Guidance Through The Storm; #25 ~ Transmuting TRAUMA

We, the celestial team, greet you once again with much energetic support!

In addition to our frequencies of support (which You will feel if You are taking them in through your HEART CENTER!), we sense that addressing the topic of CHANGE has the potential to be most powerfully supportive to You in this particular phase of your evolution, for You are facing many junctures– each of which will provide opportunities to choose what direction You wish to go in.

To be clear, junctures are points that exist in three or more time-lines simultaneously.

Do You understand? You will not even have to leap to switch timelines. Simply take a step, and You on a new trajectory. Oh, it is quite an adventure, Beloved!

It involves almost constant change, of course, but that is what evolution IS, is it not? And how exhilarating it is when You find yourSelf hopscotching into where You WANT to be!

Ah, but now we come to the other opportunity that all of these junctures provide You with –the opportunity to realize that as a collective, You have come to greatly fear change. And that is because You have come to equate change with trauma.

It is true that sudden, destabilizing change can be traumatic. We wish to remind You, however, that the moment of falling in love could also be described as sudden, destabilizing change. As could winning the lottery, or any number of other magical and expansive timeline leaps.

As we hope You can begin to see, the binding of change with trauma has locked You into a very limited fear-based “reality” that is very far from your natural state of being, which is JOY. Moreover, it is a major program of disempowerment that has been used by those who have chosen to control You for many thousands of years.

Therefore, we feel strongly that it is very important now to loosen the bondage of CHANGE with TRAUMA!

And so, we are offering another perspective on trauma. It may surprise You, but we ask You to take it into your heart nonetheless, for You will find that it will empower You greatly. We ask You to consider trauma as not the result of change, but as the result of unconsciousness, denial, and/or avoidance of being alive in the moment. We will explain.

Change is a constant flow. It is not the sudden “falling off a cliff” You think of. Even quantum change is the result of a process, whether it is perceivable to You or not.

In every moment, You receive frequencies of information.

You are thus always informed of the “news” in every immediate moment through the continual flow of these messages.

And if You think You aren’t, You are not listening, Beloved. You are likely still relying on your 3rd dimensional brain for information, instead. Yes, we know who You are, and we are very glad You are here so that we can give You a brief upgrade!

  • Firstly, your 3rd dimensional brain is not an information receiver, it is an information processor.
  • Secondly, your 3rd dimensional brain is programmed to tune out all frequencies that are not part of the 3rd dimensional construct!

It is what You have called your intuition that allows You to tune into them. The more You practice using your intuition, the more You will begin to pick up the subtle clues of change.

Many times, You do not want to trust it, however, because you are following your 3rd dimensional brain’s “spreadsheet” of how things “should” occur. And oh how You have been taught to trust your brain! We know. You have been taught to ignore your inner knowing in order to “stick with the program,” in other words. And then what?

WHAM! Trauma catches You unaware.

Unaware of the continuing flow of information and support that is always, always, there, running through You in the present moment. Yet all one has to do is be present to receive it! Present and paying attention!

Do You see? Trauma is the result of not listening to yourSelf! Indeed, You will find that every trauma that You have experienced in this lifetime was preceded by information of its existence. This is also true for all of your lifetimes.

We are here to tell You that NO change has to be traumatic.

The more radical that sounds to You, the more You need to wake up from the old dream of enslavement consciousness, Beloved. You are co-creating a NEW Paradigm of UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS now!

To that end, we will remind You of what You have already learned– You can only feel FREQUENCIES when they are pulsing with energy, and that is only NOW!

NOW is the only moment in which You are ALIVE!!!


We suggest You review that transmission, for it offers a way to flow with change, and not only are You are dealing with many in this time/space at an accelerated rate, but they have features that are completely new to You!

  • One is that they often occur simultaneously.
  • Another is that one change can rapidly branch into several others, and by rapidly we mean faster than is measurable in your time construct.
  • Perhaps more importantly in terms of your own expansion, changes are being offered to You from higher frequencies than ever before– which means, Beloved, the manifestations of your dreams.

But You have to be PRESENT to receive them! Which means HEART CENTERED, of course. As You recall, It is your HEART, your multidimensional operating system, that decodes frequencies for You. (from Judith– see above link!) And as You can see by our description above, change has begun to occur multidimensionally for You, indeed!

