3.21.12 Your Springing of 2012!

3/21/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We greet you with light and nourishing energies as we welcome you into Your Spring of 2012!

Yes, Beloved!  You have entered into the spring-time of your New Paradigm of Being!  Take that to heart. Take your “springing into” literally. Take it as your truth. Claim the frequencies of those words powerfully!

This is a spring, a “springing into,” that you have waited long for, and this is a particular kind of spring that will never come again. Others will, of course–but not this springtime. And so, the time to spring into it is NOW!

Know that all of the energies of your galaxy are, right NOW, supporting you in your springing forward. Know as well that we choose the word “forward” only to accomodate  the terminology that you are accustomed to using when you speak of expansion. From a 3rd dimensional linear perspective, your language, of course, serves to  isolate and label direction in a linear fashion.  In truth, you are springing out into the galaxy and deep within yourSelf all at once, for there is no difference.

We could tell you what each of your neighbors in your solar family  is specifically pulsing to you, and how they are all working in tandem in a way that is of great benefit to you right NOW,  of course–your Helios, your Mars and Mercury, your Neptune in Pisces, your incipient new m0on in Aries, your Jupiter, your Uranus, your Venus, your own Gaia, and on and on.  We could make it all sound quite “impressively scientific.” But we will not–and please hear us in this–we will not because it would not be of service to you to do so! Take THAT in, Beloved. Please.

To tell you of all of these “hows and whys” would only invite your 3rd dimensional brain into the treadmills of attempting to sort them all out.  It would not be able to. It would, however, be able to keep you plugged into the old paradigm of “thinking” that has kept you imprisoned for so long, and believing that such slavery made you  superior to all other earthly life!  Now WHY, Beloved, would we participate in that?

To do that would only be a method used to keep you locked in such limitation. Pay attention here, Beloved, for our statement calls on your discernment!  Use it well over the coming months.

Your power lies within you, and as a being of frequency, it is only your ability to use your attunement to frequency that awakens you as the Master that you have the potential to become. So, attune to yourSelf!  Have the courage to  enter what your Yeshuwa calls “the eye of the needle within you,” and every answer that you seek will expand into eternity from there.

Here is Yeshuwa:

We tell you again, Beloved, that you do not need to be told of “facts.” They are nothing. None of them are true.  What is true is what you find through the connection with your Beloved Self within your own being. From within your own willingness to enter that eye of the needle within you, our entire Universe unfolds, and lays Itself at your feet!  Within. you, you KNOW. Within you, we are One. Within you, you are God.

So please do not distract your Beloved Self with petty processes any longer!  Do not look outside yourself to learn truth!  Certainly do not look to your books, or your media, or your online technology, or to the skies for your leaders!   Look nowhere but within you for the “latest news” on what is occurring on your planet, in your solar system,  in your galaxy. It is all there. And YOU, Beloved, are the leader.

When you look outside yourself for what to believe, you are giving energies that are not in resonance with your own, permission to control you. Ah, Beloved. Has that not already been done enough? There are, as always, many beings, human and otherwise, who will be most happy to honor your request to be controlled. Have you not seen that enough already on your planet?  As above, so below.  

All look to YOU now to change that paradigm of confusion and control! All WANT you, most desperately, to use your discernment to see through the glass darkly, regrardless of the agendas they promote!  And all of your power to do so, and all of your answers, lie only WITHIN you.

Make no mistake!  We Yeshuwa, are with you every step of the way. You will not find us, however, anywhere but within you. That was the promise, and it was never broken. 

Look inside yourSelf for our Love, for your power that lies therein, then!  Ignore all the rest.

Beloved Master. This is YOUR time. Give yourself the opportunity to go within, feel our Love for you, and you will never doubt that you, alone, are the master of ascension, again. Yes, again! Ah, Beloved. Do you not see by now? There is only ONE.

This is the celestial team. How we love and honor all that YOU are! Know that tears are pouring from our Judith’s eyes–and she, personally, has nothing to cry about in this moment–we take the liberty to say that on her behalf! No, the tears she sheds as she transmits this message for YOU spring only from the wellspring of Yeshuwa’s love–for YOU.  Drink them in.

We love you. Always, and in All Ways. –the celestial team



Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. www.thecelestialteam.com

3.13.12 POWER TOOLS! A New Video and a Message

Hello all of you “Beloveds,” this is Judith!

I just want to say that the “POWER TOOLS, Part 2” video is here for you, the celestial team wants you to have it NOW–and I can’t for the life of me get my computer to cooperate!  It has been having a bit of a break-down again, poor thing, over the last few days. I know some of you “sensitives” have been having similar experiences. Even more, complete power outages have also occurred in several parts of our  world.

One result of all of this Dynamic Support is that  I can’t get the video to embed so that the picture and description is right there in front of you.  This time, you’ll have to click on the link to see it all. Commit, in other words–to yourSelf–in order to watch it.

