10.21.12 Powerful Energy and a Multidimensional Chat!

10/21/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team and Judith

Hello Beloved! 

My, the energies are intense NOW, aren’t they? And very complex and diverse the currents are, are they not? And rapid, too! Why, unless you stay focused in the very NOW you are in at every moment, you are liable to get swept away into some shockingly unexpected and extremely uncomfortable experiences, are you not?

Isn’t it wonderful?  The energies are serving you so beautifully NOW!  The very moment you lapse into old pattens of thought that are not in alignment with who you choose to be in the world, the energies are right there to sweep you into a reflection of them!

Never before have you experienced your power to manifest “reality” so quickly. NOW, you can SEE what a master you are!

And so NOW, you must claim your mastery, and use it consciously. At last, that moment has come…and we rejoice.

Oh, we understand full well that you may not be sharing our celebratory frequencies on your behalf right NOW!  We understand that you may wonder if we even have a clue of what you are going through at all, if we can be so happy about it!

Ah, Beloved.  Remember that we see YOU, the master that You truly are. We are watching as You go through the process of re-creating yourSelf in Your own image. YES. Take that in, and believe it. Through watching You in this moment of your NOW, we are watching Creation, Itself.

Understand this, please!  However you choose to create youSelf NOW, so you will.

Understand that the power of Creation, Itself, is in your hands. Whatever sort of world you imagine, you will find yourSelf in. There are plenty of versions of your world to choose from! Whatever one matches your frequencies, will be yours.

Whatever sort of life you imagine for yourSelf, so shall you come to live in. There are plenty of versions of You to choose from!  Whatever version matches the frequencies of how you experience yourSelf, wiil be yours.

Do you understand? You have stepped into your role as the Creator Being that You are. There is no turning back.  

Know that the energies of NOW are mightily at your service. They are helping you to SEE, to FEEL, to AWAKEN to the truth that You, yourSelf, create all that you experience.  They do so NOW because the threshold of your Winter Solstice is fast approaching.

Do you not see, Beloved? The energies are there at your service because YOU are the one who summoned them!

And here is something else–everything that  has ever manifested in your life was  summoned by you, and so was there only at your command. Everyone who has ever entered your life was summoned by you, and so there at your service.

To the extent that you realize these things, so shall you reclaim your mastery. So shall you  understand that You can, and do, create anything You wish. And whatever You create, we do not judge. How could we?

Whatever it is that You create,  we are mesmerized by watching your amazing abilitiy to  “make something out of nothing.”  Be it it joyful or despairing, light or dark, we watch your magical mastery at work, and are in awe.

We also understand that stepping into the role of “energy alchemist” can be a bit of a tumultuous experience, if  you have been choosing to “stick with” the belief that you are powerless! If you have clung to the belief that you are powerless in ANY way, up to NOW, we know that riding the waves of energy that are surrounding you might feel a bit…overwhelming, temporarily, shall we say?  

Know that we are here at your service.  We will be happy to explain how to use these energies, rather than to let them toss you around! You see, there are no “unseen forces” working against you, unless you create them through the power of your own belief.

There are no secrets and no mysteries that could ever be withheld fron you– except by you, yourSelf.  In truth, working with energy is simply a matter of physics! Nothing more.  And now, here is our Judith with what feels like very good news to us!

This is Judith, and this IS good news, especially for those who expressed a desire to join us in “An Afternoon Chat with the celestial team,” but live too far from L.A to do so in person. As of NOW, you can join us VIRTUALLY! Through voice and frequency, you will most definitely be among us. Depending on how many of you RSVP your virtual attendance, you may even be here visually, as well!

To attend virtually, go to http://www.meetup.com/Afternoon-Chat-with-THE-CELESTIAL-TEAM. Join the group, respond YES to the RSVP, and then email both your Skype name and your donation (via Paypal) to thecelestialteam@gmail.com– and its a done deal!  However, it is very important that you DO RSVP in that particular way, because this is a small group by design, and that’s where the head count is. And if YOUR head isn’t counted…oh, no. I don’t even want to entertain the possibility–so let’s not even go there, OK?  Just RSVP, and–
Welcome to the Love/Light!

We love you. Always and in All Ways–the celestial team


Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.  www.thecelestialteam.com

10.14.12 Message from the Hopi Elders of Hopi Nation, Oraibi, Arizona

10/14/12 Enrichment for Your Process of Expansion!

Hi, this is Judith. I just instinctively typed “Enrichment for Your Process of Expansion!” at the top of the page, and I am laughing because I immediately got a rush of approval right back from the Hopi Elders! The laughter, of course, came from the delight of making a clear connection They like the word “enrichment!” They like it “because it relates to the “continual need to replenish the soil in order to receive life from it ,” they say. “Receiving, which IS expansion, is a reciprocal process.” WOW. Yes, indeed.

To continue, a wise light being in human body posted the second half of this  message from the Hopi Elders, known as “The”Hopi Prophesy,” on the celestial team’s Facebook group page, “the celestial team; Love/Light Messages for Navigating NOW.”  I immediately felt a desire to follow this posting’s invitation to add to it by posting the entire Message from the Hopi Elders as one whole. Fortunately, I received some encouragement to do so, and so here it is, below.

But wait! (Sorry.) Before you read it, I would just like to encourage you to take it in like a shaman (which you are!), in order to receive it as fully as possible!

First of all, a shaman understands multidimensionality. A shaman recognizes that everything is all of a piece. Yet, everything is also a whole in itself.

A shaman, therefore, will make a meal of each sentence, allowing it to fully digest before moving on to the next one. This is IMPORTANT!  The digestion of each sentence prepares the body/mind/spirit to fully receive the next one. There is no “cheating!” There is only robbing oneSelf. Here we go, then–enjoy the meals!


You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour.

Now you must go back and tell people that THIS is the hour.

And there are things to be considered:

Where are you living?

What are you doing?

What are your relationships?

Are you in right relation?

Where is your water?

Know your garden.

It is time to speak your truth.

Create your community.

Be good to each other.

And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

This could be a good time!

There is a river flowing now very fast.

It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.

They will try to hold onto the shore.

They will feel they are being torn apart,

And they will suffer greatly.

Know the river has its destination.

The elders say we must let go of the shore,

Push off into the river,

Keep our eyes open,

And our heads above the water.

See who is in there with you and celebrate!

