1.23.12 Multi-dimensional YOU in the Multi-dimensional NOW

Hello, again, Beloved!  We transmit our  frequencies in a most exhuberant embrace, for we are so delighted to connect with you!

Can you feel our energies of delighted love surrounding you? Can you feel them connect with your own energies, and even infuse you with a bit of our fizzy Light if you allow them to?  The image of how your earthly beverages might experience being infused with carbonation came to our Judith’s mind as she attempted to translate this feeling into words for you, and although we all had a good laugh at the mundanity of the comparison, we like it, nonetheless! So, we are promting her to share it with you as well.  For one thing, the frequency of laughter is always worth sharing, and for another, the image is one that translates a feeling that is very far from mundane into  a familiar frame of refenence that might serve to make it more accessible. It is a “bridge metaphor,” so to speak.

And so, we ask you to use the bridge, and imagine yourself as a divine and sovereign beverage that is being infused with the highest frequencies of Love/Light!  Notice how they inflate your own frequencies! Notice, especially, how well you can hold this Light within you. Indeed, it IS familiar, after all, for you are made to hold it. YOU, Beloved, are very far from mundane. In fact, our desire to share our frequencies with you in this moment of your now is to remind you of just that.

We know we always tell you that every moment is completely new, and so each one is. Yet,  even your moments of “now” have moved into an entirely new and more expanded NOW. This is, indeed, hard to translate into linear words, for you have entered into an energy in which you will no longer be able to understand yourself  in the old linear ways.  You have entered what we have identified for you as an entirely New Paradigm of Being,  and so will be experiencing  yourself in an increasingly multi-dimensional fashion from now on.

We know that this new, multi-dimensional, experience  of your very being can be unnerving, at first. It is one thing to think about, talk about, and look forward to, and quite another to actually find yourself within!  That is why we have come now to infuse you with our Love and words of reassurance, to the very greatest extent that you will open your heart to receive.  With that desire, we offer the following words for you to digest.  Know that they are not simply awarenesses expressed through language, but that the words themselves are carriers of frequencies that in themselves carry information that will trigger your own, dormant  muti-dimensional awarenesses. Once those are activated, you will have a much easier, and even joyful, time navigiating your way into your New Paradigm of Being. Before you read on, however, we remind you to read not through the construct of the third dimensional brain, but through the multi-dimensional intelligence of your heart.

*  Your third dimensional brain is but a small, programmed part of your greater mind. It was designed to keep you limited to a very narrow experience of yourself for reasons that you have now outgrown.

*  Your multi-dimensional heart center is the gateway to your greater mind. The more you “plug into” your heart center as your new operating system, the less you will feel  a sense of separation between your body, mind and  spirit. Eventually, they will  begin to work together smoothly as one, for they are simply interconnected aspects of the one whole that is YOU.

*  Know that you are currently in an energetic state of transformation. We encourage you to claim that state as your own, and let go of any and all expectations that it should feel otherwise.  To resist the movement would be akin to an airplane that is trying to fly while still feeling the runway beneath its wheels. You can fly into the new, or stay on the ground. It is energtically impossible to do both at the same time.

* Do rest when you feel fatigued, even if it is not at a time when you “normally” do so. “Normal” is only another word for yesterday, and these are no longer “normal” times.  Do not try to keep yourself running on old scheduling treadmills, then. Instead, allow yourself the freedom to expand beyond them, and give your body the rest it asks for as it adjusts to the faster vibration of the energy of NOW.

*  As you are entering into an increasingly multi-dimensional experience of yourself, the linearity of past, present, and future is loosening its hold on you. Therefore, you will be more in touch with your many lifetimes as they are truly occurring, which is simultaneously.  We ask that you do not mistake this for inner conflict, confusion, or struggle. It is simply you engaging with other aspects of YOU, so that you can integrate them.

*  This process of integration is what we also have called unconditional Self Love.  It is allowing all aspects of Self to present themselves to you, to be heard without judgement, to be valued for their experiences and the lessons they bring, to be loved unconditionally for their willingness to serve YOU in this way, and and to be welcomed home. This is the process of  becoming whole for all beings in our universe. It is, as well, the foundation upon which one steps into Sovereignty.

*  Sovereignty is what will break the hold of the limitations perceived by the third dimensional brain.

*  The reclaiming of  your Sovereign  Authority is what then activates your abilty to feel your interconnection with your human collective as it truly is: divinely synchronized to operate together as One.

* Beyond these three transformational processes, there are no limits whatsoever to what you can do, or where you can go. Just as the sky around you is without limits, so are you.

We hope you will ponder these awarenesses in your heart, Beloved.  We hope you will use them to ease your brain of its unwieldy burdens, and trust your heart with them instead, where none of this is any burden at all!  And soon, we will offer you part 3 of our “Navigating in the NOW” video,, in which our Judith shares her own powerful experience of HOW to be NOW, braided with us, as always, through her human voice. Never, do we leave you.

How we love you! Always and in All Ways.   –the celestial team


Copyright(c) 2012, Judith Dagley–All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

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