4.23.12 The Marvelous Power of YOU

4/23/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team
Hello, Beloved.  We are here.

We remind you that we are here because we know the intensity of the energies that your sun is pulsing to you in this period of your “time.” We know, through our Judith, how overwhelming and confusing these energies can feel, unless you stay grounded in your body and centered in your heart in every continuous NOW. We remind you that you are not alone. Nor do you work alone. Nor are you as “lost” in all of this energy as it can sometimes feel as if you are. At the deepest/most expanded part of your SELF, we assure you that you DO know what you are doing, and not only that–you are running the whole show!

You are simply not used to identifying with the deepest/most expanded YOU that you are, that is all. Oh, it is easy enough when “nothing” is happening, we know! It feels easy to do when all is still, and there is nothing to “do” but meditate, dream, and “bliss out,” does it not? But when the energies are intense and coming in waves that seem unending, when all of your “old stuff” is coming up in your present, triggering ancient memories and forcing you to DEAL with them in your present, as well, that ease can suddenly feel very far away, can it not?

We know.  And what we want you to know is that, even when you feel as if you have lost your balance entirely, you are STILL growing exponentially– through the very process of losing your balance.  You are learning. Learning how to recover yourSelf, learning how to maintain your balance in the next NOW, learning how to ride the waves.

THIS is the process of gaining your mastery. THIS is the process of “shifting,” itself!  Remember that, Beloved!  The “shift” you are undergoing, as we have said, is an inside job.   It happens within you.  And these energies that are innundating you now, from your sun, from your solar system, from the very center of your galaxy, are there at your service.  They are there to assist you in doing the very thing that you were born to do in this lifetime, which is to raise the frequency of your planet.

Never doubt that the deepest/most expanded YOU, which is your true nature, does not know this!  Begin to shift your perspective of yourSelf, then. Begin to identify with that YOU, and experience the “small, human, you” as the divine aspect of YOURSELF that you have projected onto the planet to do the job YOU have come to do. This “human projection” of YOURSELF is doing many wondrous things NOW!

YOU are involved in a deconstruction of duality, of all the things that “do not work.”

As your “old stuff” comes up, you are letting go of the illusions of regret of the past and fear of the future– two things that have always kept you bound in drama and suffering.

“Human you” is integrating polarity on so many levels and in so many ways that we can only marvel at your quickening mastery. Believe us in this, Beloved.

Maintain your focus on riding the waves, then,  for as you do, you become the “Master Galactic Surfer” that YOU truly are! The only real skill “human you” needs is to maintain the frequency of Love, and the more you master this skill, the more joyful the ride becomes. Our messages are given to you with the purpose of assisting you with this, for as you take them into your heart center, they create a resonance with the Love frequency within you. Ah, you never work alone!

Remember as well to use your powerful imagination to serve you!  Where do you think this ability to create images within your own mind comes from? Certainly it is not the third dimensional brain that supplies this function! Think of it! “Human you” is able to manifest internal images that in turn generate “felt frequencies” that correlate with these images. You call those “felt frequencies”  emotions.  This ability, Beloved, is your quantum connection with YOU, and it is a most powerful ability!  Use it consciously, then! Use it in service of YOURSELF.

Do away, once and for all, with using your imagination to conjure up worry and fear.  That is what you were entrained to do in the old paradigm. That is what kept you locked into feeling helpless and alone. No m0re!  Shift NOW!  Shift into your NEW Paradigm of Being, and use your imagination to keep you there! Use it only to conjure images that create high, happy, loving frequencies.  You see?  YOU have the power. How you shift depends only on how you USE that power of yours.

We hope, Beloved, that you take our words to heart, and use them to “ride the waves” with confidence. Remember who you are, Beloved!  Remember YOU.  You are never without YOURSELF, the divine being that “human you” truly is.  We know this–we see Your Light always–and how it shines!