At this time in history,

We are to take nothing personally,

Least of all ourselves.

For the moment that we do,

Our spiritual growth and journey

Comes to a halt.

The time of the lone wolf is over.

Gather yourselves!

Banish the word struggle

From your attitude and vocabulary.

All that we do now must be done

In a sacred manner and in celebration.

WE are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.


Judith Dagley, copyright(c) 2012-All Rights Reserved.   www.thecelestialteam.com

6.12.12 “Summer Solstice, 2012” — Video

6/12/12  Love/Light Video from Judith and the celestial team– “Summer Solstice, 2012”

Hello, Beloved!

Actually, this is Judith– although the celestial team is braiding with me, and to them you are always, always, “Beloved!”  We are bringing you a video that explains how the energies of the recent Venus Transit have prepared you to leap into positive change in an unprecedented way at our upcoming Summer Solstice. In the video, we also explain how to use these energies NOW to clear the path in order to participate in this transformative process as fully as possible. You are, after all, Sovereign–you are the one who decides when, how, and at what speed you choose to expand!

The link to the video is below. Enjoy it, use it as fully as you choose, and then prepare for positive change that is fully commensurate with your choices!


Much love to you, Judith

Always and in all ways–the celestial team



Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.  www.thecelestialteam.com  

5.27.12 Love Permeates You Now!

5/27/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, again, Beloved!

You see? You never can be sure when we will show up with a written message, or a video, can you?  At least you cannot when you use your brain to look for patterns, rather than your heart center to feel your own flow! Sometimes it will be weeks, sometimes only fleeting days.

Isn’t that wonderful?  It is, indeed! It is wonderful because we respond to your own rhythms, rather than habits or set patterns. In other words, we respond to YOU.  We hope that you will also begin to do the same, and respond to your SELF as we do!

We transmit our message now with a most important purpose, which is to support you in believing in, and opening to receive, the love energy that is permeating your planet, and so YOU, right NOW.  We transmit to affirm, and confirm, that what you are feeling is something you can trust, and use to ride to a higher frequency yourself.  Some among you feel it as excitement, some as exhilaration, some as tremulous hope.  However you feel it, t is real, and it is safe!

Beloved, we tell you this because of something sad we have seen, and many among you are beginning to see as well.  We are very glad you are seeing it, and we want to encourage you to see right through it! And what is the “it” of which we speak? “It” is that through the experiences you have had (or, in truth, are having, as there truly is no time), in other lives, you have come to actually fear love, rather than welcome it.

Although the extent of such conditioning varies with each individual among you, each one of the all of you has come, you see, to equate love with pain to some degree. And that equation was forged as a chain in your enslavement to the illusions of loneliness and separation.

And THIS is why we tell you to open to yourSelf, and love yourSelf unconditionally, NOW.  THIS is why we tell you to become a loving intimate with yourSelf again– so that you might SEE and FEEL  the ways you have been conditioned to equate opening to love to opening to pain.

Ah, Beloved. How we love You. Feel our love for you through our words. Breathe it in.  If your heart is not open in this moment, then simply know–trust— that as you read, our love surrounds you, and INHALE.  It IS that easy, and most especially in this moment of your time–to know you are loved, to feel it, and to let love in.

FEEL Love and TRUST. FEEL Love and ENJOY. FEEL Love and RELAX. It IS safe to love now. FEEL Love and let it circulate throughout all of the dimensions of your being. Breathe Love in until you are permeated. And then, begin to breathe Love OUT again. Circulate Love! To your loved ones, to your neighbors, to your collective Itself.

THIS is how you change the world. The Love is there, but only YOU can trust enough to breathe Love in, receive Love, and then breathe Love out again. Do it NOW Beloved!  We promise you, this is Your time to do so. This IS Your Time.

We love you, and we LOVE the way you love!  Always and in All Ways. –the celestial team



Copyright(c)2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.  www.thecelestialteam.com

5.24.12 YOU Are the Oracle. YOU Are the Future.

5.24.12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We greet you with much joy and Love, Beloved!

Yes, here we are again with one of our written messages!  There has been a pause of a bit longer duration than usual between our last one and this one, in terms of your linear time perception, has there not? Did you notice? Did you miss us? Or did you find a way to feel us with you anyway?  Or, did you not consciously notice, but begin to feel a bit “dull,” or “at a loss” (to use your terms), and not be able to “put your finger on” (another one!) exactly why?

We, of course, know the answer. We do not ever ask you questions about yourself because we wonder what the answer is, you know! We ask you questions so that YOU will look for the answer, and find it wihin YOURSELF.

Now. How is it that we know the answer? Because as you read our messages, you take our energy into you, do you not? That is, you take our energy in, to whatever degree you read through your heart rather than your brain, and so allow us in. Well! Realize, for a moment, then, exactly what that means! You take our energy in. Well, our energy is US, is it not? And so, you let us in to mingle with your own energy– to KNOW you, to LOVE you intimately, and to assist you in recallibrating to a higher frequency in whatever way you are ready for.

THAT, Beloved, is exactly what happens when you take our frequencies in through your heart center. And there is no other relationship more intimate, or trusting, or loving, than the one we enter into together through your own heart’s desire. In truth, there is actually never any separation between us, ever–or between you and any member of your collective–separation is only an illusion.  But, through our providing you with the tools to take our frequencies in as we have done over the past seventeen of your months, through our written messages and then our videos, we have offered you the experience of feeling the truth that lies beyond your 3D illusion of separation. And that truth, as your Yeshuwa has told you, is that THERE IS ONLY ONE.

Therefore, although our messages appear through your 3rd dimensional filter to go out as  general ones to a large group of you, and even be available to any and all, that is not the case. Oh no! Our messages go out only to individuals. No one who receives a message from us receives the same one that anyone else on your planet receives–even though the words may look identical. Pause for a moment and take that in fully, Beloved.

Now, there is a multi-dimensional truth for you! You might even use it to test your own expansion, if you like. For, to the degree that you can “see”–or, rather “feel,”– how that is possible, you have expanded beyond the limitations of separation. If it still just looks like “words on a page,” a concept to “try,” one day, to grasp, however, then we beseech you, Beloved, to begin to take your journey of expansion more to heart, and to know that it is one that only you, alone, can give yourself to. And all of your answers, all of your wisdom, are as a jewel nestled within you, waiting for your loving, grateful, recognition.

