2.2.11 Expanding Your Multi-dimensional Awareness!

It is us, the celestial team, and we reach out to you now with frequencies of great love, support, and care!

We can do this because we feel your frequencies reaching out to US quite powerfully at this time! This is how it works, you see! We wait for your invitations, and then we rush to accept them most eagerly gratefully. Some of you are surprised at that! Many others of you have heard this before, in your communications with friends and guides who dwell in the higher realms. Yet, none of you yet takes in the full implication of that–your power and your sovereignty.

We wanted very much to begin our communication with a fine, extravagant, greeting, but we could find no words in your language that can carry the scope and depth of the warmth, care, love, and attention we wished to convey! We share with you now that Judith, our one who is the conveyor of our transmissions, is feeling much frustration these days at the limitations of your language in conveying our requencies as she feels and experiences their meaning! She is “stuck!” She wants to communicate them fully, yet it isn’t possible, but still she wants to anyway!! We laugh, and understand her great desire for you all to feel them, but we are telling her to “lighten up!” We are telling her that messages relayed must henceforth go in the “makeshift crates” that are words, and to stop trying to FIND words in the third dimension that do not EXIST in the third dimension! We have advised her to let the messages, therefore, be delivered in “crates,” and leave the unpacking to you. We hope she listens! We will see.

We do see all that is being stirred on your planet, and we wish to offer our perspective of the seeing: For some time now, you have been experiencing events and information that stirred the “status quo” of your perceived reality. Events would happen “here and there,” and efforts were made by those in charge to make them seem random, coincidental. Another kind of significant stirring was the introduction of a thirteenth energy in your zodiac. That was a splendid rattling of your set ideas about your identity, was it not? Many of you were much loosened from constriction, saying, “All my life I thought I was this, or that. Now I don’t what I am!” We thought that was wonderful! We say, “Indeed, you don’t! And wouldn’t you now like to find out for yourself?!”

As the new light energies continue to move through and penetrate all of your set beliefs and habitual patterns on the planet, you now are beginning to see the stirring occur more rapidly and more intensely. You look around you in wonder, for you begin to see not isolated events, but the stirring itself! This is an enormous “Voila!” or “Aha!” on your parts. You are beginning to see a pattern! And what does that mean? It means you are seeing that they are connected because they are part of a WHOLE! A pattern is a variety of frequencies expressing various aspects of one design. And so it is.

We congratulate you on your seeing. Every one of YOU as individuals, of YOU that is an aspect of the pattern of humanity, and of YOU who is Gaia herself, is expressing and responding in unity to one experience. Each of you are unique and yet integral parts of one ALL, processing and integrating in a grand collaboration what is actually ONE experience. As you see this, you take a quantum leap in consciousness. Once you see this, nothing will ever be the same.

We wish greatly for you to know that energetic support is all around you! Itwill carry you, in fact, if you let it. Perhaps by using two examples from energetic patterns that are already familiar to you, we can offer you a foothold on the sort of steadying reassurance you are looking for now.

One is that you are now experiencing the lunar phase that you call “the new moon.” This energy expresses the empty, fertile, womb, waiting only to be impregnated with new life. This is the time of ripe and potent possibility. Seeds planted that are in alignment with the new moon’s energy will have the same force of creation behind them that an embryo has in a human mother’s womb. This particular new moon carries the energies of spiritual and emotional flow, and nourishes the flow of mutuality as part of the web of life itself, one energy. It is a flow away from domination in any form.

