1.30.14 New Aquarius Super Moon– A Tipping Point!

This post came through in a swoop, right in the midst of some special “tipping plans” of my own— but so powerfully that I felt compelled to drop everything (literally!) to get it written down and off to you. So here you go– happy tipping!

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Not only are we in the innovative energies of our new moon, but numerologically, today is also a master number–11, in this case, which is a doorway into the NEW. Personally, I am feeling this combination very powerfully as a “tipping point,” a day when old meets NEW, and that it will be the conscious choices I make over this weekend  that will determine which way I “tip.”

Yep, if this resonates with the way you are also feeling the new moon energy– this is responsibility “time!”  You are the Sovereign Authority over your own creations. What YOU say, GOES. Nothing can interfere with the frequencies of your choices. Not NOW, not ever. At last, you havethe freedom to create out of Love, and so live in Love! How wonderful is that?!!

Of course, this will not sound like wonderful news to those who would rather continue playing…

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1.24.14 Getting Beyond “Confusion and Overwhelm”

Hello, Beloved! This is the celestial team, popping in for a moment to add our two cents of introduction to this divine “humanly transmitted” post. Know that the word “divine” was deliberately and accurately chosen, for what our Judith is communicating is, in essence, your truth. You are an earthly/celestial being who creates “reality” through your own divine internal technology. This has always been true. You who have been reading and watching our transmissions through the last four of your years have heard us “say” this in various ways in every one of them. NOW, however, it is “time” to CLAIM your human sovereignty as a creator being of frequency. It is “time to bring it home,” into You, through You, as a frontrunner for your human collective. And if You doubt that You are That… why do You “think” You are reading this message? It is “time” to get REAL, beyond the illusions of limitation. It is “time” to let go of the template of powerlessness that has kept You afraid of exposing your truth freely, in fear of alienating others for a myriad of reasons. It is “time” for human frontrunners to stand up and speak through their OWN voices about the power humanity carries within itSelf! “Time” to begin to consciously operate as co-creator beings of frequency, and to accept both the freedom and the responsibility that comes with such power. We assure You that for every illusionary “alienation,” (and it WILL be illusionary), you will draw tenfold more to the truth of your Light! We also assure You that there are NO beings of frequency in your universe, no matter what dimension they reside in, that are more powerful than the human/celestial beings that currently reside on planet earth. Take THAT to heart, Beloved. Shine your Love/Light, and just SEE what You can do. We love You. Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


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Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

If you are one who has let me know that you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by confusion lately, here is why my response is always “Wonderful!”

NOW is a “time” when we are being invited, or urged, or even having-the-obvious-shoved-right in-our-faces, to realize that expanding INTO what we want requires expanding OUT of repeating the experiences we do NOT want.

What usually makes this seem “hard” is a long-term reliance on linear logic as our compass. Yet “logic” was not designed to be a compass!

The logical component of our intelligence is excellent at measuring, comparing, and storing information. But since it only knows what it knows, logic can only assist us in recycling experiences that match what it has stored as “knowledge-so-far.”

To move OUT of repeating old patterns in various repetitive ways, we first need to understand that the logical aspect of our intelligence is NOT equipped for that…

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1.17.14 Choose LOVE As Your Looking Glass

This is Judith. As you can see, I originally posted this three days ago on my personal website. So, in case you’re wondering why I didn’t reblog it on THIS one at the same ‘time” — surprisingly, it wasn’t until just this minute that I received the “hit” to post it here as well! When I tuned in to ask, “Why the delay?” what I got was “No delay. ‘Right timing’ is not linear, remember? There is no ‘line of time,’ no ‘past/present/future’ beyond the illusion of the 3rd dimension! From our perspective, ‘time’ is more of a location.”
OK, then… Here’s the post, placed with Love in its perfect “location” in the all-inclusive NOW!

Copyright(c) 2014, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Man, here I am again, writing another post I had no idea I’d be writing until I just started pecking away. What’s coming out of me this time is a follow-up on saying “I LOVE YOU” right out loud, as per my post two days ago–

“There is someone in your life who is longing to hear that. From YOU. Right NOW. Someone who’s heart would sing, who’s spirits would soar, just in hearing those genuinely spoken words– “I love you”– from you. THAT is how powerful you are.”

So, have you said “I love you” to at least one someone today?

If you haven’t– if you “just can’t” for some reason– if it would feel plain NOT genuine to do so… well then, obviously there is something you DO need to do… right NOW.

So DO it. Look in the mirror and say “I love you!” Say…

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1.15.14 A Full Moon That Is AT OUR SERVICE!

