8.11.11 Shining Light on Your Emergence!

8/11/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team
Shining Light on Your Emergence!

We welcome you to our message with bright frequencies of clear and focused light!

We wish to beam our Love/Light upon you and within you for we wish to en-lighten you about the powerful process you are undergoing. We wish to “shed some light” on the truth of the matter. Therefore, we are choosing the words And metaphors that will be the carriers of this message most carefully. We are “taking our time” with them, as you would say, for it is very important that we choose words that are able to hold the full light of our frequencies, and transmit them to you with ease and clarity as well.

Otherwise, my goodness! You might allow your brain to apprehend them, and thus shred them with its filters, and then…ah. Then you would be left with very little. You would be left appreciating our phrasing at best, but the words would be hollow and leave you hungry.

“Why bother to read these messages at all,” your braun would then mutter.
“I get nothing out of them, and so they are a waste of time,” your brain would then decide.

We have seen that happen. It always saddens us, for we have SO much to give you! We ask, then, that you leave the brain out of our transactions from now on, and starting in earnest with this one!

We will tell you this:
When you have taken in our transmissions through your heart, it does not matter one iota whether or not the brain makes any sense of them at all! Much better if you just take in the feeling of our words, and let your heart do what it will with them. We will do our part, we assure you! All you need do is open your heart and receive.
All right, then! Let’s get on with it!

We speak of your “emergence.” As we chose the word, we also thought of your word “emergency.” My goodness, now there is a fine “kettle of fish!” (One of your colorful, descriptive phrases!) How could it be that the frequency of your verb “emerge” is a lovely, expanding one that implies a coming into being, while the frequency of “emergency,” your noun that expresses “the state of of emerging,” is one that is fraught with frequencies of anxiety and alarm? Why is there such dissonance between the two, do you suppose?

If you run that question right into your jheart center and leave it there, you will find that you will be enlightened by many awarenesses from within your own SELF over the coming days, for it is a powerful question, and your heart does know the answers. We do not wish to rob you of your own SELF discoveries, so we will simplyt point out the obvious for now, which is that, on most of your human languages, the idea of “emergence” is fine, as long as it does NOT actually occur.

Oh, yes, one may long for the expansion of “emerging,” yet the warning against actually doing so is potently embedded in the frequencies of alarm that are triggered by the word “emergency.” Do not think we are speaking here of nuances and subtleties that are unimportant! As we tell you often, you are beings of frequency. It is frequency and nothing else that creates the reality you attune to. You have been taught to disregard your own attunement for a very long time, and if there ever was a time to disregard that teachung, it is NOW.

Against all odds that have been placed against you for hundreds of lifetimes, you have persisted, and you are EMERGING at last. You are coming forth into view, coming into existence, becoming known and evident. Would not all that has contained you, all that has prevented you from doing so until this moment, provide some sort of resistance in the doing? Would not that which has contained you, indeed experience your “emergence” as an “emergency?”
Yeshuwa will speak:

This is Yeshuwa.
We wish to present you with a parable. A chick was ready to emerge from the egg, and so began to break open the shell that contained her. The chick did not hesitate, for she knew exactly what she had to do to free herself into light, into life. The chick did not worry for an instant about the shell, for she knew it was now of the past.

The shell, on the other hand, experienced this emergence of the chick to be a veritable emergency! The shell offered resistance, but to no avail, for it had no life force of its own. It was but a contaner to be broken open when the time had come.

Now, if the chick had confused herself with the shell, imagine what would have happened? She would have experienced her own emergence as a catastrophe! She would have drawn out the breaking of the shell in paroxysms of self-doubt, and lived in a state of emergency throughout the doing.
And all of the earth would have resonated with her fears of coming into being.

YOU are the chick that is emerging, Beloved. Do not make that mistake. Do not confuse yourself for a moment with the shell.
Believe in yourself, in your right to be born, and release all false identification with all that has contained you until this moment. You will emerge quite cleanly then. It is your nature to do so. Simply focus all of your energies into your emergence, into what you are, for you are precious beyond words.

You are a diamond of light, and you are a cherished facet of the diamond that is your collective, as well. Hold that truth within you, and you emergence will be filled with wonder and many miracles.

Above all else, love you emerging SELF as we, Yeshuwa, love you.
Feel our love and you will know you are never alone and you have nothing to fear.
Feel our love and you will know that your emergence is a certainty and a glory to behold.

This is the celestial team.
We have braided altogether again to bid you a fervently loving adie until our next message. Never forget that we are always near, and to feel our loving frequencies at any time, all you need do is open you r heart and call us.

We will be there “in a flash!” –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

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