We love you. Always and in All Ways. –the celestial team



Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.  www.thecelestialteam.com

4.15.12 POWER TOOLS for Navigating NOW, part 3 – A Love/Light Message & Video

4/15/12 Love/Light Message and Video from the celestial team
Beloved, it is time NOW to step into your power and unfold into your New Paradigm of Being. Believe us in this. Remember as well that only YOU can do it.  Your power is already there within you, and it is nothing to fear, for true power holds the frequency of LOVE.  All else is illusion, and is nothing but child’s play.
YOU must claim it, however, this power of yours.   YOU must wear the mantle, for you are sovereign.  We know we repeat ourselves–we tell you of your sovereignty in every message NOW, do we not?  Bear with us.  Until you allow the truth of your sovereignty to resonate within you, we must repeat.  And we do so often NOW, because you are upon the time of “choosing,” a time when the energies are aligning with you to manifest the necessity of doing so. Are we being clear, Beloved?
Remember as well that, as we encourage you to accept your sovereign role on your planet, we also never, ever, leave you alone. We are “online” with you always, energetically. We are “online” with you through your 3D technology, as well, of course, with our messages and videos.  We “cover all the bases” we can on your behalf, you might say! Never do we miss a single opportunity to connect with you, and to assist in activating your inner knowing of ALL that YOU  are.
Below is the “link,” as you call it, to another one of our endeavors to do so–it is a new video on your Youtube! In it, our own Frequency Technicians come forward to bring you as much quantum technical support as you will allow them to. Please understand–there are no limits to how much they will provide–please take that in.   Only YOU are the one who can limit how much you receive.
Only open your heart, then, and as you listen to their words, allow their frequencies to recalibrate your energies and align them with your innate power.  You can take it in all at once, in one heady whoosh, if you are ready. Or, you can watch several times, for several days or  even months, allowing these experts of frequency to slowly penetrate through any remaining layers of resistance you may still have — even consciously unaware!– resistance to FULLY BEING ALL THAT  YOU ARE.
For some, this will require a quantum leap from “feeling small,” as the habit of measuring your stature through the eyes of others may have made you feel f0r so long.  Know that this “yardstick of limitations” is not  from them, not from “those others!”   It is a program, that’s all, and it is within you. Let the Frequency Technicians assist you in dissolving it, and decide to dissolve it for All.  Know that every one of you you wishes to be free of it.
Remember, as well, that there is nothing to fear.  Your p0wer is based in LOVE.  It cannot harm you, and so cannot harm another. You are all ONE!  Beloved, only by claiming your power, freely as a sovereign being,  can you change the world.  Only by claiming your power, and recognizing it as LOVE,  can you spin out your golden light of compassion. And it is  only compassion–remember! It is only compassion that will change the world.
Here, then, are our Frequency Technicians.  Let no resistance keep you from the loving assistance they offer, Beloved! Instead, LOVE the resistance. You need do nothing but infuse your resistant energies with LOVE–for they are nothing but aspects of YOU that you have cast aside, unloved! Infuse them with Love, then, until they feel you welcome them home again, in LOVE. They deserve that!  And all of the layers of resistance, which is only armor against feeling unloved, will dissolve.
Then, watch again!
Ah, how we love you. Always, and in All Ways. — the celestial team.
Copyright(c)2012, Judith Dagley, All rights reserved. www.thecelestialteam.com

4/9/12 Your Grand Game of Love

4/9/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Beloved, we are here!  No other greeting to our message is necessary, for in truth,  we have never left you.

That is how it is. That is how it has always been. That is how it always will be. We know you experience time in a linear sequence, and so we have greeted you in our “past” messages as if we were coming to you anew each “time.”

Only a short few months ago in your linear construct of experiencing NOW in sequential fragments, our telling you that we experience all of you at once, in one eternal NOW, was quite a “stretch”  for you to fathom, was it not?  Although the truth that we never leave you may have had “a nice ring to it,” it was very hard for you to believe!  And so, we merely complied with the reality you chose to experience. How could we do otherwise?  Your beliefs are powerful. It is your beliefs that  create your experience of reality, remember? You are sovereign, after all.

But now, we rejoice in seeing that you have expanded–or ascended, if you are still fond of that familiar, linear image–into the awareness that there is more to NOW than meets the 3rd dimensional brain!  And that realization has loosened the brain’s hold on you, and freed you to turn to your multi-dimensional heart-knowing for the truths that match your expansion. Rejoice in that! We certainly do, for with every inch of your expansion, you extend your energy closer to us, and can actually FEEL us with you when you choose!  NOW, you know that you can believe that we are with you always, and oh, how we rejoice in that!  Rejoice with us, Beloved!  Let us have a party in celebration! Let us dance together in a fizzy fountain of LOVE together!  Ah, how we love you!

