1.31.11 Your Light and the Power of Your Reflection!

This is the celestial team, reaching out to you with much warmth and support!

We see you, we feel your vibrations of unease, andhear many of your cries for reassurance now. In the midst of your current climate of internal and external unrest, we reach out to offer what we can to assist you in staying centered and calm. First, we tell you: You are loved. You are not alone. Beyond all evidence to the contrary, you are safe, every one of you.

Every ONE! Even those dying in violence, fighting against corruption far
across the world from you, are safe. Safe, loved, understood, and welcomed.
There is much more to “life” than being alive as you know it!
There is much more to Love than “love” as you know it in the third dimension, as
well. Rest in that awareness.

We see how this new, light energy that has been fizzing into your energy field is “stirring things up,” and causing much disturbance. Perhaps you will feel less alarmed by this if you draw upon your own knowledge of very simple physics.
“Stirring,” of course, creates disturbance, does it not? Is this not exactly
the intention many of you have when you stir sugar into your coffee? Of course it is! You create that disturbance; you stir something new into the coffee in order to change the coffee’s bitter taste into something more pleasant.

So, you see, you understand the relationship between “stirring new energy into old” and “disturbance” very well! It is good to remember what you already know about processes of change, for you have been through many, and you know more than you readily acknowledge, and far, far, more than you remember that you know, as well!

To return to the current stirrings of disturbance you are experiencing on your planet, we now use the metaphor of a glass with liquid in it that has been left to sit for quite awhile. Unattended, the heavier particles of the liquid began to settle to the bottom of the glass, forming sediment. If you begin to pour fresh, clean water into the glass, the flowing fresh water will stir up the sediment; and what a disturbance is created in the glass as a result! We invite you to watch with wonder the next time you create such an event in a glass–it is
quite an educational and impressive display!

Now, imagine your earth’s electromagnetic field as that glass, with “fresh, pure, energies” flowing into it in a continuing spiral, circulating through the energy fields of all life on the planet. Old, deeply settled, heavier energies begin to loosen and crumble, and soon, particles are carried upward by the spiral that was created by the fresh, new energy. As the fresh water continues spiraling down and the sediments spiral up, the energy fields become increasingly
disturbed, activated, and muddy-looking.

Is this a problem, a cause to “put the lid on?” Or, is this a process that naturally occurs in positive change, and something to welcome? What each individual believes about that depends on which of the energies he/she is invested in. We will tell you this, however:

There is no lid. The energies flow from the pulse of creation itself, and no hierarchical pseudo-powers on earth or anywhere in your galaxy can stop them. We want you take in the profundity of that, take it deep into the profundity of all that YOU are, and let it be your internal source of equilibrium.

We know you are alarmed by all the chaos you see swirling around you now. We want you to claim your sense of balance within the swirl by aligning your frequencies with the new, profound, light energy. If you do so, it will lift you up, and its buoyancy will be your support.

We suggest most strongly that you welcome the swirl to move freely through all aspects of YOU as well. As the old silt swirls up to the top, acknowledge it, send it gratitude and love for the lessons it taught you, and let it be carried by the spiral out into the galaxy for integration on behalf of all.

Have you all heard and understood by now that you are holographic? The chaos you see around you now are projections. What triggers you in your external environment does so because it is a reflection of something you hold within YOU. You are POWERHOUSES, every one of you. It is important for you to know this, for the issue that causes much disturbance on the planet now is POWER.
Here is Yeshuwa:

This is Yeshuwa.

We ask that you breathe our frequencies into your heart centers, for it is there that you will recognize them, and our love. It is in your heart centers that your true knowing, and your multi-dimensional intelligence, lies. We speak to you there now.

Every time you love yourselves enough to forgive one person for a single
thing, you enable a multitude to experience that same power of forgiveness.

Every time you find the courage to look for power within you, you break the
bondage of multitudes who do not yet have that courage.

The power battles that rage on your planet now are among those who have
forgotten that power lies only within them. They cannot get it from another, for the other does not have it.

The struggle now is great amongst those who do not know the power within them. They fight for it, as if it was a football in one of your recreational war games.

Understand, and be patient, for they try to create change, but do not yet know the ways of change.
They are learning.

