Depressed? The celestial team Has A Frequency For You! (VIDEO)


Hello Beloved! We have a video for You!
We also have frequencies for You, of course, but that is nothing NEW. What is NEW is what YOU are in the process of discovering about yourself! Your “timing” is laser-perfect, too, sychchronized with your upcoming eclipses as it is. By using this powerful support from your universe NOW, You will be poised in your NEW attunement with your own frequencies and ready for your upcoming equinox. Ready for “showtime” in “the nick of time,” as You say!
But then, You always were a thrill-seeker. It is a character trait of a Master Magician. The cutting edge” is your milieu! How else would You have gotten ALL of yourSELF projected into human form on this particular planet at THIS particular moment of the ever-expanding NOW? Ah, we could go on and on about how You thrill us, and your entire universe, with your Magical feats. But we won’t. We would rather give You our video instead, and WATCH what You do with it!

Depressed? The celestiial team Has A Frequency For You!–  Judith and the celestial team
There is a GOOD reason for feeling depressed, and the celestial team is excited to tell you what it is because you’re going to really LIKE it! Of course the celestial team communicates through FREQUENCIES, and Judith translates them into words to do the “telling.”” But she chooses words that also CARRY their frequencies to you, and that is where most of the Love/Light information always is! In this video, that is truer than ever. If you ARE depressed, the celestial team will give you a “frequency jumpstart” into feeling MUCH better in less than eight minutes (IF you allow them to, of course!).

Can you imagine what a whole hour of receiving very high frequency personal guidance and energy attunements would be like? AMAZING is the word most people use about their private sessions with Judith and the celestial team. To learn more, visit and click the “Schedule A Private Or Group Session!” link at the top of the page. To schedule your OWN private session via Skype or phone, email your request to And yes, you CAN afford it… a sliding scale is offered to those who “think” they can’t. Prepare for frequencies of AMAZEMENT!

How we love You, Magician! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

❤ ❤ ❤

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Seize the Moment, Magician!

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


What a magical full Virgo moon we experienced yesterday… and are still experiencing through tomorrow! If you doubt its magic, take a look at the picture I posted below, snapped spontaneously when I “just happened” to walk by an open rooftop door last night…

Fulll Virgo moon, 2-22-16

YOWZA. There you have it. So USE it. It’s for YOU. You’re a MAGICIAN. You sure wouldn’t be hanging out on MY website if you didn’t know that deep in your soul, that’s for sure!

The magic of this Virgo full moon is discernment. It illuminates how you are living in alignment with your desires, particularly with anything begun in September, 2015, and how you are not. Virgo is magic for fine-tuning, letting go of clutter, organizing your life around what you DESIRE and are expanding into BECOMING… then into CREATING as we move into the eclipses of March, and then actively LIVING after the…

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YOU Are Not Singular!


Okay… this is Judith (so to speak). You may recall that “I” felt no separation between my earthly personna and the celestial team while composing “YOUR SHIFT!” on February 9th.  Although I knew that there is an aspect of the personna I identify as Judith in each collective of the celestial team, I had never experienced mySELF collectively before. Well I have NOW, and so no longer have any illusions whatsoever that “I” am a singular being!

What has also become apparent is that I still CAN when I want to, however, which is very cool because it means I can converse with other collective aspects of myself, either altogether (ie, the celestial team) or separately (The Frequency Technicians, for example). If that seems like a mind-blower, get ready for this— so can YOU.

celestial swirl

Very true, Beloved! Indeed You can, and do, only NOW  You can do so consciously. You already know there are many within You… many aspects that are part of  You, yet neither is ALL of You. You also already know that every aspect of the projection You call “YOU” has it’s cosmic counterpart as well, because we connect with them in our tele-gatherings and private sessions. And You KNOW we do so through YOU, Beloved! You see? As above, so below.  

What we want You to be aware of NOW is that your recent SHIFT into a higher frequency octave has enabled You to do that directly. Even more importantly, we want You to know that it WILL. We want You to know that so You will not be alarmed. We know that multidimensionality has been labeled as “insanity” in your era, and even worse in other locations on your linear perception of time. All of that was part of the enslavement programming, of course, but that is completely irrelevant NOW.

