1.31.12 How to Use Your Power– Right NOW!

Hello again, Beloved!

We are whooshing in to surround you with our fizzy-with-love frequencies, for we bring the video we promised you in our last message, and we want to be with you as you watch! Yes, here it is, the link as you call it, that will magically bring it all to life before your eyes. What magicians you all are!  Indeed, you are such magicians that there is a veritable line-up among us who wish to be part of its introduction, for it is about just that–your amazing power. It is a “how-to” video, in fact, which is something we know you all clamor for often, having forgotten that you already know! And we have 12th dimensional architects right behind us, “breathing down our necks,” as you say,  to tell you what they know about your power, so let us part the way for them:

We, the planners and builders of your universe,  greet you with full frequencies of rich respect, for they are what you deserve and it is our privilege to bring them to you. Do not doubt the truth of these words, for we watch you in your endeavors of creation, and we are awed. Yes, we know that you are not consciously aware of the magnificent new world that you are all currently involved in intricately weaving together. That only awes us all the more. What divinely, innately, inspired beings you all are! When you know that about YOURSELF again, your creations will bring you as much joy to manifest as they bring us in watching them unfold. In the video that  follows our messages, such knowing is brought to you through the frequencies of one of your own, a master among masters, for this is the most potent form of delivery that any of us could offer you. We hear a frequency of “Why?” coming from among you, and so we remind you that you are all  holographically interconnected. When any one of you gains mastery, that knowledge is automatically uploaded into your collective energy field, and thereby available to any who might choose to open and download it into their own individual field.

Now, THAT is something to remember, and you can begin to use it right NOW as you watch the video. All you need do, as you have heard many times from all of us, is to tune in from your heart center and decide to receive. We suggest that you decide that right now, for we are asking Judith to share her own introduction with you next. Let the download begin as you read the frequencies that are embedded in her own words, then, and never think that because she is “only another human” that she is not a  master! As we have said, we in the 12th dimension are awed by the mastery we see among you. Your own mastery is rampant within you in this very moment as you read. We see it. So read, watch, and awaken to it.

We bow to you, we love you, and we are moved and grateful for your service as you create beautiful and radical changes for us all.  Here is your Judith: 

This is Judith. Wow. This is a long introductory message. And in case you haven’t tuned into it, there is a whole lot of fanfare accompanying it that you might want to go back and attune yourself to receiving. I’d hate for you to miss it, because its really something–all kinds of celestial sounds and frequencies of pomp and circumstance! And its all for US. Its all in honor of OUR mastery. Yowza.

Anyway, on with MY intro, now. First of all, I’ve discovered that there are many techniques and creative tools that can be used to create radical change. In fact, there are as many of them as there are of us. Every one of us has our own unique frequency signature, and much like our handwriting, each has its own special flair. We each use our power with our own unique flair as well.

What IS common to all of us is that we HAVE that power. What IS a common requirement for all of us in order to USE our power is that we CLAIM it. Imagine trying to sign your name, and it is something you have done many thousands of times, but not for awhile. So, you have forgotten that you know how. In fact, you have come to firmly believe that you do not know how. I assure you that even though you DO know how, your belief would stop you cold. We honor our beliefs above all else, and because we are very powerful, the universe complies.

The great feat then, is not “learning how to manifest change.” We already KNOW how. The great feat is taking the small step into believing in what we know. Whenever we step into our full sovereign authority as creator beings, our abilities flow as freely from us as our handwritten signatures flow from our hands.

Below is the link to “Navigating in the NOW, part 3.” In it, I describe my first experience of fully claiming that sovereign authority, and then using it to bring my dying body back to health. This was a change so radical, so seemingly miraculous, that I could never fall back into doubting this power that we all have, ever again. How could I? I am living in the truth of it– my thriving, physical body– every day!

