2.25.11 You Are an Awakening Master of Alchemy!

2/25/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team
You Are an Awakening Master of Alchemy!

We, the celestial team, wish to share with you our unwavering belief in your mastery at this time!

We extend ourselves through our frequencies now in hopes that you will let them mingle and commune with your own for a brief while. If you center yourselves in your hearts, tune into the frequencies of your own energy, and then invite yourselves to be open to receiving ours, you will certainly feel our visit with you as you read the words! We emphasize that it is important to tune into your own frequencies first, feel them and know them well, for they are you; they are what “you” feels like. Only then will you be able to feel the difference when we join you, and feel and know “us” in the same way.

We add to that our suggestion that it is a very good idea to be familiar with your own frequencies always, in every fluid “now.” It is only through doing so that you can navigate and balance your way through the very different energies, and the changing properties of the energies, that are surrounding you. ALWAYS, know “YOU” intimately! Then, you can also know what is being activated IN you by the differences in frequencies of that which is going on around you.

Much is being activated in many of you now, is it not? Know that all of these “activations,” these strong emotional responses, serve simply as mirrors, reflecting back to you that which you hold within yourselves. You can do much now, very rapidly now! The more you release the judgements within you, the fears, the illusions of separation that are activated by events and others in the external world, the more you become able to balance in your neutral position of unconditional love. As you do, you heal and integrate on a very vast scale.

Perhaps you are beginning to experience “in action” now the purpose of our stressing the importance of “making home” in your centers of white light, balanced in loving acceptance of the many colors, the amazing diversity of YOU as refracted by the third dimensional prism! Only when you use the mastery that you innately have to do this, to “fall in love with ALL of yourself,” so to speak, can you emanate that unconditional love outward to the ALL that you all are.

As you cease projecting outward your own self-judgments and lack of unconditional love, and instead clean your house within, a wondrous thing happens. You stop seeing reflections of them in the outer world! Instead, you begin to see the indescribable beauty of so much diversity, so much richness, woven magnificently, divinely, into ONE.

This is THE important and powerful work you can all do now. Welcome the reflections gratefully, reclaim them, and heal them with unconditional love–WITHIN YOU. THIS is how you change the world.

No one is better than anyone else. When judgments are reigned upon one, it imbues that one energetically with a greater burden of that which is judged. It increases isolation, separation, and the behaviors that result from the terror of such a condition. Heal your own self-judgments, then, and take back your projections!

Know as well that such a thing as “projection” could never even occur unless all of you were ONE! How do you heal one another? By healing yourself! And healing yourself requires nothing more than releasing self-judgment. Breathe in divine love with every breath, deepen daily your compassion, understanding, and love of YOU. Unconditionally embrace ALL aspects of yourself! Welcome them into the bosom of your love! Forgive them, understand them, rejoice in their return! Celebrate them! That is precisely how you heal one another. All is ONE.

At this moment, we feel it “time” that you know the following: What you have come to earth to do now is far, far, more than you realize, although there are a few among you who are beginning to remember. If you read these messages, and especially if you attune to their frequencies and “drink them in,” it is because they are stirring a resonance within you. You are remembering your mission, your great reason for being on your earth now. It is challenging, exhalting, and it is beyond anything that has ever been done before. You are here not to move from density and darkness into light, but to INTEGRATE THE TWO. You are doing more than re-ascending. You are even doing more than assisting in an entire planetary re-ascension!

Those of you who call yourselves lightworkers are far more than that label suggests. You are actually masters of spiritual, energetic, alchemy, and we suggest you begin to identify yourselves with the expansive frequencies of that far more accurate “label” from this moment on. You are not here to “scrub or sweep up” darkness, and the only house you need clean is the temple within you! You are here to integrate all of your human colors, be they dark or light, into something else entirely. You are spinning gold. For those of you who understand sacred geometry, we tell you that you are the base of the triangle itself.

We will reveal much more to you about this over the coming months, as you move deeper into your mastery as energetic beings, and become ready to assimilate the divine secret of your sacred work here. For now, we wanted to simply convey the beauty and majesty of what you are accomplishing with your unique abilities to integrate ALL into ONE through unconditional love. Never doubt!

We are grateful for all you are doing within you on behalf of ALL.
We end now; we continue with you always. We will “be in touch,” as you say, with another transmission, very soon! –the celestial tream

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2.21.11 The Trauma of Denying Change

We, the celestial team, greet you once again with much energetic support!

