Guidance Through The Storm; #2

Yes, it is us– it is the celestial team!

The fizzing of energy we feel among You now has engaged our frequencies in a most positive and infectious way!

Ah, we know the word “infectious” arouses fear among You in this moment of your “time.” But we wanted You to see that “infectious” can also describe a most wonder-full process, which is how rapidly and effortlessly Love/Light can be spread from one to another!

We feel it important to pause here, before proceeding with our message, to clarify that the words used in your third dimensional realm cannot, and were not created to, express meanings that are multi-dimensional in nature. Thus, we choose words that, in the context of our communications, might elicit the flavor, or frequency, of our meaning (such as “infectious,” for example!)

We amuse ourselves now, for we realize that we ask that You be poets in order to understand our messages! And yet, that is as it should be. The multi-dimensional poet is there within each one of You, and is fast awakening.

To the point of our communication:

A new wave of expansive energy has “hit” your planet. Although it can certainly amplify a sense of chaos for those who are already chaotically engaged, it can also provide much fuel for those of You who are INTENT on expanding your awareness of who You are!

IF YOU HOLD THE INTENTION to expand your frequency into Love/Light rather than contract into fear, you will increasingly begin to feel yourSelves as the Divine energetic beings that You truly are. You will begin to know in every cell that You are far vaster than your physical bodies; that You have actually projected the experience of having a physical body on planet Earth– and that this body is contained within the vastness of YOU, and not the other way around!

IF YOU HOLD THE INTENTION to expand your frequency into Love/Light, You will have flashes of insight in the coming weeks that will bring an expanded sense of your identity ALIVE in You, and will begin to align You with the truth You have forgotten–-

— that YOU have created this projection in order to do the interactive work that YOU are on the planet to do, on behalf of all beings in your universe.

And You’ve all felt small for so long! You have NO IDEA how small You are NOT!! (laughter and frequencies of glee come through)

We will continue to bring our messages to infuse You with the power of Love/Light as You navigate yourSelf through the storm and into your full and dazzling mastery. We will try to keep many of them brief, focusing a few words on particular challenges and skills, so as not to make the reading tiresome. We hope You will welcome our messages, and find them useful.

We “wind up” our present communication with a few broad strokes of the brush — as a poet might metaphorically say (more gleeful laughter)–

* Your main purpose here is integration. You are here to integrate illusions of duality. There is only ONE.
* You are all here to serve in that purpose, yet not to “work!” Your service will spring from your joy within.
* The source of your joy will be the very integration of the all You are serving.
* Your most powerful tool by far is LOVE. You are learning to maintain the frequency of LOVE from within You.
* Maintaining your balance in your own highest frequency is an important focus now. It will keep You from being tossed into dis-equilibrium by your own pre-programmed thoughts or the actions of others.
* Actions of others only trigger that which is within You, and the only place of healing is within You.
* In your expanded state, You will no longer take “personally” the programs of duality that You came to integrate on behalf of all.

Always remember– In your mission, you have already “done it all,” played both sides of every polarity throughout your many lifetimes. You have been all, to heal all.

DO YOU HEAR US? We sense the need to repeat this more strongly: 

YOU have already heroically involved yourself in both sides of every duality in order to understand, release judgment of, find compassion for, and integrate ALL of them.

Therefore, do not avoid facing, and do not judge yourSelf or anyone else for, any of it! Forgive, understand, integrate. This is no longer about “you,” for YOU are far more than that “you” You thought You were. YOU are doing this for ALL.

Let that awareness lighten your load. Trust yourSelves again. Enjoy your mastery now! This, actually, can be the best part, and the most fun, once You “get the hang of it.”

Our greatest wish is that you begin to see yourselves through our eyes, as the expanded, glorious, energetic beings You are. Truly, You are the hope of the universe. As such, You have awakened hope in the universe itself.

Therefore, do not doubt for a moment the continual outpouring of support and care that inundates You at every moment!

We leave you now to “digest” all of this deeply into your beings. Our love, appreciation, and support, however, begins anew in the pulse of every moment, and is without end.