It is quite a story, all right, and one day I’ll tell it all in detail. For now, however, it serves to make me a voice you can believe in when I tell you about your OWN power to do what I did, and more. And it serves to propel me to use my voice out loud and with certainty, for I am living proof of its messages. So, watch the video, and see YOUR power. And take the leap. Believe! ***********************************************************************************************

HOW NOW? HOW to USE your sovereign power in the NOW to create radical change is the subject of this video. I, Judith, did just that when I healed my dying body well again, and fast, too! I didn’t know “how” to do it, either. I only knew that I could, and that was enough. Here is the “how” I invented and used. And I use it still for all kinds of timeline jumping– because it works for me. Use it if it resonates, or use it to inspire you to create your own methods!
 We love you Beloved! Always, and in All Ways.–the celestial team
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1.23.12 Multi-dimensional YOU in the Multi-dimensional NOW

Hello, again, Beloved!  We transmit our  frequencies in a most exhuberant embrace, for we are so delighted to connect with you!

Can you feel our energies of delighted love surrounding you? Can you feel them connect with your own energies, and even infuse you with a bit of our fizzy Light if you allow them to?  The image of how your earthly beverages might experience being infused with carbonation came to our Judith’s mind as she attempted to translate this feeling into words for you, and although we all had a good laugh at the mundanity of the comparison, we like it, nonetheless! So, we are promting her to share it with you as well.  For one thing, the frequency of laughter is always worth sharing, and for another, the image is one that translates a feeling that is very far from mundane into  a familiar frame of refenence that might serve to make it more accessible. It is a “bridge metaphor,” so to speak.

And so, we ask you to use the bridge, and imagine yourself as a divine and sovereign beverage that is being infused with the highest frequencies of Love/Light!  Notice how they inflate your own frequencies! Notice, especially, how well you can hold this Light within you. Indeed, it IS familiar, after all, for you are made to hold it. YOU, Beloved, are very far from mundane. In fact, our desire to share our frequencies with you in this moment of your now is to remind you of just that.

We know we always tell you that every moment is completely new, and so each one is. Yet,  even your moments of “now” have moved into an entirely new and more expanded NOW. This is, indeed, hard to translate into linear words, for you have entered into an energy in which you will no longer be able to understand yourself  in the old linear ways.  You have entered what we have identified for you as an entirely New Paradigm of Being,  and so will be experiencing  yourself in an increasingly multi-dimensional fashion from now on.

We know that this new, multi-dimensional, experience  of your very being can be unnerving, at first. It is one thing to think about, talk about, and look forward to, and quite another to actually find yourself within!  That is why we have come now to infuse you with our Love and words of reassurance, to the very greatest extent that you will open your heart to receive.  With that desire, we offer the following words for you to digest.  Know that they are not simply awarenesses expressed through language, but that the words themselves are carriers of frequencies that in themselves carry information that will trigger your own, dormant  muti-dimensional awarenesses. Once those are activated, you will have a much easier, and even joyful, time navigiating your way into your New Paradigm of Being. Before you read on, however, we remind you to read not through the construct of the third dimensional brain, but through the multi-dimensional intelligence of your heart.

*  Your third dimensional brain is but a small, programmed part of your greater mind. It was designed to keep you limited to a very narrow experience of yourself for reasons that you have now outgrown.

*  Your multi-dimensional heart center is the gateway to your greater mind. The more you “plug into” your heart center as your new operating system, the less you will feel  a sense of separation between your body, mind and  spirit. Eventually, they will  begin to work together smoothly as one, for they are simply interconnected aspects of the one whole that is YOU.

*  Know that you are currently in an energetic state of transformation. We encourage you to claim that state as your own, and let go of any and all expectations that it should feel otherwise.  To resist the movement would be akin to an airplane that is trying to fly while still feeling the runway beneath its wheels. You can fly into the new, or stay on the ground. It is energtically impossible to do both at the same time.

* Do rest when you feel fatigued, even if it is not at a time when you “normally” do so. “Normal” is only another word for yesterday, and these are no longer “normal” times.  Do not try to keep yourself running on old scheduling treadmills, then. Instead, allow yourself the freedom to expand beyond them, and give your body the rest it asks for as it adjusts to the faster vibration of the energy of NOW.

*  As you are entering into an increasingly multi-dimensional experience of yourself, the linearity of past, present, and future is loosening its hold on you. Therefore, you will be more in touch with your many lifetimes as they are truly occurring, which is simultaneously.  We ask that you do not mistake this for inner conflict, confusion, or struggle. It is simply you engaging with other aspects of YOU, so that you can integrate them.

