9.29.11 Riding the Currents of Your Expansion

We, the celestial team, greet you with powerful frequencies of reassurance and balance.

Congratulations. You have come through the first of what we might call “the awakened straits of expansion.” Your last several weeks leading up to your recent Fall Equinox have felt intense, even overwhelming, in an entirely new way, have they not? Know that the fatigue, confusion, and the weakening of your once-familiar “identity” were not signs of any failings on your behalf! Quite the contrary. They are signs of your expansion beyond the limitations that you had been accustomed to, and that is all.

As we told you, at your Summer Solstice, you received what, in terms of your computer technology, could be likened to “downloads.” All of them were about your interconnectedness as a human collective, as well as your connections with much more of what you have called your “identity.” You spent the entire summer processing this information, and much of it felt very “personal,” did it not? Indeed, it did!

As you processed, you found many of your assumptions about yourself, as well as yourself in relation to others, brought into the bright light of your scrutiny. Although in some cases this was difficult, know that it was all by your own design. You designed it as you did because you want to expand, and so created whatever circumstances were necessary to clear the way. In other words, as you spent your summer aligning yourself with the information you received at Summer Solstice, you were also aligning yourself with your commitment to your SELF to expand. Therefore, here is a new way to see it:

The degree of challenges you faced interpersonally over the last months is a reflection of the degree of conscious commitment you have made to your own part in the ascension your planet is undergoing.

At your Fall Equiniox, then, the alignments you created kicked in. This is always the way. Your solstices bring you information to “download,” you process it all until your equinoxes, and then you activate, or manifest, that information into practice. It is only because you are so awake that you experience these rhythmic patterns of expansion so fully now! Recognize that. Let it be your new perspective.

And so, building up to and through your Fall Equinox, you felt the energy of your human collective more powerfully than ever. Such energy there is there! We can only imagine what a shock it was to feel “plugged in” all of a sudden. But there it is, and you are a part of it. Just as you have always been, without knowing. Oh, yes, we have been telling you that you were, that is true, but it is one thing to hear it from us, and quite another to at last feel the truth of that yourself, is it not?!

Proportionately with your release of resistance to feeling yourself as one part of the all of your human collective, you also have allowed yourself to feel your connection with the aspects of you that are just as real as you are in dimensions beyond the one you experience yourself in. Suddenly, you are feeling the meaning of expansion in the truest sense! The more you allow yourself to feel your interconnectedness with your earthly, human family, the more you will experience your multi-dimensional connectedness with your universal family. And vice versa. “As above, so below,” remember!

We will have much to share with you about the glory of this expansion, and the way it changes the very meanings of your beliefs, in our coming messages. You can rest assured of that!! As well, we will be happy to answer any questions you post on our lovely group page. Know, by the way, that it is lovely to us only because of YOU. Your interest is what gives it its very life.

For now, we wish to share our reassurance with you that, if you allow this truly all-encompassing expansion, without resisting any part of it, you will find yourself adjusting to its frequency quite rapidly. And you will be so glad you did! You will reap, you will find a balance through your resonance that you have never thought possible before. We will assist in illuminating the joys of this new expansion resonance as required, of course, but you will be surprised at how much you will “light up” on your own!

We also want to mention our perspective regarding a particular “pitfall,” shall we say, that some of those most eager for expansion are, in their haste, choosing to fall into. It may seem paradoxical that the most expanded would be the most vulnerable to this one, but precisely because of the importance of balance, it is not. You see, without fully allowing ALL aspects of expansion, there are some who will be caught temporarily in the ego’s agenda of separation for a time. They will either make one of two choices, based on unexamined and so unreleased inner programs of fear and judgment.

The first tendency is to believe that one can only honor one’s humanity by discounting one’s multi-dimensional reality. The second tendency is to believe that one needs to discount one’s humanity in order to honor ones’s multI-dimensional Presence! Those with this resistance will encourage you to drop your “affiliations to being human” in favor of experiencing yourself ONLY as the powerful master in the universe that you ALSO are.

You see how divided each perspective sounds, and how obviously fractured. We are very glad you see!
Remember that your universal Presence holds your humanity within it.  Only through attachment to  the 3rd dimensional prisms of  separation would one choose to delude oneself otherwise.
Remember that without your humanity, your universal Presence is flawed.
BOTH your humanity and your mult-dimensionality are divine. True expansion is recognition that they are one.