Yet, we also know that within yourself is not a place you have been entrained to look for answers, is it? Quite the contrary! You have been most rigidly conditioned to look outside of yourself for your own answers, we know–although it doesn’t really make much sense to do so, even with your “brain logic,” does it? To get “your own answer” from “someone else?”

Nonetheless, we have watched you, for many, many, lifetimes, attempt to do just that. Even as the answers to your questions may be bubbling up in your own, incredible, gift of emotions most expressively, or crying out to be heard through manifestations of “symptoms” in your own, finely tuned, divine, physical body, or reflecting themselves back to you from your own mirror, which is the world around you, most insistently– still, you will consult with others who call themselves “experts,” or the media, to find out what you “should do,” or “what’s really going on,” instead.

As we have said, we have watched you do this for aeons. At first, it was fun, a grand adventure, to learn so much about what the illusion of feeling separate and alone is like, was it not? And if you don’t remember how much fun it was, we will tell you that we were watching even then, and you relished the ride!  It was thrilling and unique, a ride that many in your galaxy were nowhere near up to taking.

YOU were, though. And you did, indeed, learn much, and you shared all that you learned with your inter-galactic family the whole while. There is much, much, gratitude relayed to you from your galaxy for doing so. There is also much support being offered you NOW, in return, as it is time to make your way back to your SELF!

It is time to remember and own these truths again:

YOU are the Oracle you seek.

YOU are the very future, in this very moment of your NOW!

Take that in, Beloved. PLEASE take that in.

And so, during the energies that have been most powerfully propelling your expansion over the last weeks, we have chosen to stand back and let you use them, on your own, and so discover what a powerhouse of technology and wisdom you truly are. Of course, we have always been easily accessed in an instant by any among you who wished to feel our energy and support–just as we always have and always will.  But how will you discover that you can do so, until you must do it on your own?

THAT is what we want you to discover–that you can, and do, do everything on your own. YOU are the reality creator!  Consider the external world as a mirror, which you personally ordered so that  you could see the reflection of your own psyche within it!  Understand this NOW, Beloved, for the energies will continue to come in ever increasing waves of intensity.  And why? To support you in growing into YOURSELF again! You are much, much, stronger, and more powerful, than your brain “thinks” you are.

KNOW that. TRUST YOURSELF. All of your answers are within YOU. LISTEN to YOURSELF!

We love you. We never leave you. Always and in all ways, we are with you. –the celestial team



Copyright(c)2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.   www.thecelestialteam.com

5.8.12 Bringing it All Home!

5/8/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, Beloved!

We attempt, with our frequencies, to enclose you peacefully for awhile in all that You know, and all that You are, and no more. You have been innundated over the past couple of your weeks with energies that have caused You to expamd into knowing, and feeling, that which You have not yet been aware of until NOW.  Know that this will continue over the coming months. Know that this is why we have been asking You to KNOW and LOVE YOURSELF.

Nothing that triggers You from outside of YourSelf need be dealt with outside of yourSelf.  No energies that trigger feelings within You from outside of yourself require your attention. No external situations that trigger feelings within You require your attention. No person who is not You, but who triggers feelings within You, requires your attention.

ALL of the work required of You is within. Once you do it within, you will give Love to all that is calling on You from without, and with ease.

ALL of the change that has the potential to occur within your human collective, and within/upon your planet, can only occur within You first. You create your human collective as You go. You create circumstances as you go. You create relationships as you go.

UNDERSTAND THIS, BELOVED! You are not victimized by your relationships, or your collective, or even by your governments! Not in even the slightest way are you ever victimized.  We have been telling You that You have Sovereign Authority. Believe us,  NOW.

Whatever your expectations, whatever frequency You hold, is what You will spin out energetically as your reality. It is as simple as that!  There is no punishment doled out, and no “hard won”  lessons demanded from You by your Source!  As a part of Source, all You are ever given is what You ask for.

It IS that simple. Do not reach out not, then, any longer, to ask for what You want from a place of need!  Do not reach out not then, for your desires from a place of longing! You would not have desires if they were not meant to be met–would You?
Of  course not. That would be impossible. Reach out then in confidence, knowing that if You have a desire, it is already met. Reach out KNOWING that (after all, it is not hard to fathom, even with 3D logic, is it?),  and then RECEIVE IT. Perhaps it will not look as You expected it to. Perhaps it will approach You in surprising and expanding ways. Stay present in the moment, Beloved, so that You do not miss it!

In this moment of Your NOW, more than ever, You are being called to recognize Love, and You are being invited to receive it. All blocks You have to doing so will be brought forward, as they must, for they will indicate the lack of Love You have for YourSelf, and so the limitations of Love that You will allow YourSelf to receive from another. And You would not have it any other way, would You?

So pay attention to Love from this time on, Beloved!  Let Your ability to give and receive Love, rather than the categorizing of facts from your 3D intellect, be Your guiding light to intelligence from now on! If You are choosing to move into the higher frequencies, the energies of NOW will carry You with ease, on the intelligence of the heart!  And, of course, if You are choosing to stay in 3D for awhile longer, you know how to do that, as well. We are so happy to tell you that freedom reigns NOW, and the choice is finally Yours, alone!

We love you so!  Always and in All Ways– the celestial team



Copyright (c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.  www.thecelestialteam.com