We had not meant to request your attention so soon after our last communication–we like to give you time to digest and settle–but we feel a call to say a few brief words about “change” at this very important time. Much is occurring on your planet now that provides you with the opportunity to realize that as a collective, you have come to greatly fear change. This is because you equate change with trauma. Although it is true that trauma can result from sudden, destabilizing change, we remind you that this sort of experience can also describe the moment of falling in love, or the final moment of freedom, or any number of magical and expansive leaps. We feel that it is very important now to loosen the bondage in your minds that likens change to trauma. The binding of the two together has created a major program of disempowerment within you, and has been fodder in the laps of those who have chosen to control you for many thousands of years.

In truth, we offer a perspective on trauma that may surprise you, but we ask you to take it into your hearts nonetheless. We ask you to consider trauma as not the result of change, but as the result of unconsciousness, denial, or avoidance of being alive in the moment. We explain. Change is a constant flow; it is not the sudden “falling off a cliff” you think of. Even quantum change is the result of a process, whether it is perceivable to you or not.

In every moment, you receive frequencies of information about what is occurring. You are thus always informed of the “news” in every immediate moment through the continual flow of these messages. It is what you have called your intuition that allows you to tune into them, and whether you do or not, they are ALWAYS there. Many times, you do not want to hear them, because your mind has set an agenda of how things “should” occur, or you are following a program of control that you have internalized. You then resist the knowledge that is there for you in order to “stick with the program.”

Then, WHAM! Trauma catches you unaware. You have been ignoring the “news” that has been pulsing to you in the flow of the continuous “now.” Trauma, then, is the result of not listening. Indeed, you will find that every trauma that you have experienced in this lifetime was preceded by information of its existence. This is true for all of your lifetimes. Much of your fear, then, is the result of denial. No change HAS to be traumatic! Trauma is created by your response, or non-response, to the continuing flow of information and support that is always, always, with you.

We step in now to tell you this in order to offer you an expanded way to process the changes that are occurring around you and within you in every moment now at an accelerated pace. People everywhere are waking up, tuning in, and swimming most strenuously to catch up with this flow of energetic transformation! It seems to be erupting suddenly, yet, to use another metaphor, the eruption is more like a burst of energy as many run to catch a train as it pulls out of the station! Perhaps they got so used to waiting that they didn’t even see it pulling in. Well, they see it now, and they are running for it, and it is wonderful! Hurray for them! Lend your energy to their speed!

We encourage each and all of you to welcome this flow! Be part of it, stand with it, listen to it! Do not fear change, or resist it. Do not create more trauma for yourselves in that way. We apologize for speaking so strongly in a way that sounds like a directive. It is only because we so wish to see you free yourselves from suffering. We also strongly suggest that you do not put your energy into resistance, fear, judgement, or blame! They are only fuels for trauma. Instead, flow with the energy of change. Send love, support, and confidence to those who are stirring things up now on behalf of all. Join them. Yes, join them. If not with your physical bodies, then with your spirits.

A final word: Have compassion for those who resist this powerful flow of change. They are frightened. Have compassion for those who seek violent means to exert control. They are traumatized. YOU know what it is like to walk in the shoes of fear and trauma. Give them your love, and it will heal as well the fragments of fear and trauma within you in the doing. It is love, and only love, that will weave all of you together again as one. Pour love into this flow! Much is needed, and not a drop will be lost.

We bring this transmission to a close now. We love you. We shower love upon the ALL that is you. Let your love fill the air with ours, until all on your planet breathe in your love with every breath!
–the celestial team

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2.19.11 Your Dazzling Multi-dimensional Display!

Warm, Warm, Greetings to You, to ALL, from the celestial team!

Indeed, we hope to find you already warm in the coziiness of your own light, and not even needing the warmth we are sending you! We say this even as we see you experiencing the reflections of your creative evolution, as they swirl around you in increasingly activated patterns of transformation. We address this hope of ours specifically to each and every one of you, wherever you are, whatever you “think” you are doing! All of you are active participants; it would be an illusion of separation to believe otherwise, for all of you are ONE.