No comment to add to this post–not even from the celestial team, for once! Oh wait…I guess they DO have one, after all…
We–every collective among us in our celestial team–only wish to say that there is not a peep from any of us to add. The post, transmitted from our Judith’s heart, speaks succintly for itself , and for us. Well done, is all we have to say! Except what we always say, which is that we love You. Those are words that can NEVER be said too often, can they?
Always and in All Ways–the celestial team




Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

YOWZA! Full Cancer moon tonight with Jupiter retrograde in Cancer, conjoining the sun in Capricorn with Venus retrograde in Capricorn…. Can you SEE what a rare and powerfully integrating event is going on in our skies?

Do you understand/feel it inundating YOU, as well as reflecting what your OWN process is, right back to you? Talk about divine timing. I so HOPE you “get” that… or are willing to… because NOW through early tomorrow morning is the PERFECT, divinely presented window of opportunity to expand into knowing that NO ONE and NOTHING is holding you back.

Not people, not walls, not circumstances. To believe that any of those ARE holding you back would be as per your agreement to play the “victim/persecutor game,” of course– which we ALL have played with gusto for a VERY long time, and have learned a great deal through the playing.

We have out-grown the…

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1.14.14 NEW VIDEO- 2014: The Year of Integration

Love/Light Video and Message from the celestial team

We  greet You with warm frequencies of focused intention in this moment of your NOW, Beloved!

We focus our attention most especially because we wish our message to be brief and frequency concentrated–rather like a laser, You might say–on/into our subject, which is our NEW video. It is not by chance that this is also our FIRST video of your exciting NEW year of 2014.

Nor is it by chance (as nothing ever is) that we offer it while your Cancer moon is reaching her climactic fullness with your Helios in Capricorn. The metaphors often used for Cancer energy as “mother” and Capricorn as “father” are most relevant for this particular event… as is their positioning in polar opposite sectors of your zodiac.

Please take the frequencies of those observations into your heart centers, for they are encoded with a great deal of multidimensional information which your heart will read   with ease, and in turn, amplify your abilities to USE them. You see, Beloved, they are all about the divine cosmic process of INTEGRATION– which our video,  your NEW year, and YOU are also all about NOW!

Of course, no matter when You take the video in, You can always choose to do so in the current amplifying energies. As You will soon discover, beyond the construct of the third dimension, time is more of a location than a line … and that is ALL we will say for NOW!  Oh, we would love to chat on about the wonderful possibilities that are unfolding in your year of 2014, for we are most excited on your behalf! But we will stop ourselves, ALSO on your behalf.

You see, from NOW on, it is much better for You to make your OWN discoveries, on your OWN. Your discoveries will then be as empoweringly perfect for YOU as they have the potential to be, as well as thrilling, and we want You to feel BOTH of those as often as possible! Your excitement will fuel You in the “right direction” always, and every discovery will add to the thrill of the next one. So DO let your excitement lead You, and DO be thrilled by your SELF-discoveries, by all means! We do not want You to miss a single facet of your own, unlimited, power, which is… no, we will let You find that out for yourSelf through the video!

We are most pleased with our NEW video, for if You use all that is in it, we sense that it can take You very far, very fast, right INTO that potential…. and NOW–without another word!– we will ask our Judith to quickly put the link to the video below–and then off You go!

2014: The Year of Integration

How we love You! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


Copyright(c) 2014, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.

You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://www.thecelestialteam.com

1.7.13 NEW Blueprint for 2014! Recording Available

Love/Light Message from the celestial team… and Judith

This is Judith. Yet because this message is from “me,”  it does not mean that it is not also from the celestial team, of course. Those of you who are aware that “times have changed,” those of you who have been consciously accompanying the change, understand this very well, I’m sure.  To those who have not been, and so don’t understand how this message could possibly be from both me and the celestial team… Well, I can only remind you of what has been communicated on this site for the last two years. “Times” have changed.

We are ALL energetic beings. There IS no separation. That was (or is, depending on where you wish to be), a third dimensional illusion. And, as our human mission is not to leave anywhere, but instead to transform where we are– to “bring home here,” in other words– those of us who have chosen to expand our perceptual range beyond  experiencing duality as a limitation have spent the last year acclimating to our NEW Paradigm of interconnection.

And speaking from my own experience, that did take a full  year, 24-7!  I have no doubt that there are those among us who made this quantum leap quite easily, and  I honor and applaud them. I look to them as my own frontrunners in becoming multidimensional human/celestial beings, and I eagerly watch for their guidance. In my own case, however, I am so grateful to have had an entire year to acclimate to what feels to me like an almost incomprehensibly radical shift.

Once I “real-ized” that the very patterning of every one of my thoughts were based on a template of separation… yikes.  I needed every second of every hour of every day for almost all of the last year to root out and release that old programming! Only as I held my commitment to doing so in every moment did I begin to experience how radically fabulous this shift is–and that I am the only one who can choose to make it and “stay the course,” as we used to say. In the doing, I also received the gift of living the meaning of “sovereignty in action” (which is somewhat like the old phrase we used to use, “walking the talk.”)