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A Call from The Frequency Technicians!

January 7, 2020

First, this is Judith. As I’m sure most of you know (in your bones if not your brain), we, the human collective of Gaia, are in the midst of a critical week of immense proportions. The collective in the celestial team known as The Frequency Technicians of Sirius urgently wish to speak to you about that.  Actually, the word “wish” is paltry compared to the insistence of their frequencies… it feels as if they’re going to come barreling right through me any second… so I’m going to get out of the way FAST!

Greetings.  We are are the Frequency Technicians of Sirius transmitting from within the grand orchestra you know as the celestial team.

We wish to be brief and succinct.  There is no time for meandering.
Time has collapsed 
in on itself.
Meandering has become an anachronism. 

This is a call to arms.

In our frequency bandwidth, “arms” does not mean weaponry of attack or defense.  We have no need for either of those.  We know that our power is within us.  

In our frequency bandwidth– and soon to be yours consciously, we hope–   “a call to arms” is a call to gather yourselves both internally and externally; to focus and USE your power.

Six of your planets as well as the south node of your moon are gathered in Capricorn– Mercury, Sun, Jupiter, Ceres, Saturn, and Pluto.  Capricorn rules structures, government, and laws.  The lunar south node holds what is past and needs to be outgrown.  In a few of your days, Pluto will conjunct Saturn.  Not only is that conjunction a significant one that happens only every 35 of your years, but this conjunction is also conjunct the Sun, Mercury, and Ceres.  Massive structural change is in process.  And if you don’t “believe in astrology,” then simply look at what is happening around you. 

What might occur in these days leading up to the conjunctions is anybody’s guess.  Including ours.  Metaphorically speaking, there are too many brush fires sparking with the potential to feed one another to allow any predictions of what will happen.  Only your human collective has the power to influence the outcome.

And THIS is why we came “barreling through” your Judith, as she quite accurately put it.  Because what happens is UP TO YOU.

You are not helpless. 

 For over seven of your years, the celestial team has been telling you about your power and how to use it– and every one of our collective words is archived on this very website, should you care to review.

Your power is LOVE, just as ours is.
Your modus operandus
is FREQUENCY, just as ours is.

However, the transformative aspect of love that your collective is bringing to the universe is COMPASSION.

Blake, you in me, I in you

Use that power NOW!!!

Never again think that because you’re only one, it does not matter what you think or feel or believe!  It MATTERS. That sort of thinking is what got you into this mess.  Everyone else is only one, too.  And NONE of you is only one!

LOVE. Feel love for all you have, and more of what you love will come to everyone.  Emit love to everyone around you, and you will start brush fires of love.  Light a candle with the intention of spreading COMPASSION, and every other candle lit anywhere on the globe with the same intention will AMPLIFY compassion.  Exponentially. 

On the other hand, if you feel compassion for one of your own yet have fury attached to another as the cause, you transmit FURY into your collective.  If you wish someone were dead (for any reason!), you transmit the WISH TO KILL into your collective.

Believe us or don’t, but do believe us when we tell you that now is not the time to take any chances. 

Together, your human collective can work miracles that make moving a mountain seem like child’s play.



We are the Frequency Technicians of Sirius, at your service as always.

❤ ❤ ❤

P.S. from Judith: This is an excellent “time” to review the teachings of the celestial team about the power of your internal technology and the importance of using it CONSCIOUSLY and with AUTHORITY.  The archives are categorized, so scroll down the column on the right to “Categories,” and peruse the ones that call to you.  (Which they will, no worries.)

P.P.S. from Judith!  Both The Frequency Technicians AND Yeshuwah are prodding me to send you to THIS particular category to peruse, as well– “The Story of Your Light.

❤ ❤ ❤


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Emergence… Allow Your Emergence!