You will hear these two sides of a coin pretending that the other side of them is not there for awhile! They will be loud, sometimes, in their efforts to gather energy from others to support their resistance. No matter how forcefully they try to “sell” you their agendas, no matter how “heady” the trip they invite you into is, know that the real reason they have appeared is because they need YOUR help. And all you have to do is simply BE in their presence. Simply listen, feel the truth of your own wholeness, and your compassion for their struggle against their own. They will take all of that in through your frequencies. As we told you, the frequencies of your heart are very busy communicators!

We end now, having, as always, gone on far longer than we intended, and yet saying merely a fragment of all that we wish to communicate. For us, using the limitations of your language is rather like trying to build a castle out of bits and pieces of wood–it takes many of them, and requires much creativity to covey the castle that is intended! That is why we watch with awe the entire time our Judith manages to do just that. You all are truly masters to have chosen to limit your abilities of communication to using these word forms for so long, and you have even found ways to transcend their limitations in order to communicate powerfully through them! Well, just wait until you free yourself from them, entirely – how wonderful that will be for us to witness!

We end now. Take our words to heart, and we will return soon to fill it once again.
We love you.– the celestial team


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9.18.11 The Multi-dimensional Technology of Your Heart, part 2

With expansive greetings, we return with more about your magnificent and powerful heart!

Expansive is a good word! We send you gentle waves of expansion now through our frequencies, for we wish to invite your own frequencies to dance with ours among the waves. It is within this energy of expansion that you will feel the freedom to absorb what we will tell you next about your heart. This is because of the laws of resonance, of which we have spoken before. Because the power of your heart expands far beyond the illusionary limits your brain has been entrained into perceiving, we offer our own expanded frequencies for you to resonate with. You might say, in your vernacular, and quite accurately, that you can “hitch a ride” on our resonance through the false limitations and out into your own expanded awareness!

And you can, indeed, dance as you go! Or float, or surf, or fly, or simply ride perfectly still in wide-eyed wonder. Once you feel the resonance of expansion, you can follow it in any way you like–as long as you don’t contract yourself by thinking, and then land with a thud back in a fog of incomprehension! The word expansive was, therefore, a good place to start, because it has very expansive frequencies! Can you feel them? Yes, indeed, you can!

So please place your attention in your heart center, and begin to breathe the word “expansion” into it. Ah, delicious, isn’t it? And with that delicious feeling, let your heart open. See it, imagine it, or simply decide that it is opening– it doesn’t really matter what method you use! The minute you put your attention and intention on your heart opening, it simply does so. The images or sensations you employ really have only to do with getting you in alignment with its opening–“on the same page,” so to speak. Once you feel the expansion, and allow yourself to trust that your heart opens the minute you ask it to, you’ll recognize that the energy is familiar. It is the energy of unconditional love–neutral, unattached, resisting nothing. Flowing and soft as silk, as we have also mentioned before! Love IS expansion, you see.

Having digested that, we now offer even more nourishment. If you have not read our last message yet, however, we ask you to do so before “digging into” this one. It will prepare your palate, and give your digestive process the attunement it needs to take this one in. Or, you might think of it as similar to “acquiring a taste” for food that is far more rich and packed with nourishment than your physical body has ever attempted to process before. It would need a bit of a gradual adjustment process, would it not?

So, then, all of that said and done, we’re off again:

Your heart beats in rhythm to far more than you know.

Feel that heartbeat now. Find it in your chest, and put your hand there so your hand can feel it, too.

Then, turn your hand over and see the pulse of that beat in your wrist. Look at it, alive and pulsing there. Put your finger on it so your finger can feel it, too.

(We must pause for a moment to support you in taking time with these steps, for we can feel your brain’s inclination to distract you! The brain wants to rush right to “the facts,” which alone will give you nothing but words. As you do these seemingly simple little steps of engaging your awareness with your heart, however, you are already beginning to take in more than your language can ever express.)

Return to your pulse now, both seeing it and feeling it with your fingers.

Expand your attention to experience that pulsing rhythm beating throughout your body.

Envision, feel, become aware that every vein, every artery, even the tiniest, seemingly fragile, capillaries within you are resonating with the rhythmic beat of your heart.