The second example we offer is the energy of the earth’s position in relation to Helios, your sun, at this moment. It is the point you call “mid-winter,” at which your planet begins to move out of the dark of winterand into increasing light, towards spring. You see the implications! Take heart! Live in your heart! As the stirring energy brings up familiar feelings of fear or doubt that were seeded in the past, realize that this moment is certainly not the past! You can feel that certainty all around you, running through you! Let the feelings go, stay in the present, and let the present teach you what to feel! It is nothing you have felt before. We hope you find something in those mentionings that resonates with your own internal stirrings, and therefore brings them full and upright within you! We feel the attention of your hearts on Egypt now, and we wish to address that “in the same breath,” as you say, for they are playing out a drama for you there, as was their chosen contribution for the all. Your hearts are there with them because of that–you are all one. You are feeling it so you can know it! What they are playing out is of great service. Hold your high frequency, and hold space for all of them as they grapple with the issues of power abuse on your planet! Send your honoring and love to the love/light within each one of them. You are ALL part of what is occurring there now; there are no exceptions to the truth that all of you are ONE. Find what most disturbs you, or arouses your judgement, and clear it where you feel it, WITHIN YOU. You have no idea how powerful you are, and how much what you do within you affects what occurs “over there!”

We also want to add that having your attention focused on abuses of power in the location that is Egypt is significant for broader reasons as well. In this land of the pyramids, there is much power that has been kept secret, and used by those at the “top of the pyramid,” shall we say, at the expense of others. As you focus your love and attention there, you begin to activate memories of those secrets, on behalf of all. You see? All that is occurring is truly multi-dimensional in scope, and is the beginning of the unraveling of a thread that would “boggle your mind,” would you be foolish enough to use it to try! Instead, use your inner knowing now, eternal and always present in your heart center, and allow it to unravel the spirals of all that you know and all that you are!

Well, we have shared our perspective, and we invite you to pick through it for the fruits you are drawn to, and don’t try to “digest” what doesn’t readily appeal to your palate! Always, YOU are the master of your choices and your course. We will end this transmission for now, as our Judith is tiring, and you may be, too! We will communicate more soon, when we feel your energies becoming a chorus, inviting another message! In the meantime, we say trust yourselves to feel your way. Stay relaxed, let the energy run through you, breathe deeply, and let all that is not light and love be spiraled up and out of you. Laugh often, play with oneanother, and love well.

Enjoy the light! Trust! Love all that you are, and love one another as streams of light from the eternal fountain you are! You are all one.
We love you. –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved

1.31.11 Your Light and the Power of Your Reflection!

This is the celestial team, reaching out to you with much warmth and support!

We see you, we feel your vibrations of unease, andhear many of your cries for reassurance now. In the midst of your current climate of internal and external unrest, we reach out to offer what we can to assist you in staying centered and calm. First, we tell you: You are loved. You are not alone. Beyond all evidence to the contrary, you are safe, every one of you.

Every ONE! Even those dying in violence, fighting against corruption far
across the world from you, are safe. Safe, loved, understood, and welcomed.
There is much more to “life” than being alive as you know it!
There is much more to Love than “love” as you know it in the third dimension, as
well. Rest in that awareness.

We see how this new, light energy that has been fizzing into your energy field is “stirring things up,” and causing much disturbance. Perhaps you will feel less alarmed by this if you draw upon your own knowledge of very simple physics.
“Stirring,” of course, creates disturbance, does it not? Is this not exactly
the intention many of you have when you stir sugar into your coffee? Of course it is! You create that disturbance; you stir something new into the coffee in order to change the coffee’s bitter taste into something more pleasant.

So, you see, you understand the relationship between “stirring new energy into old” and “disturbance” very well! It is good to remember what you already know about processes of change, for you have been through many, and you know more than you readily acknowledge, and far, far, more than you remember that you know, as well!

To return to the current stirrings of disturbance you are experiencing on your planet, we now use the metaphor of a glass with liquid in it that has been left to sit for quite awhile. Unattended, the heavier particles of the liquid began to settle to the bottom of the glass, forming sediment. If you begin to pour fresh, clean water into the glass, the flowing fresh water will stir up the sediment; and what a disturbance is created in the glass as a result! We invite you to watch with wonder the next time you create such an event in a glass–it is
quite an educational and impressive display!