*  This process of integration is what we also have called unconditional Self Love.  It is allowing all aspects of Self to present themselves to you, to be heard without judgement, to be valued for their experiences and the lessons they bring, to be loved unconditionally for their willingness to serve YOU in this way, and and to be welcomed home. This is the process of  becoming whole for all beings in our universe. It is, as well, the foundation upon which one steps into Sovereignty.

*  Sovereignty is what will break the hold of the limitations perceived by the third dimensional brain.

*  The reclaiming of  your Sovereign  Authority is what then activates your abilty to feel your interconnection with your human collective as it truly is: divinely synchronized to operate together as One.

* Beyond these three transformational processes, there are no limits whatsoever to what you can do, or where you can go. Just as the sky around you is without limits, so are you.

We hope you will ponder these awarenesses in your heart, Beloved.  We hope you will use them to ease your brain of its unwieldy burdens, and trust your heart with them instead, where none of this is any burden at all!  And soon, we will offer you part 3 of our “Navigating in the NOW” video,, in which our Judith shares her own powerful experience of HOW to be NOW, braided with us, as always, through her human voice. Never, do we leave you.

How we love you! Always and in All Ways.   –the celestial team


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1.16.12 Navigating in the NOW, part 2–Love/Light Video and Message!

This is Judith–not the celestial team this time, and if you were hoping it was, I am sorry to disappoint you!  I understand if you were, though–I kind of wish it was them, myself,  to tell you the truth. Its a lot less stressful to just bring them through in a fizzy whoosh than it is to stand on my own two human feet and speak (write) in my own human voice, you know.  Its been a long, upward climb for me to trust my own voice, and then, to trust those who hear it to not either stone, burn, or laugh me off the planet.  Some of us “voices” have a lot of such past life experiences behind us, as I’m sure you also may know, as you may be one yourself.

But now is NOW, which is the whole point of this message.  NOW is our time to speak up, to support one another, to join one another, to bring our voices together in a resounding chorus that rings through the  galaxy and changes our world.  And  that is why the celestial team is asking me to step up to the plate and trust my SELF, trust YOU, and trust the love in my heart to simply overpower the fear until there is nothing left of it but a faint little grease spot. So, here I am.

Another important thing to mention is that I am aware that I am not truly sticking my neck out (flashback of a guillotine!) — all alone, for I feel the celestial team braiding with me as I write. Not only that, but they have always been part of me, just as you have celestial aspects that have always been part of you.  We just were sold a bill of goods for a very long time  that we were crazy–or witches– if we allowed ourselves to believe that.  The celestial team also tells me that reclaiming these higher aspects of ourselves is part of our “grand integration process.” We hold within us, every one of us, an orchestra that is US, and yet is a cohesive whole.  I’m starting to even feel myself that way, as a constant braid of frequencies, everchanging, and  yet completely responsive to my choices in every NOW, for in my current earthly incarnation, I, and I alone, am the conductor.  As are you.

All of that said, you will find below a link to the 2nd of our 3 part video, which is an  improvised-by-me-in-the-now desire to bring you more of the feeling, the juice, the power–in short, the aliveness— of being a human in the NOW. Nothing about it was pre-conceived (as you would have known all on your own just  by watching it, I’m sure!).  The celestial team’s fizzy energy is there infusing every moment, of course, but it was left up to human me to describe the not-describable experience of being in the continuous stream of pulsing NOWS we live in. Every nanosecond, waves of NOW energy are inundating us with creative possibilities, offering themselves to US to use in any way we choose. (Now, you try describing the feeling of that!)

Please, then,  take my descriptions in as brush strokes, metaphors, musical notes—whatever way your divinely creative, multi-dimensional spirit loves most.  Brain logic is not necessary, though, for there certainly are no facts in there, that’s for sure! Facts are something else, entirely—they’re more like rules thought up to limit creative expansion and keep everyone roped in on the same, tiny, page.

