7.22.11 The Power of Your Self-Compassion

7/22/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team
The Power of Your Self-Compassion

We say hello with whispers of love into the ears of your heart!

Ah, dear heart! We know you are processing much now, far more than your brain can conceive of, and we do not wish to deliver anymore in this transmission for you to process, not at all, not at this time! We are just so moved by tenderness for you now that we wanted to whisper our love. We would love to gently touch your face with reassurance, and promise you that it is safe to trust that all that you are doing through your being on your planet is very fine. Can you feel our whispers, our love, our touch?

We ask you to please love yourSELF as you are loved. Accept that all that is without you is within you as well, and you cannot love anything without you that is not first accepted and loved within you. You do not have to try to grasp this with your mind, or work at trying to understand how this could be, dear heart. If you do, you will only end up confused by the third dimensional treadmills of the mind. What you long for is LOVE, and that is not something that the mind can process. The mind can justify reasons to love, it is true, but in the doing, love is lost. In the doing, love becomes justice, which is another thing altogether, and even that, the mind knows nothing about.

Do not tax yourself anymore, dear one. Leave the treadmills at last, and simply swoon into the arms of love. Love will do everything the treadmills cannot do. Love will do all for you, and be a balm to all within you that hurts, all within you that strains to understand. You are so much more than the brain can fathom,you are doing so much more to integrate the all into one than your brain could ever discover by thinking! Let it rest in peace, and trust our words. Go into your heart, and feel all within you that needs your love.

Now, what do you do when you meet someone who needs to feel the touch of love more than anything else? What do you do with a child who is starving to death, no matter how dirty or lost they seem, no matter what they have done in their efforts to survive? Do you stop to judge them in that moment? Or do you simply meet them in that moment of desperate hunger, and give them sustenance?

Take our question to heart, so that you might know yourSELF. How much compassion do you allow to flow from within you? Know that the child of whom we speak IS within you. And until that child is fed, no other children will be fed.
Until you feed love to the child within, you will leave all of the children who are dying of hunger on your planet to starve as well.

The kingdom of God is within you.
Nurture all in that kingdom with love! Accept all, forgive all, and get an IV of love going into your kingdom. Do not stop to “figure this out!” Simply accept the truth and accept your power. Your power is love, you are love. All else is illusion, the sources of which are complicated, and unnecessary to even go into!

If the flowers in your garden are dying of thirst and you know how to turn on the tap to give them water, do you have to know exactly how the plumbing works before using it? Do you have to decide whether or not the plants “should be” as parched as they are? No! What a waste of time that would be, would it not? What laughable questions we have asked, have we not? You know much better than to even run them through your brain!

Well then, dear one. Simply turn on the tap of your love. Tap your power.
As the holy water of love flows over all that is parched within you, all that receives this holy love will bloom again. All of the flowers around you will bloom with your own. What more would you possibly need to know?

WE love you! We have OUR sprinklers on full force for you! Drink, love, and be at peace. Drink freely and often, for there is no end to this Living Water called Love. Your Yeshuwa has seen to that, Beloved.

Until next time, we shower you with our own, ever-flowing, Love/Light, as always..
–the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rightsa Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

7.16.11 An Exercise in Loving Yourself as Much as WE DO!

7/16/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team
An Exercise in Loving Yourself as Much as WE DO!

We emanate our eternal love to you most tenderly tonight in the luminationof your ripe, full moon!

Yes, your moon is full and lovely in this moment and place of our transmitting, and it moves us to remind you that YOU are THAT. YOU are full and luminous, and ripe with light as well. Please see this moon as a reflection of your own inner fineness, see it as an ode to your unextinguishable, eternal, luminosity, a visual poem to you about your SELF, just as we do!

So often, you are very hard on your SELF, trying so hard to be MORE than you are, and you could not possibly be more! You could not possibly be better! You are perfect, just as you are now. You can want to have new experiences, want to explore different ways of experiencing your SELF, but you do not “need” to be anything but in love with your SELF! Nor do you need to be rescued, nor do you need to be taught anything, nor do you need to struggle, or suffer, or fear anything.

For those of you entangled in any sort of internal quagmire now, we suggest that you hit the “pause button” for a moment. All you really need do is–well, actually, the first thing we would suggest is to just RELAX.
Oh, we understand that, rather like “a dog with a bone,’ the ego does not like to let go of its struggles, but you are far more than the ego confines you into believing that you are! We suggest that you remember that, and simply “drop the bone.” It is fine to put the bone scenario on hold for later, if you choose! We only said hit the “pause button,” after all! So, if only for a moment, just drop the bone, step out of the quagmire, and simply breathe. Relax.
Yes. Just relax. Yes.

