Autopilot From the HEART


Judith here. Everything has changed. Fast. How do humans deal with sudden, radical, paradigm shift? Not very well, from my personal perspective. We don’t know what to DO! We don’t know HOW! We’ve never done it before.

Thank our lucky stars (billions of them) that the universe has our backs (all six billion of them). It’s no accident that four planets in our solar system have slowed to give us some slack right NOW… to give us pause, see the details, go inside and find our way.

Which is exactly what I did this morning, because I can’t think my way through this loss of my old moorings and this morphing of my old identity! What we think is only based on what we know so far, and will only keep us going retrograde… over and over again.

Fortunately the answers ARE inside. We have access to the whole cosmos within us and everything we need to know. This morning, I found out exactly what to do while our planets are retrograding FOR us, and so I’m passing the message on to you.

Greetings, Beloved!

You are used to running your brain on autopilot. NOW, let yourSelf run on autopilot FROM THE HEART.

You are going through a major overhaul. All of your stories are obsolete and therefore inaccurate.

Put the thinking to sleep. Sing your brain a lullaby. Then drift from your heart. That is where the NEW templates are.

Like a skywriter, as you drift You manifest the NEW design. Like connecting the dots.     

Dream on, Beloved! Dream your future into form!

How we love You. Always and in All Ways– the celestial team



Ever since the celestial team asked me (earth member Judith) to create this website, their purpose has never wavered– to connect with YOU, as well as provide you with the resources you need to assist you with your frequency-raising transformation into living as the Sovereign Being of Frequency you truly are. To begin to live by FREQUENCY is the cornerstone they began with, and since that was way back in 2011, there is an enormous amount of invaluable information that has accrued here! Whatever you need… from tapping into your galactic history, to nourishment for your human soul, to energetic recalibration as you switch operating systems to your multidimensional heart center, to 24/7 tech support as you activate your exquisite internal technology as a Master Reality Creator

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Good News From The Cutting Edge


Judith here, sharing good news from within what seems like the opposite to many of us celestial humans at the moment. This is certainly true from a global perspective. Don’t forget, what we see is also within us!

Which is exactly why the celestial team wants me (who’s in this with you) to share the good news–

We celestial humans projected onto planet earth are on the cutting edge of discovering that old paradigm perceptions of isolation and enslavement are illusionary and nothing more.

As in, the very concepts of isolation or enslavement are unfamiliar on the other side of this edge! Can you imagine? Have you already had a glimmer or two of what that is like?

“Surreal” may be a word that applies to experiencing a NEW “reality” emerging from within an old one. “Bleed-through” is another word for overlapping “realities.” Whatever you call it, get used to it, I say! And enjoy it.

And congratulate yourself. You’re outgrowing (growing OUT of) the confinement of third dimensional linear perception…”tunnel vision.” You’re emerging from the tunnel!

Some of you might feel a whole lot of RELIEF to hear that. Others, maybe even more than relief… maybe even the big AHA that will carry you right over the edge of isolation into Unity awareness. Who knows? Only you, of course. Our journeys are each so specialized! Or so we “think”…

No matter where you are in your journey, you are on your way into a perceptual paradigm shift right along with the rest of us. Maybe if I give an example of something the celestial team and I are currently doing to assist in bringing this perceptual shift into awareness, it will be useful–

We (me and the team) have begun to intentionally give “generic” titles to our web-in-ares. The definition of “generic” is “including or indicating an entire group.” In the old paradigm of isolation, you might therefore assume that a web-in-are with a “generic” title wouldn’t directly address your own particular unique and specific problems. Right? NO. NOT ANYMORE.

The opposite is true. I’m going to say this very concisely, frequency-wise, so please take it in (don’t skim over the next sentence, in other words)–

Each of us expresses one thing in a myriad of original ways, and ALL of our ways enrich it’s expression.

Get it? No matter how “different” your current need, heartbreak, and/or longing seems from another’s, it is NOT.

Does that mean you are not unique? NO. It does NOT. It means that you are. It means that you a unique expression of one whole, and therefore necessary to the whole… it means that at the core of you is a spark of the same Source that is the spark in all of us… it means that nobody can express our spark as YOU can.

Whether it be through a manifested circumstance, health issue, financial concern, or a relational dynamic (ALL of them are relational, actually), you illuminate a shared spark of longing, and your expression of it enriches and comforts the all of us. The gift of attending a “generically titled” web-in-are is that we get to find this out together.

Wherever you gather, with whomever you share your own heartbreaks, fears, and longings, I/we encourage you to find that out together, too, in the coming days. Because you CAN.

Because we are aspects of one another, and Source rejoices in our highly creative individual expressions of longing… the longing to feel whole together again.

So there’s the news. It’s big. GODSPEED.

*** ❤ ***

What’s NEW– The recording from April 8th’s COALESCENCE!
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The Cutting Edge

Hello, Beloved. Your saying “You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink” could not be more appropo NOW. DRINK, Beloved! DRINK!
How we love You! Always and in All Ways– thecelestialteam

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


First of all, I have no idea why I’m calling this post “The Cutting Edge.” I’ll find out as I go, though, just as you will as you read. Or maybe we won’t. Maybe we won’t know why until we find out experientially. That happens too, and in my case, more and more.
Maybe that’s part of what “the cutting edge” means. Zero point. The event horizon.  When everything that was is no more. When everything that IS is NEW.

What I do know is that I’m here to share more bounty with you. Ahhh… “cutting edge bounty.” THAT I understand. As you may know, I presented another web-in-are on Saturday, April 1st– What Is UP? There’s MORE! It was actually a continuation of March 26th’s What Is UP? The Schumann Resonance Web-In-Are… a spontaneous unfolding that occurred within the web-in-are, itself. (More about that here.)

One of the attendees of…

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