Therefore, at the risk of being redundant, I strongly suggest that you cut loose from those limitations and get nice and  heart-centered before you press the play button. Then, let yourself simply feel the video, or climb inside it, or ride it like a wave.  Again, its up to you– whatever your unique, free-flowing style of expansion is, just let it happen. And,  if you really get 3rd dimensional thinking out of your way, you’ll find that your beautiful, all-knowing, multi-dimensional heart will do it all FOR you, no thinking required. All you have to do is say YES, and have a whole, new experience of knowing. You’re SOVEREIGN, remember?

Part 2 of a 3 part, in-the-now, description of the feeling, the juice, the aliveness, and the power, of being in the NOW as the sovereign co- creator you truly are.
Much Love/Light to you!
( P.S.  —Part 3 will arrive in a week or so…as soon as I get the “celestial nudge.”)
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1.9.12 Navigating in the NOW–A Message and a New Video From the celestial team!


Hello, Beloved!

Happy New Year! Has every moment of your life felt NEW today? Have all of your experiences been original? Well, indeed they have! And if you have not felt them so, we tell you gently but intently that it is only because YOU were not there when they occurred. Instead, you were in your head, “watching a rerun,” were you not? Having an old experience, and missing the new one entirely! Whatever for, Beloved?

NOTHING you experience NOW has ever happened before. NO ONE you encounter NOW is the same as they were the last time you saw them. Not even someone you live with, and see “all the time!” Most importantly, YOU are not the same. There are powerful new energies on your planet NOW, and they are ever freshly arriving. They are the very flow of your New Paradigm of Being, in fact, and so, do not try to put them into old containers! Instead, feel them infuse each of your NOWS, much as you allow the air you breathe to fill your lungs. You breathe in, you breathe out. In, then out. You do not hang onto an “old breath,” and expect it to keep you going! You let it go at once, in order to take in a new one! Let it also be so with your NOWS. Breathe them in new, and then let them go to experience the next, new one. In, and then out…in…and then out… in…and then out…Yes. That’s it.

It is all right, Beloved, if you forgot and held your breath a bit until we brought you this reminder. Indeed, that is why we are bringing it to you–you are not alone! And please do not judge yourself for forgetting, we beseech you. It is what you got used to doing in your old paradigm, when you had not yet claimed the creative power of your Sovereign Authority. Always holding your breath, bracing yourself, feeling powerless! See it now as a useless old habit, and nothing more. Know as well, however, that it is one we most strongly encourage you to let go of! The clear and honest truth is that you cannot embrace your New Paradigm of Being, breath by breath, while still holding onto the breath of the old.

Never doubt the robustness of our commitment to providing you with all of the non-stop encouragement in doing so that we possibly can, either! We will approach your old habits from every angle we possibly can, in order to inundate you with a myriad of tools and support—you have our eternal word on that. In truth, it is for that very reason that we bring you our new Love/Light Video, for it comes from a very powerful angle, indeed. Not only is it alive with the frequencies of the NOW, but it was “custom made” especially for you!

Moreover, we will tell you precisely what the angle of potency we activated for the video is, as your awareness will enhance your ability to receive it, and tell you much about your own power, as well. Here is what we did: We asked our Judith to attempt to describe the experience of the NOW to you in your linear language, which, of course, is impossible. Yet! Her whole-hearted, human desire to TRY anyway created an alchemical human bridge for you to cross from your old, third dimensional concepts into the new, multi-dimensional frequencies of the NOW. You see, Beloved, although light beings can assist you in many ways, it is only the power of the human heart that can create such a bridge across dimensions for your species.

It is worth stressing, is it not, how POWERFUL a loving, human, heartfelt, desire is? Indeed, it is a power that is marveled at and admired throughout our universe. We knew, then, that through our Judith’s desire to share the experience of the NOW with you, that her words, her body language–her very being, when taken in altogether, and then mingled with our own frequencies–would alchemically become the ideal transmitter and frequency activator for YOU in this moment.

And so it was, and so it is in the video that is waiting for you beneath our words. And if you watch more than once, the frequencies will still be there to activate yours anew each time. You see what alchemists you all are!! NEVER forget the power of your heart.

So, as the video was manifested through the human heart, we ask that you receive it through your own human heart. In other words, honor the heartfelt delivery with a congruent reception, for what is offered is far more than it would seem if merely “looked at” through the third dimensional eye and brain.

