Guidance Through The Storm; #23 ~ ~ ~ Swirling The Energies! Part Three ~ Accessing Your POWER

Hello Beloved, here we are again!

Well! An entire one of your weeks has already passed since we promised to bring You the third and final transmission of our perspective on understanding and using these swirling energies that You are in the midst of. “‘Time’ flies,” as You say!

Indeed it does, Beloved. Present is past before You can blink an eye. Blink again, and it is the future.

But to the point at hand… have You been practicing releasing judgment and regaining your balance in your past week?

Ah YES! We see that some of You are well into your practice, indeed! Oh, Beloved… we are thrilled.

Can You feel how much lighter You are? Can You see how much LIGHTER You are?

We also see some among You who have not yet opened the KEY to feeling lighter. And no worries, we say! Our Judith will put the link to the Key right here for You–

As we said in Part Two, without Part One as a foundation, You will not receive the full benefits of Part Two. The same is true for Part Three, of course! Each becomes the foundation for the next.

Oh! There are newcomers with us today, tooand any day You are reading is TODAY to us, You know– so WELCOME, BELOVEDS!! We have been hoping for You to find us, every precious one of You.

Oh this is wonder-full! (As You see, we are very excited!!) Please make yourSelves at home. Our earth member will put the link to Part One right here for You so You won’t miss a thing, and You’ll catch up to us in “no time!” ( )

We do mean “no time,” because for us there IS no time! And if You have questions, PLEASE ASK THEM– there is even a nicely convenient space to do that at the very end of this page! We believe it’s called a “Comments Section,” but it is for questions too, of course… We LOVE QUESTIONS!

Now! Finally, on to this very important piece of our very long transmission! Without further ado–


To access your POWER SOURCE, You must be present in the moment.

But that You already discovered while learning to maintain your balance— You can only do it by focusing in the moment!

You can only be fully present in the moment when you are HEART CENTERED.

We have already explained that You can only take in the FREQUENCIES of our transmission through your HEART CENTER, remember? And for our newcomers, we explained how to drop your attention into your heart center right here–

When You are HEART CENTERED, You are automatically IN THE PRESENT!

You see how easy it is, how beautifully all of this works together, Beloved? When You are HEART CENTERED, You cannot be anywhere else but in the moment, because that’s all there really IS! And so–


You can only feel FREQUENCIES when they are pulsing with energy, and that is only NOW. Because–

NOW is only in the moment in which You are ALIVE.

What was now your NOW five seconds ago is not relevant. What will be your NOW in five seconds is not relevant. You are not living in either one of those. And so–


Do You see how simple it is, Beloved? Yet when You are “thinking,” nothing is simple. You are on a treadmill of thought fragments rather than present in the moment. But we promise You, there is no other way to live your life consciously than by being IN it–NOW. In truth, there is no other way to live your life at ALL.

So walk upon your earth! Every day, as much as you can. Take your shoes off, feel the energy of your earth support You, feel it run through You. Realize that You are just as much a part of the earth as your plants and animals are. Spend time with them!

Get back to LIFE!

Everything alive on your earth resonates easily with Gaia’s new frequency fluctuations, for they have not become estranged as You have. But they will most eagerly help You to balance, and even give You guidance! You see, they hold no judgments of You, Beloved. They only delight in your communing with them.

The same is true for your Gaia, of course. She will hold You safely together as You soar to new heights in your expansion! You only need put your feet in her sacred soil to FEEL the truth of that. And BE GRATEFUL. The energy of your Gaia is no different than the energy of Source, Itself.

There is only ONE ENERGY, remember? Many aspects, ONE ENERGY.

We end now. Our loving support does not. Know that, no matter how disoriented You may feel at times in the coming months, You are entering a window of opportunity through which to create a far, far easier “reality” than You’ll be leaving behind!

You will be “finding your own,” so to speak– rediscovering your true resonances– coming home to yourSelves. Wherever that turns out to be, it will be YOUR choice now! We care not what your choices are, as long as they are YOURS. We care only that You are free to choose from within yourSELF.

Lastly, we remind You– do not ever judge yourSelves in this process– not any of them! You DO know what You are doing, and NO ONE can do it in the unique and important way that You do. You are an irreplaceable refraction of ALL. How could ALL ever be ONE without YOU?


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Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2021-All Rights Reserved.


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