Be patient with yourselves, for all outer battles are reflections of the wars you rage within you. You are learning.

Learn quickly! Your partners, your family, your bosses, your governments,
none of them can give you your power, for they do not have it!

Do not burden them with those illusions. You have been told many stories
about the dangers of power. You have told many yourselves.
We will tell you this: Your power is not dangerous.
Your power is your divinity!

This is the celestial team again. What Yeshuwa says is a truth that has been covered by layers and layers of sediment. We know that power is much misunderstood on your planet, and as the new energy swirls through, breathe in that new air! You will begin to see more and more clearly as the old sediment lifts and flows outward, we promise you! And remember that YOU are a powerhouse!

The power games you see coming to the surface on your planet are like huge T.V. screens magnifying those that go on unnoticed in your personal lives every day. If you think your politicians are enmeshed in intricate power games, we tell you that they are sorry renditions of the power maneuvers that we see played out in the private lives of “ordinary civilians” with loved ones, co-workers, and friends.

We understand. There is much confusion and much fear generated by the word power. Simply know that your power is within you. You need not fear it any longer, or look for it elsewhere. Know that, and the struggles cease.

We leave you now to absorb all that has been communicated in this transmission. We remind you to balance in the new light energy, and let it do what it is there to do. Let it serve you in healing all that keeps you from knowing that it is YOURS, and that you are a powerhouse on behalf of all.

Always and in All Ways, We Love You.–the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011 -All Rights Reserved http://www.thecelestialteam.com

1.26.11 Shine Within and Light the World!


Hello! A Warm, Warm, Hello to All and Each of You!

We spoke with you last about the energy of NOW, and your purpose on the planet, which is integration. About the latter, Yeshuwa wishes most passionately to speak to you:

This is Yeshuwa.
We are reaching out to touch you now, if you will allow us, with the frequencies of our love for you. We deeply wish you to allow yourselves to feel our frequencies now. You can experience them not only in the words you are reading, but in the air around you as you read. However, where you will feel them is within you. We wish you to take a moment to let yourselves feel them there.

There is nothing that keeps you from deserving our love, we will tell you that! Trust that, trust our word on that, and feel now, how loved you are, how perfect you are in our eyes. Let this awaken, beyond all reason, your love and honoring of yourself within your SELF. We want greatly for you to experience this, and to
begin now to take that in.

Last week, the celestial team spoke with you about your purpose on the planet now, which is integration. In other words, we spoke of the innate wholeness of you, the perfection waiting to be realized–by you. What we wish to add to that now is something we communicated to the Navigating The Shift group at which we gather with some of you from time to time. We communicated this at the last meeting, and we want to communicate it now with all of you as well, for it is the reason why you integrate the ALL within your SELVES. It is also why that in turn becomes your service of integration for ALL selves on your planet, back home again into oneness. What we are about to say is the jewel within the setting of all words we share with you always: The mostimportant thing, the ultimate now-

This is why all integration happens within you. As you release judgement, blame, shame, guilt, rage, self-loathing, and all fears bred by the illusions of separation, you will find understanding and compassion ignite in their place. Compassion can only come from love, and so love, both child and mother of compassion, in a quantum leap within you, ignites your wholeness, your divinity, and you LOVE it, and it is YOU, and you are flooded with love. THERE is the jewel, the diamond within you, the Source of this pure love!

THAT is what begins to shine from you, dazzling,emanating, drawing others to you, activating them to REMEMBER, and in remembering, in the pulsing of your love, they in turn ignite.
It is breathtaking. It is miraculous.
It is true.

Perhaps you may want to read this over many times, in order to catch your breath and recognize that it is familiar–you have done it before. In your essence, you long to live it. Because you can, because you know how,because it is what you came here to do. And that is your service, and it is divine.

We see you, we see the diamonds within you all. If you doubt that diamond presence within you at any time, call on us, open your hearts, and you WILL feel our frequency, just as you did in the beginning of our message to you. This we promise. You are magnificent.
It would be impossible for us NOT to love you.

This is the celestial team again. We are moved. We have much to share with you about the energythat is fizzing on your planet now. We will return soon to do so. In the meantime, we will say :
OPEN to the frequencies of this energy, ground them right down into your feet, and claim them! Anything that “fizzes less joyfully,” let go of!