Whether you are at this moment in the Middle East and risking your life in order to have your voice be heard, or whether you are there risking your life to quiet the voices in the name of maintaining control, or peace as you understand it.
Whether you are in the middle of the United States, astonishing yourselves by demanding that your voices be heard, or you are there aghast that such a disruption is even occurring at all.
Whether you are snuggled safely in your home somewhere on your planet and relieved to be only an observer of “other peoples’ dramas,” or you in one of those homes and churning inside with a growing desire to join the voices:

What is occurring on your planet now is happening TO every one of you, WITHIN every one of you, and is affected BY every one of you. All that is the ALL is affected and is a participant, including your planet itself, your atmosphere, your personal relationships, your very being. And so to ALL, we repeat:
Within you, centered in the warmth and wholeness of your own light, we hope you are nestling, even as you participate in the swirling patterns around you. Within you, there is certainty and peace, and the unending love of Source itself.

We feel a conscientious urge to add, at this moment, to one of the metaphors we have given you previously, and that is the one of your color wheel that swirls around you, igniting, when balanced, your integrated, perfect, white light of wholeness at its center. This metaphor was perfect in service of our intent in that transmission, for we wished to activate within your consciousness an energetic flow towards your individual centers, in service of personal integration. This is a necessary prerequisite for expansion. However, once the igniting of the whole has occurred, this metaphor will become a limitation. We wish to reach you before it becomes that! Since our representative on your planet, called Judith by you, has already recognized this, we were alerted that we’d better “hop to it!” Although she is what some of you call a “first waver,” and as such is a frontrunner, it is “high tide,” so to speak, is it not?

Therefore, we are “hopping to it” right away. We had suggested that you see an “outer rim” of your color wheel as defined by the darkest hues of your colors. However, there are a few of you who have already balanced and activated your sense of divine wholeness within, and so are now seeing that there is no outer rim at all! To you, we say “Congratulations!” You are keeping us “on our toes,” and it is sheer delight to us! You have seen that as you go deeper into your center of wholeness, your entire energy field expands, and “you” are simply a manifestation projected within it. Your bands of color then also extend outward, expanding through dimensions, and gaining light once again as they do. You see (or you will see!) as this expansion occurs that they connect you with other aspects of yourselves, in your galaxy and beyond, who are in this grand game of re-integration with you. You begin to see your involvement in many patterns of integration simultaneously, and ending only at the beginning, which is Source itself. You are vast, indeed, and no wonder you are masters of creation!

That you are most powerful creators cannot be overstated. For, in the midst of your spectacular, extended, inter-galactic work, here, there, and everywhere, you have designed it such that you still exist, whole and complete, within a powerful energy field on this planet, and that energy field is lit up by your center of white light within the metaphoric, personal, color wheel that we began with. You cannot even begin to take this in through reading our words alone. You must slowly take in the frequencies of our words to to truly gather their meaning. We gasp ourselves at the fullness of that sentence structure!

And there is even more. Within your centers of brilliant light, you will always find your peace, and there as well is the quantum hub of your integration of all aspects, and all patterns, of all that you are, have been, or will be, involved in throughout the universe. Perfect stillness and yet integration at a pace that makes the speed of light seem slow! The deeper into the stillness within you go, the further outward you simultaneously expand, and the more you integrate of the ALL that is you. The work, the remembering, the perfect peace, the frenzy of integration, the joy, and the power to be all of that at once is within you! Thus is the way of your perfection, once your spark ignites the diamond of Divine Source energy that you are.

We will end our transmission now; we feel that we have shared enough “high frequency information” to digest in “one meal!” Perhaps, more than enough for one meal, so feel free to ingest and digest all that we have shared at your own, savouring, pace. Know that we have more, much more, to share with you about ALL that you are as well, and we look “forward” to doing so with deep, deep, pleasure. However, there is no rush, no “finish line” to this process. The savouring, you might say, IS the process. Only by doing so will you begin to see, to feel, to know what you are, and own all of your knowing (re-knowing, is more accurate). Through your savouring, you will become amazed beyond what your current experience of what amazement means to you! It is with jubilation that we will witness that. We already know that, you see! There is no time.

We love you, and we embrace you with our frequencies. –the celestial team

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2.16.11 Tools for Balancing in Your Highest Frequency

2/16/11   Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We, your celestial team, share a most engaged hello with you!