Now! It is also important to keep in mind that this is true for everyone, including your family, friends, or the person who was so nasty to You yesterday. Let go of your assumptions about who they are, for they may be in the flow of change in that very moment.

Many people are waking up! Or have been shaken awake by the chaotic node of energy You have just been through! Many are swimming most strenuously to catch up with the flow of transformation!

To most of the many, it seemed to be a sudden eruption. Yet the only eruption we see can be likened to a rush of frenzied energy as many run to catch a train as it pulls out of the station!

Perhaps they got so used to waiting that they didn’t even see the train when it pulled in. Well, they see it now, and if they are running for it, that is wonder-full. Hurray for them! Lend your energy to their speed!

Well. As You can certainly see by now, we most eagerly encourage You to be part of this flow! Do not fear change, or resist it any longer, no matter how it appears when it first arrives. Do not create more trauma for yourSelf in that way!

My goodness, we do apologize for speaking so strongly in a way that sounds like a directive. But it is only because we so wish to see You free yourSelves from suffering, Beloved! Frequencies of resistance, fear, judgment, and blame are only fuels for trauma. Nothing more. Re-member! Ah…

Yeshuwah most passionately wishes to share some final words!  

This is Yeshuwah.

Have COMPASSION for those who resist this powerful flow of change! They are frightened

Have COMPASSION for those who seek violent means to exert control! They are traumatized.

YOU know what it is like to walk in the shoes of both fear and trauma! Give those who are gripped in them your love, and it will loosen the fragments of fear and trauma still trapped within YOU in the doing.

It is love, Beloved, and only love, that will free You all to weave yourSelves together again. Let your love flow freely into the eternal NOW, then! Much is needed, and not a drop will be lost.

We promise You!

Your Yeshuwah’s love for You never fails to move us deeply. In truth, such a passion as this reverberates through your entire galaxy. Let your love fill the air with ALL of ours, then– until the all on your planet are breathing love.


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Guidance Through The Storm; #24 ~ ~ ~ Beyond the Swirl

Warm, Warm, Greetings to You from the celestial team!

In truth, we are hoping to find You already warm in the coziness of your own Light, and not even needing the warmth we are bringing!

Yes, we say this even as we see You in the midst of experiencing the many reflections of your creative evolution. Even while these many reflections are swirling around You in increasingly activated patterns of transformation, we hope You are observing them from the coziness of your own Light!

Because You CAN be. Because we have taught You HOW–— and precisely for this reason! Precisely so that You could remain centered in your own cozy Light amidst the swirl of these reflections. To be clear:

Whoever You are, whatever You are doing, whatever your beliefs are, You are an intact individual AND You are an integral part of a collective co-creative process.

Always. Without exception. To believe otherwise would simply be delusional since all of You are ONE. Therefore:

Everything that is occurring anywhere on your planet now is happening to every one of You– is WITHIN every one of You– and is influenced BY every one of You.

All that is part of the ALL is a participant, including your planet itself, your atmosphere, your personal relationships, your very being.

And so to ALL, we repeat: Intact within the warmth and wholeness of your own Light, we hope You are nestling cozily, even as You participate in co-creating the swirling patterns around You! Within You, there is certainty and peace, and the unending love of Source itself. Always. Without exception.

Now! Perhaps we have been redundant, do You think, in our emphasis on your intactness in your own Light? Nonetheless, in our case the word “redundant” would be misused, for there is usefulness and purpose to our repetition of certain truths. Please bear with us.

We do indeed, feel a conscientious urge to make sure You feel your intactness even as the prism of the 3rd dimension refracts YOUR Light into colors that swirl around You!

To that end, as You recall, we’d chosen an image of a color wheel for You to use. Our Judith has placed it here so that You can see it once again while taking in our words.

As You see, the very darkest hues eventually blend together to define an outer rim– an image we used specifically to activate within your consciousness an energetic flow towards your individual centers. This is in service of personal integration. As such, it was, and is, a necessary prerequisite for expansion.

And now we come to the point of emphasizing your intactness! Once You have balanced and centered within the wholeness of your own Light, to continue to experience the darkest hues as a rim will become a limitation.

Hence, our emphasis on “nestling cozily in your own Light!” Because that will mean that You are ready to see that there is no outer rim at all.

