You that impedes your own expansion into the Love/Light You truly are.
Release all of it gently and lovingly, into the light of your full Pisces moon.

Then CLAIM what remains–your NEWly freed and empowered Love/Light.
Set your intentions to LIVE them, breathe them, and take actions that are only of their resonance.

Understand that your full Pisces moon is a gateway because his/her energies can not only assist You in dissolving old patterns–
they can assist You in transmuting them, as well;
they will amplify, support, and assist You in assimilating  your intentions to LIVE, free of them at last.
In turn, You can then integrate that wondrous leap into the energies your Fall Equinox are already beginning to bring You, for that is the power of your equinox–to integrate all that You bring to it into your NEW way of being.

So You see, Beloved, all of these seemingly separate energies that have been/are/will continue to flow to You are not separate at all. They are “all of a piece,” as You say.
And the reason You have all of this energetic assistance NOW is because the very LARGE Gateway You are passing through in your year of 2013 is into claiming that Oneness-of-the-all. We say claiming, because Oneness already exists, of course.
It is up to You, however, to claim it within yourSelf in order to create the reflections around You that we call Unity Consciousness.

We invite You to remember NOW that as a sovereign energetic being, all of the conflict that is swirling around You is sourced within You. Indeed, it is only swirling so that You will recognize it as your own, and until You do, it can do nothing but increase its swirling.

We suggest that You use the powerful assistance of your Pisces full moon to explore and allow the diversity that exists within You, rather than projecting certain aspects outward and calling them “wrong” or “bad.”
Once You allow them to exist, and include them in your perception of all-that-is–THEN, You can begin to harmonize with them. THEN, You will truly make your leap into ALL-that-You-are! 
And once You experience, within your own being, that diversity need never result in conflict or struggle, You will recognize that diversity, itself, is the very medium of your expansion!

My goodness, Beloved, how could it be otherwise?
Expansion is inclusive. Separation is divisive.
Transmuting the dissonance that many different notes create when they simultaneously play “on their own”–into the glorious symphony they are when played in harmony together–why that IS expansion!  It is that simple–and, we will add, it is the most accurate definition, from our perspective, that we have ever seen transmitted into words.

And NOW, Beloved– even though we are aware that this message is not only long already, but “high frequency packed,” as our Judith says–
even though we are well aware that the many on your planet feel so uncentered and frantic within themselves that they refuse most adamantly (bless their hearts), to sit and receive any input that is not presented in “bullet-like” statements, akin to the “sound bites” that your media has entrained them to be programmed by–
we accept the truth of that for NOW, and most lovingly.

We understand that those who are still running the old 3rd dimensional treamills–the so-called “unawakened,” as well as the “light-workers” who make those labeling calls–are very busy in their process of learning that they go nowhere but round and round!
We also know that You who DO take in our messages will one day be their Wayshowers. And so it goes…

Therefore, we are not bothered that our message is “long,” nor do we hesitate to make it even “longer” by asking our Judith to say a few words about her experience of the vortex she is in along with You NOW, even as she is also part of us. We believe she will not say much after transmitting our message, however, for she found it to be very “long” her human Self, we are hearing! Still, she is willing to make a brief appearance, even if only through a few words, for she knows that doing so, along with her “humanly offered” suggestion or two, will help to ground our message into your own divinely human/celestial energy grid. And that IS what it is ALL about, is it not, Beloved?

This is Judith. And man, is the celestial team ever right. This is a long, high frequency transmission, and I am ready for some down time–just to integrate it fully myself, for one thing! But I will say that I really “got” their description of how a vortex is created, and it helped me to understand why this energy feels as “wired” as it does, and with no particular reason we can pinpoint as the cause.

For me, it DOES feel like everything that goes into experiencing both endings and beginnings are all swirling together. Loss, despair, excitement, anticipation, fatigue, high frequency energy, you name it. And hallelujah for the gateway of this Pisces full moon!  I could feel the vortex that it is as I was translating its frequencies into words, so I very strongly suggest that you use it exactly as the celestial team suggests.

And remember to do so in the NOW, heart-centered, grounded in your body on the earth, and plugged into Source, as well–and let the baggage go. Set your intentions in the resonance of your own sovereign Light, hold the frequencies in your OWN frequency signature, then ride the waves of EVERY NOW on/in/through them. And TRUST your own process–because that is the only surfboard you/we have right NOW.

I also have two things to suggest that WILL support you through this Gateway, both of which I’m offering only after learning how and why they are so supportive through my own experience.  One is to review the video the celestial team and I made in mid-July. It was a powerful pre-curser to what we are going through NOW. Here’s the link:

Alchemy, The Law of Creation, Integrating Male/Female Energy, and MORE!

The other is to listen to the recording of segment #3 of the POWER TOOLKIT for Energy Alchemists–over and over. This was a live, 95 minute, voice-to-voice presentation, and the participants and I created an “energetic feedback loop of coherence” at the beginning that amplified the entire experience, and which will also be LIVE for anyone who participates in creating it while listening to the recording. Here’s the info on how to receive it:

Reciprocal energy exchange– $7.00
To activate, press the “donate” tab in the right sidebar. Paypal will do the rest.
You’ll receive your recording within 48 hours.

OK, gotta go! Gotta get out in the moonlight. I hope there aren’t too many typos left uncorrected as a result, but if there are, please be understanding. I’m “only human,” after all….♥

Copyright(c) 2013, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:


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