Let your heart have it, then! Breathe in the frequencies of this, our newest gift of love to you, and ALLOW them to activate your own awareness of what it feels like to be fully centered in the NOW. Drink them in, and feel yourself at last where you truly are, which is in the hub of all creation. Let them fill you with your own energy! Your own aliveness! And then, LIVE, Beloved! LIVE! And know that as you watch and receive, we will watch YOU, and, oh! What joy we will receive as YOU receive!

How we love you! Always, and in All Ways—the celestial team

This video may boggle the brain, but its not meant for the brain. Instead, if you breathe the frequencies into your heart center as you watch, you’ll feel a rush of exhilaration as your ability to be fully alive and powerful in the NOW is activated.. Then, you’ve got it–it is YOURS. And even if you forget in 10 minutes and go back into “the treadmills of the brain,” you KNOW the feeling now, so you can ALWAYS get it back. Never doubt yourSELF!

copyright(c)2012, Judith Dagley, All Rights Reserved. http://www.thecelestialteam.com

1.1.12 A Brief Review of the State of the NOW, A Clarion Call, and “An Offer You Can’t Refuse!”

1/1/12 From Judith and the celestial team

I, Judith, started this message, prompted by the celestial team but requested to write on my own, several days ago. It was not until this moment that I finished it. Probably, a factor in the delay was my hesitancy in taking responsibility for delivering it in my own voice, rather than “in the name of the celestial team.” This was a big lesson for me in claiming my OWN sovereignty, which is a BIG DEAL right now, according to the celestial team, as well as innumerable other high frequency guides and messengers in contact with us now! Anyway, I started out very courageously, and I am happy to say that you will read my own strong voice in the first half or so of the message.

Then, the celestial team begins to weave in and out with me sometimes, and it was not because I needed them, but more because I had proven that I didn’t, and so they could then indulge themselves by joining me. (Maybe I passed a kind of test? It felt a bit like that, anyway!) Anyway, except for at the very end,  when their intervention becomes obvious, they did not want me to note “who was transmitting when,” be it me, the celestial team, or some collective among them that I recognized. Their reasons for this will either seem like opposing ones, or will seem “all of a piece” to you, depending on your own frequency: They wanted you to feel us as all the same, as well as to feel the nuances between us.” So, here we all go:

Every 26,000 years, planet Earth moves from the halfway point of a 52,000 year long cycle through which she, as a sentient being, experiences all aspects of polarity possible at her current level of expansion. In each half of the cycle, she explores and processes either the darker or the lighter gradations of experience that are currently available in her frequency octave. When the whole cycle is complete, she then expands into an even higher frequency range in order to begin the perceptual exploration/expansion process again. In this spiraling upward, Earth represents the unending creative energy of Source, Itself– exploring all, understanding all, and then returning all to the bosom of Unconditional Love.
(A brief note about Earth’s “sexuality:” Like us, our earth has both male and female energy. However, because humanity has not yet recreated a pronoun that signifies a sexually whole being, the pronoun “she” is most often used in accordance with our planet’s well-known nurturing “Gaia energy.”

On December 21, 2012 (12/21/12), Earth reaches the “crossing point” of the current 26,000 year period of experiencing and processing the darkest aspects of her third dimensional frequency, a powerful energetic alignment that will bring her the ability to catapult herself beyond it, and into a lighter, more loving, experience than ever before while embodied in planetary form. This time, however, not only is she emerging into a new 26,000 year cycle of light, but she is whole-heartedly participating in a transformation that is completely unprecedented in our universe!

This time, she is also moving into an entirely new dimension, and she is doing so while teaming with life that was born into a dimension she has already left behind. Never before has a collective AND a planet chosen to go through such a dimensional shift together as ONE. And, if those awarenesses aren’t enough to boggle your brain into awed silence, this one should do it very nicely:
The fifth dimensional frequency we are all heading into together is two full dimensions above the third dimensional one that we are leaving behind!

There is even more, so, please bear with me, now, if you’re starting to glaze over! Or even worse, if you feel yourself being pulled back into “programmed slavery mode”—thinking about tasks, errands, grocery lists, or whatever “shoulds” you still allow to hold you to the llusion of servitude—stand up! I mean, literally! STAND UP, IN YOUR PHYSICAL, SOVEREIGN, BODY, RIGHT NOW!!! Shake OFF the “SHOULDS,” for not a single one of them is more important than the act of shaking FREE of them!