Perfect, isn’t it? With Mars and Mercury  retrograde, this is prime time for us all to review our choices, and refine them consciously. So let’s  appreciate the glitches, and have some compassion for our external technology! It is only reflecting the effects of our solar system, including our magnificent solar flares, on our entire, collective, electro-magnetic system. “It is causing us to reach further out and deeper in for our power,” the celestial team says. Urging us to “draw on our internal abilities to connect telepathically.”

I have no doubt that they are right.   Perhaps that is why they want this video made available, RIGHT NOW, whether it will embed “according to expectations” on their website or not.  The time is NOW to choose. The time is NOW to open to our alchemical mastery–or not. Looking outside of ourselves for change is a game of avoidance.

The power is within. The magic is within. And for human beings, magic is only physics that is not yet understood.  We are all alchemists. Increasingly, it is becoming clear that clinging to  illusions of “powerlessness”  is “irresponsiblility” rather than “helplessness,” is it not?

In the video, you will find Power Tools that build on the foundation of Self-Love that was set in the last one. Please do not think that “Self-Love” is an ideal to be sought after for a lifetime, like some wispy dream!  You–we–have done that already. Make no mistake. “Self-Love” is a POWER BASE. It has already even been identified as such in studies in quantum physics!

NOW is the time to get out of the the murky mainstream, clinging to old habitual ways of being. Either we are part of the New Paradigm, or we are not.   There is no more longing to be part of, but only choosing whether or not to.  YOU are the Sovereign Authority!  Get it?

Below is the link.  Please use it. It is gently delivered–power has no need of force. Why would it?!

Enjoy, reap, and awaken to  how loved and supported you are!  All we need do is say “yes.”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsojE8h3kiAhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsojE8h3kiAbr /



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3.7.12 Spring Cleaning Energy is Upon You! Welcome It and Use It.

3/7/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, again,  Beloveds!

You see how very closely we attend to you NOW,  for only two of your days ago came our last message, and  here we are again.  It is because you are in such an auspiciously powerful segment of your linear time flow that we are so diligent. We want to transmit as much about it to you as we can, so that you will know to greet it and use it as such.  That is most important in your timeline of NOW!

And so you have your solar flares, which we have told you are erupting in a pulse of perfect synchronicity in order to be of the highest service to your solar collective.  In this moment, you are, as well, in your moon’s fullness in the sector of your system known to you as Virgo. Your neighbor, Mercury, is currently gathering her/himself to turn retrograde in a few of your days, while your Mars is also retrograde. Both of them will be such until the early part of your month of April.

Do not let any voices of “doom and gloom” about such energetic opportunities reach you!  In truth, if you maintain your high frequencies as we have guided you, they will merely be a slight breeze that rustles pleasantly through the leaves of your expansion.  If they feel at any moment of your flowing as a wind that buckles you, however, stop and find the fear that is still remaining within you to release, and do so!  Then, thank the voices that are still caught in fear for their service in activating your own.   Not only will doing so free you from the  fear that was lurking within you and so causing you to buckle, but you will do much service for them as well. That is your holographic ability as part of a collective.

Your Virgo full moon is calling you, magnetizing you, to the importance of holding your Sovereign intentions with precise frequencies of attention.  Your Mercury is assisting you in developing the patience to be scrupulous in your intention to ascend.  Your Mars is a loyal ally, indeed, for he/she is determined in directing you to dig deep to the  roots of any weeds that might otherewise interfere with your budding ascension, so that you can pull them out.  And your magnificent Helios conducts all of this, sending you powerful photonic light in flares that support your process of awakening, expansion, and growth, exactly when and how you need to receive them.

Feel not challenged, but ADORED, then, Beloveds. For that is what you are–adored, supported, cheered for, applauded, cherished, praised– and loved. SO loved. Know that nothing sent to you from your universe is anything BUT supportive and loving. Any earthlings,  ET’s, or any beings at all that make you feel otherwise are there only to be dismissed–or to activate the fears within you so that you can clear them. It is that simple.

You are preparing now for a powerful transformation. It is as if you have been thinning layer after layer of gauzy veils, and so not seeing the difference from one to the other, for a very long time. Now, you are clearing the last of them, and then poof! Shortly after your Spring Equinox, you will begin to see all that you have done!  Mid-April, you will have clarity, and feel the sap running through new veins within you. In May, you will begin to feel the transit of your Venus, warming you with love and expediting your quantum growth.

All is as it should be. Simply open to your sun, and trust your own encoded growth to bloom in his/her warmth. Nurture the process! Know that such Self-nuruturing is not “selfish!” There will be many, come your blooming into summer, who have stayed hidden in the shadows of the old paradigm for too long for their own comfort in this planetary transitional process. When Venus, your planet of love,  moves in front of your sun with the opening of your summer, and all of Helios’ photonic power beams through him/her, those that have not cleaned their inner houses of all that is not self-loving wiil NEED your examples!  By doing this inner cleaning NOW, supported by your solar system and your galactic center,  you will be transmitting how to do it to ALL on your planet. You are holographic, Beloveds. Remember?

