7.29.13 Grand Sextile NOW, Next Power Toolkit Segment Coming!

7.29.13 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Cheerio, Beloved!

What a rare, powerful, transformatively supportive planetary alignment You are being graced with in this moment of your NOW! We know You can feel it– as long as You are IN your NOW, that is! As long as You are IN your life, rather than running on the treadmills of the brain– how could You help but feel it?

We know our Judith certainly is, for the energies brought her out of her bed in the wee hours, just as they began to coalesce, and prompted her to bring forth the next segment of her Power Toolkit for Energy Alchemists! We have asked her to wait a few of your days before offering it however, in order to give You time/space to integrate the transformative energies of your Grand Sextile. Then, You will be ready to receive and use it more fully than ever! 

Ah, do You see how we dote on You, Beloved? Feel it NOW, please. Breathe our frequencies into your heart center, so that You may feel our devotion, and so know how Loved and cared for You are, always. How happy that makes us, our Beloved! Please continue to feel us with You, Loving You, as we ask our Judith to say a few words from her “human perspective” about the energies of this glorious Grand Sextile that is at your service NOW.

This is Judith. First of all, let me say right upfront that I have no information to share with you that is based on any acquired “expert knowledge.” I am not an astrologer. All I know about these energies is what I decode from their frequencies as I feel them. Second of all, I assure you that I would have therefore kept my mouth shut about this Grand Sextile, altogether, had I not been called forward to “step up to the plate!”

And that I was… what an  exhilarating confirmation of the truth that we are in a whole NEW paradigm, and our knowledge NOW is acquired only in the NOW, through frequencies! Knowledge acquired in the past will only keep us there. Of course! NOW is NEW, and we can only discover our wisdom NOW within it. Each and every one of us. That may even be the biggest, most potent, point of this entire message, which is, by the way, being formed into words within the energies of our Grand Sextile!

What I’m feeling from this grand, cosmic event is a lot of water (flowing) energy, and a lot of earth (grounding) energy. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of air (thinking) energy in it at all, which definitely supports the awareness that analyzing or categorizing these energies into pre–supposed interpretations will not be an effective way to deal with them. They are way too innovative and complex for such packaging! For example, there is a VERY strong flow of feminine energy that feels as if it is confronting masculine energy, yet at the same time offering a much-desired opportunity to harmonize.

In a nutshell, it is an energy pattern that offers breakthrough–a threshold to cross from one way of being into another. From duality into wholeness…from separation into unity…from isolation into the intimacy of Oneness. The trick, it feels like to me, is to ALLOW this to happen rather than constricting against it.  To let the energies flow though us and realign our very own  energies, which might temporarily stir up a bit of turbulance– without resisting the very process of transformation, in other words!

I’m also sensing the importance of staying very grounded as these energies flow through me.  I’ve been barefoot as much as possible today, and every ten minutes or so, find myself  consciously focusing on feeling grounded, deep into the earth, and withIN my physical body, in the NOW.  Every time I do, my own energy field opens a little more and becomes increasingly lighter and more comfortable. It seems that this grounding  allows the flow of energies from our Grand Sextile to rush through me, stir up a little chaos as they re-align my own energies, without either sweeping me into the chaos, or away (escaping from being in the me that is NOW). And of course, I am drinking a whole lot of water–even more than usual!

So, I pass all of this onto you. Whatever resonates is yours. Anything that doesn’t, just let it go right past you. The Grand Sextile willl be at its peak for…maybe seven hours, I’m getting…but will stay with us for at least a week. This energy is an amazingly propelling force into integration, empowerment, and unity consciousness–so ground, stand sovereign, and receive!

Oh, yes, one more thing. As the celestial team “said,” it also propelled me into creating the next segment of the Power Toolkit for Energy A;lchemists. That’ll be offered as soon as I “get the go-ahead,” so NOW is also a good time for all of you energy alchemists to get ready for it (if you aren’t already, that is!).

♥♥♥ Judith
AND the celestial team! We Love You so–always and in all ways.
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Alchemy, the Law of Creation, Integrating Masculine/Feminine Energies, a NEW Video–and More!