Above all, we want you to know: You are all stirring up the energies beautifully for one another now! Know this, deep within your wholeness, and know as well that you are “on the job,” as you say! We reach out to you nowbecause we feel your confusion at times as you practice staying in balance
in the midst of these swirling energies. We especially reach out with great compassion and support to those among you who feel that the energies aremore powerful than YOU are, and so try to “cope” with them from the frequencies of “survival mode” that you have been so entrained to.

Dearest Masters in Human Form, YOU are the force that swirls the energies!
The energies are LIGHT, and nothing more. Although they are of higher frequency than you have ever settled into before, they come through thecenter of your own “galactic neighborhood” itself! They carry in them only love and information, and your sun, Helios, works in tandem to deliver them
according to the precise rhythms of your dimension of “time/space.” Helios gathers the information, then shoots it out to you in perfect timing with your particular rhythms within the orchestra of the great universal design.

We tell you this because we want you to take this information into your beings, and find within it the resonance of calm authority and peace. All is “of a piece,” and you are part of that. Nothing, NOTHING, is occurring that is more than you can handle. Not anymore, not now. Indeed, you can
handle FAR more than what you are experiencing with a mere raise of aneyebrow when you are centered in your sovereignty! Centered within the ALL that you are, you can orchestrate beautiful concertos of energy that tremblethrough galaxies, creating intergalactic symphonies!
When this occurs, the entire universe bends to listen.
Take that in, please! Say it aloud.

We ask that you keep the vastness and the power of this image in mind now,as we ask you to focus as well on the image we have already presented concerning your white light as ignited by the balanced spin of your 3rd dimensional chakra system. You can keep both of these in focus with ease now, for you are multi-dimensional beings. If you think you can’t, please discard that thinking, for it is obsolete. Instead, simply allow yourselves to experience what we are telling you that you can do. We want deeply that you do so, for you have yet another chakra system now, in alignment with your
5th dimensional frequencies, that is ready and operational. You will enjoy it very much!. Therefore, we want to “leave no stone unturned” in assisting you with the integration of your 3rd dimensional system, for it is from that foundation of wholeness that the vast energy beings that you are will,
in turn, ignite and expand in a most wonderful energetic flow.

So, as to the “nuts and bolts,” the “technical expertise” you arepracticing to that end, we offer a few more creative ideas from our perspective. As preface, we reiterate that All of you are unique, and not one of your processes is alike. We stress that nothing we transmit now should EVER be
considered as a “generic rule,” or “expert advice!” YOU are the experts, each and every one, on aligning your choices with your courses. We are responding to some frequencies that request the suggestions we offer, and some that will use our suggestions as stepping stones to their own discoveries. That is all.

YOU are the masters. Do not ever give your sovereignty away again to any being by believing that you depend upon their guidance! That would only keep you trapped in the paradigm of need, of powerlessness. It is important that you know this, as you proceed through the swirl of energies you are all creating. You are not isolated on the planet, you know! You are as “out there” in the galaxy as every star you see. You are among them, as you are among humanity, as your organs are among your human body, asyour cells are among themselves. On and on. One energy. You see the
picture? Many perspectives can be offered, both on your planet and from “your neighborhood” as well. None are precisely yours. In that, each of you are gods.

Now. Regarding this swirl of energies: You are all in it together. What you feel around you activates that within you. What is within you activates what is around you. You can, however, feel energy around you and not be activated. If you are, your collective is helping you to see so that you can find the activation within you and release the charge. You are all working together. There is only one energy, period. Ever. Whatever you choose to call It, It is divine creative potential, Source Energy, expressing and learning about Itself. It simply expresses Itself differently in a continual process of exploration andre-integration. You are all expressions of that divine energy, connected, ONE BEING, expressing, discovering, and re-integrating Itself.

To the metaphor of balancing in your circle of wholeness, centered within the dazzling array of colors that the 3rd dimensional prism has made possible, we add: You can ONLY do this when you are fully conscious of being alive. You are only alive NOW. What was now five seconds ago is not
relevant. What will happen in five seconds is not relevant. You are not living in either one of those! You balance by BEING, and no other way. You canonly feel frequencies when they are pulsing with energy, and that is only NOW. Practice being alive! There is no other way to live your life
consciously, and discover your mastery as the creator being you are.