Stop and wonder at this for a moment. Take all of it in, for what we will tell you very soon is even more extraordinary. Do not rush. You are beginning to learn what it means to expand into knowing your own expansion.
Allow yourself that.

So now you are breathing deep into your heart, and into this powerful, living, force that your whole body resonates with. You are feeling it alive and connecting with every cell within you.
Remember that it your heart is intelligent.
Remember that its natural frequencies are those of unconditional love.
Remember that centering in those neutral frequencies of love will create the resonance you need to expand into your highest perceptual abilities.

Begin to realize what you are tapping into!

If you do so and then allow your realization to grow, we promise you that there will come a time, and very soon, that you will never choose the brain to process your experiences again.
For now, however, just allow yourself to feel the miracle of this heart, beating within you, and know that it has been waiting for you to align your attention with it for a very, very, long time.
Now that you have, let your own, living, intelligent, heart take in the rest of our message for you.

* Your heart also carries the frequencies of unconditional love throughout your body in other ways.
* One of them would cause your biologists to categorize it as a “hormonal gland.”
(You see the limitations of labeling and defining, do you not? How can one see the all through the method of separating it into little boxes? It is like trying to run on only one leg at a time!)

* When the human heart’s frequencies are in coherence, meaning resonating with the frequencies of love, they produce that love in chemical form, and send it out to every cell of your body.
* Your scientists have labeled the resulting transmutation of the frequency of love into chemical form as “oxytocin,” or ” the love hormone,” or the “bonding hormone.”

Note what science is not mentioning, but proving all the same:  YOU create this transmutation process of the energy of unconditional love, which every cell of your body then receives as a chemical, and then begins to resonate with, as well. You do this simply through attuning yourself to the frequencies of unconditional love.

The definition of this process is one that your scientists have been here-to-fore programmed not to use. Now, however, we encourage you to use it freely.
It is “alchemy.”
You are a master alchemist. Your heart is at your service when you create resonance with the frequency of love.
Take that in.

Indeed, take that in WELL before you read on! What follows is surely the most “mind-boggling of all, for the electromagnetic force field of your heart is so powerful that it has not even begun to be realized by your scientists. We observe them! Although they know more than they have as yet been allowed to reveal, they have quite a ways to go. What has been documented and is easly accessed for your review is this:

* Your heart’s EMF is larger than there are as yet instruments to measure.

* Your heart’s EMF influences both your perceptual and intuitive abilities.

* Your Heart’s EMF interacts with the EMF of the hearts of others around you.

The whole truth, quite literally, requires a quantum leap rather than a linear scientific method to discover. And YOU, beloved, are making that now.
Here is the truth:

* It is through your heart’s EMF that you create your physical reality.

* The EMF of your heart cannot be measured at all!

* The EMF of your heart, which you feel beating right now within your physical body, radiates far out into the universe.

* Through this powerful force field that emanates from your heart, you connect and communicate with all resonant frequencies in the universe.

Do your understand your alchemy now? You are a creator being. And so, of course:

* You are multi-dimensional. You are in constant communication with your universe.

* You have access to information, assistance, and support in your universe because you are OF IT.

* When your body requires more energy, or energetic realignments, you can get it directly through the web of your interconnections within the universe.

* You are not in any way alone, or separate from Source Itself.

THIS is your reality. All else is illusion. Take that in please.

To explain any further in our exercise on the game board of your “scientific format” would bring us to your quantum physics term “quantum entanglement.” Or, “quantum weirdness,” as we have heard some of your “mind-boggled” physicists call it! It is really quite simple, actually, without all of the resistances to “breaking the old rules,” or fabrications of rules, to be more precise. But we believe that is best left for another time. We do not want to distract you from expanding even further into the power you hold within your heart.

The information you have expanded into with us, through your reading, is what is most important for you to know, and to begin to consciously use, in this phase of your time. Change is occurring in a most rapid and complex pattern of movement. Indeed, many changes have already occurred, and in those cases, you are simply navigating the transition into what already is. Through using your newly awakened connection with your heart, and all that this connection means, you will find that you can see with an enormously expanded vision, and find your way with the awareness of a master who is simply steering homeward again.