Now that you have gotten this far, acknowledge your mastery in doing so. Pat yourself on the back! Give yourself a hug, look in the mirror and kiss your reflection! Do it! No matter how the ego cringes and tries to get you back to “the old bone,” just DO IT! Hold your own, for YOU have stolen yourself away from the ego’s trenches, and YOU are NOT that! YOU are the being you just kissed.

Now, decide to steal your SELF away from what you are not for a few more moments. Use these moments as a “vacation” from the trenches, if you prefer to see it that way, and just enjoy yourself. Yes, do something about which you can say, “I am enjoying myself!” Do as many of those things as you like, in fact. They are usually very simple things, of the sort the ego would call “doing nothing.” Excellent! Enjoy them, and say aloud, so that you can hear your own voice, “I am enjoying my SELF!”

HEAR your voice ring deep inside of you as you say this, so that you can be
sure that your “vacation” of enjoying your SELF is authentic.
It is NOT “filling your time” with activities in order to avoid your SELF. It is NOT throwing yourself among others just to bolster a “false self,” a persona invented by the ego. Oh, no! THIS is a time of joining with and enjoying what happens WITHIN you, and who else is or is not around is of no consequence. This is between you and YOU, this communion of enjoyment.

Oh, how lovely that is for us observe! How momentous such moments are!
For in those moments, you accept your SELF exactly as you are. You experience your SELF, and say that it is good. And in that moment, you are God. YOU are THAT.

Without self-acceptance, you cannot love yourself. Without self-love, you keep yourself apart from the all, either in fear, shame, or both. Until you accept yourself, you will fear what you do not accept within you in the ALL. Remember this truth: Each and all in your collective is ONE. EACH of the all is precious to the whole. Without YOU, the whole is not ALL.
Without YOU, the diamond is flawed.

The answer to ALL is the most simple and pleasant one possible, and it is the only answer: Love your SELF! Embrace ALL of YOU! En-joy Your SELF, Beloved! Release self-judgment, be a generous lover with your SELF! Be a loving GOD! For in truth, in your deepest capacity, YOU are THAT.

We love you so! Enjoy your SELF! There is nothing within you that cannot be faced, cannot be accepted, cannot be forgiven, cannot be trusted, cannot be loved. Such things are only illusions, anyway. So, play, be as a child again, be out with nature and feel how Gaia loves you! THIS is your how you create a new universe. You ARE LOVE! Enjoy that which you are. Your universe awaits you.

And so it is. –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

7.9.11 Aligning With Your Newly Awakened Frequencies

7/9/11  Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We shower you with salutations that carry frequencies of your very own sweetness!

Yes, we do just that, for we feel the sweetness of your frequencies, and since you do not yet fully claim them as your own, we send them back to you, so that you can feel them as sent by us, instead. Ah, what a game we must play sometimes in order to honor your playing fields!  So, play along with us, and take your own sweet frequencies in along with ours as you read, please!

We will try to be as brief as possible in our transmissions for the next few months, now that Yeshuwa has told you the truth of all that is seeded within you. We know that those of you who persist in taking in our transmissions through the mind find the process “tiring” when the messages are long. All those tiny little words to pick through–we would find the going tedious ourselves! And so, we are attempting to bring you our frequencies in smaller bursts until each and all of you have given up the “mind game” and accepted your abilities to simply read frequencies. We most certainly do not want to give your minds even more to chew over! My goodness, that is the last thing you, or any of us, needs now!

Do not worry, however, if you have not yet been diligent in reading from the heart. Because of all the support and information you have accessed over the last five weeks, you will very likely “make the switch” over the next few months of integration. We touch you now only to be sure that you understand all that you have received from Yeshuwa, and that you endeavor to hold those frequencies alive again within you. By doing so, many of your most troublesome beliefs, being rooted in linear thinking, will be shaken loose with ease.

By all means, do not hold onto them because you are used to thinking of them as “yours!” That is only the third dimensional ego trying to hold you in place. Your “ego” wants only to be in control, fo the purpose of keepng  you aligned with the limitations of the third dimensional brain.  It is a construct. It is not who you are. Let all of the bondage fall away now. Let your spirit expand now! We understand that doing so may feel like ALL is falling away from you as a result, but this is not the truth. What is falling away is only the programming that has limited your ability to soar.

Here is an example of the way old programs can subtly undermine the soaring:

Many among you, under the controlling influence of the ego, have already “decided” what you call your “New Earth” should look like! Have “decided” to then proclaim to others “what does and does not belong there!”This is an example of the game of “trying to do 5d through 3d methods,” as we pointed out a few months ago! We were amused then, but now less so. Now, we feel the effects of this too much.