4.15.12 POWER TOOLS for Navigating NOW, part 3 – A Love/Light Message & Video

4/15/12 Love/Light Message and Video from the celestial team
Beloved, it is time NOW to step into your power and unfold into your New Paradigm of Being. Believe us in this. Remember as well that only YOU can do it.  Your power is already there within you, and it is nothing to fear, for true power holds the frequency of LOVE.  All else is illusion, and is nothing but child’s play.
YOU must claim it, however, this power of yours.   YOU must wear the mantle, for you are sovereign.  We know we repeat ourselves–we tell you of your sovereignty in every message NOW, do we not?  Bear with us.  Until you allow the truth of your sovereignty to resonate within you, we must repeat.  And we do so often NOW, because you are upon the time of “choosing,” a time when the energies are aligning with you to manifest the necessity of doing so. Are we being clear, Beloved?
Remember as well that, as we encourage you to accept your sovereign role on your planet, we also never, ever, leave you alone. We are “online” with you always, energetically. We are “online” with you through your 3D technology, as well, of course, with our messages and videos.  We “cover all the bases” we can on your behalf, you might say! Never do we miss a single opportunity to connect with you, and to assist in activating your inner knowing of ALL that YOU  are.
Below is the “link,” as you call it, to another one of our endeavors to do so–it is a new video on your Youtube! In it, our own Frequency Technicians come forward to bring you as much quantum technical support as you will allow them to. Please understand–there are no limits to how much they will provide–please take that in.   Only YOU are the one who can limit how much you receive.
Only open your heart, then, and as you listen to their words, allow their frequencies to recalibrate your energies and align them with your innate power.  You can take it in all at once, in one heady whoosh, if you are ready. Or, you can watch several times, for several days or  even months, allowing these experts of frequency to slowly penetrate through any remaining layers of resistance you may still have — even consciously unaware!– resistance to FULLY BEING ALL THAT  YOU ARE.
For some, this will require a quantum leap from “feeling small,” as the habit of measuring your stature through the eyes of others may have made you feel f0r so long.  Know that this “yardstick of limitations” is not  from them, not from “those others!”   It is a program, that’s all, and it is within you. Let the Frequency Technicians assist you in dissolving it, and decide to dissolve it for All.  Know that every one of you you wishes to be free of it.
Remember, as well, that there is nothing to fear.  Your p0wer is based in LOVE.  It cannot harm you, and so cannot harm another. You are all ONE!  Beloved, only by claiming your power, freely as a sovereign being,  can you change the world.  Only by claiming your power, and recognizing it as LOVE,  can you spin out your golden light of compassion. And it is  only compassion–remember! It is only compassion that will change the world.
Here, then, are our Frequency Technicians.  Let no resistance keep you from the loving assistance they offer, Beloved! Instead, LOVE the resistance. You need do nothing but infuse your resistant energies with LOVE–for they are nothing but aspects of YOU that you have cast aside, unloved! Infuse them with Love, then, until they feel you welcome them home again, in LOVE. They deserve that!  And all of the layers of resistance, which is only armor against feeling unloved, will dissolve.
Then, watch again!
Ah, how we love you. Always, and in All Ways. — the celestial team.
Copyright(c)2012, Judith Dagley, All rights reserved. www.thecelestialteam.com

4/9/12 Your Grand Game of Love

4/9/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Beloved, we are here!  No other greeting to our message is necessary, for in truth,  we have never left you.

That is how it is. That is how it has always been. That is how it always will be. We know you experience time in a linear sequence, and so we have greeted you in our “past” messages as if we were coming to you anew each “time.”

Only a short few months ago in your linear construct of experiencing NOW in sequential fragments, our telling you that we experience all of you at once, in one eternal NOW, was quite a “stretch”  for you to fathom, was it not?  Although the truth that we never leave you may have had “a nice ring to it,” it was very hard for you to believe!  And so, we merely complied with the reality you chose to experience. How could we do otherwise?  Your beliefs are powerful. It is your beliefs that  create your experience of reality, remember? You are sovereign, after all.

But now, we rejoice in seeing that you have expanded–or ascended, if you are still fond of that familiar, linear image–into the awareness that there is more to NOW than meets the 3rd dimensional brain!  And that realization has loosened the brain’s hold on you, and freed you to turn to your multi-dimensional heart-knowing for the truths that match your expansion. Rejoice in that! We certainly do, for with every inch of your expansion, you extend your energy closer to us, and can actually FEEL us with you when you choose!  NOW, you know that you can believe that we are with you always, and oh, how we rejoice in that!  Rejoice with us, Beloved!  Let us have a party in celebration! Let us dance together in a fizzy fountain of LOVE together!  Ah, how we love you!

Let us celebrate as well that you are coming to see that YOU are the one who creates your “reality!”   You are remembering your sovereignty. The angelic choirs among us are singing to you in joy and gratitude as we tranmit, and weaving their song into our message.  Can you hear it?  Listen with the desire of your heart, and you will!  Oh, we do not want you to miss it, for this music of the angels is all for YOU.

They are singing with such glorious ecstasy, you know, because your remembering of your sovereignty is the very foundation for the Grand Game that you have incarnated on your planet to play in this lifetime.

They are singing because you are beginning to understand that “What you say, goes,” to use your vernacular.

They are singing because you at last feel “big enough” to accept responsibility for your majestic sovereignty.

NOW, it is time to fully expand into your knowing of  that, no matter how the 3rd dimensional brain resists accepting your celebrated stature in your universe!

We do understand that stepping into such a lofty position of power and responsibility, after feeling helpless and battle-weary for so long, is truly a quantum leap. That is why we say that it is equally important at this “time”  to fully expand into knowing/feeling that we are always with you.

NOW is the time to access this truth that resides eternally within you, deeply nestled like a hidden jewel in the deep folds of your heart center.

Find that truth NOW, Beloved. Breathe its scent in through our frequencies, and let them lead you to the jewel of  truth that throbs, alive and waiting for you, in the multi-dimensional center of your heart.

This truth is that you have never, ever, been an isolated fragment of Source, cast off all alone, on the face of your splendid earth! Please take that in, and let the resonance of that truth ring throughout your vast being, at last.

Your truth is that you have projected a part of your majestic energy into the 3rd dimension, into an earthly body, to play out a sacred game that has never been attempted before, and that will transform your entire universe into a golden one.

And you do not, ever, work alone! As you don the royal robes of your Sovereign Authority at last, know that you are loved and supported by your universe, and guided by aspects of your very being that reside in its most expanded dimensions, in every moment of your time.

Please begin to acknowledge yourSelf in these terms!  See the folly of ever thinking of yourSelf as “alone” again! Let this truth build your confidence. Believe what we tell you, Beloved. After all, what is this “channeling” business that is fast spreading among you, for example? What is it that our Judith does when she transmits our messages, for example? Does she “reach out into our universe” to connect with us? Or does she “reach into herself” to connect with us? The answer to both questions is YES.

Thre is no difference between the inner and the outer where YOU are concerned. Moreover, YOU “channel,” YOU connect with your own aspects in the celestial realms, all the “time.”  The “problem” you have had with accepting this truth “in your past” was created by the illusion of separation that is part of the 3rd dimensional perceptual experience.  But ah!  It is only an illusion, remember? A game of temporary forgetting, experiencing “life” from that limited perspective, and then remembering Your Fullness again.

