6.11.11 Yeshuwah Tells the Story of Your Light, part 2

WAIT A SECOND… PLEASE? This is Judith, and I’ve been asked to deliver three brief messages to you before you click the link to read the post! First of all, Yeshuwah is DELIGHTED that, of all who read Part 1 (and there were hundreds!), only two or three went on to read Part 2– and not even one read beyond that! Yeshuwah is deeply gratified by the “Self-honoring” reflected by such heart-centered honoring of their wishes. Second, because “context sets tone,” I’m asked to point out that this repost was originally transmitted during a period when many fear-based stories were spreading through our human collective, fueling a sense of powerlessness and dependency on “being rescued.” Third, remember to take the post in through your multidimensional heart center rather than through old 3D brain programming, which can only entangle you in limiting entrainment patterns, such as looking for “fact over content.” (That will get you NOWHERE, trust me–especially not NOW!) Instead, read for TRUTH. YOUR truth, which can ONLY be recognized through FREQUENCY RESONANCE. So tune in, TAKE IN what resonates, and leave the rest for another… “time.” ♥


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the celestial team

6/11/11  Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, hello! We are most joyful to connect with you again!
We have been watching you very closely since our last transmission! Indeed, it was a most riveting one for us, and for your entire universe as well. When Yeshuwah moved forward with the story of your Light, it was a movement that rippled throughout the universe.

ALL who felt it leaned in to listen. We feel the enormous energy of the ALL gathering round again now. You see, Yeshuwah’s telling of this story lifts the frequencies of any and all who “have ears to hear it,” metaphorically speaking. Many have waited long for this moment, simply to hear the telling and feel the Light. That is why we have been watching YOU so closely! It is YOUR STORY, and with “ears to hear it,” it will resonate within YOU most profoundly of all.

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  1. Rita Kempf

     /  December 30, 2013

    Thank you Judith, Yeshuwah and the celestial team. Just today I was walking around the house and thinking on this topic. I thought, “Yes, I acknowledge that I chose to be here, but WHY in the world did I choose to do this? Hmm?”


  2. Larry Morningstar

     /  December 30, 2013

    What’s with the spelling?? *Yeshua*is the Hebrew name, and its English spelling is “Joshua.”*Iesous*is the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew name, and its English spelling is “Jesus.”

    On 29 December 2013 20:14, the celestial te


    • I’m glad you asked that Larry. I’m sure you’re not alone in your wondering, and it even crossed my mind yesterday to explain “what’s with the spelling!” Actually, the reason has nothing to do with the origin or translations of the name “Yeshuwa” in human languages. In my case, it is simply about translating frequencies into words that can hold them. “Yeshuwah” is the spelling that holds them as I feel them, and that satisfied the collective, as well. So, viewed through the perspective of “historical accuracy,” you could rightly say that my spelling is inaccurate. I’m well aware of that, and it has been tempting at times to simply spell it “correctly” (within that context), I admit! But…I just couldn’t. My love for these particular frequencies, and my desire to bring them through as fully as possible to others, is just too strong to care about any other measures of “accuracy!” So, that’s the best answer I can give you– I hope it makes “sense”– and thanks again for asking.


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