A most fond hello to You, Beloved!
We pop in because we asked our Judith to share this with you NOW, even though it was shared on her “earthly website,” as she calls it, some three of your days ago. Our request surprised her! “Why NOW?” she asked. And so, we thought you might ask as well, and so we will tell you! You see, we do not march in the linear construct of “time.” We experience what you perceive as “time” to be more of a “location created by energetic convergence,” you might say. And for You, Beloved, NOW is the moment of such a convergence with the energies of this post and the energies of your full moon today and tonight. We will explain. What our Judith has written of her personal experience within your collective NEW and continuously expanding paradigm is a most fitting illustration of the fluidity that your full moon energies will amplify. We invite you to see/feel the picture. Your full moon begins in the sector of Capricorn, with your Helios in Cancer. However, your moon reaches its peak of fullness in Aquarius, with your sun in Leo! That is a dramatic shift, energetically, is it not? Almost “from one minute to the next,” you might say! And you do not SEE it happen. You only “know” the shift as you FEEL it happening. Aha! You get the picture, do you not? And, you have a lovely water trine accompanying this event, encouraging you to FEEL the flow of your own expansion. Feel the fluidity, then, Beloved, and flow with it! AGREE to it. ALLOW the NEW experiences and awarenesses that are flowing to you in every moment, and let go of the idea that NOW, or YOU, is stationary, altogether. Instead, we encourage you to celebrate this glorious full moon with your intention to stay fully PRESENT in every moment of your NOW, in order to RECEIVE the continual flow of the NEW– and en-JOY the wonder of it all! Do not miss any of it, Beloved. It IS what you have been waiting for.
Ah, we Love You! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

I don’t know how I can possibly put into words all that I wish to communicate in this one seemingly “ordinary” message. So, I don’t think I will even try–especially since I already know that the energy of “trying” only creates more “trying.” And that, I just realized, is a very important awareness to be sharing in this post! AND…there you have it. This is eactly what keeps happening to me all day long NOW.

I’ll get flooded with awarenesses that I don’t even know how to begin to put into words, mostly because there aren’t any words for them. So, I’ll sit down to “try,” anyway…sigh. The entrainment to the treadmill of “trying” dies hard for we humans, doesn’t it? Well, the good news I’m discovering is that we can all choose to break free of that particular pattern of enslavement to the illusion of powerlessness pretty soon–because that old treadmill doesn’t even exist anymore! I just…

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7.16.13 New Video–Welcome to Wonderland!

7.16.13 New Video and Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Ah, yes, Beloved! WELCOME to WONDERLAND!

That is, indeed our greeting, as well as the invitation we infuse into our message, transmitted to You NOW through our Judith–and your Judith, of course–for she most truly is that, as well, is she not? Just as You are beginning to real-ize, (or will begin, in accordance with your own divinely sovereign intention), how deeply You also belong to one another through your own inter-connections throughout the cosmos.

But we will not be-labor our message with words! THIS “time,” we are very happy to not need to  cut through the modality of communication You call “language,” which, from our perspective, often appears to be a jungle of concepts designed to create either entanglements of conflict or causes of separation–the very opposite of connection. Instead, we are thrilled that the video we are presenting You with holds all we wish to communicate embedded within it–and we would certainly not wish to ruin your fun in discovering these wonders for yourSelf! For your SELF, indeed…

So  RECEIVE, em-BODY, and en-JOY!

Alchemy, The Law of Creation, Integrating Masculine/Feminine Energy,
and More!


Much Love/Light to You, Beloved. Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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7.12.13 The Power Toolkit–An Energy Activation & Frequency Lesson from Yeshuwa!

Hello from Judith–and YES, an energy activation and frequency lesson from Yeshuwa! Most unexpected, too, I might add. In fact, I am still a bit stunned by the transmission. Not only did it come “out of the blue,” but the Yeshuwa frequencies are SO incredibly powerful and SO loving that it feels accurate to simply call them…LOVE.

And I am so thrilled and honored to offer them to you. The process of this Power Toolkit’s unfolding has become an absolutely astonishing one to me…

Yesterday is a very good example. I’ve been itching to get the second segment of the Toolkit underway–yet it is those of you who are using the first segment that are in charge of that “timing,” you know! And I’ve been hearing/feeling that it isn’t “time” yet. OK. So, fine. I wait until it is, that’s all.