You see? YOU are vast and deep, Beloved! Feel it! YOU hold the the imprint of your universe, and every consciousness that is a part of it, WITHIN you. And YOU are holographic, remember? YOU are more than your sciences can “figure out”– YOU are  more than your science can even understand is possible!

No one can possibly “channel” any energy that is not their own, and all energy is nothing but a part of itself, for ALL is made of energy. There is nothing else! And this energy we speak of is Source, Itself. And what IS Source but infinite, creative, potential? And what is infinite creative potential? One energy alone. The energy of LOVE.

YOU are ALL, Beloved, and  YOU are made of LOVE. Please take that in. Pause now, and breathe it in from our frequencies. Feel it. YOU are LOVE. Claim that. You are made of nothing but Love.  THIS is your truth.

Remember that You have come to dabble in this third dimensional game of forgetting and remembering who You are for a reason that inspires great awe and gratitude throughout your universe.  Your forays here–so many lifetimes of drudgery and “hard work,” and wild roller coaster rides of peaks and valleys they seem to be, from the 3D perception, do they not?  Yet, they are all only  aspects of the NOW that you are experiencing with your multi-dimensional, heart-centered, awareness!  Your multi-dimensional Self (which is your true nature) knows that playing within this “little 3D game” of ego and limitation is but a part of  a far, far grander game, indeed!

Beloved, believe us when we tell you that your playing field is much, much larger than your ego/brain can compute, and YOU are playing on it ALL in every moment.  To give you a metaphor, imagine that whatever your eyes focused on was all that your brain registered as being “real.”  If you were seeing a block of ice, for example, then nothing warm would even exist for you. You would not remember anything warm, or hot, or anything but the state of frozen. And meanwhile, all of those experiences, those “realities,” those possibilities, would be existing nonetheless, completely shut out of your awareness.

If you have been feeling the energies around you in your NOW to be intense, then, welcome that intensity! They are assisting you in expanding beyond all habits of limitation. What is wrong with intensity, anyway? Intensity means that something is happening that cannot be contained within the treadmills of the ordinary, as you have known it. “Intensity” gets your attention, coaxes you to see and experience beyond the limitations that you have become accustomed to. From our perspective, “intensity” is the energy of a very good friend, indeed.

Of course, we know that you have not been entrained by your past programming to welcome intensity. Instead, you have been encouraged to regard it with suspicion, for it is an energy that is disruptive of your “peaceful compliance” with your programming. Know this, Beloved–to the extent that you are still under the influence of that programming, you will resist the intensity. To the extent that you resist the intensity, you will feel fatigued. You will feel fatigued because you are fighting against your own expansion.

For those who want “logical reasons and explanations” of the intensity before giving into it, we say, release the fear. And then, simply relax. Know that you will not find any logic that will satisfy the inquiries of your 3rd dimensional brain. So release the fear and “chill,” Beloved.  (Ah we love that colloquialism of yours!) Stay right where you are, open and receptive, and do not try to engage the brain! Instead, focus on expanding in love through your heart center, and your frequencies will join you in a heartbeat. We promise you that very soon, you will then feel a different kind of energy altogether, and one that gives you wings to fly! (If you choose to do so, that is! As a sovereign being, and regardless of what any of us tell you, “What you say, goes.” You can make your process of expansion as “hard,” or as flowing, as you choose.)

Remember as well that since there is no “time,” none of you are “ahead or behind” any other of you. All of you are unique. Each of you is dealing with processes of integration that no one else could fathom on the surface of your “reality.” So honor yourSelf, your own process, without judgment or expectation, and honor everyone else, as well.  This is most important NOW.  Be willing to Love. Be willing to BE LOVE.

Here is your Yeshuwa:

This is Yeshuwa. Remember, Beloved, that there is no such thing as “conditional love.” Remember our Love for YOU! One does not need a reason to Love, does one? And any reason not to Love is but an excuse to remain smaller than one came here to be, is it not? Remember! Love has no conditions, no stipulations, and no degrees of more or less! 

Love without exceptions, then. Love as You are loved.  

REMEMBER the game you are here to play with us, Beloved, for it is the Grandest Game of LOVE that has ever been played anywhere before in your linear time.

REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. Banish the words “try” and “can’t” from your vocabulary, for when coming from your mouth, they are as words spoken by a giant who is “wasting time thinking” about lifting a feather.

REMEMBER that you are here as an alchemical master to integrate the all of your collective through the frequencies of compassion–to spin dark and light into gold. 

REMEMBER that you will bring that golden compassion into your entire universe as a result, and so make it anew.  

If you have forgotten, read again the messages we shared at your last summer solstice, “The Story of Your Light.” KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

REMEMBER, well and always, that you do not work alone. Believe in our LOVE for You! How could we ever leave you? 

We cherish and adore you. You were, are, and always will be our Beloved, in time without beginning or end.  And so it is.

We love you, too! Always, and in All Ways.—the celestial team



Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. http://www.thecelestialteam.com

4.1.12 Chill, Beloved! Remember Who You Are.

4/1/12 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We greet you with frequencies of  steadying warmth and recognition of all that you are.

Paradoxical, we know, that we chose the word “chill” in the title of our message, when we are actually sending you warmth, is it not? But not only does that colloquial use of your word “chill” amuse us very much, it actually contains the frequency of our meaning –far  more than your words “heat up” might, for example. And this is but a miniscule example of why we have been asking that you begin to tune into frequencies, rather than live according to old definitions  that only served to limit you!

In one of our very first messages, we told you that you would soon become as poets. Perhaps you are beginning to see why. Metaphor is actually a multi-dimensional form of communication, and far more reliable  in expressing frequencies succintly than your linear language of labels and facts ever could be! That is why we ask you NOW to let those old, archaic, forms of categorizing reality into illusionary “little boxes” go.

Forget all those “self-help books” you have read that have been written by “so-called experts,” for one thing! Unless they are simply documentations of ancient texts, they are not written by “experts,” but by those who are simply trying to control the anxiety they feel at facing the multi-dimensional unknown. They want to be “experts,” and to convince you of such, to put a lid on their own anxiety, and that is all.   Books that are written in your NOW become obsolete the moment they are written. That is truth.

And why, you ask? For one, because you are expanding SO fast that your idea of what seemed true only yesterday is already out of date today. NOW, books serve the purpose of documenting every moment in your fast-accelerating expansion for antiquity, so that they can be marveled at in terms of what you call your linear history.  That is all.

