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Welcome to the Love/Light Videos Library!
It is, indeed, a library, for all of our videos are archived here. Each is full of  high frequency-encoded information about all you need to know to become all that YOU are.  The links are presented in the order in which the videos were created, from the very first to the most recent. Regardless of when they were made, however, the information within each of them will be relevant for YOU in the moment you choose to receive it. All  are freely offered, so spend the day here if you like, and come back as often as you like. We love having you with us!
Introduction to an ongoing series of videos in which Judith will share the frequencies and guidance of the celestial team–face to face, informally, and from the heart. Enter their multi-dimensional relationship as a beloved guest,and hear Judith’s story of healing her physical body and why YOU have the power to do that, too!
Topics of this segment include a description of the celestial team, the multi-dimensionality of the human heart, our power as co-creators of reality, and why we are loved and admired by our universe. Finally, Judith is caught by delighted surprise when the celestial team swoops in with their own loving greeting to you!
* Love/Light Videos for Navigating NOW: Navigating Into A New Paradigm of Being, Part 1 The first of a three part video sharing powerful revelations about our current human transition into a whole new paradigm of being. Braided with the frequencies of the celestial team, Judith feels her way through the words, weaving an even deeper communication that can be felt on an energetic level, as well.


Judith and the celestial team share words, frequencies, and “downloads” about our multi-dimensional origins–as well as the multi-dimensional purpose and power that is awakening within us as we say “yes” to a New Paradigm of Being. Finally,Yeshuwa comes through to gaze through Judith’s eyes into yours, to speak words deep into your heart, and to wrap you palpably, if you so allow, in the silk of devoted and unconditional love.
In “Navigating into a New Paradigm of Being” part 3, Judith and the celestial team illuminate how radically new their Love/Light Videos truly are. It becomes clear that thay ARE made from the future, and that the only way to experience them fully is to experience them relationally– the “normal” method of the fifth dimension! There’s also paradigm-busting information about the brilliant ways in which humanity is teaching the higher dimensions how to end ancient, ongoing galactic battles. Yeshuwa and the celestial team are ever present, and burst through their energetic braids with Judith whenever their devotion to YOU, the viewer, becomes too great to contain. Altogether, this video lets us know that the celestial team is with us for the long haul– through their videos, written messages, and private sessions with Judith–and that the expansion they are lovingly guiding us into is REAL.
This video may boggle the brain, but its not meant for the brain. Instead, if you breathe the frequencies into your heart center as you watch, you’ll feel a rush of exhilaration as your ability to be fully alive and powerful in the NOW is activated.. Then, you’ve got it–it is YOURS. And even if you forget in 10 minutes and go back into “the treadmills of the brain,” you KNOW the feeling now, so you can ALWAYS get it back. Never doubt yourSELF!
Part 2 of a 3 part, in-the-now, description of the feeling, the juice, the aliveness, and the power, of being in the NOW as the sovereign co- creator you truly are.
HOW NOW? HOW to USE your sovereign power in the NOW to create radical change is the subject of this video. I, Judith, did just that when I healed my dying body well again, and fast, too! I didn’t know “how” to do it, either. I only knew that I could, and that was enough. Here is the “how” I invented and used. And I use it still for all kinds of timeline jumping– because it works for me. Use it if it resonates, or use it to inspire you to create your own methods!
The celestial team takes the lead in this one, transmitting as one orchestra with many instruments to deliver a transmission that is a power tool in itself. Be sure to stay for their short meditation at the end, and FEEL how loved you are!
POWER TOOLS for Navigating NOW, part 2–A Love/Light Video from Judith and the celestial team
How to use DISCERNMENT to Navigate with Sovereign Authority
They are potent tools, because YOU are powerful! Enjoy!
POWER TOOLS for Navigating NOW, part 3
Quantum technical support from the clestial team’s Frequency Technicians.
POWER TOOLS for Navigating NOW, part 4
Staying connected to Source;
Staying grounded in your body;
Staying present in the NOW.
How to use the energies brought in by the Solstice to clear blocks that prevent Love from permeating every aspect of your life!
We are IN “the Shift.” Here are 3 essential power tools to use–doing so IS the process of ascension!
You DO Jump Timelines in a Single Moment!
We already jump timelines “all the time,” unconscuoisly. In this video, the celestial team explains exactly how we do it,so that we can begin to practice doing it consciously– which IS the process of ascension!
FALL EQUINOX 2012, Part 1 of 2
Everything is about love, everything is connected, and sychronicity abounds!
FALL EQUINOX 2012, Part 2 of 2
Love and connection IS our New Paradigm of Being.
How and why to prepare to cross the threshold, or “zero point” of alignment with the galactic center on12/21/12.
Continuation of Part 1 including; as the creator of one’s own reality, fear is obsolete; integration of the Divine Feminie and the Divine Masculine; the NEW way to create reality.
The 12/12/12 Portal- Cross the 12/21/12 threshold MAKING LOVE!
How to use the energies of NOW to step into Unity Consciousness (in any NOW!).
“The shift” will never just happen to you! YOU are the creator of “the shift.”
The Glorious Reason WHY You Are Here!
Scientific Proof: Your Power is Immeasurable
Using the Laws of Resonance as an Energy Alchemist:The Choice, the Practice
Alchemy, The Law of Creation, Integrating Masculine/Feminine Energy,
and More!
Are YOU An Energy Sensitive?
2014–The Year of Integration
Integrating the Divine Masculine & Femine, HUMAN Style!
The Human Wound-The Truth That Will Set You Free
How to NEVER  Get What You  Want!
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