But yesterday, I suddenly “got” a rather upsetting awareness that did not seem to be mine, even though I felt it palpably. Translated into words, it comes out like this—“There are some who are still not close to ready yet. It is not because the first video does not prepare them! Nor is it because they do not desire to be ready. It is because their desire has not yet burned away their self-doubts enough to transmute into the flame of utter Self-commitment that is required. Until that alchemical process occurs,  they will not find within them the commitment to use the video as a daily practice.”

MAN! That through me for a loop, I’ll tell you. Because it resonated with the exact challenge I’ve experienced in transmitting messages, giving workshops, and even in private sessions, for over three years NOW, in linear time! (Sorry. I do get impatient with this “giving and not being received” dynamic sometimes, I admit….After all, I’m “only human,” just like you…hahaha.)

Anyway, back to the point, which is that the second I felt that old familiar thud of dismay in my gut, I also felt tremendous unrest, energetically, both within me and around me. To use air as a metaphor, I was swept up in a tornado.

Then, just as suddenly, the air became utterly still. I had entered the “eye of the tornado” itself. And in the stillness, I heard/felt Love speak to me.
“Let ME help you, Precious One.”
And the tears poured like water. And I was in front of the webcam, transmitting Yeshuwa’s message. And here you have it.

Yeshuwa’s transmission is short in length, less than ten minutes. It is a dazzling illustration that neither “quantity” nor “quality” can be measured in our old ways. The energy in Yeshuwa’s transmission is beyond measure and without limits. And there is no amount of money that could ever “pay” for its value.

Yeshuwa does use words to teach a potent and eloquent lesson about “frequency signature” (which is exactly what the next sequence of the Power Toolkit will address!). But the video is far, far, more than spoken words. What it actually is, is a HUGE “download” of energy activation, information that is “beyond words,” and LOVE. It is also eternal, in that no matter how often you take it in, it will flood you with all of these things all over again. It is a “perpetual bridge” to carry you across choppy seas and through tornadoes.

*  Press either of the “Donate tabs in the right sidebar, and offer your donation to the Power Toolkit’s reciprocal energy exchange via Paypal (and please DO mark it as either “gift” or “donation!”)
* The amount, monetarily, that resonates with Yeshuwa’s gift is $4.00.
* Once your donation is received, the link will be sent to you within 36 hours.
(And please don’t forget–you can always donate more than the resonant amount! Since I rely on donations to “make ends meet,” I was just reminded to remind you of that, as well…)

By the way, here’s an interesting sidenote about my process of determining the correct monetary amount of exchange. I had, for some reason, imagined that the amount would be $3.00. (After all, the video is short, 3 is a uniting of 2…blah, blah, blah. What the hay, I’m “only human” just like you…hahaha.) However, I was quite firmly directed otherwise by Yeshuwa. “No, Precious One. 4 is the number. 3 is close, but close is not enough.” And then, I GOT it! Of course–the number 4 is the energy of “THE STABILIZER.” (That’s our Yeshuwa!) The number 4 is a cornerstone, and within it are the frequencies that are also required to maintain it–frequencies of practice, repetition, realization of power, instinctual knowledge, preparing for renewal—within our worldly realm.
That’s it, then. $4.00 it is!

Oh, yeah, one last thing. With all the messages, videos, private sessions, group sessions, and NOW the Power Toolkit that keep hatching within and/or flowing through me, I am starting to feel that is “time” to put out a request for some assistance with the “nuts and bolts” of this ever-expanding endeavor. (Or, as the celestial team puts it, I need an “earth team!”) Should YOU be interested in assisting with the external technology (websites and webinars), organizing, bookkeeping, or any number of ways to keep the sailing smooth—as your contribution to the reciprocal energy exchange– bless your heart and PLEASE let me know at thecelestialteam@gmail.com!

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7.8.13 New Moon in Cancer–Use It!

This is Judith. A “little bird” suggested that I share this with You. That’s the translation I was given through the frequencies, anyway…Lol. The celestial team is feeling very playful today, it seems!

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Just a brief check-in about the energies of our New Cancer moon tonight–very powerful for supporting intentions of CHANGE!  This new moon is a very “watery” one –not only is Cancer a water sign, but the moon’s energies are amplified by a trine of other water signs, as well. The energy is very fluid, in other words, and since it opposes Pluto in Capricorn, it seems divinely synchronized with our collective process of breaking apart old patterns in order to create NEW ones. (And we’ve seen plenty of evidence of that, in various ways, all over the world!)  However, this watery energy is also ideal for flushing awaythe old, and fluidly integrating NEW intentions.