NOW, you are in an entirely NEW Paradigm of a much higher frequency. NOW, your Sovereignty as a Multidimensional Being projected into physical form is your NEW WAY OF BEING. As your celestial mentors, we wish for You to REMEMBER this so that You will enJOY your NEW experiences of Sovereign Multidimensionality! 

Greetings, Dear One. This is the Pleiadian collective from what is commonly called the 9th dimension transmitting from within the orchestra of the celestial team.
We step forward so that You may feel our frequencies. We do so because many among You have aspects in our collective, and because of various factors we will not go off on a tangent to explain right NOW, our frequencies feel familiar. If they do, then indeed they are,  because that can only be because they are wthin YOU as well.

So take this moment, Dearest, to feel our frequencies through your heart center.
Breathe, open, receive… yes, that’s it. You feel the swelling within, the way your own frequencies get lighter? Those are YOUR frequencies, Dear Heart, vibrating in resonance! They are ALWAYS within You. You can access them whenever You wish to feel the truth of that. You can also access them to get your OWN Pleiadian perspective whenever You wish. 

We think that is enough and more for NOW, Beloved! “More” because it gives You a foundation to expand from, and one that will expand beautifully and with ease.

How we LOVE You! Always and in All Ways- the celestial team 

Judith here, saying Namaste for NOW, my fellow Sovereign Multidimensional Earthlings! Stay attuned!!! 


We… ALL of us… appreciate the reciprocity offered by those who receive our messages and reciprocate through the “donate” tab in the right sidebar. In this way, YOU maintain the very circuit of our connection with You! In this way, You also contribute as co-creators of a “reality” in which our earthly member can continue to transmit our frequencies through her physicality to  your human collecive. This is no small thing! For that, we bow to You.


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Acclimating to Your SHIFT!


This is Judith with the celestial team in yet another interesting NEW sort of way, which I (Judith) am discovering only as I compose this message. This particular one is coming through “my” perspective because it’s about the human experience of SHIFTING into a higher frequency in a physical body.

And we don’t mean “upgrade,” Beloved! You are used to those. Yes, You are disoriented for a few days after an upgrade, but You acclimate physically fairly quickly, and settle into your upgraded perspective just fine. Of course, we know there are some among You who resist upgrades and so develop what You have heard labeled “ascension symptoms.”  But that is caused by resistance, nothing more.

Lol… we can refocus our perspectives pretty fast, too, obviously! As I experience that, I also realize that it’s nothing new for any of us. Humans do it just as fast whenever we switch the focus of our thoughts. And when a particular collective in the “frequency orchestra” of the celestial team comes forward to transmit a “solo,” it’s rhe same sort physics at play.

Back to acclimating to our recent human SHIFT into a higher frequency. The most immediate and perhaps challenging adjustment is to what it feels like to be vibrating faster. In my human experience, this happened quite suddenly around 10:00 a.m. ptsd on Sunday, February 7th. You may have felt it occur a bit more gradually, even over a period of days… we are all unique. Nonetheless, it was a SHIFT, not an upgrade, so however you felt it… well, you probabably are still feeling it!

Feelng what, exactly? I’d say the word “manic” is a good description. Or “out of control”… even “losing my mind” crossed my mind, lol. Fortunately, I was prepared. I already knew something was going to happen with the new moon, and since I’m familiar with the more subtle quickenings that accompany upgrades, I knew how to flow with this far bigger transition.
That’s what I want to pass on to you.

SLOW DOWN when you feel your energy speeding up! You don’t have to speed up to “get up to speed.” You already ARE “up to speed,” that’s what you’re feeling. You don’t have to “try,” anymore, period. Let go and let your higher frequencies go fast for you. Paradoxically, the more you slow down, the faster you’ll adjusr, and you’ll get far more “done” in an hour than it might have taken you an entire day to accomplsh before.