Well, we will leave you to relish and explore your expansion in a moment, then! This message and our prior one was unusual for us, we know, for usually we prefer to transmit in metaphors. We use them because they carry frequencies of information that both your heart and your DNA can access very easily and quickly. However, wherever your curiosity leads you in your search to know more, it excites us, and so we offered this format of “facts”– but only to stimulate you in your process of leaping beyond them! Our hope is that you will begin to see that all of the “facts” will only bring you, after many forays through winding streets and blind alleys, right back to our simple teaching:
The way to everywhere you want to go is accessed only through the portal of your heart.

All of our messages, our frequencies, our metaphors–everything we transmit to you! –is lovingly designed to help you remember that, to lead you there, and to cheer you on, until you suddenly know yourSELF again. Then you will need no help from us whatsoever, we assure you! And, beloved, you are closer to living through your heart, closer to claiming your alchemy, closer to US, than you know. If we were in physical form, you would feel our breath on your cheek right now!

Until next time, enjoy the power you have in your great capacity to love!
Enjoy your heart as we do. –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved   www.thecelestialteam.com

9.15.11 The Multi-Dimensional Technology of Your Heart, part 1

We welcome you with delight to our message, for it is about YOU and your powerful heart!

Yes, we have heard, and will now most joyfully respond, to your interest in knowing more about the “mind-boggling technology” of your human heart! Indeed, we use your term “mind-boggling” most accurately, for what the heart can do is far beyond what the programmed limitations of the 3rd dimensional brain can process on its own. That is exactly why we usually ask you to take in the frequencies of our messages through your heart centers–the brain will not recognize them. The brain will throw most of them out! Not the best place to center yourself if you want to receive our frequencies, then, is it?

In addition, another disadvantage you are up against in engaging the brain is that your “scientific method” has been structured to carefully prevent you from giving credence to anything that takes you beyond that 3D ceiling of limitation. That is another reason we ask you to bypass the brain when receiving our transmissions–for between the brain’s limited technology and the “scientific enforcement” that oversees it, we would only lead you right into the very imprisoning treadmills that we are attempting to free you from!

All discoveries, without exception, that have been made on your planet thus far about the truth of your universe and your power within it have NOT been made through following your “scientific method,” we assure you. As the light being who embodied as your Einstein has already shared with your human collective, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Do you not wonder why that statement has not caught fire in releasing more of the all of you from the tiresome, even illogical, bondage of relying on what is already known to go beyond the already known? It is very good if you wonder about that a little! Give THAT to your 3rd dimensional technology to chew on! That should keep it busy for awhile, indeed.

Having said all of that, we will respond to your request by sharing a little with you about your heart, nonetheless. Upon realizing all of the words it would take to express this “very little,” however, we have decided to do so in two segments. The first half of our sharing is in this message, and the rest will follow within one or two of your days. The exact timing will be determined by you, and your process of receiving!

As we have told you, we watch you with infinite attention and care as you absorb our messages, and you teach us much about how to make our transmissions as “receivable” by you as possible. We know that we have transmitted messages before that were too long for you to handle, given all of the energy changes and 3D programming you were currently dealing with. It grieves us to see any part of them go undigested, for we want so much to assist you, and so we learned. We LOVE you so! We wish not a drop of our love to go anywhere but within you.

So, we begin our “first installment” now. We ask you prepare to receive it by opening that amazing heart of yours to the frequencies of our words. Only by doing so will you have the full, revelatory, experience of feeling them resonate with the truth that is already known within you. Feeling that resonance is all you need to know the truth, for the heart does not need explanations about itself! It lives them! It is only the mind that demands proof of what already is.

Well, then “here we go,” as you say! Settle your attention in your heart center. Do not bother with asking how to do this. Such questions come only from the brain’s linear 3D programming, which will take you nowhere besides where you have already been before. You already know how to do this. The brain does not. Trust that, and simply decide to center in your heart, and there you will be. Oh, yes, it is that simple! Just ignore what the brain says about it for now. No buying into thoughts, no matter how insistently they pull at you. This time, YOU be the master, and let them go unattended.

Simply center in your heart. Just move into the silence within you, and you will find that it is very alive and engaged. Breathe into your heart, and amplify your intention, if necessary. Continue to breathe into your hear to let yourself know that you are there. Wonderful. Give yourself time to do this, relax, allow, feel the difference. Then, only when you feel yourself connected with your heart, and you feel your heart respond, read on. Take your time with this heart-centering! This is an important moment for you. Let yourself have it. And then:

* Your heart is many-faceted and multi-dimensional. (Do you feel the resonance with those words within you?)