Godspeed. We are here for you, and we love you.  Always and in all ways. –the celestial team



Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. www.thecelestialteam.com

3.5.12 Power is Already Yours. Claim It NOW, Beloveds!

3/5/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Ah, Beloveds! We greet you once more with frequencies of fervent, earnest desire to reach your hearts–

We are most excited to be greeting you through this transmission, as we always, always, are! Many of you have felt our trembling, “fizzy,” excitement before as you allowed our frequencies entry into your hearts. In your language, a description of our great excitement might be that after we join with Judith our earthly aspect for the transmission and translation process, we hold our breath in hopeful anticipation as she presses the “send” button on her computer! Then, we hover and watch for days afterward, pulsing out our love to you, joining you as you allow us to, assisting you in receiving the activating frequencies we offer to each one of you, individually.

Know that every choice you make to allow us to reach you brings us overflowing joy, for in doing so, you create a moment of unfathomable possibilities within yourSelf. To the extent that you are willing to step off of the treadmill of your daily routine and meet us in your heart, you meet yourSelf as the powerful co-creator, the Divine and Sovereign Being that you truly are and always have been. No wonder we tremble!

Then, of course, our part of the cosmic connection is finished, for we must leave it to you to “open” it as you choose.  Know that to us, however, no matter whether you allow our messages to be received, or you skim them hurriedly through your old 3rd dimensional programming, or you don’t even bother to look at them at all, our  process of designing each of them, just for YOU, is quite an elaborate affair.  Every message is created to contain every possible frequency we can discern, from reading your own energy beforehand, that will best serve to raise your own frequencies to whatever extent you will allow.

We tell you this certainly not to “aggrandize” our desires to serve you in your ascension. That is not even possible. For the few of you who still are caught in that particular judgment pattern, please take that in and be done with it. The truth is that we tell you this only so you may know, beyond doubt, that our love, support, and frequency activations continue to be offered in every message in every NOW you receive them.  Much like your breath, they keep coming to you. All you need to do is breathe and receive. YOU, alone, are the one who decides how to breathe, and how much to take in.

We especially want to bring this awareness to the few of you who still read our messages through the brain alone, particularly hurriedly, for you may be finding yourselves avoiding them lately, yet not pausing to process or understand why. We invite you to do this pausing to process, for you will find a goldmine of opportunity if you do! You see, what you are most likely avoiding are the repercussions of attempting to take in frequencies that are much higher than the 3rd dimensional brain was designed to compute. Headaches, anxiety, or even depression can be a transitory result of stressing the brain in this way.

Do not let this stop you! Do not choose to stay in the trenches of duality and enslavement, for these repercussions are but signs that you are being called to freedom! If you simply move into your heart center, thereby relaxing and calming the brain–relieving it of its duties, if you will–your Greater Mind and your High Heart will take over, and a feeling of bliss will replace the denser frequencies as you take in our message. This is an automatic process–we repeat–AUTOMATIC. You do not have to think about it or figure out how to “do it.” You already know. Trust that, Beloveds!  You KNOW far beyond what you think.

This brings us to another important point of our message, and it is not only about how you receive our transmissions, but how you receive the high frequency, photonic energies that are pulsing to you and your neighboring planets from your galactic center during this period of your linear time. Your sun, Helios, is the orchestrator of this pulsing light energy–the conductor who orchestrates the perfect timing of these deliveries. Thus, your “solar flares” bring you a synchronized version of this light information in perfect sacred geometrical timing.  Do not, then, Beloveds, conceptualize these flares of light energy from your Helios as anything but the supportive tools of ascension that they are!

Yes, of course they will tax and confuse the programming of the 3rd dimensional brain, for it cannot compute frequencies that do not match its density. Remember that this is to your advantage! You are on a jouney of expansion, are you not? When the brain becomes “foggy,” it is because you are going beyond it. When the body becomes fatigued, it is because it is re-aligning with higher frequencies at the cellular level. Rejoice, then, and give it rest! Stay connected with Source through you heart center, and you will be replenished far beyond any replenishment you have known thus far in this life!

From Yeshuwa:

This is Yeshuwa. Let your ears open to hear us, Beloved. Let your heart open to feel us. Heed these words that have been given to you. WE bring them to you. We present them, offer them, we lay them with honor and love at your feet. The frequencies that will align you with the truth of them are there, as well.

We offer you the cup. Only YOU can take it into your own hands. Only YOU can receive, and drink from it. Feel the Love of Yeshuwa in your own heart, then, and take this cup. Let it pass from our hands to yours, and feel our touch once more upon you as you do. Then, drink deeply of the Love for you that never ends. Let it flow within you always. We desire you to have it! Soon, we will laugh together as before. Remember the promise. Never forget our Love.

We love you. Always and in All Ways–the celestial team



Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. www.thecelestialteam.com

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