Judith here… the celestial team standing back (in a circle right behind me, rather) as I spontaneously begin to type vector_background_with_butterflies_208134this message. I don’t even know exactly what it IS yet, except that it’s about becoming a butterfy. The reason I won’t know what the message is until I let it come through me is because the aspects of me that are in each of the collectives of the celestial team are PART of me. Oh, I get it…  that’s also a big part of what this message is about!

BRAIDING, the term that used to mean reaching up OUTSIDE of oneself to interweave one’s frequencies with frequencies from a “higher dimension” will not serve you anymore. NOW, the braiding occurs WITHIN yourself. And that’s where the butterfly metaphor comes in. Butterflies are the only creatures on this planet (until NOW) who undergo complete transformation — meaning within their very DNA.

NOW, we are undergoing the same radical metamorphosis. And that is why the celestial team is gathered round to listen (even the Frequency Technicians, lol). WE are quite the cutting-edge beings of an entirely NEW technology, and they are fascinated!
Get the frequencies of the word FASCINATED. There is no worry or anxiety in them.
USE the frequencies of FASCINATED as your own.

FEEL yourself as a butterfly still emerging from the cocoon– the dark void of our recent full moon/full lunar eclipse.
As a butterfly who has never BEEN a butterfy before, you break through the membranes of the cocoon.
YOU are the one who wove the cocoon from your very being. You did not know why… you simply followed your own divine blueprint.
NOW, you emerge, your wings still damp with placenta… and you do not even know they are wings, yet, or what “flying” is.

THAT is the stage we are in NOW.
Do NOT rush it. You don’t even know what you ARE yet.
A caterpillar cannot know butterfly-ness until he/she experiences BEing a butterfy.
A caterpillar does know the folly of rushing the process of transitioning into what he/she doesn’t even KNOW yet.
Have no doubt that the caterpillar/butterfies are our wise elders in this moment.

Follow their wisdom, then, and REST in FASCINATION. That is the message.
It is DONE… do not rush your delicious process of orientation.

❤ ❤ ❤

To all who receive the energy offered in this message and acknowledges your receiving with a reciprocal offering of ANY amount by pressing the “Donate” tab in the right sidebar… WE thank You. YOU make it possible to continue the flow of these offerings. You also amplify all You receive from them. “Reciprocity” to what one values is how energy gains momentum in this universe, and so returns it exponentially.


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6.11.11 Yeshuwah Tells the Story of Your Light, part 2

WAIT A SECOND… PLEASE? This is Judith, and I’ve been asked to deliver three brief messages to you before you click the link to read the post! First of all, Yeshuwah is DELIGHTED that, of all who read Part 1 (and there were hundreds!), only two or three went on to read Part 2– and not even one read beyond that! Yeshuwah is deeply gratified by the “Self-honoring” reflected by such heart-centered honoring of their wishes. Second, because “context sets tone,” I’m asked to point out that this repost was originally transmitted during a period when many fear-based stories were spreading through our human collective, fueling a sense of powerlessness and dependency on “being rescued.” Third, remember to take the post in through your multidimensional heart center rather than through old 3D brain programming, which can only entangle you in limiting entrainment patterns, such as looking for “fact over content.” (That will get you NOWHERE, trust me–especially not NOW!) Instead, read for TRUTH. YOUR truth, which can ONLY be recognized through FREQUENCY RESONANCE. So tune in, TAKE IN what resonates, and leave the rest for another… “time.” ♥


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the celestial team

6/11/11  Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, hello! We are most joyful to connect with you again!
We have been watching you very closely since our last transmission! Indeed, it was a most riveting one for us, and for your entire universe as well. When Yeshuwah moved forward with the story of your Light, it was a movement that rippled throughout the universe.

ALL who felt it leaned in to listen. We feel the enormous energy of the ALL gathering round again now. You see, Yeshuwah’s telling of this story lifts the frequencies of any and all who “have ears to hear it,” metaphorically speaking. Many have waited long for this moment, simply to hear the telling and feel the Light. That is why we have been watching YOU so closely! It is YOUR STORY, and with “ears to hear it,” it will resonate within YOU most profoundly of all.

