7.1.11 The Story of Your Light, part 5. The Beginning.

7/1/11`Love/Light Message from the celestial team
The Story of  Your Light. part 5.  Now It Begins…

Yes, it is us, the celestial team!! We greet you lovingly and also most excitedly at THIS particular moment!
There is a very special reason for our excitement, for in this transmission, Yeshuwah will bring you “up to date” on the story of Your Light at last. The telling of your story has, and is, unfolding in divine synchronicity with the activating frequencies of light that have been inundating your planet. Your story commands that this be so. NOW, in the frequencies of your new moon, many powerful forces have joined to make this the most potent time for you to receive the end of your story–which will actually be The Beginning. We mean that  literally, for YOU will write the story from now on.

As YOU take in the meaning, the frequencies, that Yeshuwah shares with you, the story becomes YOURS to continue.  It is placed into YOUR hands, so that you will transmit it, through your own frequencies, to others. This is quite a “turning point” for us as well, for we will be learning the rest of the story from YOU now. YOU will “have the ball,” as you say. YOU will play the rest of the story out, and how you play it will affect your entire universe.

If you are feeling pressured by that information, please recognize the pressure as the remains of old programs of powerlessness kicking up, and release them. There is no such thing as “powerlessness!” There ARE no victims, or perpetrators. There IS no right or wrong. There is only “and.

AND… you are FAR more than a “temporary ego construct”–as is your mind, as well. The energies of this month have been most powerfully assisting you in doing the releasing of that old paradigm of separation. NOW, this new moon conglomerate of energy will assist you in anchoring the truth you will be receiving from Yeshuwah.

So, release, relax. and take it all in. You have “oodles” of support, and  you have been WAITING for this awakening, this remembering, this stepping into the freedom of your true nature!  What is required is only integration–synthesis– for there is only One. In truth, the angst you have felt up to now has actually been your Divine Nature “chomping at the bit” to be released from constucts of division–from the ego/brain’s stubborn perception of opposites as being “oppositional”– rather than pieces of the same cloth calling to be interwoven into wholeness once again.

NOW, rejoice in  letting  go of all limiting constructs, all  programming that resisted the freeing of your spirit! None of them can stop you anyway, if you so choose to be free, so why not just let them go and end the angst? Drop them, Beloved, for they are no longer of service. Let yourself remember what you know, which is that love needs no reason and no justification.

Yes. It is that easy. It is only the holding onto a belief in the pattern of struggle that requires the quagmire of reasoning. And YES– to attempt to get anywhere through “reason” will always end you more deeply entrenched in the very quagmire you are “trying to reason your way” out of.  It is a treadmill, and nothing more. NOW it is time to breathe the air of freedom, to know that you are free at last to be all that you are, and to know that ALL that you are is good. Only the programming you have lived by creates distortions otherwise.

We welcome you into your divinely intelligent Love/Light.  We KNOW who you are. We know YOU, the one who reads, and it is to YOU we speak.
Here is Yeshuwah:

This is Yeshuwah.
We join you now with the fullness of our frequencies.
We  hold nothing back in our desire to expose all that we are to you.
We are “naked,” you might say, as we enfold you– i
f you will let us.
We ask that you be naked, too, as you receive us.

Fear not, Beloved, for you know us well.
This is NOT our first time” together, after all! Far from it.
Ours is a love affair that has burned with a passion so great
that even centuries devoted to squelching it could never put it out.

We smile the electro-magnetic power that runs our entire universe
into your eyes, your heart, your very being…as you take us into you,
an awake and conscious participant, once again. The power is LOVE, of
course. Let the ecstasy of LOVE be released with you NOW.

Ah, how we, Yeshuwah, love to feel the purity of your passion
and the innocence of your joy!

Intertwined in this way, we will go on with our story.
We will not fill in every detail. You hold the details in your heart.
For each of you, they are different.
Know that as we do the telling, we speak to you as if you are the
only one. As you are, in truth, for like us, you are only one.

We remember all of the details we shared together, and we will
plant our knowing of you into the words. Only open your heart,
and feel our intimacy with you and you alone.
Let the frequencies carried within the words activate the memories
you have held close within your heart for so, so, long.

As we shared last, we, Yeshuwah, came to walk among you. We came in human
form, and there were many of us. The New Testament of your Bible speaks of
us by compiling us into the man who is called “Jesus.” In truth, there were
many, both male and female, who came with our frequency to walk among you.
Upon our arrivals, the universe watched and was moved, for we brought
unconditional love into a dimension of polarity, and seeded such love within
polarity itself. This was the seeding of a love that could integrate ALL
aspects, such as male and female, dark and light, into ONE. This was a
seeding of integration that the universe has never known before.

We walked among you with great love at a time when you most needed to be
reminded that you are all ONE. We reminded you that your God is within you,
that your God is Love, and so You are Love. We all spoke many words and
used metaphors to say, “Love yourself, and so Love one another” in many
different ways. We were reminding you of your divinity. Miracles were
performed. They were demonstrations of what you yourself can do, and
nothing more. We very much loved our time with you!

We have returned to your planet, and we walk with you now again. Some of you, as is our Judith, are one of us who was here then and has returned now to “finish the job.” Others of you were there to hear our messages and take in our frequencies during that time, and have returned to assist in fertilizing the blooming. Still others of you carry “imprints” of lives that communed with us then, in order to bring them with you into NOW.