Shake them right out of you, and really let yourself go and enjoy wiggling around like a complete goof–because WHO CARES? Who cares what ANYONE THINKS? Not YOU, certainly– unless you’re still a slave to the opinions of others. YOU aren’t, are you? If you are, at least KNOW it. And if not, really let go and enjoy shaking off those shoulds, once and for all! Why not even put some music on and dance them out of you? Your body will love you for it! Then, stretch your body—it feels SO good, doesn’t it? And while you’re at it, stretch your AWARENESS OUT of the old operating system of YOUR BRAIN as you do so!

BREATHE it out, too! Your ability to breathe is a beautiful conductor of not only air, but of all of your energy as well as your intentions. So breathe your awareness OUT of the endless treadmills of the third dimensional brain and INTO the multi-dimensional O.S of your heart, for YOU ARE SOVEREIGN THERE. Breathe yourself back down into the throne of your chair as you do so, too, and do not read another word until you are calmly settled in the palace of your heart, which is where you belong from now on!

This is about YOU, after all, and it is important, because it is all about your power and your freedom to choose. Only by ignoring your own freedom, and by deciding NOT to claim your sovereignty, do you give away your power over your past present, and future to others. This has ALWAYS been true. If YOU do not claim your OWN power to choose, then it is as if you leave it for whoever else might want it instead. Or, for those of you with a more legal bent, it is like giving “power of attorney” to someone else for all of your decisions.

With all the brouhaha on this planet about the “unalienable right” of freedom, with all of the wars in which multitudes have supposedly “died so that others could be free,” there is great mystification in our universe at why we earthlings do not simply CLAIM our freedom, our sovereignty, and be done with it. It certainly does not have to be fought for!
Unless one has given it away, of course, to set up a game in which to try and win it back… Or, unless one has been mind-controlled into a very twisted kind of self-destructive game that escapes their awareness…due to “power of attorney” and all…

Whatever you believe, now is a very good time to identify those beliefs consciously, for they are what you manifest reality with. This is particularly recommended now because, on 12.21.12, planet Earth and her human collective will be right in the center of the powerful energetic alignments that are assisting us in making out ascension into the fifth dimension. This could be called the “halfway point,” but a more powerful description would be the “tipping point.” Another common term for this moment is “zero point,” meaning, it is the furthest degree OUT of darkness, and the beginning of our swing into the light.

It is important to understand what is said in that last paragraph, and to keep its meaning always in perspective over the coming year. It does NOT say that December 21, 2012 is THE moment of our collective and planetary transformation! It does say that it is the most CHARGED moment in our process of transformation. The transformation will continue for years after that moment. To a great extent, however, the frequencies that each of us have reached, as well as that all of us hold as one, and hold at that moment, will influence the probable outcomes of our unfolding transformation from that moment on.

THIS is why it is a very good idea to keep this message in mind over the next eleven months and three weeks or so–because then you can create exactly the “tipping point into the new paradigm” that you CHOOSE for yourself! (Conversely, this would NOT be a wise time to loll around making choices by default, or giving “power of attorney” to ANY being besides yourself, if you catch our drift!) You have all of 2012 on your side, providing you with energy and support from all over your universe, to assist you in stepping into your divinity!

And of course, not everyone has to step into their divinity, if they still want to play around awhile longer. Not everyone has to go along. “Older versions” of the planet and the collective will still seem very real to those who still like things exactly as they are. This is where multi-dimensional information gets a little hard to explain, but “reality” is actually a matter of perspective, and perspective is entirely a creation of one’s energetic frequency. So, whatever one’s frequency, he/she will find him/herself on a version of what seems to be Earth that is frequency resonant. No expectation EVER goes unfulfilled. The universe ALWAYS matches your dreams.