So,  I suggest you use it! First, recognize all the evidence of the old making way for the NEW–both in the world, and within you. Situate yourself within that recognition, and you will feel the…

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7.5.13 The Energies of NOW–Getting Up to Speed

7/5/13  A Love/Light Message –about the Love/Light!

An  Expansively Loving Hello to You, Beloved!

It is in honor of your own state of expansion that we greet you this way, of course. We have even attuned our frequencies to be a perfect “vibrational match” for the expansive energies that your solstice brought you into, and that You are NOW running through You, as You process them. Ah, yes, You are “in the thick” of transformation at last, Beloved! 

Feel the truth. Although You many not know quite where You are NOW,  it is most definitely NOT where You were last year–or even where You were an hour ago. It is only through feeling that truth that you will know it as true–because your brain will  tell you that it cannot be, since you have not physically appeared to have gone anywhere! But you see, your Gaia has. And so You have, as well.

It may (or may not) take some “time” for You to catch up with where You are–which is actually no longer within the construct of “linear time,” at all. At the rate at which You allow yourSelf to acclimate to the expansive, all-inclusive NOW, so will the way You process information also expand beyond the limitations of the third dimensional brain.

Expand into what, You ask? Oh, do not worry, Beloved. You are not “losing your mind!” Far from it. Your mind is vaster than the operating system You call your brain could ever conceive of. As You may recall our saying many times before, that particular operating system was a temporary construct,  designed to keep You from flying out of  the third dimensional experience of separation that You descended onto your planet to have!  Until You were ready to leave it once again, that is… and so You are. 

NOW, You have access to your “greater mind” once more, which is interconnected with all consciousness–and through which the inspiration for your earthly internet technology was received, we might add.  Your internal technology, however, is energetic. Through it, You NOW have access to unlimited vision, information, and skills,  far beyond any You could  fathom through the third dimensional brain.

And we will say no more about this for NOW, for we see how we are already beginning to “boggle the brain!” Instead, we are going to ask our Judith to step in and “calm the boggles” by offering a brief overview of humanly documented evidence–gathered by 3rd dimensional brains!–of the expansion You have entered into. Let your brain feast on this “food for thought,” for it will serve as a bridge  to carry it into its own expansion, back into your “greater mind.” Do You see, Beloved? Your brain is also going home, just as You are. How could it be otherwise? Your brain, and the “self” You thought yourSelf to be, are One.

This is Judith. Whew! The first thing I have to tell you is that the process of transmitting that message was different than any of the hundreds I have transmitted before NOW. I’m used to receiving the frequencies and simply feeling the words that would carry them. This “time,”  however, I often found myself literally at a loss for words! The awareness that came with this surprising NEW challenge was that it was an experiential demonstration of exactly where we’re at NOW in this process of transformation that we have waited so long for! So, I also real-ized that it was meant to be shared with you–

The challenge was that the expansive energies we are in NOW allowed me to receive much subtler and more finely nuanced frequencies from the celestial team than ever before. Where only yesterday, I was quite adept at translating whole chapters of information into a few encoded sentences– today, what I received through transmissions that lasted a second at the most carried  whole volumes of intricately interconnected information.

It took me quite a bit of “time” and energy to adjust to this quantum learning curve, let me tell you, and I took “the time” because I so wanted you to be able to receive it all. So, I did deliver it and it is all there.  Just be aware that it is very tightly packed, so to take it all inyou will need similar desire and commitment, I’m sure.

The days of even attempting to receive the celestial team’s messages through the brain rather than the heart center appear to be over. To paraphrase what they’ve already said in much  earlier messages, it is not possible to expand into 5D through 3D methods. Duh, that makes so much sense that even the 3D brain  can understand it! And so…it comes down, as everything seems to NOW,  to one’s own sovereign choice…

And so… I need to be sovereignly honest (you deserve that, after all), and tell you that if you choose to skim their transmissions hurriedly in order to get back to the really important priorities on your “to do list,” you get very little from them. Read that way, they really are kind of a “waste of your time,” so you might even want to stop reading right NOW. Instead, go back to “spending  it” on whatever IS important to you– because that is what you will manifest more of.

Things have changed.