We know that there are some of you who feel distress at hearing those sorts of proclamations. Do not be distressed! Be glad that your heart is signaling you, and simply love those who feels the need to hang onto control in that way. They are very frightened. For those who are reading now that have “bought into” these stories of control, this desire to “be in charge,” recognize the fear behind it. Find the fear within yourself, thank the proclaimers, and let the fear go NOW.

Such “proclamations,” no matter how poetic or idyllic they sound, are reflections of self-avoidance. What they proclaim is the presence of self-judgments within the proclaimers. Emmanate compassion to them then, that they may find the rsonance of your compassion within themselves, and for themselves. The “New Earth” is not something that can be found anywhere other than within you. It has only to do with your own changes in consciousness.

As your vibrational frequency rises, the outer world simply reflects the change. As you clear your own inner space with Light, you begin to do so for the collective as well. So do not limit yourself with expectations of how this “should look,” or how it “should come about!” Do not look outside yourself to see whether the changes that “should happen” are occurring, either! Nor do you need to wait for anything to happen outside of you! Simply look within to see how YOU are creating it all. All you need to do is create it within and let it out!

Do not wait for anyone to tell you that “you are ready” to ascend, either. You need only to note the labor pains you’ve been feeling and allow them to guide you. Many have seen these labor pains as afflictions, or “ascension symptoms.” As if ascension was an illness! We have a good laugh over that one, we admit.

Many are also trying to block their own labor pains out entirely, blaming them on transient, situational occurrences. You have no afflictions, no “ flu!” Nor are the “temporary dramas” that are flaring up with many now anything other then LIFE pushing through all barricades to be born!

You need no directions, either, for birth is an entirely natural process.
Simply find the Light in the core of you and push it out, as a mother pushes out her fully formed child. Set your Light free! It is not complicated! Only by resisting it, only by trying to hold the birthing back, do you create your agonies.

You are ALREADY LIGHT. You are MADE OF LOVE. All else is illusion.
You are seeded with Christ Consciousness, the golden alchemy of compassion! Your ascension is simply you giving birth to YOURSELF!

Do you understand? The kingdom of God is within you because You are God.
THIS is what Yeshuwa showed you by being born in human form, through human birth, those thousands of years ago. By being born of humanity, in humanity,Yeshuwa showed you who YOU are, and what YOU will now do. YOU are the Light of the world.

And that birthing, Dearest One, will unite your family in a holy rejoicing beyond anything your universe has ever known before. With your Golden Light, you will integrate the all on your planet back into Oneness. That Oneness will then ignite integration throughout the universe itself. Do you remember what Yeshuwa told you of your origins? You have a VERY large family to integrate, indeed! You see, you will not only create a New Earth within you. YOU will create a whole New Universe.

We want to add that we know that there are some among you now who are great masters, and are accessing and clearing on behalf of the entire collective on a far larger scope than what we have just addressed. We want you to know that WE KNOW YOU. We know who you know who you are, and all that you have taken on. Feel the resonance of our recognition within you now!

Know that what you feel is true, and that you are exhalted for what you are doing. Know that you ARE doing it! Soon, you will feel much freer, much less burdened, and your praises will be sung throughout your universe forever!

We will depart momentarily so that you can digest, but before we blow you goodbye kisses with our frequencies until next time, we want to offer this: If you who are reading ever feel stirred by our transmissions to ask a question, oh, please do so! You can either ask on your own, or, if you need  support in beginning “hear” us respond,  you can contact our Judith.  We SO love to hear from you! And whatever way you decide to contact us, we always, always, respond.

We leave you to digest,, and so we blow our kisses now! Can you feel them your sweetness in them?     –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2001-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

7.3.11 Christ Consciousness: The Second Coming

7/3/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, Beloved, we greet you in a swoop of energy, just “in and out” this time with a brief exchange!

We know you are still digesting Yeshuwah’s words and frequencies from the last few transmissions, and we do not want to interrupt that most wonderful process. So, we promise to be brief. We transmit now only because there is a big birthday celebration scheduled tomorrow in one of the countries you use to separate yourselves with. It is your United States that is having its party at this time, and because this celebration falls so soon after your last new moon/partial eclipse as well as Yeshuwa’s last transmission, it is “energetically stirred,” shall we say? And “energetically charged,” as well, we might add. Of course, this “timing” is no accident, as you know by now that no timing ever is.

Through your Yeshuwah, you have just gained access to the memory that YOU are here to integrate ALL into ONE. You alone in the universe have the alchemy to do this! And, though these transmissions are read only by you who choose to read them, which is a very small number among the all, indeed, we tell you that by reading them through your heart, you send the information out to ALL.