What IS astoundingly wonderful is that the amount of us who DO want to go along keeps multiplying every day! Those of us who have been holding and spreading the light have created quite a powerful “ripple effect” of energy around the planet! As we share our Love/Light with others, they do so in turn, creating an ever-expanding series of ripples outward. Those who are least likely to feel it would be those situated in the frequencies most aligned with the third dimensional conditions of fear and polarity, and so also “furthest away” from us energetically–regardless of “distance” as we measure it spatially. And yet, even when touched ever so slightly by these Love/Light ripples, they want more!

And so, there are more and more of us choosing the higher frequencies of Love/Light, and since doing so is the actual definition of ascension, this means that those choosing to be part of this unprecedented planetary ascension are fast becoming the overwhelming majority. At the speed at which we are both accumulating and spreading Love/Light, it is no longer outside the range of probability that, by the date of 12/21/12, we may have gathered each one of the all of us into the arms of our ascension with us!  All we need remember is that the seemingly “unloving” lack only one thing, and that is LOVE–and we have an eternal and abundant source of that LOVE to shower upon and infuse them with!

Know, as well, that the universe is much gratified by and admiring of our progress, for we have exceeded all expectations with our capacity to love. Because of this, know that no other beings within it have ever been as powerfully, unanimously, supported as we are now, as we move to zero point. Know that our sun is constantly supplying us with perfectly timed packets of information about what is going on in our solar system and beyond. Know that we are being constantly informed and updated with the most relevant news for our expansion process. As well, our galactic center is constantly supplying us with packets of Light. (I’ve capitalized the word “Light” because, as you probably know by now, all natural Light is nothing less than LOVE and Divine Information combined. So it’s about time, isn’t it?)

Now we get at last to the “culminating point” of THIS message. The point is this:
WE ARE THE ONLY ONES who are in charge of our own ascension(s).
Not all the information, encouragement, or support in the multiverse can go through our ascension for us. Nor can we be “carried” into the fifth dimension, no matter how loved and adored we are by light beings who would love to do that for us—if they could.
One can only become a fifth dimensional being by BECOMING one. Remember what it was like to learn to ride a bike? Maybe you used training wheels, or someone held you up for awhile as you got the hang of it, but in the end, YOU were the one who had to learn the lessons, claim the mastery, and ride on your own. As the Hopi elders said years ago: WE ARE THE ONES WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR.

Of course, this is why the celestial team keeps begging you to “read them” through their frequencies. And if you are one of those who finds their constant requests that you do so annoying, I’ll be honest—I don’t think they’re going to stop, that’s for sure! So, if you are absolutely sure that reading frequencies is something that doesn’t interest you in the slightest, then you might as well save yourself further annoyance by getting off their list and facing your choice right now. And believe me, I understand! It can seem like a big leap, at first, off of the treadmills of the old paradigm and into the heart-felt expansion of the new paradigm of being. And both the choice to do so and the leap itself, are entirely ours, alone, to make.

We are SOVEREIGN. We can pretend that we are not, but sovereign we still will be. We can prefer to see ourselves as manipulated by circumstances, or by others, in order to avoid facing the responsibility of being sovereign, but the responsibility of authority will STILL be ours. We can hope to be carried, or coddled, into the fifth dimension, but that isn’t going to happen. We are here as MASTERS, and only through remembering and claiming our mastery will we re-ascend. (By the way: We already KNOW we can do it. So does the universe. That’s why we’re here.) So, if one wishes to identify oneself, with integrity, as part of the ascension, then claiming one’s Sovereign Authority is an integrative focal point for every moment of every NOW of 2012.

But there ARE roadmaps! It is true that you must commit to the journey without exceptions or conditions. But once you do, you are NEVER alone! As you raise your own frequencies, so much appears around you to support you and to increase your resonance! There IS guidance! There ARE energy activations! And encoded information! And LOVE!

The celestial team MOST eagerly wants me to mention now that the most recent series of Love/Light Videos, “Navigating Into a New Paradigm of Being,” parts 1-3, shared much information, encoded and otherwise, about the three most powerful and critically important “ripples in the outward/upward expansion process.” They want me to sum them up briefly in linear terms here, and I’m having trouble. To do so seems to strip the videos’ multidimensional energies of their richness. It makes me cry…

All right, beloved! The three ripples in your ascension process are:
1. Self-love
2. Sovereign Authority
3. Interconnectedness with All

Hopefully, their relationship with one another is clear, as well as their interdependency. If not, if you focus on the words with your heart center–and do so “whole-heartedly,” of course–your higher self may bring you to a very rapid sense of “knowing” all about it without any need for explanations at all. That is exactly the way of “knowing” in the new paradigm.