Beloved, we tell you this only to stress, as fully as we possibly can, the importance of trusting your own experience NOW. All of this “expert business,” whether it is wanting to be one or learn from one, has got to go! There are no more experts! You are all “off the map” of anything you have known before. You are all navigating new territory together.  NO ONE has ever been there before.

Therefore, do not look to books, or the media, or anywhere but WITHIN YOU for your “expertise.” Do not– as your Hopi Elders have already offered wise cousel of–do not look outside yourself for a leader. Each one am0ng you is unique, and with something to offer to the whole of your collective that none other can. Everything you need to know, all of your discernment, all of your personal guidance, now lies WITHIN YOU, and there alone. TRUST that, Beloved.

We know that we have spoken much of this in our prior messages (according to your linear time), but we reiterate it once again for those who may not have read them, and for all who need to have their awarenesses refreshed.  It is MOST important that you trust your divinity, your sovereign authority, and your holographic nature, NOW.

Changes and shifts are occurring constantly. Much that has been “clogging your multi-dimensional capacities” is coming up for your attention now. Many of you feel tired, or overwhelmed, by the process. The process is called many things–“purification,” “cleansing,”and  “root chakra clearing,” are among the labels. All are valid terms, depending on one’s perception. The point we wish to make, however, is that none of them are complete. They are all only one perspective of a process that is multi-dimensional, and the Source of that is WITHIN you.

Our concern, you see,  is that you might take any one of those definitions and “think” that it means you are not “ready yet”  to actualize your heart’s desire. NOTHING could be further from the truth, Beloved. Please take that in. You ARE ready. You ALWAYS have been ready.  This is a process of clearing out all illusions otherwise, and nothing more. Please note the difference. It is important.

All you need do is begin to experience your life through your heart center, and connected with Source. Your expansion will then take care of itself. You are already “hard-wired” for that. There is nothing you need to “work at,” nothing you need “to do.”  When you read our messages through your heart, our frequencies will assist you in activating your “multi-dimensional heart connection.” That is our main purpose in transmitting the messages.  If you who are reading this do not yet know know how to do this, please re-read our messages. Or watch our viideos again. Or leave a comment on the page, asking for guidance. Or call our Judith, and she will guide you through her voice. We are here for YOU, and the reason is NOW.

Don’t be shy!  Let nothing stop you from reaching out for assistance, for the time you have longed to be on the planet to partake in is NOW! You deserve to feel ready, and you deserve whatever loving support it takes for you to feel that way. You are ALREADY a master. We KNOW you, remember?

The particular game you are here to play in this lifetime is in its final quarter. Many wanted to be here–YOU “got the ticket,” so to speak.  The whole universe is watching, and much cheering and hope is directed to YOU, and we mean personally. (All have their “favorites” in a game such as this, after all!) In this moment of your NOW, much is occuring, far more than the poor brain can fathom. We KNOW you don’t want to miss it, sitting on the sidelines, watching how others are playing.

Beloved. This is YOUR game. Do not miss it. This is the time to speak up, ask for support, connect with us, connect with others. You are NOT alone. PLEASE know that, and call on us. That is why we are here.

We love you. YOU are LOVE-ABLE.  Always, and in ALL Ways. –the celestial team



Copyright (c) 2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved www.thecelestialteam.com

1.1.12 A Brief Review of the State of the NOW, A Clarion Call, and “An Offer You Can’t Refuse!”

1/1/12 From Judith and the celestial team

I, Judith, started this message, prompted by the celestial team but requested to write on my own, several days ago. It was not until this moment that I finished it. Probably, a factor in the delay was my hesitancy in taking responsibility for delivering it in my own voice, rather than “in the name of the celestial team.” This was a big lesson for me in claiming my OWN sovereignty, which is a BIG DEAL right now, according to the celestial team, as well as innumerable other high frequency guides and messengers in contact with us now! Anyway, I started out very courageously, and I am happy to say that you will read my own strong voice in the first half or so of the message.

Then, the celestial team begins to weave in and out with me sometimes, and it was not because I needed them, but more because I had proven that I didn’t, and so they could then indulge themselves by joining me. (Maybe I passed a kind of test? It felt a bit like that, anyway!) Anyway, except for at the very end,  when their intervention becomes obvious, they did not want me to note “who was transmitting when,” be it me, the celestial team, or some collective among them that I recognized. Their reasons for this will either seem like opposing ones, or will seem “all of a piece” to you, depending on your own frequency: They wanted you to feel us as all the same, as well as to feel the nuances between us.” So, here we all go:

Every 26,000 years, planet Earth moves from the halfway point of a 52,000 year long cycle through which she, as a sentient being, experiences all aspects of polarity possible at her current level of expansion. In each half of the cycle, she explores and processes either the darker or the lighter gradations of experience that are currently available in her frequency octave. When the whole cycle is complete, she then expands into an even higher frequency range in order to begin the perceptual exploration/expansion process again. In this spiraling upward, Earth represents the unending creative energy of Source, Itself– exploring all, understanding all, and then returning all to the bosom of Unconditional Love.
(A brief note about Earth’s “sexuality:” Like us, our earth has both male and female energy. However, because humanity has not yet recreated a pronoun that signifies a sexually whole being, the pronoun “she” is most often used in accordance with our planet’s well-known nurturing “Gaia energy.”

On December 21, 2012 (12/21/12), Earth reaches the “crossing point” of the current 26,000 year period of experiencing and processing the darkest aspects of her third dimensional frequency, a powerful energetic alignment that will bring her the ability to catapult herself beyond it, and into a lighter, more loving, experience than ever before while embodied in planetary form. This time, however, not only is she emerging into a new 26,000 year cycle of light, but she is whole-heartedly participating in a transformation that is completely unprecedented in our universe!

This time, she is also moving into an entirely new dimension, and she is doing so while teaming with life that was born into a dimension she has already left behind. Never before has a collective AND a planet chosen to go through such a dimensional shift together as ONE. And, if those awarenesses aren’t enough to boggle your brain into awed silence, this one should do it very nicely:
The fifth dimensional frequency we are all heading into together is two full dimensions above the third dimensional one that we are leaving behind!