Let us celebrate as well that you are coming to see that YOU are the one who creates your “reality!”   You are remembering your sovereignty. The angelic choirs among us are singing to you in joy and gratitude as we tranmit, and weaving their song into our message.  Can you hear it?  Listen with the desire of your heart, and you will!  Oh, we do not want you to miss it, for this music of the angels is all for YOU.

They are singing with such glorious ecstasy, you know, because your remembering of your sovereignty is the very foundation for the Grand Game that you have incarnated on your planet to play in this lifetime.

They are singing because you are beginning to understand that “What you say, goes,” to use your vernacular.

They are singing because you at last feel “big enough” to accept responsibility for your majestic sovereignty.

NOW, it is time to fully expand into your knowing of  that, no matter how the 3rd dimensional brain resists accepting your celebrated stature in your universe!

We do understand that stepping into such a lofty position of power and responsibility, after feeling helpless and battle-weary for so long, is truly a quantum leap. That is why we say that it is equally important at this “time”  to fully expand into knowing/feeling that we are always with you.

NOW is the time to access this truth that resides eternally within you, deeply nestled like a hidden jewel in the deep folds of your heart center.

Find that truth NOW, Beloved. Breathe its scent in through our frequencies, and let them lead you to the jewel of  truth that throbs, alive and waiting for you, in the multi-dimensional center of your heart.

This truth is that you have never, ever, been an isolated fragment of Source, cast off all alone, on the face of your splendid earth! Please take that in, and let the resonance of that truth ring throughout your vast being, at last.

Your truth is that you have projected a part of your majestic energy into the 3rd dimension, into an earthly body, to play out a sacred game that has never been attempted before, and that will transform your entire universe into a golden one.

And you do not, ever, work alone! As you don the royal robes of your Sovereign Authority at last, know that you are loved and supported by your universe, and guided by aspects of your very being that reside in its most expanded dimensions, in every moment of your time.

Please begin to acknowledge yourSelf in these terms!  See the folly of ever thinking of yourSelf as “alone” again! Let this truth build your confidence. Believe what we tell you, Beloved. After all, what is this “channeling” business that is fast spreading among you, for example? What is it that our Judith does when she transmits our messages, for example? Does she “reach out into our universe” to connect with us? Or does she “reach into herself” to connect with us? The answer to both questions is YES.

Thre is no difference between the inner and the outer where YOU are concerned. Moreover, YOU “channel,” YOU connect with your own aspects in the celestial realms, all the “time.”  The “problem” you have had with accepting this truth “in your past” was created by the illusion of separation that is part of the 3rd dimensional perceptual experience.  But ah!  It is only an illusion, remember? A game of temporary forgetting, experiencing “life” from that limited perspective, and then remembering Your Fullness again.

You see? YOU are vast and deep, Beloved! Feel it! YOU hold the the imprint of your universe, and every consciousness that is a part of it, WITHIN you. And YOU are holographic, remember? YOU are more than your sciences can “figure out”– YOU are  more than your science can even understand is possible!

No one can possibly “channel” any energy that is not their own, and all energy is nothing but a part of itself, for ALL is made of energy. There is nothing else! And this energy we speak of is Source, Itself. And what IS Source but infinite, creative, potential? And what is infinite creative potential? One energy alone. The energy of LOVE.

YOU are ALL, Beloved, and  YOU are made of LOVE. Please take that in. Pause now, and breathe it in from our frequencies. Feel it. YOU are LOVE. Claim that. You are made of nothing but Love.  THIS is your truth.

Remember that You have come to dabble in this third dimensional game of forgetting and remembering who You are for a reason that inspires great awe and gratitude throughout your universe.  Your forays here–so many lifetimes of drudgery and “hard work,” and wild roller coaster rides of peaks and valleys they seem to be, from the 3D perception, do they not?  Yet, they are all only  aspects of the NOW that you are experiencing with your multi-dimensional, heart-centered, awareness!  Your multi-dimensional Self (which is your true nature) knows that playing within this “little 3D game” of ego and limitation is but a part of  a far, far grander game, indeed!

