Alchemy, the Law of Creation, Integrating Masculine/Feminine Energies, a NEW Video–and More!

A most fond hello to You, Beloved!
We pop in because we asked our Judith to share this with you NOW, even though it was shared on her “earthly website,” as she calls it, some three of your days ago. Our request surprised her! “Why NOW?” she asked. And so, we thought you might ask as well, and so we will tell you! You see, we do not march in the linear construct of “time.” We experience what you perceive as “time” to be more of a “location created by energetic convergence,” you might say. And for You, Beloved, NOW is the moment of such a convergence with the energies of this post and the energies of your full moon today and tonight. We will explain. What our Judith has written of her personal experience within your collective NEW and continuously expanding paradigm is a most fitting illustration of the fluidity that your full moon energies will amplify. We invite you to see/feel the picture. Your full moon begins in the sector of Capricorn, with your Helios in Cancer. However, your moon reaches its peak of fullness in Aquarius, with your sun in Leo! That is a dramatic shift, energetically, is it not? Almost “from one minute to the next,” you might say! And you do not SEE it happen. You only “know” the shift as you FEEL it happening. Aha! You get the picture, do you not? And, you have a lovely water trine accompanying this event, encouraging you to FEEL the flow of your own expansion. Feel the fluidity, then, Beloved, and flow with it! AGREE to it. ALLOW the NEW experiences and awarenesses that are flowing to you in every moment, and let go of the idea that NOW, or YOU, is stationary, altogether. Instead, we encourage you to celebrate this glorious full moon with your intention to stay fully PRESENT in every moment of your NOW, in order to RECEIVE the continual flow of the NEW– and en-JOY the wonder of it all! Do not miss any of it, Beloved. It IS what you have been waiting for.
Ah, we Love You! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

I don’t know how I can possibly put into words all that I wish to communicate in this one seemingly “ordinary” message. So, I don’t think I will even try–especially since I already know that the energy of “trying” only creates more “trying.” And that, I just realized, is a very important awareness to be sharing in this post! AND…there you have it. This is eactly what keeps happening to me all day long NOW.

I’ll get flooded with awarenesses that I don’t even know how to begin to put into words, mostly because there aren’t any words for them. So, I’ll sit down to “try,” anyway…sigh. The entrainment to the treadmill of “trying” dies hard for we humans, doesn’t it? Well, the good news I’m discovering is that we can all choose to break free of that particular pattern of enslavement to the illusion of powerlessness pretty soon–because that old treadmill doesn’t even exist anymore! I just…

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