We end now, to leave you with the frequencies of Yeshuwa. Let them in, and they will continue to bathe you with healing, and teach you many things.
We love you. –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley, 2011–All Rights Reserved

1.23.11 Your Grand Awakening!

Yes, it is us–it is the celestial team!

We communicate because the fizzing of energy we feel among you now has engaged our frequencies in a most positive and infectious way! The word “infectious,” of course, is not entirely apt, and yet it does describe the powerful way this new energy can be spread from one to another, rapidly and effortlessly.We feel it important to pause here, before proceeding with our message, to clarify that the words used in your third dimensional realm cannot, and were not created to, express meanings that are multi-dimensional in nature. Thus, we choose words that, in the context of our communications, might elicit the flavor, or frequency, of our meaning. We amuse ourselves now, for we realize that we ask that you be poets in order to understand our messages! That is as it should be; the poet is there within each one of you, and is fast awakening.

To the point of our communication: A new wave of expansive energy has “hit” your planet today, and it will provide much fuel for your own expanded awareness of who you are! You will increasingly FEEL yourselves as energetic beings, far vaster than your physical bodies. You will begin to “know in every cell” that you have projected the experience of having a physical body, and that this body is contained within the vastness of YOU, and not the other way around! You will have flashes of insight that will bring an entirely new sense of your identity ALIVE, and which will completely align you with the truth you have forgotten–YOU have created this projection in order to do the interactive work YOU are on the planet to do, on behalf of all beings in your universe! And you’ve all felt small for so long! You have NO IDEA how small you are NOT!! (laughter and frequencies of glee come through)

We will bring more messages offering suggestions as you navigate yourself into your full and dazzling mastery. We will try to keep many of them brief, focusing a few words on particular challenges and skills, so as not to make the reading tiresome. We hope you will welcome our messages, and find them
useful. We will “wind up” our present communication with a few broad strokes of the brush — as a poet might say! (more laughter at the poet metaphor)

* Your main purpose here is integration. You are here to integrate illusions of duality. There is only ONE.
* You are all here to serve in that purpose, yet not to “work!” Your sevice will spring from your joy within…
* The source of your joy will be the very integration of the all that you are serving.
* Your most powerful tool by far is LOVE. You are learning to maintain your highest frequency from within you.
* Maintaining your balance in your own highest frequency is an important focus now. It will keep you from being tossed into dis-equilibrium by your own thoughts or the actions of others.
* Actions of others only trigger that which is within you, and the place of healing is within.
* In your expanded state, you will no longer take “personally” the programs of duality that you came to integrate on behalf of all.
* In your mission, you have “done it all,” played both sides of every polarity in your many lifetimes.

You have been all, to heal all.DO YOU HEAR US? We sense the need to repeat this more strongly: YOU have heroically involved yourself in both sides of every duality in order to understand, release judgement of, find compassion for, and integrate all of them.

Therefore, do not avoid facing, and do not judge yourself for, any of it! Forgive, understand, integrate. This is no longer about “you,” for YOU are far more than that “you” you thought you were! YOU are doing this for ALL. Let that awareness lighten your load! Trust yourselves again. Enjoy your mastery now! This is, actually, the best part, and the most fun, once you “get the hang of it.” .We leave you now to “digest” this deeply into your beings. Our greatest wish is that you begin to see yourselves through our eyes, as the expanded, glorious, energetic beings you are.

You are the hope of the universe, and as such have awakened hope in the universe itself. Therefore, do not doubt for a moment the continual outpouring of support and care that inundates you at every moment!

We end our transmission for now. However, our love, appreciation, and support begins anew in the pulse of every moment, and is without end.
—the celestial team

copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011–All Rights Reserved

1.19.11 First Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Fond Greetings to You,

We are the celestial team. We greet you most warmly at this time. We feel your energies gathered in this group on your Facebook; gathered with the intention of meeting us, and we are joyful. We want you to know how much joy that gives us! We also want to make clear that it is the power and light of YOUR energies that has provided us with a conduit to speak to you. You are that powerful! You have all the power you needed to do this in the tip of your smallest fingernail! Imagine what you can do with two fingernails? (gentle laughter)

It is not necessary that you understand “how this works” with your brain. We don’t think it a good idea to even try! Your brain is a third dimensional operating system, and a fine one at that–you created it! But you are multi-dimensional beings, divine co-creators, and you designed your brains most brilliantly to keep you firmly in third dimensional density–until now.