We tell you, also, that your entire universe BREATHES WITH YOU now, just breathes you, breathes for you, as you decide whether to reclaim your power and your fullness! All focus is upon you, and it is a most moving and trembling moment of joining that is occurring in your universe now– because of YOU.

On your planet, you might see it as an extraordinary moment in one of your football games, in which a most beloved team is playing, and the final touchdown will decide the entire game. Only, this game has gone on for twenty something thousand years! Far longer actually, but we are trying to give you a sense of the importance of this moment in your time. Condensed into the length of one of your earthly games of sport, you would now be in the last few seconds of the game, with the final score in your hands. And all KNOW that you can win with ease, hands down, you are like giants playing with insects– if ONLY you own the knowledge of who you are.

But we do not like this metaphor, for it is from your dimension of polarity and therefore about winning, which is meaningless. We simply, sometimes, need to reach into your dimension for metaphors, in order to give you the frequency of what we are trying to express, and so, of, course, the literal meaning you ascribe to the metaphor can be drastically misleading! This is why we prefer that you read the frequencies carried in the words, and leave the words behind. Rather like eating your pistachio nuts! The words are merely the shells that hold the information that is brought to you.

And so! We digressed a bit, but in using your languages, it is VERY hard not to! We continue:
So, here you are, with both your divinity as well as your reason for being here revealed to you at last. You have just fully and concsiously received the truth that you are on the planet to integrate the all into ONE. And what comes upon the heels of that powerful illumination but a national holiday celebrating a country that portrays itself to be the most powerful one of all of your countries? Ah, now we have a can of worms opened at exactly the right moment, have we not?

We will tell you why most clearly, for it is important that you understand your co-creative power now. Through the energy that you give to this holiday, and the meaning you attach to it, it will become a catalyst for future events. The fourth of July holds much energy in the consciousness of your collective, as do all dates that symbolize momentous events. You, therefore will manifest the future, and we mean on a global scale, through the frequencies of your beliefs, emotions, and the meaning of your actions tomorrow. Yes, you ARE that powerful.

We mean, of course ALL of you, for there are no real divisions between you. But this holiday, in this nation, because of the sorts of energies at play, can set a template for all other holidays in all other nations that also celebrate separation. What is to be celebrated, then? Only THIS moment, and your truth in this moment. You are here to love unconditionally, to weave yourselves (in truth, your SELF), together again with your alchemy of compassion.

Though Yeshuwah did not call it so, we all know, and you all know, what that is. It is Christ Consciousness. You hold it within you. YOU are the carriers. YOU are here to envelop the all into oneness. Each and every one of you are here for that reason.
You have felt the longing, and now it is activated.
Were there such a thing in space/time as a Second Coming, it is YOU.

Use your energy well! Know that all of the energy pulsing your planet now is really only YOU.
YOU have created all that is occurring, and nothing is happening TO you.
You are ALL.
Remember who you are, then, and do not fuel energies of separation unaware, any longer!
Nor of course, do you fight against them, for then you would only be feeding the illusion that they exist!
ALL YOU do is extend your LOVE, your awareness of oneness with all.

You are the changemakers! And change does not come in any form that is similar to that which is being changed. Your Yeshuwah wants a word with you about this now:

This is Yeshuwah.
As you bring the power of your love to your world, we tell you to be
prepared to be bathed in love, and we tell you also to be prepared to be called “radical.” Take that in stride, for in truth, you WILL be radical.

Remember, Beloved, how it was! And fear not, for no persecution will stop you now, and nothing but your own lack of SELF-love could ever cause you to falter.

Each and all of you WANT this integration into oneness now, no
matter how things “look” on the surface! You are united in your love
and your mission.

Compassion IS revolution.
Violence and fear are not, they are simply more of the same.
As is celebrating divisions among you,especially now that you see
there are none.

But COMPASSION! That is NEW to your planet as a united force of change! That WILL be revolution into a whole new cycle, indeed.

Know that we are with you, among you, and within you now.
You do not have to wait for the future, or hope for the future you
desire. You ARE the future.
Shine, Beloved!
This is, at last, OUR time.

This is the celestial team, and we fear that you will find our “brief” message to not be as “brief” as it seems to us. If that is so, we apologize; it is just so very difficult to be “brief” when we try to do so in your much slower dimension, and through the obstacles of your words. We are not making excuses! Just…explaining. We will “work on it.”

For all of you, no matter what boundaries have been put in place between you or where you are within them, we wish you a joyful celebration tomorrow and forever of the truth that you are truly only ONE, and that all you are is LOVE longing to be reunited with LOVE.

We are Always and in All Ways in LOVE with You –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

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