There is even more, so, please bear with me, now, if you’re starting to glaze over! Or even worse, if you feel yourself being pulled back into “programmed slavery mode”—thinking about tasks, errands, grocery lists, or whatever “shoulds” you still allow to hold you to the llusion of servitude—stand up! I mean, literally! STAND UP, IN YOUR PHYSICAL, SOVEREIGN, BODY, RIGHT NOW!!! Shake OFF the “SHOULDS,” for not a single one of them is more important than the act of shaking FREE of them!

Shake them right out of you, and really let yourself go and enjoy wiggling around like a complete goof–because WHO CARES? Who cares what ANYONE THINKS? Not YOU, certainly– unless you’re still a slave to the opinions of others. YOU aren’t, are you? If you are, at least KNOW it. And if not, really let go and enjoy shaking off those shoulds, once and for all! Why not even put some music on and dance them out of you? Your body will love you for it! Then, stretch your body—it feels SO good, doesn’t it? And while you’re at it, stretch your AWARENESS OUT of the old operating system of YOUR BRAIN as you do so!

BREATHE it out, too! Your ability to breathe is a beautiful conductor of not only air, but of all of your energy as well as your intentions. So breathe your awareness OUT of the endless treadmills of the third dimensional brain and INTO the multi-dimensional O.S of your heart, for YOU ARE SOVEREIGN THERE. Breathe yourself back down into the throne of your chair as you do so, too, and do not read another word until you are calmly settled in the palace of your heart, which is where you belong from now on!

This is about YOU, after all, and it is important, because it is all about your power and your freedom to choose. Only by ignoring your own freedom, and by deciding NOT to claim your sovereignty, do you give away your power over your past present, and future to others. This has ALWAYS been true. If YOU do not claim your OWN power to choose, then it is as if you leave it for whoever else might want it instead. Or, for those of you with a more legal bent, it is like giving “power of attorney” to someone else for all of your decisions.

With all the brouhaha on this planet about the “unalienable right” of freedom, with all of the wars in which multitudes have supposedly “died so that others could be free,” there is great mystification in our universe at why we earthlings do not simply CLAIM our freedom, our sovereignty, and be done with it. It certainly does not have to be fought for!
Unless one has given it away, of course, to set up a game in which to try and win it back… Or, unless one has been mind-controlled into a very twisted kind of self-destructive game that escapes their awareness…due to “power of attorney” and all…

Whatever you believe, now is a very good time to identify those beliefs consciously, for they are what you manifest reality with. This is particularly recommended now because, on 12.21.12, planet Earth and her human collective will be right in the center of the powerful energetic alignments that are assisting us in making out ascension into the fifth dimension. This could be called the “halfway point,” but a more powerful description would be the “tipping point.” Another common term for this moment is “zero point,” meaning, it is the furthest degree OUT of darkness, and the beginning of our swing into the light.

It is important to understand what is said in that last paragraph, and to keep its meaning always in perspective over the coming year. It does NOT say that December 21, 2012 is THE moment of our collective and planetary transformation! It does say that it is the most CHARGED moment in our process of transformation. The transformation will continue for years after that moment. To a great extent, however, the frequencies that each of us have reached, as well as that all of us hold as one, and hold at that moment, will influence the probable outcomes of our unfolding transformation from that moment on.

THIS is why it is a very good idea to keep this message in mind over the next eleven months and three weeks or so–because then you can create exactly the “tipping point into the new paradigm” that you CHOOSE for yourself! (Conversely, this would NOT be a wise time to loll around making choices by default, or giving “power of attorney” to ANY being besides yourself, if you catch our drift!) You have all of 2012 on your side, providing you with energy and support from all over your universe, to assist you in stepping into your divinity!

And of course, not everyone has to step into their divinity, if they still want to play around awhile longer. Not everyone has to go along. “Older versions” of the planet and the collective will still seem very real to those who still like things exactly as they are. This is where multi-dimensional information gets a little hard to explain, but “reality” is actually a matter of perspective, and perspective is entirely a creation of one’s energetic frequency. So, whatever one’s frequency, he/she will find him/herself on a version of what seems to be Earth that is frequency resonant. No expectation EVER goes unfulfilled. The universe ALWAYS matches your dreams.

What IS astoundingly wonderful is that the amount of us who DO want to go along keeps multiplying every day! Those of us who have been holding and spreading the light have created quite a powerful “ripple effect” of energy around the planet! As we share our Love/Light with others, they do so in turn, creating an ever-expanding series of ripples outward. Those who are least likely to feel it would be those situated in the frequencies most aligned with the third dimensional conditions of fear and polarity, and so also “furthest away” from us energetically–regardless of “distance” as we measure it spatially. And yet, even when touched ever so slightly by these Love/Light ripples, they want more!

And so, there are more and more of us choosing the higher frequencies of Love/Light, and since doing so is the actual definition of ascension, this means that those choosing to be part of this unprecedented planetary ascension are fast becoming the overwhelming majority. At the speed at which we are both accumulating and spreading Love/Light, it is no longer outside the range of probability that, by the date of 12/21/12, we may have gathered each one of the all of us into the arms of our ascension with us!  All we need remember is that the seemingly “unloving” lack only one thing, and that is LOVE–and we have an eternal and abundant source of that LOVE to shower upon and infuse them with!

Know, as well, that the universe is much gratified by and admiring of our progress, for we have exceeded all expectations with our capacity to love. Because of this, know that no other beings within it have ever been as powerfully, unanimously, supported as we are now, as we move to zero point. Know that our sun is constantly supplying us with perfectly timed packets of information about what is going on in our solar system and beyond. Know that we are being constantly informed and updated with the most relevant news for our expansion process. As well, our galactic center is constantly supplying us with packets of Light. (I’ve capitalized the word “Light” because, as you probably know by now, all natural Light is nothing less than LOVE and Divine Information combined. So it’s about time, isn’t it?)

Now we get at last to the “culminating point” of THIS message. The point is this:
WE ARE THE ONLY ONES who are in charge of our own ascension(s).
Not all the information, encouragement, or support in the multiverse can go through our ascension for us. Nor can we be “carried” into the fifth dimension, no matter how loved and adored we are by light beings who would love to do that for us—if they could.
One can only become a fifth dimensional being by BECOMING one. Remember what it was like to learn to ride a bike? Maybe you used training wheels, or someone held you up for awhile as you got the hang of it, but in the end, YOU were the one who had to learn the lessons, claim the mastery, and ride on your own. As the Hopi elders said years ago: WE ARE THE ONES WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR.

