YOU Are Not Singular!


Okay… this is Judith (so to speak). You may recall that “I” felt no separation between my earthly personna and the celestial team while composing “YOUR SHIFT!” on February 9th.  Although I knew that there is an aspect of the personna I identify as Judith in each collective of the celestial team, I had never experienced mySELF collectively before. Well I have NOW, and so no longer have any illusions whatsoever that “I” am a singular being!

What has also become apparent is that I still CAN when I want to, however, which is very cool because it means I can converse with other collective aspects of myself, either altogether (ie, the celestial team) or separately (The Frequency Technicians, for example). If that seems like a mind-blower, get ready for this— so can YOU.

celestial swirl

Very true, Beloved! Indeed You can, and do, only NOW  You can do so consciously. You already know there are many within You… many aspects that are part of  You, yet neither is ALL of You. You also already know that every aspect of the projection You call “YOU” has it’s cosmic counterpart as well, because we connect with them in our tele-gatherings and private sessions. And You KNOW we do so through YOU, Beloved! You see? As above, so below.  

What we want You to be aware of NOW is that your recent SHIFT into a higher frequency octave has enabled You to do that directly. Even more importantly, we want You to know that it WILL. We want You to know that so You will not be alarmed. We know that multidimensionality has been labeled as “insanity” in your era, and even worse in other locations on your linear perception of time. All of that was part of the enslavement programming, of course, but that is completely irrelevant NOW.

NOW, you are in an entirely NEW Paradigm of a much higher frequency. NOW, your Sovereignty as a Multidimensional Being projected into physical form is your NEW WAY OF BEING. As your celestial mentors, we wish for You to REMEMBER this so that You will enJOY your NEW experiences of Sovereign Multidimensionality! 

Greetings, Dear One. This is the Pleiadian collective from what is commonly called the 9th dimension transmitting from within the orchestra of the celestial team.
We step forward so that You may feel our frequencies. We do so because many among You have aspects in our collective, and because of various factors we will not go off on a tangent to explain right NOW, our frequencies feel familiar. If they do, then indeed they are,  because that can only be because they are wthin YOU as well.

So take this moment, Dearest, to feel our frequencies through your heart center.
Breathe, open, receive… yes, that’s it. You feel the swelling within, the way your own frequencies get lighter? Those are YOUR frequencies, Dear Heart, vibrating in resonance! They are ALWAYS within You. You can access them whenever You wish to feel the truth of that. You can also access them to get your OWN Pleiadian perspective whenever You wish. 

We think that is enough and more for NOW, Beloved! “More” because it gives You a foundation to expand from, and one that will expand beautifully and with ease.

How we LOVE You! Always and in All Ways- the celestial team 

Judith here, saying Namaste for NOW, my fellow Sovereign Multidimensional Earthlings! Stay attuned!!! 


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