That is quite a leap, is it not? Yet we do not wish to alarm You! Being READY to not see a rim around You means that You will not NEED to anymore. In other words–

You will not need to see yourSelf as separate in order to be INTACT.

Yowza,” as our Judith says! What WE say is “Relax, dear one!”

Expansion never happens without your readiness.

Nor does it happen “to” You. Not EVER. Believe us when we tell You that such a thing is not even possible. You expand from WITHIN, Beloved. Think of the image of a flower opening, and You will understand.

As You go deeper into your center of wholeness, your entire energy field expands outward, as does your consciousness. You will just naturally begin to see that all of the colors of your refracted Light are interconnected with the colors of all other beings who have projected themSelves into human form on your planet with You.

You will SEE the grand tapestry that is your human collective!

It will be obvious that all of You are ONE.

And there is even more to You than that, Beloved.

As your energy fields expand, You will see the colors of your refracted Light extending beyond your planet, through your galaxy, gaining evermore Light as they do– reflecting colors You have never even seen on your planet!– colors that resonate with different bandwidths of your frequencies, connecting you consciously with other aspects of yourSelf, in your galaxy and beyond, all who are in this grand game of re-integration with You.

Please pause and take a deep breath, Beloved.

You will begin to see your involvement in many patterns of integration simultaneously, and ending only at the beginning, which is Source itself. You are vast, indeed. And that You are a Master of Creation will become quite evident to You.

Indeed You are! For in the midst of your spectacular, extended, intergalactic participation, here, there, and everywhere–

You have designed it such that You still exist, whole and complete, within a singular energy field on this planet, lit from within by your center of white Light and surrounded by your own pulsing wheel of colors!

And within your centers of Light, You will always find your PEACE.

There as well is the quantum hub of your integration.

The deeper into the stillness You go, the further outward You expand, and the more You integrate of the ALL that is YOU.

The “work,” the re-membering, the whirl of integration of all aspects, and all patterns, of all that You are, have been, or will be, involved in throughout the universe–and the JOY– the power to BE ALL OF THAT at once is within You!

Within your perfect stillness, integration at a pace that makes the speed of light seem slow… my goodness, we gasp ourselves at the fullness of these words! And still they are insufficient.

To any among You who have not yet understood the importance of taking our transmissions in through your HEART CENTER, we will tell You now that You cannot receive the fullness of what we are conveying by merely reading words!

You must take the frequencies in through your HEART CENTER to truly gather, not only the meaning of the words, but the FREQUENCIES they carry! (from Judith: Yikes! To review how to drop your attention into your heart center, click the link below and look for the golden ball!)

Your perception of who You are will then expand commensurately.

There is no rush, however, no “finish line” to this process. On the contrary. It is the savoring of every moment in the present that is most important. In truth, it is the savoring that IS the process. Only by SAVORING will You begin to feel, to KNOW, what You are, and OWN all of your knowing; RE-knowing, is more accurate.

Through your SAVORING, You will become amazed beyond what your current experience of amazement means to You! (We already know that, You see. There is no time, remember?)

And so, You can also choose NOT to savor any of this yet if You don’t want to! This is only one of many crossroads, or timeline junctures, if You will, that You will navigate, Beloved– one of many, many, many You will face– that You face in every moment, in truth.

It is through these multitudes of choices that You are crafting your very own BEINGNESS, uniquely suited to YOU… like cutting a diamond, Beloved! And whatever shape You choose, it will still be a diamond.

How we love to see You shine!

We will end our transmission now; we feel that we have shared enough “high frequency information” to digest in “one meal!” Perhaps, more than enough for one meal, so feel free to ingest, digest, and savor, all that we have shared at your own unique pace. Remember– it is the SAVORING that is the key, Beloved!

We love You, and we embrace You with our frequencies. Always and in All Ways.


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Guidance Through The Storm; #23 ~ ~ ~ Swirling The Energies! Part Three ~ Accessing Your POWER

Hello Beloved, here we are again!

Well! An entire one of your weeks has already passed since we promised to bring You the third and final transmission of our perspective on understanding and using these swirling energies that You are in the midst of. “‘Time’ flies,” as You say!

Indeed it does, Beloved. Present is past before You can blink an eye. Blink again, and it is the future.