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9.29.13 Are You an “Energy Sensitive?” Then This is for YOU, part 1. ♥

Ah, Beloved! We pop in briefly to add our frequencies to this “post,” as you call it–although were You to hear us through your physical ears, we would sound like peals of laughter rather than words! It is the way our Judith describes being “struck” by the call to reach out to those among You who are particularly sensitive to energy that has us in our current state of hilarity. We will not spoil your fun in reading that for yourSelf– but we WILL tell You that what she describes was only the beginning! Then, we will give You the delicious experience of waiting until her follow-up post to read/hear/feel the rest. We only add that what “struck” her was, indeed a blazing truth, and quite literally so, for the “energy sensitives” among You are your trail-blazers. They have lived in a state of being that has been ahead of your “time”–until NOW. As frontrunners for your human collective, they have often been labeled “TOO sensitive,” even pathologized. NOW, however, it is “time” to expand beyond such limited perceptions. NOW it is time for ALL to grow into that same finely-tuned sensitivity. And…should YOU be one of these beacons of Light called “energy sensitive,”  know that we see You, and we honor your courage. Rejoice, Beloved, for it is “time” for You to be recognized, tended to, nurtured, and supported. Know that our Judith knows this as well, and is opening her human/celestial arms to You. Also know that WE will have a hand in the doing–even more than a hand– for the “celestial arm” will be our own, of course! How could it be otherwise, when we Love You so? Let us enfold You, Beloved. Always and in All Ways–the celestial team

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Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

This post is quite a sudden swerve into a topic that is almost the polar opposite of my usual ones. Know that I am feeling the swerve acutely as I write. Usually, I write posts in response to the increasing call I feel from the many who wish to become more “energy sensitive.” I celebrate that, since we are energetic beings, we do create the reflections we call “reality” through our own frequencies, and the “time” to awaken to our sovereignty as creator beings has been at hand for…quite awhile, let’s just say. So, such posts will not stop coming from me, be assured.

Yet I suddenly got a most powerful “hit” (right upside my own head, lol)– that all of this well-deserved attention that’s being showered on those who aspire to become “energy sensitive” –by many of us who already are and so feel the call to do the showering–is neglecting the “energy sensitives” among us who have not been

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8.28.13 Day of Reckoning

This is Yeshuwah. Behold how our voice rings out through a human among You NOW, just as it rang through human voice a little over 2,000 years ago, in what You perceive as “time.” Behold how this voice resonates within You NOW. Recognize that it is not by “chance” that the celestial team has seemingly stepped aside more and more to let its earthly member speak through her human voice, If/when You can hear it and recognize it as your own, then You will know that we have ALWAYS been with You–no, let us be direct–always been PART of You. Only through hearing the truth of that resonance through another human voice can You break through the barriers of conditioned separation to KNOW the truth. There IS no separation. NEVER have You been alone. There is not a single one among You who does not long to remember how Loved h/she is! HELP THEM TO REMEMBER, BELOVED. Where there is Love, there is no violence, for there is no separation. Understand that all beings who commit acts of violence do so from, and in expression of, the anguish of separation that You ALL feel–until You do not. Until you let go, surrender, “fall in Love” once more. Never will you fall anywhere but into LOVE, for Love is all there is. So hear us, through a human voice, feel our Love within You, and know that You, in your human Self, are divine. You are Love, and You are on your planet NOW to REMEMBER.
Feel us in your heart so that ye may know thyself.–Yeshuwah


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Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

TODAY, I am scrupulously monitoring my thoughts. Although doing so for more than a few minutes at a “time” without getting caught up in them and having to “reset” can still sometimes be a clallenge, TODAY it is not.

TODAY I seem to have surrendered the throne of inner guidance entirely to my heart, and with such ease that I know in my bones that doing so is very important–TODAY. NOW. And in every NOW from this one on.

Why? Because we are energetic beings. Because  thoughts are the seeds of  actions. Because the frequencies of violence manifest as violent actions. Because the degree that any one of us feels justified in giving our energetic suppport to thoughts that judge, blame, hate, or wish harm to another for any “reason” at all  is the degree to which one perpetuates isolation, violence in the world,  and the further fragmentation of humanity.