In short, YOU who are reading this have already made sure you have access to these memories. That is why you are reading, we assure you. You hold memories of us within you and have been waiting to claim them. We are telling you this about yourself so that you will claim them NOW.
Please take that in. This is your truth.

Remember who you are and why you are here! Many of you have read your New Testament, and although the story of Jesus is a distorted one, many of the teachings and parables recorded within it still carry the Yeshuwah frequency. Although words can be changed, our energy cannot be tampered with.

You who have read the book are well aware of that, for you have felt our
frequencies resonate within you. You who have not read the book will feel them from time to time if you do. Trust that, and note what you are reading when you feel the resonance. Although the teachings were used by the frameworks of oppression that were already in place, the frequencies live. Trust them. Listen to THEM.

And we will tell you this: Know above all else that this “crucifixion”
theme that has been hung over you and around your necks was propagated only to
do just that–to be as a noose around your necks in order to force you into
obedience! That was very far from our message or our intent. We, Yeshuwah,
care nothing about the ways we “died!” We knew such things would happen
in the political and religious climate of the time, and it was of no concern
to us. We know there is no such thing as “dying.” We simply left the
physical body when and how we wished to, just as you do.

What WAS important was our demonstration of ascension. We would show
ourselves to you after the death of the physical body, always. We did so in
order to seed within you the foretelling of your OWN future, which is YOUR
ascension. That is what you are doing right NOW, and you certainly do not
need to be “crucified” to do it!

We want to be clear: You do NOT need to suffer in order to ascend.
Nor have you “sinned.”
Nor do you need to confess anything.
Nor “repent” for anything, nor do anything at all to be “worthy” of love.

 YOU are here to use the seeding of compassion that we, Yeshuwah, planted back
then. You have brought it with you to your planet NOW, to do what has
never been done before. You are here to use the compassion we seeded to weave
all back into Oneness.

Only with compassion can you integrate duality into One.
Only with compassion can you welcome all of You home again.
You carry that precious seeding within you, and you feel it.
It is growing, it is bursting through the lid that has been placed
upon you by programs of control.
THERE is your angst, your “growing pains!”

Simply feel your longing and your resonance with our words to you,
and let the flower of compassion burst through the lid! It will not hurt.
It is only the effort of holding it back that hurts.

NOW, let the blooming of Love just happen.
It is already there within you, Beloved. Just let it happen!
You need not do anything but allow your heart’s desire to bloom–
except LOVE yourSelf as WE love you.

There is nothing within you that needs forgiveness.
There is nothing to suffer for, nothing to fear,
and nothing to control. We tell you that the blooming IS
your safety as well as your joy.
om Love, then!

We tell you this–
If you allow our seeding to bloom, if you allow yourself to have
the unconditional love that we, Yeshuwah planted in your heart,
then you will emanate that golden light to all on your planet,
for you are One.
And once you do that, the entire universe will light up–
with YOUR golden light.

Please take that in. This is your truth.

Remember us! Remember our love. Remember how we see you!
To us, you shine like the diamond you are.

Feel yourself shine, Beloved! Feel our love.
Then just be what you are, which is Love.
And watch everything change in the glory of your Love/Light.

THIS is what you can do, simply by being what you are.
Please take that in, Beloved. This is your truth…OUR truth.

We, the celestial team, return now to “wrap up” this transmission by adding our love to it as well. Please take in Yeshuwah’s words and frequencies thoroughly now, while within the energies that transport them, and anchor them firmly within yourself. Then, filter all that you experience from this moment on through them, and let everything bloom and be NEW. We know that this is what you came here to do. We know the joy you will feel in the doing. Now it begins!

We love you, and we bow to your mastery and your mission.  Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

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  1. Reblogged this on the celestial team and commented:

    Hi, Judih here… not much I need to say about THIS one, except that iI’ve been guided to add this–
    The Glorious Reason Why You Are On Earth, March 2013

    Sorry if you have to copy and paste– but please DO.
    Happy New Year, Earth Family! Let’s “get the show on the road,” shall we? ♥ ♥ ♥


  2. fionaspink

     /  January 2, 2014

    Thank You All for this series of re-posts. They have all resonated extremely and wonderfully well, in particular, this, the final one. I listen to all your posts through my heart centre but this one literally boomed through it, at times it went so deep within it physically hurt and by the end and for a long time afterwards. For the first time in my experience this actually expanded my heart centre to a circle encompassing the size of my entire chest, was rather mind blowing to say the least.. My higher self kicked in during this as well which means it certainly did mean something in the scheme of things! Unfortunately I didn’t remember anything (though I really tried) but I’m sure its their now just waiting for me to develop enough to recall it as I am still something of a novice. Would So Love to remember this and more of my memories but I will when I am meant to I am sure. Thank you again So Very Much, With Love, Fiona xx


    • Thank you for sharing your WONDER-FULL experience, Fiona! And be assured that our capacity to recognize, decode, and “hold” our knowing of who We are expands with practice. If you reread this post through your heart center again in a few days, I’m sure you will take in even more…and then even more, everytime you do so…for each time, the transmission will be NEW, just as you are NEW in every moment.
      Much Love/Light to you– Judith



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