If you choose not to focus “whole-heartedly” on the frequencies of the words, NOTICE that. If you feel that you cannot, notice THAT as well. Both of these are indicative of a lack of SELF-LOVE. And, of course we will explain once more the importance of, as well as the relationship between, these “three ripples:
1. It is only Self-Love, in spite of all past mistakes, all seeming failings, and all judgments from either self or others, that can breed compassion.
2. Only Self-Love can awaken the self-worth required to claim one’s Sovereign Authority.
3. Only with Sovereign Authority can one enter into Inter-Connectedness With All without losing the integrity of one’s individuality, and with the absolute power that supports unconditional compassion.

There you have it! Every moment of every day, Self-Love, Sovereign Authority, and Interconnectedness With All will be the interdependent ripples that lead to the Love/Light of the fifth dimension. Only your own conscious choices can lead you there. However, once you have claimed that choice as your own, with full responsibility and intention, then all the help you need is there for you as YOU go through the process!

Which brings us to the last phrase of our opening greeting, and one that we had much fun paraphrasing: “an offer you can’t refuse!” It is perfect that this phrase came to all of us with great joy (there are quite a LOT of us, remember!), and for a myriad of reasons, at this particular moment, for this particular communication! “An offer you can’t refuse” resonates through you from the surface appreciation of your “The Godfather” film series, does it not? Yes indeed, and down into further depths than you could even imagine, much like a lightning rod. What is there is ancient; your so-called “mafia” is just an external twig. Yes indeed. So, it is a very powerful phrase, and all of the convoluted meanings therein amused us very much.

So here is the NEW PARADIGM version of the offer you can’t refuse! It is in no way a threatening “persuasion,” for one thing. Nor is it the diluted version that has been used on you several times a day, every day of your life, for millennium, either, as a kind of “cattle prod.” Hopefully, your consciousness is already high enough to recognize the methods we speak of easily, and without feeling activated by our mention of them in any way. If so, celebrate that! We do! It has taken much effort on the spiral homeward for you to get to that plateau of freedom!

The NEW PARADIGM version: We are here for you who still doubts yourself. We are here for you who needs proof of your value and worth. We are here for you who cannot yet feel compassion for yourself. We are here to show you OUR view of your sovereign authority. If our written Love/Light Messages, and now our Love/Light Videos, are not enough, then we, the celestial team, wish that you reach out to connect with us directly through Judith.

We will “work” with you, as you say, although it is hardly work!
And what do we “charge?” Nothing, of course! We do not “exact payment from others” for that which costs us nothing but joy to give! Nor does our Judith from this moment on! Nor should any of YOU do that to one another, from this moment on, either. Hear us, please, in that.

Do you know what it MEANS to ask for payment for your abilities and gifts? Do you know the position of servitude you place yourself in, when you do so? Likewise, do you know the position you create for yourself when you try to get much from others and give as little as possible in return? Ah! Beloved! Such behavior is NOT smart, let alone loving (and those words are synonyms where you wish to go, by the way). We wish to ease you out of THAT dark corridor as quickly as possible. None of you should ever, ever, be for sale. None of you should ever, ever, pay for one another! You are all FREE!

You call our Judith to speak with us, and you offer our Judith what you can in return—not as payment, but in gratitude! In celebration! In love, as a way of communing! Knowing that whatever you invest in yourself grows a thousand-fold. Knowing that whatever you give to another will not be judged but valued. In this way do you begin to take care of one another, and to trust one another again. In this way do you all step into welcoming the abundance that has ALWAYS been your sovereign right.

This is Judith again. I honor those words. I believe in them, and they make me SO happy. It feels like the perfect way to begin 2012—throwing out all fear, all doubt. And just stepping up to give, connect, trust one another, and receive. I so look forward to hearing from you, communing with you, and creating with you.

Happy and Triumphant 2012 to us all!
Much, much Love/Light to YOU!
Always and in All Ways— Judith and the celestial team

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