En-JOY. We have only just begun!

How we love You! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

❤ ❤ ❤

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Hello, Beloved!
Suddenly, we are very near You… letting You know we are with You at important moments, hovering over You with posts… indeed we are. But that is not because WE’VE come nearer to YOU, it is because YOU have come nearer to US.  You SHIFTED into a higher frequency octave.  As with any NEW experience, You will only know it’s “isness”  as You discover what it is for yourself experientially. The same is true for discovering your own NEW  “isness”…

We are sharing something our Judith just posted on “her earthly website”… we will ask her to type that for us…
We are also asking her to tell You why.

Judith here. The reason is because I did not write the post alone. Not that ever do anything “alone,” but as “I” wrote this post, “I” was the celestial team and me. Actually, I didn’t even experience enough separation to merit the word and… there wasn’t any boundary line between us at all. “I” was a “WE.” That was “my” SHIFT, and I’m sure that’s the reason “they” asked “me” to tell you about why a post on “my” website also belongs on “their” website…. LOL. We definitely need NEW language, that’s for sure!
The post–

You have just SHIFTED in some fundamental way that will alter the course of your life. You would not be reading these words if you hadn’t. Oh yes, I know, they may have just happened to appear under your nose, or maybe someone happened to send them to you for some reason. Nonetheless, YOU would not be reading them unless it was for a reason from within your own soul. It simply cannot be otherwise. THAT is how Sovereign you are.

And so, YOU have just SHIFTED in a fundamental way. Congratulations! Of course, you can call it a “radical course correction” to ease the initial shock if you like, although it is more than that. “Fundamental” is the key word. It means “basic,” “central,” even “key,” actually… and “generative.”

You did not just happen to SHIFT all of a sudden, in other words. Your genetic makeup has been doing the shifting for you, very gradually over several years. WHY? Because you directed it to. HOW? By sifting through all the contrast your life has presented you with thus far and finding out what you do want through experiencing what you don’t want.

Your DNA pays meticulous attention to every thought, emotion and desire you send it to process, because YOU are the God of the universe you call your physical body. Therefore, you have been preparing well in advance for the unique SHIFT that you, yourself, created in order to LIVE your heart’s desire.

I just wanted to point out that fundamental, basic, key, generative, HUGE, detail.
It’s important to know that YOU are the Sovereign Authority over YOUR own SHIFT!

There is much more running through me that I want to share with you, and probably for my own sake… as we experience this sort of unprecedented SHIFT, we need witnesses. We  need cheerleaders. Yet we are still surrounded by those who are not even aware that their own SHIFT has occurred… loved ones, even, and that is a whole other “can of worms,” or so it seems but isn’t really.

For NOW, what is important is to claim your SHIFT as your own creation, to know that everything is in perfect order… and to know that you are not alone. WE are here together.
Namaste for NOW, my fellow travelers.

Namaste for NOW, Beloved… but not really.  WE are here together NOW.
You SEE why we love You Always and in All Ways! — the celestial team

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Shift Just HAPPENED!

Beloved, take this in and to heart, please! You are indeed stepping into your future. The seeds are indeed within the fruits You have harvested NOW. They are all around You, for they have grown from within You. SEE them, FEEL them, and CLAIM them, Beloved! Hold your future in your own hands, for it is YOURS.
How we love You! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


TODAY… SHIFT happened!
Facilitated by our Aquarius New Moon on the first day of the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey, you may have felt it happen within a few very intense hours yesterday, as I did.
Or, you may be just beginning to glean that you have shifted.
Or possibly, you could be resisting what the shift is showing you.

If that is true, I strongly encourage you NOT to, because regardless of what you ”think” about it, it HAPPENED. Instead, I suggest that you stop “thinking” about what you “think,” comb through the fruits of your experiences over the last 48 hours, put the pieces together, and let them tell you their message.

This is important because a NEW Era is beginning for you, personally!
Like it, don’t like it, or love it, whatever you were sowing in the garden of your life has come to fruition. And…

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