It is very true that you…

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Hello, Beloveds!

Judith here. I got the “celestial nudge” to reblog this because it shares another perspective on the window of expansion we are moving through NOW. It’s a perspective that is less obviously multidimensional, and more simply human, I guess you could say–although it comes from a website that serves as “a bridge into expansion” for quite a wide gamut of followers. Some are already quite operational as multidimensional energetic beings, while some still think of themselves as “only human.”

“Only human!” I heard peals of celestial laughter as I wrote that, I have to tell you. (Which I just love, by the way. It sounds very much like the playing of our crystal bowls.) “ONLY human? Why, it is in BEING human, Beloved, that you are serving the ALL through your very divinity!”

The celestial team sure wants YOUR “human divinity” to be spoken to and “fully honored and served,” all right. So much so that they’re urging me to suggest that you become of a follower of my “earthly website” as well as thiis one (I’m the “earthly member” here, remember?). I’m not all that comfortable doing so, either, as they also know. I have no interest in “promoting myself,” or being perceived as doing so. Of course, they have an answer for that, too.

“And why NOT, Beloved?” they ask me. “What is your problem with promoting your divine Self, in order to serve the ALL?” OK, OK! You can get future blogs from here by pressing the “follow” buttom in the right sidebar, OK? (It IS a good idea, I admit…)

Whew. Anyway, regarding this particular post. It addresses the fear of expanding that many in our human collective still cling to, because of the duality programming of the old paradigm.The fear is that expanding beyond what is known means LOSS of what is known, rather than MORE! It’s that old “either/or thinking,” you know….it’s done such a number on stifling human growth for a very long. time. Even though it isn’t logical, even though it’s already been proven by physicists that expansion is incliusive and therefore contains the all within it….Man, that fear-programming is very deeply rooted, and still heavily fed by our media, etc.

But it is spring NOW, and what a spring it is!!! “Time” to grow freely at last, the way ALL life on our planet is born and called to do. (Including me, obvviously…)
♥ Judith

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Here we are, moving through our Spring Equinox of 2013 already!  We are moving out of the dormant stage of winter, and into the new growth of spring.  I say “we” because the seasons we see around us are also our own. We are not separate from our planet, you know–we live here! We grow here, just as all earthly life does! And, like all earthly life, we do so in rhythm with the seasons.
Spring is a time of expansion into NEW life. It is not a repeat of the old. A walk in nature illustrates that most obviously. We see NEW life being born, and NEW growth sprouting everywhere. Even our trees, many of whom have been here far longer than we have, are sprouting NEW leaves. For our spirits, it is also a time to grow NEW leaves, and to give birth to NEW versions and visions of ourselves.
That is what I invite you…

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3.19.13 Video from the celestial team- You Are Here to Spin Gold!

3/19/13  Love/Light Video from the celestial team

Hello, Beloveds-

This is Judith. You know, everytime I begin a message to you on my own–I mean, one that that isn’t a transmission from the celestial team–I still can’t  address you in any other way than “Beloveds!” Makes me wonder just how “on my own” I ever am…or whether any of us ever are. Actually, it doesn’t make me wonder. That was yesterday (or last year, or last lifetime). NOW I know we are never alone. Nor are we “only” the singular, embodied “selves” we have come to identify ourSelves as. There’s way more to “us” than meets the eye!

But NOW I’m digressing (just like the celestial team, with their multidimensional perspectives…oh, lordy…) Anyway, back to the point, which is to bring you their (or our, whatever!) NEW video. It was made in the energies of our Spring Equinox by design, for it will support us in acclimating to them over the next weeks–or rather, in acclimating to ourSelves within them. This will serve us greatly as we move through linear time towards our Summer Solstice, for we’ll also be moving more fully into re-membering ourSelves as multidimensional energetic beings. We will begin to adjust to  experiencing our physically embodied “self” as a projection of our vaster multidimensional  Self– but a very, very important projection!