Beloved, believe us when we tell you that your playing field is much, much larger than your ego/brain can compute, and YOU are playing on it ALL in every moment.  To give you a metaphor, imagine that whatever your eyes focused on was all that your brain registered as being “real.”  If you were seeing a block of ice, for example, then nothing warm would even exist for you. You would not remember anything warm, or hot, or anything but the state of frozen. And meanwhile, all of those experiences, those “realities,” those possibilities, would be existing nonetheless, completely shut out of your awareness.

If you have been feeling the energies around you in your NOW to be intense, then, welcome that intensity! They are assisting you in expanding beyond all habits of limitation. What is wrong with intensity, anyway? Intensity means that something is happening that cannot be contained within the treadmills of the ordinary, as you have known it. “Intensity” gets your attention, coaxes you to see and experience beyond the limitations that you have become accustomed to. From our perspective, “intensity” is the energy of a very good friend, indeed.

Of course, we know that you have not been entrained by your past programming to welcome intensity. Instead, you have been encouraged to regard it with suspicion, for it is an energy that is disruptive of your “peaceful compliance” with your programming. Know this, Beloved–to the extent that you are still under the influence of that programming, you will resist the intensity. To the extent that you resist the intensity, you will feel fatigued. You will feel fatigued because you are fighting against your own expansion.

For those who want “logical reasons and explanations” of the intensity before giving into it, we say, release the fear. And then, simply relax. Know that you will not find any logic that will satisfy the inquiries of your 3rd dimensional brain. So release the fear and “chill,” Beloved.  (Ah we love that colloquialism of yours!) Stay right where you are, open and receptive, and do not try to engage the brain! Instead, focus on expanding in love through your heart center, and your frequencies will join you in a heartbeat. We promise you that very soon, you will then feel a different kind of energy altogether, and one that gives you wings to fly! (If you choose to do so, that is! As a sovereign being, and regardless of what any of us tell you, “What you say, goes.” You can make your process of expansion as “hard,” or as flowing, as you choose.)

Remember as well that since there is no “time,” none of you are “ahead or behind” any other of you. All of you are unique. Each of you is dealing with processes of integration that no one else could fathom on the surface of your “reality.” So honor yourSelf, your own process, without judgment or expectation, and honor everyone else, as well.  This is most important NOW.  Be willing to Love. Be willing to BE LOVE.

Here is your Yeshuwa:

This is Yeshuwa. Remember, Beloved, that there is no such thing as “conditional love.” Remember our Love for YOU! One does not need a reason to Love, does one? And any reason not to Love is but an excuse to remain smaller than one came here to be, is it not? Remember! Love has no conditions, no stipulations, and no degrees of more or less! 

Love without exceptions, then. Love as You are loved.  

REMEMBER the game you are here to play with us, Beloved, for it is the Grandest Game of LOVE that has ever been played anywhere before in your linear time.

REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. Banish the words “try” and “can’t” from your vocabulary, for when coming from your mouth, they are as words spoken by a giant who is “wasting time thinking” about lifting a feather.

REMEMBER that you are here as an alchemical master to integrate the all of your collective through the frequencies of compassion–to spin dark and light into gold. 

REMEMBER that you will bring that golden compassion into your entire universe as a result, and so make it anew.  

If you have forgotten, read again the messages we shared at your last summer solstice, “The Story of Your Light.” KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

REMEMBER, well and always, that you do not work alone. Believe in our LOVE for You! How could we ever leave you? 

We cherish and adore you. You were, are, and always will be our Beloved, in time without beginning or end.  And so it is.

We love you, too! Always, and in All Ways.—the celestial team



Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. http://www.thecelestialteam.com

4.1.12 Chill, Beloved! Remember Who You Are.

4/1/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We greet you with frequencies of  steadying warmth and recognition of all that you are.

Paradoxical, we know, that we chose the word “chill” in the title of our message, when we are actually sending you warmth, is it not? But not only does that colloquial use of your word “chill” amuse us very much, it actually contains the frequency of our meaning –far  more than your words “heat up” might, for example. And this is but a miniscule example of why we have been asking that you begin to tune into frequencies, rather than live according to old definitions  that only served to limit you!

