Schedule a Private or Group Session!

“New Paradigm of Being” private consultations with Judith and 
  the celestial team  are being offered in the NOW.

 To schedule a Private or Group Session:
* Email your request
* Include best timeframes for your session, and how you wish to receive it-
by phone, Skype (specify with or without video,) or in person.
Judith will respond within 48 hours to set up your session.
 To offer  your Reciprocal Energy Exchange,  simply press the “Donate tab” in the right sidebar of this website. Paypal will do the rest.
* Your session will literally begin with your energy exchange,  so offer it well in advance!

Length of Sessions (as measured in  linear “time):
Private sessions–
About one hour, or as long as you can handle and integrate all that you are receiving. Because you also receive energetic “downloads” and alignments within the session, however, they actually continue to unfold for days or even weeks, bringing insights, clarity, and physical re-attunements.
Group Sessions– About an hour and a half.  As with private sessions, the participants continue to “receive” from them for days or weeks afterward.

 Reciprocal Energy Exchange in the form of monetary donations for sessions:
The reason and purpose for a “reciprocal energy exchange” rather than a “fee for services,” as we are used to in the old paradigm is that giving and receiving are actually not separate, but part of  ONE energy circuit.
A session is offered energetically, and as such cannot be “paid for” with money. Not only would doing so put a lid on all the unexpected ways that you may receive from it, but it is like apples and oranges. No amount of money can “match” the value of a session with Judith and the celestial team.  Instead, the Reciprocal Energy Exhanges are set as the minimium required to activate and amplify the energy circuit in the most optimal way– on your behalf.

  Reciprocal energy exchange for Private Session–$200.00
 A sliding scale is also available, based on your current state of reciprocal energy flow as reflected in the form of money.

 For Group Sessions–$30.00 per person

Know as well that your exchange, if made from the heart, supports us in continuing our celestial mission in order to reach as many as possible in our human collective at this critical moment of our “time.”
For supporting that mission, we thank YOU from the heart.

If you don’t believe that you can make the suggested energy exchange in full, special creative arrangements can be made. 
If YOU feel the call to have a session with us, WE will feel the call.

Another Donation Option: Judith needs “earth team members” with skills in using online technology to reach others and offer services.  If you have such skills and would be willing to donate them, please let her know!

How to  Prepare for a Session, and What to Expect
It is useful to have specific questions in mind for your session. The more specific you are, the more specific the celestial team can be in focusing their responses. Do not expect them to make predictions. We’re all jumping timelines so quickly that what they see as probable when they speak with you might change within a day!  Nor will they “tell you what to do,” because their focus is on empowering YOU, not fostering dependency on them. They will, however, offer —
*  insights on the “big picture” of your current challenges,
*  tools to use to see your way clear of any blocks that are in your way,
*  guidance on to how to create your life in resonance with your desires,
*  energetic support and activation in accordance with your specific needs.

Sometimes, the celestial team will come right through Judith.  More often, they  braid with her. You will hear her voice change subtly as they continually orchestrate themselves to resonate with your own frequencies and needs. ALWAYS, they are harmonizing!

Know how loved and supported you are, Beloved!
Always and in All Ways. –Judith and the celestial team

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  1. Meli

     /  June 17, 2021

    Hi Judith! I sent an email and donation for a reading, as per instructions, but haven’t heard back from anyone. Are you still doing readings?


    • YES, Meli! I deeply apologize for the delay. “Right timing” has been highly unpredictable. The good news is that I just sent you an email suggesting a date for your session that is within a very powerful energetic window for you!



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