* Your heart is also a brain, in that it is intelligent, can make decisions, process information, learn, and remember.

* Your heart-brain has its own intrinsic nervous system that connects with every part of your body, including your head-brain and your DNA.

* Frequencies of stress, fear, and negative emotions are “incoherent,” meaning they create interference in your heart-brain’s perceptual abilities.

* This interference then transmits incoherent neural patterns to your head/brain that, in turn, inhibits its own higher cognitive functions.

* You may begin to see now why fear has been such an effective tool of oppression.

How are you doing with that information? Let it sink in. Reread it if necessary, take your time to let it sink in fully before going on. Do this at any time you need to after you resume reading, as well. Otherwise, your brain will take over and read “facts,” and file them away or discard them, and then hurriedly rush you through your reading, simply to get it “accomplished.” Do not let that happen. Do not miss your moment of feeling your heart respond to its truth.

* The frequencies of your heart are “coherent” when they are engaged with positive emotions.

* We wish to point out that this is not the same state that the “relaxation techniques” you have been encouraged by your science to use induce! That is a whole other agenda entirely.

* This state of coherence with positive emotions is not one that lulls you into a peace that comes from “drifting a way from it all,” but one of active engagement. It is very calm, but also very alert. It is alive.

* The frequency that engages the heart to its most natural, resonant, and powerful frequency is that of unconditional love.

You see again why we have been forever “nagging away” about balancing in your heart centers, where all polarities merge into neutral, unconditional love!

So, we will pause our transmission about your magnificent heart for now. Please take all that we have shared into you, and let it digest until it becomes part of your being. Enjoy feeling it become so, and notice how it changes you, as does everything you choose to take into yourself. Know that there is more soon to come, and until you have digested this much, you will not be able to hold the rest! As well, what you take in from your reading now will change you in a way that will make you even more able to assimilate the rest!

We will return with more about the wonders of the divine technology of your heart in a flash! In the meantime, we will be digesting your process of digesting what we have shared so far with enormous relish.

Ah, how we delight in you, Beloved!  –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved http://www.thecelestialteam.com

9.10.11 Do You Like Your Reflection?

We, the celestial team, greet you with loving and rapt attention!

Now, in this period of your time when all is in flux, we are not the only ones who peer into your galaxy to watch you, either! Now, there are so many possible ways for you to create your reality, know that many, many, light beings are watching you spellbound as well!
Now, more than ever before, you can also observe yourSelf.

This is because the experiences within you and around you now are happening so quickly that no habitual responses will serve. No more can you be lulled into the old slumber of past, collective, programming–now, you are shaken fully awake! Every moment is new, laden with possibilities, and you see how reality changes in an instant. You are living in the vibrant current of NOW, and you are activated by that current into being totally alive again.

Wonderful! For it is through what you experience in this unprecedented NOW that you can fully experience your own frequencies. It is through how you interpret your experience that you learn your own language. What do you see with your eyes open and working on their own? It is through what you see that you see yourSelf.
And it is only within yourself that you can adjust your vision, shed the lenses that darken your light, and change that which you see.

Well, then, what do you see? What do you feel, and perceive? Do you feel the new energies that have broken through the veil around your planet? Do you feel them stretching your awarenesses, playing with your sense of what is “real?” Do you feel yourself expanding, feeling charged and much larger than you ever knew you were?

Do you feel your heart expanding as well? It is. Do you feel your DNA sparking your intuition that, somehow, you are becoming connected with more of yourSELF? Open wide and let it happen.

You see, you are far vaster than you knew. Both your heart’s and your DNA’s electromagnetic fields can expand far out into the universe, and because the grid, or veil, that has been enclosing your planet for so long is now loosening, you can feel them stretch and reach out again!
Stand up and stretch yourself! Set your heart free! You will not come apart simply because you are free! Quite the contrary.
You are coming home to your SELF.

Remember, above all else, beloved, that looking to the news, or to all that is put in front of you on your internet for interpretations and opinions, will not serve you now. Notice that all promptings to do so come from the brain, your third dimensional technology. Notice that when you process your experiences from your heart center, instead, that you feel no such promptings. Your heart is far smarter than your science has discovered as yet, you see!