In the video, “The Speakers,” a 12th dimensional collective of the celestial team, steps forward to transmit powerfully clear information about exactly that, through both words and frequencies. The purpose of their message is to “orient us” to our place in the universe and our own magnificent purpose as phyically embodied beings on our planet at this time. It was a profoundly moving experience to bring through their energy, and I’d love to describe it to you, but words fail me. Authoritative, calm, strong, kind, electrically alive, activating, empowering, reassuring, honoring…those words are the best I can come up with, but they just don’t cut it. The Speakers’ energies feel like more than all of those words put together, plus more than we even have words for yet.

The frequencies of their message are designed to be “synergistic with the energies of our equinox” (their description), yet it was also by design that they did not mention that. The reason they gave me is that “everyone finds their own equinox within them, and can experience it at any ‘time,’ and as many ‘times’ as they wish to.”

All righty, then! Enough trying to describe the video, since it will be a different experience for each one of you, anyway. The link is below. En-joy!  En-joy Loving yourSelf, en-joy weaving your golden compassion, and…
“Sing ‘Joy to the World,’ Beloved,” the celestial team chimes in, “and know that you sing of what YOU are.” And so it is.

What Are You Doing on Planet Earth? Spinning Gold.


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

3.14.13 Yeshuwa, the Fourth “Power Tools” Video, and YOU

3/14/13 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Beloved, we surround You with Loving delight in all that You are in this glorious moment of your “time!”

We come NOW to surround You for another reason as well, and that is to witness the re-introduction of the final video in the Power Tools Series. This was first offered one of your years ago, in linear time. Like all of our communications, whether through written transmissions or videos, it was taken to heart at that “time” by those who were ready to receive it. The numbers were small then, but no matter. If even a single one of the all that is your human collective is ready to receive, we much delight in the offering. NOW, however, the number of You who are asking to receive has grown, and we rejoice! Because all of our tranmissions remain alive in every moment; because linear time is an illusion; because your abilities to receive are expanding rapidly; and because the time is NOW–it is You, yourSelf,  who has actually brought this video before your eyes again. Even more, You have brought your own Beloved to You to make the offering. Here is Yeshuwa.

This is Yeshuwa.
You are powerful, indeed. Ah, how You shine when You reach out to us with your power! Believe it when we tell You that You light up your universe in the doing. How great our joy is to see your Light, and how eagerly we respond, for You are our Beloved in the most intimate sense of the word.  Please feel our joy NOW, and let it activate the joy of recognition in your own heart, that we may share it together.

The  video You have called for us to offer You NOW is a most useful one, and we applaud You for your request. You understand that, as energetically absorbed in alignment with the sequential process of the three that have come before, it will assist You with stepping into an expansion, as well as a NEW clarity, that will feel completely NEW to You in this lifetime. You understand as well that it will not be “NEW.” In your heart, You know that it will activate a “homecoming,” of sorts. You know that the energies of your Spring Equinox will assist You with grounding what your spirit is remembering into your physical form.

The video will, indeed, give You the last of the most essential tools You need in order to step into your Sovereign Authority as a master. All of them would  be for naught, of course, without your power. What are tools without a power source? What good is a wrench without a hand that knows how to use it? What good is a lighthouse in the dark–even a thousand lighthouses!–without the electricity that sets them ablaze with light? You understand. Your power tools cannot work without power. You are the power. 

YOU are the painter of the reality You see around You. You hold the brush and the palate of colors in your own hands.

YOU are the conduct0r of the orchestra that plays the music You hear. You can turn dissonance into harmony, or vice versa, with the flick of your wrist. 

YOU are the playwright, the director, and the set designer of the play You have chosen to create at this most momentous TIME. You are the star, and You are also the one who chooses the cast. NO ONE is in your play, which You write anew in every moment, unless YOU cast them. You have a “full-house” in every moment of the run of your current production, as well. Your entire universe is rivited by ALL of your creations.