But to the point at hand… have You been practicing releasing judgment and regaining your balance in your past week?

Ah YES! We see that some of You are well into your practice, indeed! Oh, Beloved… we are thrilled.

Can You feel how much lighter You are? Can You see how much LIGHTER You are?

We also see some among You who have not yet opened the KEY to feeling lighter. And no worries, we say! Our Judith will put the link to the Key right here for You–

As we said in Part Two, without Part One as a foundation, You will not receive the full benefits of Part Two. The same is true for Part Three, of course! Each becomes the foundation for the next.

Oh! There are newcomers with us today, tooand any day You are reading is TODAY to us, You know– so WELCOME, BELOVEDS!! We have been hoping for You to find us, every precious one of You.

Oh this is wonder-full! (As You see, we are very excited!!) Please make yourSelves at home. Our earth member will put the link to Part One right here for You so You won’t miss a thing, and You’ll catch up to us in “no time!” ( )

We do mean “no time,” because for us there IS no time! And if You have questions, PLEASE ASK THEM– there is even a nicely convenient space to do that at the very end of this page! We believe it’s called a “Comments Section,” but it is for questions too, of course… We LOVE QUESTIONS!

Now! Finally, on to this very important piece of our very long transmission! Without further ado–


To access your POWER SOURCE, You must be present in the moment.

But that You already discovered while learning to maintain your balance— You can only do it by focusing in the moment!

You can only be fully present in the moment when you are HEART CENTERED.

We have already explained that You can only take in the FREQUENCIES of our transmission through your HEART CENTER, remember? And for our newcomers, we explained how to drop your attention into your heart center right here–

When You are HEART CENTERED, You are automatically IN THE PRESENT!

You see how easy it is, how beautifully all of this works together, Beloved? When You are HEART CENTERED, You cannot be anywhere else but in the moment, because that’s all there really IS! And so–


You can only feel FREQUENCIES when they are pulsing with energy, and that is only NOW. Because–

NOW is only in the moment in which You are ALIVE.

What was now your NOW five seconds ago is not relevant. What will be your NOW in five seconds is not relevant. You are not living in either one of those. And so–


Do You see how simple it is, Beloved? Yet when You are “thinking,” nothing is simple. You are on a treadmill of thought fragments rather than present in the moment. But we promise You, there is no other way to live your life consciously than by being IN it–NOW. In truth, there is no other way to live your life at ALL.

So walk upon your earth! Every day, as much as you can. Take your shoes off, feel the energy of your earth support You, feel it run through You. Realize that You are just as much a part of the earth as your plants and animals are. Spend time with them!

Get back to LIFE!

Everything alive on your earth resonates easily with Gaia’s new frequency fluctuations, for they have not become estranged as You have. But they will most eagerly help You to balance, and even give You guidance! You see, they hold no judgments of You, Beloved. They only delight in your communing with them.

The same is true for your Gaia, of course. She will hold You safely together as You soar to new heights in your expansion! You only need put your feet in her sacred soil to FEEL the truth of that. And BE GRATEFUL. The energy of your Gaia is no different than the energy of Source, Itself.

There is only ONE ENERGY, remember? Many aspects, ONE ENERGY.

We end now. Our loving support does not. Know that, no matter how disoriented You may feel at times in the coming months, You are entering a window of opportunity through which to create a far, far easier “reality” than You’ll be leaving behind!

You will be “finding your own,” so to speak– rediscovering your true resonances– coming home to yourSelves. Wherever that turns out to be, it will be YOUR choice now! We care not what your choices are, as long as they are YOURS. We care only that You are free to choose from within yourSELF.

Lastly, we remind You– do not ever judge yourSelves in this process– not any of them! You DO know what You are doing, and NO ONE can do it in the unique and important way that You do. You are an irreplaceable refraction of ALL. How could ALL ever be ONE without YOU?


Attention to our precious newcomers– Be sure to press the “follow the Love/Light” tab in the right sidebar to receive all of our transmissions! To learn more about receiving the frequencies of the transmissions, press “Reading The Frequencies“ in the top side bar.  If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments section below. And please do not hold back! I, Judith, promise you that no matter how “silly” you think your question is, by asking it you will be doing a service for others who have the same question but are not asking. On behalf of the all, I thank you. Namaste.

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