9.18.11 The Multi-dimensional Technology of Your Heart, part 2

With expansive greetings, we return with more about your magnificent and powerful heart!

Expansive is a good word! We send you gentle waves of expansion now through our frequencies, for we wish to invite your own frequencies to dance with ours among the waves. It is within this energy of expansion that you will feel the freedom to absorb what we will tell you next about your heart. This is because of the laws of resonance, of which we have spoken before. Because the power of your heart expands far beyond the illusionary limits your brain has been entrained into perceiving, we offer our own expanded frequencies for you to resonate with. You might say, in your vernacular, and quite accurately, that you can “hitch a ride” on our resonance through the false limitations and out into your own expanded awareness!

And you can, indeed, dance as you go! Or float, or surf, or fly, or simply ride perfectly still in wide-eyed wonder. Once you feel the resonance of expansion, you can follow it in any way you like–as long as you don’t contract yourself by thinking, and then land with a thud back in a fog of incomprehension! The word expansive was, therefore, a good place to start, because it has very expansive frequencies! Can you feel them? Yes, indeed, you can!

So please place your attention in your heart center, and begin to breathe the word “expansion” into it. Ah, delicious, isn’t it? And with that delicious feeling, let your heart open. See it, imagine it, or simply decide that it is opening– it doesn’t really matter what method you use! The minute you put your attention and intention on your heart opening, it simply does so. The images or sensations you employ really have only to do with getting you in alignment with its opening–“on the same page,” so to speak. Once you feel the expansion, and allow yourself to trust that your heart opens the minute you ask it to, you’ll recognize that the energy is familiar. It is the energy of unconditional love–neutral, unattached, resisting nothing. Flowing and soft as silk, as we have also mentioned before! Love IS expansion, you see.

Having digested that, we now offer even more nourishment. If you have not read our last message yet, however, we ask you to do so before “digging into” this one. It will prepare your palate, and give your digestive process the attunement it needs to take this one in. Or, you might think of it as similar to “acquiring a taste” for food that is far more rich and packed with nourishment than your physical body has ever attempted to process before. It would need a bit of a gradual adjustment process, would it not?

So, then, all of that said and done, we’re off again:

Your heart beats in rhythm to far more than you know.

Feel that heartbeat now. Find it in your chest, and put your hand there so your hand can feel it, too.

Then, turn your hand over and see the pulse of that beat in your wrist. Look at it, alive and pulsing there. Put your finger on it so your finger can feel it, too.

(We must pause for a moment to support you in taking time with these steps, for we can feel your brain’s inclination to distract you! The brain wants to rush right to “the facts,” which alone will give you nothing but words. As you do these seemingly simple little steps of engaging your awareness with your heart, however, you are already beginning to take in more than your language can ever express.)

Return to your pulse now, both seeing it and feeling it with your fingers.

Expand your attention to experience that pulsing rhythm beating throughout your body.

Envision, feel, become aware that every vein, every artery, even the tiniest, seemingly fragile, capillaries within you are resonating with the rhythmic beat of your heart.

Stop and wonder at this for a moment. Take all of it in, for what we will tell you very soon is even more extraordinary. Do not rush. You are beginning to learn what it means to expand into knowing your own expansion.
Allow yourself that.

So now you are breathing deep into your heart, and into this powerful, living, force that your whole body resonates with. You are feeling it alive and connecting with every cell within you.
Remember that it your heart is intelligent.
Remember that its natural frequencies are those of unconditional love.
Remember that centering in those neutral frequencies of love will create the resonance you need to expand into your highest perceptual abilities.

Begin to realize what you are tapping into!

If you do so and then allow your realization to grow, we promise you that there will come a time, and very soon, that you will never choose the brain to process your experiences again.
For now, however, just allow yourself to feel the miracle of this heart, beating within you, and know that it has been waiting for you to align your attention with it for a very, very, long time.
Now that you have, let your own, living, intelligent, heart take in the rest of our message for you.

* Your heart also carries the frequencies of unconditional love throughout your body in other ways.
* One of them would cause your biologists to categorize it as a “hormonal gland.”
(You see the limitations of labeling and defining, do you not? How can one see the all through the method of separating it into little boxes? It is like trying to run on only one leg at a time!)

