Resistance Decoded! Compassion Required.

Hello, Beloved! If You have found us to be less prolific of late, we assure that our Judith has not! And so neither have WE, of course. In truth, we are even closer than ever. Remember the tipping point in your month of March– the moment (a month and more to You, albeit, but a nanosecond to us) when that crossroads into SOVEREIGNTY manifested, and all hierachical illusions that kept You from being ALL that You are lost their hold on You! We do not need to speak to You as “Light Beings” any longer. We usually speak through our/your Judith, NOW– and within YOU “all the time!” However, NO ONE in our universe can tell it like it IS (as You say), more accurately than a celestial HUMAN who has allowed him/herself to experience their multi-dimensionality (singular pronouns do not apply).
Ah, how we love you! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


AGAIN, the paradox of “pushing AWAY” from where we want to go is coming up loud and clear. You MUST feel it! Even those who still refuse to believe that there even IS such a thing as energy… well, bless their hearts, they’ve been dragging for such a long “time” already that the intensity of this push/pull energy NOW will be very scary as they feel it…. and they WILL and DO feel it, without question. That is the point of these push/pull energies, actually. NO ONE CAN RESIST FEELING THEIR OWN ENERGY ANY LONGER. .

Please be aware of that and have COMPASSION with those around you who may be freaking out in some way (there are many ways), or trying to shut down (that is even more dangerous, because they CAN’T). The missing piece for the many, of course, is WHY NOT? And why would I feel…

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Start Calling Yourself An Alchemist!

Happy Alchemical Taurus New Moon, ALCHEMIST!
— Judith, Venus, Helios, our New Moon, Mercury, Sedna, Vesta, and The Frequency Technicians of Sirius transmitting from within the grand orchestra of the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


Somebody just asked me why I used the word “complex” to desctibe our Taurus New Moon on my FB page yesterday. Ummm… I’m no astrologer, I just FEEL the energies, and they feel very complex, okay? Nope not okay… just kidding. lol! The question made ME curious about the details, of course, so I checked them out.

Astrologers call the complex energy I’ve been feeling a “stellium.” I know, what’s a stellium, right? A stellium is a concentration of energy made of multiple conjunctions, usually contained within one sign. In this case it’s Taurus, and the stellium was led by Venus, followed by the sun, moon, Mercury, Sedna, and Vesta. The metaphor of a stew comes to mind– each ingredient adds its own flavor (frequencies), resulting in a holistic concentration that is more than the sum of its parts. It’s the synthesis of all of them together that CREATES the…

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NOW! And NOW And NOW… FUTURE In Creation.


Hello, Beloved!

We have a video for You. And to quote our Judith, “WHOA. This video happened all of a sudden, and with a LOT of important things to know NOW neatly encoded into 11 minutes! But since five planets have stopped dead in their tracks just ro give US pause, why should that be surprising?”

Why, indeed? We like that quote very much. We like it because it expresses BEing in the experience of NOWness, because that is where everything IS. NOW, You have access to everything You need to know. NOW, You have absolute freedom to experience in any way You choose. NOW, You choose how You wish to experience you future, and thus spin it into form with your FREQUENCIES…. NOW and NOW and NOW… 

Oh, You are powerful, Beloved! YOU create the very world You live in through the resonance of your FREQUENCIES. Your world is your own reflection. No one can interfere with your creations, either, Beloved. As our Judith says “It is an inside job.”  TAKE THAT IN PLEASE.

That is because you are SOVEREIGN. “Ruled by no one.” And so, You can choose to feel and believe and therefore create anything. There are NO limits placed upon YOU!
That also means that the only thing you cannot do is NOT choose. TAKE THAT IN, TOO, PLEASE. 

And NOW, enjoy our spontaneous little video–  fueled, of course by your five planetary allies who stopped dead in their tracks just to give YOU pause!

How we love You Beloved! Always and in All Ways–
the celestial team

❤ ❤ ❤


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What Future Are YOU Choosing NOW?

“NOW is the “time” to PAY ATTENTION to what we are doing (which includes thinking, feeling and believing)! NOW is the “time” to either create coherence with thoughts, feelings, actions, and beliefs we WANT to experience in “actual reality,” or continue to create our lives entrained to old progams of enslavement by default. That’s right, this is an EITHER/OR. We cannot choose both, because each is an entirely different paradigm. The only other thing we cannot do is NOT choose.”
— Judith Dagley Flaherty
Yep, this is Judith and I just quoted mySelf. I meant every word, too. Five planets don’t stop in their tracks to give us pause for NOTHING, after all! So why didn’t the celestial team tell you about it, rather than “human me?” Because… okay, all I know is that “they” wanted “ME” to. And “they” have been wanting “ME” to deliver our messages more and more lately, as “you” have probably noticed. This is a NEW PARADIGM. “WE” are able to do this sort of thing NOW, because “we” are ALL beings of frequency, and our very DNA is a bio/cosmic internet. Maybe THAT’S WHY. ❤

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft


Segment 3.
A little more (very important) “scientific proof” of what I have been learning clairgostically and testing experientially on my own, then sharing with you for the past few years… most recently “quantum style” from presenting THE FREQUENCY TELE-GATHERING.

The quote below is particularly important as we enter May 2016. It is also why five planets are proving quite dramatically that it is important by stopping during our entry! Yet, I know that some still don’t believe in science as it happens… they wait for some authority figure to tell them whether or not to believe it. Hence, the quote below– 

“The function of mind is to create coherence between what you believe and the actual reality you experience.
Anytime you are not paying attention, the default program of the subconscious mind takes over.”

— Bruce Lipton PhD, Epigeneticist, author of Biology of Belief

Why is this an…

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