7.22.11 The Power of Your Self-Compassion

7/22/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team
The Power of Your Self-Compassion

We say hello with whispers of love into the ears of your heart!

Ah, dear heart! We know you are processing much now, far more than your brain can conceive of, and we do not wish to deliver anymore in this transmission for you to process, not at all, not at this time! We are just so moved by tenderness for you now that we wanted to whisper our love. We would love to gently touch your face with reassurance, and promise you that it is safe to trust that all that you are doing through your being on your planet is very fine. Can you feel our whispers, our love, our touch?

We ask you to please love yourSELF as you are loved. Accept that all that is without you is within you as well, and you cannot love anything without you that is not first accepted and loved within you. You do not have to try to grasp this with your mind, or work at trying to understand how this could be, dear heart. If you do, you will only end up confused by the third dimensional treadmills of the mind. What you long for is LOVE, and that is not something that the mind can process. The mind can justify reasons to love, it is true, but in the doing, love is lost. In the doing, love becomes justice, which is another thing altogether, and even that, the mind knows nothing about.

Do not tax yourself anymore, dear one. Leave the treadmills at last, and simply swoon into the arms of love. Love will do everything the treadmills cannot do. Love will do all for you, and be a balm to all within you that hurts, all within you that strains to understand. You are so much more than the brain can fathom,you are doing so much more to integrate the all into one than your brain could ever discover by thinking! Let it rest in peace, and trust our words. Go into your heart, and feel all within you that needs your love.

Now, what do you do when you meet someone who needs to feel the touch of love more than anything else? What do you do with a child who is starving to death, no matter how dirty or lost they seem, no matter what they have done in their efforts to survive? Do you stop to judge them in that moment? Or do you simply meet them in that moment of desperate hunger, and give them sustenance?

Take our question to heart, so that you might know yourSELF. How much compassion do you allow to flow from within you? Know that the child of whom we speak IS within you. And until that child is fed, no other children will be fed.
Until you feed love to the child within, you will leave all of the children who are dying of hunger on your planet to starve as well.

The kingdom of God is within you.
Nurture all in that kingdom with love! Accept all, forgive all, and get an IV of love going into your kingdom. Do not stop to “figure this out!” Simply accept the truth and accept your power. Your power is love, you are love. All else is illusion, the sources of which are complicated, and unnecessary to even go into!

If the flowers in your garden are dying of thirst and you know how to turn on the tap to give them water, do you have to know exactly how the plumbing works before using it? Do you have to decide whether or not the plants “should be” as parched as they are? No! What a waste of time that would be, would it not? What laughable questions we have asked, have we not? You know much better than to even run them through your brain!

Well then, dear one. Simply turn on the tap of your love. Tap your power.
As the holy water of love flows over all that is parched within you, all that receives this holy love will bloom again. All of the flowers around you will bloom with your own. What more would you possibly need to know?

WE love you! We have OUR sprinklers on full force for you! Drink, love, and be at peace. Drink freely and often, for there is no end to this Living Water called Love. Your Yeshuwa has seen to that, Beloved.

Until next time, we shower you with our own, ever-flowing, Love/Light, as always..
–the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rightsa Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

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