If you wish to fathom how powerful you truly are, bypass the brain entirely and go deep, deep, into your hearts. There, you know your power–each one of you knows. And when you already know, why even bother with “figuring out how?” If you want to get home, and then find yourself there, what is the point of going back and figuring out the route?!

We are attempting, in this first greeting, to introduce you to what you already feel stirring inside you. Every one of you feels it, although in different ways. Some of you feel it as “an itch you can’t scratch,” to use one of your expressions. Also, we see agitation, impatience, confusion, fatigue–and yes!–also excitement, joy, increased vitality, and expansion.
All of these are positive signs.

As many of you know, at your recent Winter Solstice you were flooded with light, information, and an “upgrade,” as you might call it, in your vibrational frequency. Holiday presents, you might call them, beyond your wildest imaginations! Now, you are in the process of opening, integrating, and experiencing these astonishing “presents.” It is causing a bit of “disequilibrium,” is it not?

Patience. You WILL get the hang of it. EVERYTHING is changing. This IS big, and you are not “falling apart”–you are breaking out. Do not try to get “back to normal!” Your linear processes of being “in control,” of going from A to B to C, are only programs that were used to keep you under control; to keep you going in circles so that you would not remember your SELF. How far can one get on such a linear path, after all? To Z. And then what? The deception of such linear paths is that they are actually closed circuits, you see. After Z, one finds oneself delivered back to A again, to run the circle all over again. And we tell you that even your Z is only the beginning of all that there is to discover about yourselves!

Should the realization that you have been kept under control stir up feelings of outrage or victimization, however, we wish to point out that your species, in turn, has used these same “behavioral programs” to control and manipulate other creatures. The training of rats in laboratories to run on treadmills would be the most obvious, as well as the least, example of such that we might offer. Neither do we mean to shock or disturb you, but only to let you know that you have entered into a glorious transition! ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you experience now is in service of breaking the spell of the “treadmills.” EVERYTHING you experience now has the purpose of serving either your transformation or your expansion. You are breaking the circuit of imposed limitation; breaking through “the Z”, to use our linear metaphor, at last!

From now on, all you experience that activates your sense of separation from one another will be a catalyst for clearing and healing that old illusion of limitation. All judgements of self, for any reason, are now to be released. All feelings of expansion are there to be explored and relished, without concern that they are beyond the circuit, or as you say,”out of the box.” Celebrate that! Isn’t escape from the boxes what you have all been longing for? Indeed, it is, and you will find that your longing will lead you most powerfully now, and in direct proportion to your willingness to live through the limitless intelligence of your hearts. We assure you of that, and so do not try to “figure this out!” Simply trust your amazing hearts and allow the expansion. To use one of your sayings again, this is NOT the time to “look a gift horse in the mouth!”

We will say one last thing, for we don’t want to tire you with our message. Yet, it is perhaps the most important thing we will say. Yeshwa speaks on our behalf:

This is Yeshuwa.

We see you with love, and we see you as one. You are all ONE. You are all in collaboration together, assisting one another, integrating all of your illusions otherwise back into that oneness. Let your collaboration become conscious If you judge another, find what you are judging within yourself, and forgive it there.

Remember that those who are trying to maintain control over you do so out of terror,for they have forgotten that all is one. Find that terror within yourself, and release it.
Remember that behind all violence, there is trauma. Send love to the trauma.
Love yourselves, for all is within you. In this way you will work magic beyond what you think possible. You are powerful, and love is the most powerful frequency in all creation.
Be the masters you are, then, and make magic now! There is only ONE.

We close for now. We send our support, our absolute faith in you, our compassion, and our constant love. We are here for you. Call on us, and we will be at your service. We will surround you with love and support. We will offer guidance until the time you remember that all guidance is already within you, and you trust once more in the All that You are.

With that, we end our current transmission. Our loving connection with you remains. –the celestial team

copyright(c) Judith Dagley, 2011


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