So, all of this just came to me as I began typing with the intention of posting that the recording of “The 2nd International Tele-Gathering for Energy Sensitives” is NOW available to each and all. There was a “time lag” that unfolded, between the gathering that was held on 12.17.2013, and the offering of the recording NOW. I understand that this was for “energetic fine-tuning purposes” having to do with balancing the participants’ processing and the optimum timing for reception/amplification for those who will be receiving it through the recording alone.

And then, of course, Yeshuwah wanted to connect with you personally, to review “The Story of Your Light” in the energies of NOW, before I offered the recording. All of this obviously speaks (obviously to me, anyway)  of the profound care the universe is flooding us with, and the supreme importance of such care in providing all the nurturing possible to sovereign beings– without dis-honoring the most important awakening of all– which is the claiming within each of us of our own sovereignty.

I’m real-izing as I continue to type that there is quite a LOT encoded in this “human/celestial transmission,” already! Please take whatever resonates within you to heartIf you are still reading, there is likely to be plenty. (You can be sure that those who felt very little resonance have already dropped it and gone onto something else entirely, ha!)  So be it.

After all of this unexpected “outpour,” you may be surprised to learn that I am “getting” to introduce the recording of “The 2nd International Tele-Gathering for Energy Sensitives” without describing all of the fanfare of energies that accompanied it. Here’s the celestial team, wanting  to do a brief “solo of their own.” They say it “helps with the transition, once in a while”–

Beloved, the fanfare is already ringing in your ears. We ask our Judith not to provide it through her words only so that YOU can hear/feel it on your sovereign own! It is most important, in claiming your sovereignty, that You do not abdicate your power NOW, by wishing to be “led like sheep” rather than claim the power of your own FREE choice. Oh, Beloved. Surely You do not want to continue on THAT powerless treadmill any longer, do You? 

And oh yes! (This is Judith again.) The Sirians came through in the tele-gathering, and wish me to transmit a version of their message that is aligned with this post, NOW–
“For those of you who cling to the old paradigm, wake up please. Wake up to the awareness that this is not ‘woo-woo stuff.’  It is PHYSICS.
For those of you who still have resistance to applying the word ‘alchemy’ to your own powers, we are very happy to supply you with a different word that you may be able to digest more easily.
Try ‘engineering.’ It is defined on your planet as ‘using scientific theories for practical purposes.”
We are all for that. It is exactly what is being offered to you in this recording. It is just that the theories that pertain to you NOW are quantum ones.
Any questions? If so, your answers are already encoded in the recording. YOU find them!  You ARE sovereign, and more than capable, you know. We will tell you nothing that you cannot find on your own. We honor and support you far too much to dis-empower you in that way.”

All righty, then! (I do love how bracing that Sirian “can-do energy” can be, don’t you?)  I’ll offer the recording, with only the briefest wash of description of what you will receive through the recording–

The Second International Tele-Gathering For Energy Sensitives
* Activation from Yeshuwah of individual blueprints for each and all.
* The fast, easy (alchemical) way of using your NEW Blueprint.

To Receive YOUR Recording–
Send your reciprocal energy exchange of $11.00 via Paypal to thecelestialteam@gmail.com
(You may use the “Donate” button in the right sidebar to do so if you wish. Just keep in mind that your offering is NOT a “donation” by any stretch!)
Your recording will then be imprinted with your energy, and sent specifically to YOU within 48 hours.

I’m getting that there is nothing more for me to say. YOU know what, when, and how to do just about everyrhing NOW! ♥♥♥


Copyright (c) 2014, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link:www.thecelestialteam.com

7.1.11 The Story of Your Light, part 5. The Beginning.

Hi, Judih here… not much I need to say about THIS one, except that iI’ve been guided to add this–
The Glorious Reason Why You Are On Earth, March 2013
Sorry if you have to copy and paste– but please DO.
Happy New Year, Earth Family! Let’s “get the show on the road,” shall we? ♥ ♥ ♥

the celestial team

7/1/11`Love/Light Message from the celestial team
The Story of  Your Light. part 5.  Now It Begins…

Yes, it is us, the celestial team!! We greet you lovingly and also most excitedly at THIS particular moment!
There is a very special reason for our excitement, for in this transmission, Yeshuwah will bring you “up to date” on the story of Your Light at last. The telling of your story has, and is, unfolding in divine synchronicity with the activating frequencies of light that have been inundating your planet. Your story commands that this be so. NOW, in the frequencies of your new moon, many powerful forces have joined to make this the most potent time for you to receive the end of your story–which will actually be The Beginning. We mean that  literally, for YOU will write the story from now on.

As YOU take in the meaning, the frequencies, that Yeshuwah shares with you, the story…

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