Which leads me to my “assignment” in this message. Most of the aspects of this change we are experiencing have already been noted and documented by scientists. Even the term “Love/Light” is a scientifically accurate one–its just that our scientists haven’t dared to utter it yet! But they will eventually– possibly sooner than you might “think.”

Here is just a smattering of  “humanly documented evidence” about what you are and where you are–

* Scientists already know that the human body receives and integrates Light. Without sunlight, neither our bodies nor our psyches do very well for long.

* Scientists who specialize in human biology have recently discovered that the human body also emits Light.

* Many studies over the last fifty years have repeatedly found that it is the frequency of Love that is most congruent with the frequencies emitted by the human heart.

* Human DNA reonates with the frequencies of the human voice. When you speak to your own DNA, it understands you–and responds.

So, it is already “scientifically established” that your physical body is emitting, receiving, and responding to the frequenciesa of Love and Light in every moment. But, because scientists  haven’t had instruments that were finely tuned enough to detect them until recently, they can’t  measure the rate at which our emissions of Love/Light  have been increasing. Take that one in before you read on!

* Cosmologists know that particles of Light (which they call “photons”), are encoded with information.

* Cosmologists also know that our planet has entered a sector of space that has never been inhabited before, and is flooding us with with photonic energy that is far beyond any that humanity has ever experienced before. And when did we first enter this sector of space? On December  12th, 2012.

So, the reearch is there. THAT was threshold we crossed into the whole NEW Paradigm of Being that the celestial team and I have been talking about. NOW, all that’s needed is to cross the inner threshold, so to speak. For those who are still “looking forward” to becoming 5th dimensional, its time to get up to speed. You are in that process, right NOW… IF you choose to be, of course.

You can also choose to remain in the old paradigm of separation…because you are sovereign. Its just that you can’t choose both and get anywhere–except very uncomfortably held in place by the cross-currents of “betwixt and between.” And even if you do decide for some reason to experience yourself as powerless in that way, know that you will not be alone. There are others who will also choose to linger in the old illusions to varying degrees. There will, and always have been, as many versions of earth as there are human consciousnesses to create them.

Neither will you be”wrong” to make such a choice. Although it is one that I, personally, would not make, I  also know that there is a whole lot I don’t know, and in the big cosmic picture, all choices are perfect. So, you can create any version you want as your “reality.” Its just that in the NEW energy, the NEW versions available to us are as unprecedentedly full of Love/Light as WE can also become–IF we choose.

And that’s the point, because one cannot choose by “choosing not to choose.” All that really means is choosing by default, which is another thing I’d personally stay away from. Consider the definition of “default” according to the American Heritage Dictionary (Good title, huh?)–
1.) A failure to perform a task or fulfill an obligation
2.) Loss by failure to appear
3.) To fail to do what is required
4.) To lose by not appearing, completing, or participating
–which really means abdicating your sovereignty. Giving over your power of choice to others to make it for you. Which is just the old paradigm way of remaining in victim mode. Which, because of the Laws of Entrainment, will keep you running on whatever “victim treadmill” that you are already entrained to….See what I mean?

Anyway, there you have it. And, whoa, I am hearing a lot of questions! Like, “How do I choose?” and “How do I hold onto my choice?” But the answers to those questions are as individual as you are, and so  I cannot address each one of you within this message without writing straight through untill the middle of next week! And this is a very long  message to take in, already.

However, know this–the answers are there for you. Also real-ize that on some level you know that, or you would not even be asking the questions. Many of your answers are waiting for you to find them in the archives of the celestial team’s messages. All of them have been answered in our videos. Go back and watch again, and you may find NOW what you were not yet able to on your first or fifth or tenth viewing.

Then, order the first segment of the Power Toolkit,, and really commit to the unfolding process of learning (remembering) your mastery as an energy alchemist. And/or, book a private session with the celestial team and me.

Those are just a few of the avenues that are there for you, because of you, set for you even before you thought to look for them. (There is no linear time, remember?) Your questions are a sign of awakening!  Listen to them, honor them (you!), make it your priority to discover your answers– and the pathways appear before you. All you need do step onto them.

Welcome to the magic of NOW. I’ll see you down the road…  ♥♥♥ Judith

And WE will be there, too, Beloved!  Make no mistake–we would not miss it for the universe. Ah, how we LOVE You! Always and in All Ways–the celestial team


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