12.19.11 Navigating Into a New Paradigm of Being, Part 3

…And so it comes to pass, in this our deepest season of death and rebirth, that the clamoring of the old begins to die away at last, leaving only silence.
…And so it comes to pass that, in that empty stillness, that ripe and sacred void, our souls begin to tremble as the unspeakable miracle of new life faintly stirs within.
…And so it comes to pass that the third segment of “Navigating Into a New Paradigm of Being” finds its way to you, just as the birth pangs of Winter Solstice begin in earnest.
…And so it comes to pass that I, Judith, am awed by how divinely timed this arrival is. Just as with the written messages, no matter how involved I am in the delivery process, the perfection of the package only unfolds for me as I unwrap it right along with you.
…And so it comes to pass that Parts 1, 2, and 3 of “Navigating Into A New Paradigm of Being” have taught us the steps and introduced us gracefully and lovingly into the new music of what IS an entirely new paradigm of being.

Feel yourself rich with self-love, now. Be dazzled by the brilliance of your own diamond light. Wrap yourself royally in the robes of your sovereign authority.  Then, let yourself sink into the warmth of part 3. Watch it over and over,  until, just as heat rises, you feel your own being expand Watch until your cells sing with its frequencies,  your blood dances, and your heart beats to the rhythm of our collective tune.

Then, be ready for miracles, for you will surely create them.

Love Always and in All Ways– Judith and the celestial team
In “Navigating into a New Paradigm of Being” part 3, Judith and the celestial team illuminate how radically new their Love/Light Videos truly are. It becomes clear that thay ARE made from the future, and that the only way to experience them fully is to experience them relationally– the “normal” method of the fifth dimension!
There’s also paradigm-busting information about the brilliant ways in which humanity is teaching the higher dimensions how to end ancient, ongoing galactic battles. Yeshuwa and the celestial team are ever present, and burst through their energetic braids with Judith whenever their devotion to YOU, the viewer, becomes too great to contain. Altogether, this video lets us know that the celestial team is with us for the long haul– through their videos, written messages, and private sessions with Judith–and that the expansion they are lovingly guiding us into is REAL.
Copyright(c)2011-12, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved www.thecelestialteam.com
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