* When the human heart’s frequencies are in coherence, meaning resonating with the frequencies of love, they produce that love in chemical form, and send it out to every cell of your body.
* Your scientists have labeled the resulting transmutation of the frequency of love into chemical form as “oxytocin,” or ” the love hormone,” or the “bonding hormone.”

Note what science is not mentioning, but proving all the same:  YOU create this transmutation process of the energy of unconditional love, which every cell of your body then receives as a chemical, and then begins to resonate with, as well. You do this simply through attuning yourself to the frequencies of unconditional love.

The definition of this process is one that your scientists have been here-to-fore programmed not to use. Now, however, we encourage you to use it freely.
It is “alchemy.”
You are a master alchemist. Your heart is at your service when you create resonance with the frequency of love.
Take that in.

Indeed, take that in WELL before you read on! What follows is surely the most “mind-boggling of all, for the electromagnetic force field of your heart is so powerful that it has not even begun to be realized by your scientists. We observe them! Although they know more than they have as yet been allowed to reveal, they have quite a ways to go. What has been documented and is easly accessed for your review is this:

* Your heart’s EMF is larger than there are as yet instruments to measure.

* Your heart’s EMF influences both your perceptual and intuitive abilities.

* Your Heart’s EMF interacts with the EMF of the hearts of others around you.

The whole truth, quite literally, requires a quantum leap rather than a linear scientific method to discover. And YOU, beloved, are making that now.
Here is the truth:

* It is through your heart’s EMF that you create your physical reality.

* The EMF of your heart cannot be measured at all!

* The EMF of your heart, which you feel beating right now within your physical body, radiates far out into the universe.

* Through this powerful force field that emanates from your heart, you connect and communicate with all resonant frequencies in the universe.

Do your understand your alchemy now? You are a creator being. And so, of course:

* You are multi-dimensional. You are in constant communication with your universe.

* You have access to information, assistance, and support in your universe because you are OF IT.

* When your body requires more energy, or energetic realignments, you can get it directly through the web of your interconnections within the universe.

* You are not in any way alone, or separate from Source Itself.

THIS is your reality. All else is illusion. Take that in please.

To explain any further in our exercise on the game board of your “scientific format” would bring us to your quantum physics term “quantum entanglement.” Or, “quantum weirdness,” as we have heard some of your “mind-boggled” physicists call it! It is really quite simple, actually, without all of the resistances to “breaking the old rules,” or fabrications of rules, to be more precise. But we believe that is best left for another time. We do not want to distract you from expanding even further into the power you hold within your heart.

The information you have expanded into with us, through your reading, is what is most important for you to know, and to begin to consciously use, in this phase of your time. Change is occurring in a most rapid and complex pattern of movement. Indeed, many changes have already occurred, and in those cases, you are simply navigating the transition into what already is. Through using your newly awakened connection with your heart, and all that this connection means, you will find that you can see with an enormously expanded vision, and find your way with the awareness of a master who is simply steering homeward again.

Well, we will leave you to relish and explore your expansion in a moment, then! This message and our prior one was unusual for us, we know, for usually we prefer to transmit in metaphors. We use them because they carry frequencies of information that both your heart and your DNA can access very easily and quickly. However, wherever your curiosity leads you in your search to know more, it excites us, and so we offered this format of “facts”– but only to stimulate you in your process of leaping beyond them! Our hope is that you will begin to see that all of the “facts” will only bring you, after many forays through winding streets and blind alleys, right back to our simple teaching:
The way to everywhere you want to go is accessed only through the portal of your heart.

All of our messages, our frequencies, our metaphors–everything we transmit to you! –is lovingly designed to help you remember that, to lead you there, and to cheer you on, until you suddenly know yourSELF again. Then you will need no help from us whatsoever, we assure you! And, beloved, you are closer to living through your heart, closer to claiming your alchemy, closer to US, than you know. If we were in physical form, you would feel our breath on your cheek right now!

Until next time, enjoy the power you have in your great capacity to love!
Enjoy your heart as we do. –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved   www.thecelestialteam.com

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