Now, imagine your earth’s electromagnetic field as that glass, with “fresh, pure, energies” flowing into it in a continuing spiral, circulating through the energy fields of all life on the planet. Old, deeply settled, heavier energies begin to loosen and crumble, and soon, particles are carried upward by the spiral that was created by the fresh, new energy. As the fresh water continues spiraling down and the sediments spiral up, the energy fields become increasingly
disturbed, activated, and muddy-looking.

Is this a problem, a cause to “put the lid on?” Or, is this a process that naturally occurs in positive change, and something to welcome? What each individual believes about that depends on which of the energies he/she is invested in. We will tell you this, however:

There is no lid. The energies flow from the pulse of creation itself, and no hierarchical pseudo-powers on earth or anywhere in your galaxy can stop them. We want you take in the profundity of that, take it deep into the profundity of all that YOU are, and let it be your internal source of equilibrium.

We know you are alarmed by all the chaos you see swirling around you now. We want you to claim your sense of balance within the swirl by aligning your frequencies with the new, profound, light energy. If you do so, it will lift you up, and its buoyancy will be your support.

We suggest most strongly that you welcome the swirl to move freely through all aspects of YOU as well. As the old silt swirls up to the top, acknowledge it, send it gratitude and love for the lessons it taught you, and let it be carried by the spiral out into the galaxy for integration on behalf of all.

Have you all heard and understood by now that you are holographic? The chaos you see around you now are projections. What triggers you in your external environment does so because it is a reflection of something you hold within YOU. You are POWERHOUSES, every one of you. It is important for you to know this, for the issue that causes much disturbance on the planet now is POWER.
Here is Yeshuwa:

This is Yeshuwa.

We ask that you breathe our frequencies into your heart centers, for it is there that you will recognize them, and our love. It is in your heart centers that your true knowing, and your multi-dimensional intelligence, lies. We speak to you there now.

Every time you love yourselves enough to forgive one person for a single
thing, you enable a multitude to experience that same power of forgiveness.

Every time you find the courage to look for power within you, you break the
bondage of multitudes who do not yet have that courage.

The power battles that rage on your planet now are among those who have
forgotten that power lies only within them. They cannot get it from another, for the other does not have it.

The struggle now is great amongst those who do not know the power within them. They fight for it, as if it was a football in one of your recreational war games.

Understand, and be patient, for they try to create change, but do not yet know the ways of change.
They are learning.

Be patient with yourselves, for all outer battles are reflections of the wars you rage within you. You are learning.

Learn quickly! Your partners, your family, your bosses, your governments,
none of them can give you your power, for they do not have it!

Do not burden them with those illusions. You have been told many stories
about the dangers of power. You have told many yourselves.
We will tell you this: Your power is not dangerous.
Your power is your divinity!

This is the celestial team again. What Yeshuwa says is a truth that has been covered by layers and layers of sediment. We know that power is much misunderstood on your planet, and as the new energy swirls through, breathe in that new air! You will begin to see more and more clearly as the old sediment lifts and flows outward, we promise you! And remember that YOU are a powerhouse!

The power games you see coming to the surface on your planet are like huge T.V. screens magnifying those that go on unnoticed in your personal lives every day. If you think your politicians are enmeshed in intricate power games, we tell you that they are sorry renditions of the power maneuvers that we see played out in the private lives of “ordinary civilians” with loved ones, co-workers, and friends.

We understand. There is much confusion and much fear generated by the word power. Simply know that your power is within you. You need not fear it any longer, or look for it elsewhere. Know that, and the struggles cease.

We leave you now to absorb all that has been communicated in this transmission. We remind you to balance in the new light energy, and let it do what it is there to do. Let it serve you in healing all that keeps you from knowing that it is YOURS, and that you are a powerhouse on behalf of all.

Always and in All Ways, We Love You.–the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011 -All Rights Reserved http://www.thecelestialteam.com

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