Your heart can think, your heart has powerful memories stored away for you, and your heart can send love in chemical form throughout your body and beyond!
Your heart is also the source of your true vision, for it perceives through the clear lens of unconditional love.
How else could it be otherwise? Anything perceived otherwise is illusion.

This is why we have been telling you to read our messages and live your life through your heart! Your heart is your balance, your multi-dimensional guide, and the source of your power.

If you are seeing through your heart, you see magic happening around you, now.
You see strangers coming together like family when your earthly upheavals shake them into remembering and flood their hearts with truth.
You see family and friends connecting with one another once more, as the
hypnotic thrall of televisions and computers lose their power to keep them plugged in and chained to isolation.

You see so many miracles like these! We could go on for many pages, telling you all of the glorious ones we have seen! We will not, however, for we wish you to see them with your own eyes and heart, and let yourSelf be dazzled by them. Do not miss a glorious moment of your ascension. As long as, and only if, you look through your heart, you will see it all!

We end our transmission now, but we do not leave you. We would not be anywhere else but with you now, for we do not want to miss a moment, either!
We love you. –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved http://www.thecelestialteam.com

9/3.11 It is Your Footsteps that Create the Path

We greet you, Dear Heart, with frequencies of love and reassurance in this moment!

You are doing beautifully. We know that, in the midst of your doing through your being, you cannot see the scope of your creations. That is why we want to tell you what we can see from our perspective as we witness them. What we see is very fine. What we see is that you are rewriting history, recreating the present, and designing the future anew in every moment!

Your month of August presented a convergence of several probable timelines, any one of which could have become your reality. A great turbulence of energy has been simmering to the boiling point beneath the surface of your human collective, and so, of course, beneath the surface of your planet as well. In August, the “boiling over” could have been what you would call, from your perspective, extremely catastrophic in one way or another, and far beyond anything that has actually occurred. Know that it was your conscious intervention, your focus on emanating unconditional love, that prevented the larger catastrophes we speak of.

Know that through your own inner clearing and holding of your light, you have been a hero on behalf of the all. You have transmuted much energy, and so brought air and light into places that could have only exploded without them.

You did this within you. That is what we want you to understand. Only by allowing your own inner turbulences to come to the surface, only by acknowledging them, claiming them, and releasing them into the light and air of your acceptance and love, could you have tempered the energies that were threatening to violently erupt around you.

Yes, there were some localized eruptions of varying expressions among you and beneath you during your month of August, it is true. They were nothing near the scope of what could have occurred, however, without your intervention. There are also possible eruptions that could occur in this, your month of September, your 9/11, for it holds what is being called the tenth anniversary of the event also known as 9/11. This will be another period when the simmerings beneath the surface can reach the boiling point, and so another opportunity for you to neutralize catastrophes from within your own being.

See that you have set a precedent, that you are “on a roll,” that you can and do change the world from within you! Know, now, that there is no reason to fear “what might happen out there!” Fear is only the response of the powerless, and you are surely not that! Fear is a choice that only creates that which is feared, and you surely are too smart to make such a choice! KNOW YOURSELF! You have seen your power in action, so celebrate this evidence, own it, and rest in it! And remember, always, that your power is Love.

When you doubt, remember to adjust your vision, for you were indoctrinated to look outside of yourself for power for a very long time. When you recognize ourself as the center of power, however, you realize that the evidence will not be “out there” until YOU put it there. This is an adjustment worth remembering, and it requires an entirely different frame of perception. We will give you some images, or metaphors, to assist and support your new way of seeing:

* It is your own footsteps that create the path in front of you. You will not see the path, therefore, until you make the steps.

* When you are forging a path through a jungle, you cannot see that you are almost to a clearing until you are there.

Because all of the interventions that you are making in the world around you are actually being done within you, remember also that when your vision seems muddy, it is only because you are moving through mud that was once as hard as stone. You have softened it with the flow of your own light, and now the walls of stone can be cleared away at last.

In other words, when you feel most aware of the quagmires within you that need clearing, you are actually doing your most powerful, transformative work of all.

You will get used to having the vision of a master, believe us! It is already stored within you, all that we are doing now is offering our assistance in activating your memory. Remember, in the process, that you already ARE a master, and that you are already changing the world. And you are doing so most beautifully! Trust the love in your heart, and proceed.

We honor you, and we love you. the celestial team

Copyright© Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved http://www.thecelestialteam.com

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