Of course, this is why the celestial team keeps begging you to “read them” through their frequencies. And if you are one of those who finds their constant requests that you do so annoying, I’ll be honest—I don’t think they’re going to stop, that’s for sure! So, if you are absolutely sure that reading frequencies is something that doesn’t interest you in the slightest, then you might as well save yourself further annoyance by getting off their list and facing your choice right now. And believe me, I understand! It can seem like a big leap, at first, off of the treadmills of the old paradigm and into the heart-felt expansion of the new paradigm of being. And both the choice to do so and the leap itself, are entirely ours, alone, to make.

We are SOVEREIGN. We can pretend that we are not, but sovereign we still will be. We can prefer to see ourselves as manipulated by circumstances, or by others, in order to avoid facing the responsibility of being sovereign, but the responsibility of authority will STILL be ours. We can hope to be carried, or coddled, into the fifth dimension, but that isn’t going to happen. We are here as MASTERS, and only through remembering and claiming our mastery will we re-ascend. (By the way: We already KNOW we can do it. So does the universe. That’s why we’re here.) So, if one wishes to identify oneself, with integrity, as part of the ascension, then claiming one’s Sovereign Authority is an integrative focal point for every moment of every NOW of 2012.

But there ARE roadmaps! It is true that you must commit to the journey without exceptions or conditions. But once you do, you are NEVER alone! As you raise your own frequencies, so much appears around you to support you and to increase your resonance! There IS guidance! There ARE energy activations! And encoded information! And LOVE!

The celestial team MOST eagerly wants me to mention now that the most recent series of Love/Light Videos, “Navigating Into a New Paradigm of Being,” parts 1-3, shared much information, encoded and otherwise, about the three most powerful and critically important “ripples in the outward/upward expansion process.” They want me to sum them up briefly in linear terms here, and I’m having trouble. To do so seems to strip the videos’ multidimensional energies of their richness. It makes me cry…

All right, beloved! The three ripples in your ascension process are:
1. Self-love
2. Sovereign Authority
3. Interconnectedness with All

Hopefully, their relationship with one another is clear, as well as their interdependency. If not, if you focus on the words with your heart center–and do so “whole-heartedly,” of course–your higher self may bring you to a very rapid sense of “knowing” all about it without any need for explanations at all. That is exactly the way of “knowing” in the new paradigm.

If you choose not to focus “whole-heartedly” on the frequencies of the words, NOTICE that. If you feel that you cannot, notice THAT as well. Both of these are indicative of a lack of SELF-LOVE. And, of course we will explain once more the importance of, as well as the relationship between, these “three ripples:
1. It is only Self-Love, in spite of all past mistakes, all seeming failings, and all judgments from either self or others, that can breed compassion.
2. Only Self-Love can awaken the self-worth required to claim one’s Sovereign Authority.
3. Only with Sovereign Authority can one enter into Inter-Connectedness With All without losing the integrity of one’s individuality, and with the absolute power that supports unconditional compassion.

There you have it! Every moment of every day, Self-Love, Sovereign Authority, and Interconnectedness With All will be the interdependent ripples that lead to the Love/Light of the fifth dimension. Only your own conscious choices can lead you there. However, once you have claimed that choice as your own, with full responsibility and intention, then all the help you need is there for you as YOU go through the process!

Which brings us to the last phrase of our opening greeting, and one that we had much fun paraphrasing: “an offer you can’t refuse!” It is perfect that this phrase came to all of us with great joy (there are quite a LOT of us, remember!), and for a myriad of reasons, at this particular moment, for this particular communication! “An offer you can’t refuse” resonates through you from the surface appreciation of your “The Godfather” film series, does it not? Yes indeed, and down into further depths than you could even imagine, much like a lightning rod. What is there is ancient; your so-called “mafia” is just an external twig. Yes indeed. So, it is a very powerful phrase, and all of the convoluted meanings therein amused us very much.

So here is the NEW PARADIGM version of the offer you can’t refuse! It is in no way a threatening “persuasion,” for one thing. Nor is it the diluted version that has been used on you several times a day, every day of your life, for millennium, either, as a kind of “cattle prod.” Hopefully, your consciousness is already high enough to recognize the methods we speak of easily, and without feeling activated by our mention of them in any way. If so, celebrate that! We do! It has taken much effort on the spiral homeward for you to get to that plateau of freedom!

The NEW PARADIGM version: We are here for you who still doubts yourself. We are here for you who needs proof of your value and worth. We are here for you who cannot yet feel compassion for yourself. We are here to show you OUR view of your sovereign authority. If our written Love/Light Messages, and now our Love/Light Videos, are not enough, then we, the celestial team, wish that you reach out to connect with us directly through Judith.

We will “work” with you, as you say, although it is hardly work!
And what do we “charge?” Nothing, of course! We do not “exact payment from others” for that which costs us nothing but joy to give! Nor does our Judith from this moment on! Nor should any of YOU do that to one another, from this moment on, either. Hear us, please, in that.

Do you know what it MEANS to ask for payment for your abilities and gifts? Do you know the position of servitude you place yourself in, when you do so? Likewise, do you know the position you create for yourself when you try to get much from others and give as little as possible in return? Ah! Beloved! Such behavior is NOT smart, let alone loving (and those words are synonyms where you wish to go, by the way). We wish to ease you out of THAT dark corridor as quickly as possible. None of you should ever, ever, be for sale. None of you should ever, ever, pay for one another! You are all FREE!

You call our Judith to speak with us, and you offer our Judith what you can in return—not as payment, but in gratitude! In celebration! In love, as a way of communing! Knowing that whatever you invest in yourself grows a thousand-fold. Knowing that whatever you give to another will not be judged but valued. In this way do you begin to take care of one another, and to trust one another again. In this way do you all step into welcoming the abundance that has ALWAYS been your sovereign right.

This is Judith again. I honor those words. I believe in them, and they make me SO happy. It feels like the perfect way to begin 2012—throwing out all fear, all doubt. And just stepping up to give, connect, trust one another, and receive. I so look forward to hearing from you, communing with you, and creating with you.

Happy and Triumphant 2012 to us all!
Much, much Love/Light to YOU!
Always and in All Ways— Judith and the celestial team

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