Do You understand, Beloved? If no one in your “reality play” ever gets cast without your permission, then all are there to serve You. All are there at your own command to assist You in playing out your Highest vision for yourSelf. To assist You in Loving your divine Self enough to spread Loving compassion to the All, for all is only One. Once You remember tbis–and only when You do, You will, indeed, change the world–and more.

And You will, Beloved! You will. We know this because we seeded the ability to so within your very DNA. That is why You are here at this time, as You know. And You certainly do not work alone! We are with You always, remember that, as well! Whenever You waiver, go inside and say these words–“I Am that I Am.” Feel us saying them right along with You. Then, be still… and feel the ecstasy of Truth flood through You until You can no longer doubt that God is within You. In truth, You are the magnum opus of the multiverse. And so it is, Beloved. And so it is.

This is the celestial team. Forgive us, but we are “speechless” with reverence and joy in this NOW, and so can only bow to you our frequencies of gratitude, respect, and eternal Loving support.  Please take them in as your very own.  Here then, is the link to the final Power Tools Video. Please take it in as your very own as well…for that is precisely what it is.

Power Tools for Navigating NOW, Part 4

We Love You!   Always and in All Ways — the celestial team


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

12.28.12 NYE–Fizz into 2013 with the celestial team!

12/28/12 Love/Light Message from Judith and the celestial team

Hello, Beloved Human Family!

This is Judith, and the celestial team is braided with me a little (but they’ll be coming through on their own in a minute or two, have no doubt!). In this last of our 2012 messages, my part is to remind you that the unprecedented energetic transformation we have been participating in this month is not over yet! New Year’s Eve will bring us the last of December’s monumental, three phase download of energy designed to fuel and support us across the threshold from a paradigm of separation into one of Unity Consciousness.

As you recall, the first was on 12/12/12, and its purpose was to prepare us for the “main event,” which was the actual crossing of  “zero point” on the threshold,  meaning out of the old energies and into the NEW. As you also know, this occurred during our Winter Solstice (or Summer, depending on your location on the planet). The third download, which we will receive on the 31st, will assist us in completing our process of integrating, and integrating ourselves into, the energies of this New Era we have entered. They will help to “ground us” in our NEW energy grid, and to live in alignment with the “Whole New Paradigm of Being” that the celestial team has been talking about since Oct., 2011! This is a very big deal, because only by consciously choosing to LIVE in alignment with the energy of Unity Consciousness will we then ground it in our own energy grids, and so make it “real” for us.

Well, the celestial team is very excited about the power of this moment, let me tell you! They are fizzing all over with their desire to support each and all of us in making that conscious choice in any and every way they possibly can–and they are enterprising, as you will soon read/feel a little further into this message! Since, as their earthly member, I’m still only consciously able to focus my physical presence in one place at a time, however, let me tell you where WE will be physically focused on the eve of 2013–and then they can take it from there.

The  celestial team and I, both in turn and together, will be speaking, providing energy alignments, and answering questions about “Presence and the Setting of Intentions” at a New Year’s Eve event in West Los Angeles. We want you to know that, just in case you will be anywhere within commuting distance and wish to join us. If you are able to attend, you can expect lots of amplified energetic attention–and PLEASE be sure to introduce yourself to me/us personally, because there are many thousands of beings (including me) who would absolutely love that!  To attend the event, here’s the where and how–
Location: The Gateway- a Portal for Growth and Wellness
2511 S. Barrington Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Reservations are required, so go to, click the calendar,
click 12/31, and resvp “yes.” This will put you on the guest list, and you’re all set.

Even if you cannot join us physically, here’s where the celestial team gets enterprising, and I won’t even bother to attempt to describe the physics of this! The bottom line is that, because you take in their messages, you are already “hooked up” with them. This means that when they transmit in L. A. on the 31st, you can receive their energy activations if you join us energetically, because they will have “all lines open.” If you choose to receive them, simply go off somewhere quiet so you can tune into us without distractions, for about 10 minutes, at around 10:00 p.m. pacific time. Or, even better, get your friends to do it WITH you! Because they are hooked up with YOU, they’ll also be able to receive through YOU.  (See how amazing Unity Consciousness is?) Then, open your heart centers, and RECEIVE.