In one of our very first messages, we told you that you would soon become as poets. Perhaps you are beginning to see why. Metaphor is actually a multi-dimensional form of communication, and far more reliable  in expressing frequencies succintly than your linear language of labels and facts ever could be! That is why we ask you NOW to let those old, archaic, forms of categorizing reality into illusionary “little boxes” go.

Forget all those “self-help books” you have read that have been written by “so-called experts,” for one thing! Unless they are simply documentations of ancient texts, they are not written by “experts,” but by those who are simply trying to control the anxiety they feel at facing the multi-dimensional unknown. They want to be “experts,” and to convince you of such, to put a lid on their own anxiety, and that is all.   Books that are written in your NOW become obsolete the moment they are written. That is truth.

And why, you ask? For one, because you are expanding SO fast that your idea of what seemed true only yesterday is already out of date today. NOW, books serve the purpose of documenting every moment in your fast-accelerating expansion for antiquity, so that they can be marveled at in terms of what you call your linear history.  That is all.

Beloved, we tell you this only to stress, as fully as we possibly can, the importance of trusting your own experience NOW. All of this “expert business,” whether it is wanting to be one or learn from one, has got to go! There are no more experts! You are all “off the map” of anything you have known before. You are all navigating new territory together.  NO ONE has ever been there before.

Therefore, do not look to books, or the media, or anywhere but WITHIN YOU for your “expertise.” Do not– as your Hopi Elders have already offered wise cousel of–do not look outside yourself for a leader. Each one am0ng you is unique, and with something to offer to the whole of your collective that none other can. Everything you need to know, all of your discernment, all of your personal guidance, now lies WITHIN YOU, and there alone. TRUST that, Beloved.

We know that we have spoken much of this in our prior messages (according to your linear time), but we reiterate it once again for those who may not have read them, and for all who need to have their awarenesses refreshed.  It is MOST important that you trust your divinity, your sovereign authority, and your holographic nature, NOW.

Changes and shifts are occurring constantly. Much that has been “clogging your multi-dimensional capacities” is coming up for your attention now. Many of you feel tired, or overwhelmed, by the process. The process is called many things–“purification,” “cleansing,”and  “root chakra clearing,” are among the labels. All are valid terms, depending on one’s perception. The point we wish to make, however, is that none of them are complete. They are all only one perspective of a process that is multi-dimensional, and the Source of that is WITHIN you.

Our concern, you see,  is that you might take any one of those definitions and “think” that it means you are not “ready yet”  to actualize your heart’s desire. NOTHING could be further from the truth, Beloved. Please take that in. You ARE ready. You ALWAYS have been ready.  This is a process of clearing out all illusions otherwise, and nothing more. Please note the difference. It is important.

All you need do is begin to experience your life through your heart center, and connected with Source. Your expansion will then take care of itself. You are already “hard-wired” for that. There is nothing you need to “work at,” nothing you need “to do.”  When you read our messages through your heart, our frequencies will assist you in activating your “multi-dimensional heart connection.” That is our main purpose in transmitting the messages.  If you who are reading this do not yet know know how to do this, please re-read our messages. Or watch our viideos again. Or leave a comment on the page, asking for guidance. Or call our Judith, and she will guide you through her voice. We are here for YOU, and the reason is NOW.

Don’t be shy!  Let nothing stop you from reaching out for assistance, for the time you have longed to be on the planet to partake in is NOW! You deserve to feel ready, and you deserve whatever loving support it takes for you to feel that way. You are ALREADY a master. We KNOW you, remember?

The particular game you are here to play in this lifetime is in its final quarter. Many wanted to be here–YOU “got the ticket,” so to speak.  The whole universe is watching, and much cheering and hope is directed to YOU, and we mean personally. (All have their “favorites” in a game such as this, after all!) In this moment of your NOW, much is occuring, far more than the poor brain can fathom. We KNOW you don’t want to miss it, sitting on the sidelines, watching how others are playing.

Beloved. This is YOUR game. Do not miss it. This is the time to speak up, ask for support, connect with us, connect with others. You are NOT alone. PLEASE know that, and call on us. That is why we are here.

We love you. YOU are LOVE-ABLE.  Always, and in ALL Ways. –the celestial team



Copyright (c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved www.thecelestialteam.com

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