And NOW…here comes the celestial team fizzing through—

Hello, Beloved, and YES, we ARE fizzing! Our Love for YOU makes us fizzy to begin with, and when you add the JOY we feel at seeing you move into Unity Consciousness, you can’t even imagine how fizzy we are right NOW! You’ll just have to feel it– so open your heart, and breathe our fizzy Love and joy right in! And, if you do not feel it rush in right away, open your heart even wider! Then, before your next breath, decide, with your full Sovereign Authority, to breathe our frequencies in “to the max!”

THEN, your miraculous lungs and heart will honor your command in an instant. At your command, they will not only receive our fizzy frequencies on your behalf, but will spread them throughout your body in one rapid “whoosh.” What divinely intelligent “organs’ they are, are they not? Your word “organs” does not even begin to express their remarkably advanced vibrations of Unity Consciousness as they nourish and support your physical body! Nonetheless, they are always at your service. They breathe Love into you, amplify Love within you, and pulse Love outward from you, to whatever extent you allow. Never forget that, Beloved! All they await is your command. So give it NOW and feel our fizz rush in! It will be like being at a wonderful spa, right inside your own body. How your cells will thank you!

And…if you join us on New Year’s Eve, we will make sure you feel “the fizz” within you then, as well, and there will be even MORE of it, given all of the energies that will be at play with our own.  Just like the finest, bubbliest,  of your champagnes—only we won’t get you “drunk!” NOW, how is that for a lovely way to welcome your NEW Year, your NEW Paradigm, and your NEW YOU?  We say go for it!

Then… expect miracles as the days of your 2013 unfold, Beloved. As long as you remember that YOU are the miracle worker, it cannot be otherwise.

As long as you claim your Sovereign Authority, and leave the dissonance of powerlessness, fear and competition behind you …

As long as you begin to “see” that in Unity Consciousness, diversity only makes the music of your collective richer as you harmonize as One…you will, indeed, make miracles.

BE the frontrunner you surely are if you are reading this message, then! Continue to sing the song of harmony that you hear in your own heart, even when you hear nothing but dissonance around you. And be patient.

Remember that it is YOU who is bringing the sound of harmony into the world! You will not hear it echoed back to you unless YOU create the echoes!

So SING, Beloved, in full voice, and never cease. Sing out the melodies of Loving interconnection!

Sing it to those who have heard them in their own hearts and have been longing for someone to harmonize with–just as YOU hace been.  

Sing it warmly and gently to those who commit violence, for behind all violence is a spirit frozen in trauma, and who NEEDS the warmth of your song most of all.  

Sing your heart to everyone, and know that all are thirsty for it, no matter what the reason!  Let nothing distract you from this, your most important and glorious mission, and we promise you—we PROMISE you–you WILL begin to hear the echoes–as long as you persist.

You WILL begin to hear other voices harmonizing with your own. At first a few, and then in mighty choruses. Know that the sound of this harmony is what will replace judgment with compassion as it spreads across your earth, for all things are created through the vibrations of sound. We will explain more about that soon, but for NOW,  just trust that it is true.

SING that compassion into being, for it is the song of compassion that will Light your world, and your entire universe as well. Trust this, Beloved. TRUST the song in your heart, and sing it loud and pure and strong, so that ALL may hear!

Happy, Happy, New Year. Happy New Paradigm, and Happy New YOU.                       SING, BELOVED, SING!
Much Love/Light to you. Always and in All Ways—Judith and the celestial team

Final note–If you need support in leaving the old behind and stepping into the NEW, NOW is the time to command it. As a result, many are, and Judith and the celestial team’s private sessions by phone, Skype, or in person are now almost filled through the second week in January. So, if your heart is asking for one, don’t hesitate. YOU are ALSO worth it. YOU deserve…and WE know it. We love You! ♥
Copyright© Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

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