Should you feel stuck in a particular refraction, such as self-doubt or judgement, we suggest that you try to “oil the hinges,” so to speak. You want to create movement and possibility. Another metaphor is that the particular color spectrum you are in is weighted on one side. To loosen this, or
“oil the hinges,” we suggest that you imagine the OPPOSITE of whatever you are stuck in. We do not suggest that you believe it possible, or even want to go so far in the other direction! Simply pretend. To do this, use the magic you had in childhood, then put aside in order to lose your memories of
magic temporarily. Oh, yes, you still have it! Use it now, for what we do suggest with confidence is that by freeing your consciousness to slide easily from one end of the spectrum to the other, you will allow it to eventually settle easily and gently in the center, naturally of its own accord, having integrated all possibilities. This a “frequency tool” that can work very quickly, and
be quite a lot of expansive fun. You see, in the dimension you have at last ventured into, you no longer have to wallow through emotional mud to find your way out!

Another piece of information we offer is that there are really only two main polarizing energies that make up the array of all of your emotional experiences: They are unconditional love and fear. It is fear that causes both resistance and attachment, and thus fragments unconditional love into so many variations. The less fear, the less resistance, and so the less need to attach. The more neutral and allowing of ALL of your refracted colors you are, the more you flow easily through all landscapes, navigating in the moment as you choose, and emanating unconditional love for ALL as you go.

We have gone on long in your time, and we apologize for this. We have so much we wish to share, and we have only begun! Yet, we feel that perhaps this is well enough for now. We end by giving you one last powerful and crucial suggestion: Walk upon your earth. Every day, as much as you can.
Take your shoes off, feel her energy support you, feel it run through you,and realize that you are one of her/his own, as the plants and animals are.

Spend time with them as well, as much as you can. They resonate easily with Gaia’s new frequencies, for they have not become estranged from her/him as you have. They will help you eagerly to balance, and even give you guidance. Despite all that has happened on your planet, they hold no judgements of you, and they delight in your returning to commune with them. The same is true for your Gaia. She/he loves you unconditionally, and will hold you safely together as you soar new heights in your expansion. Put your feet upon the soil, and ask your earth to fill you with her/his energy. You will feel it! Be grateful and thank her/him, for the energy given from your earth  is no different than the energy of Source Itself.

We end now. Our energies of support do not. Know that, no matter how disoriented you may feel at times in the coming months, you are entering a far, far easier “reality” than you are leaving behind! You are finding your own, rediscovering your true resonances, coming home to yourselves. Whereverthat turns out to be, it will be your choice now, and not an enforced imprisonment, and you have much, much, support. We clarify that the support is there unconditionally, and it is for your freedom to choose. We care not what your choices are! We care that you are free to remember, step intoyour mastery, and choose from within yourselves. Do not ever judge yourselves! You DO know what you are doing, and NO ONE can do it in the unique and important way that you do. You are an irreplaceable refraction of ALL. How could ALL ever be ONE without YOU?

We love you.   –the celestial team

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2.14.11 Crossing the Threshold of the Fifth Dimension

A Warm Hello from your celestial team,

We communicate now to offer our support as you adjust to the perceptual environment of your new frequencies. We want to let you know that we of the celestial team often braid several of our energies together to communicate with you, and often, those among us whom you might call the “spirit nurturers” have carried the tune of our transmissions. In this one, those of us who are more like “frequency technicians” are doing so, for we feel that we might be of particular service to you at this time.

We inform you of this because we do not want you to be confused by the differences in our melodies. We sense that it might be like talking to a familiar friend who did not sound like him/herself, and so we stress that in spite of our different styles, we are all one in our desire to be of service to you. In sum,we are each unique and yet joined as one, as you on the planet are as well. You are, however, one collective in the process of remembering Itself, while we are a group of many collectives, each of which is already joined as one, and braiding through our common love for you into an even greater whole—which you know as the celestial team.

Now, we proceed. In our last transmission, there was discussion of the importance of integration within the self, and finding balance in the center of your integrated wholeness, as a prerequisite for gaining equilibrium in the new energies at this time. The analogy of the colors of your third dimensional chakra system as being refractions of your wholeness through the prism of that dimension was used. That metaphor will serve us as well in this transmission shortly. We first want to explain before continuing why we often choose to use metaphors to communicate our perceptions with you. It is because they are by far the most effective tools we have to inspire your understanding of what we convey. Often, we use your language in the same way, metaphorically, putting words together to form a bridge to multi-dimensional awarenesses. In no way could our creative endeavors to that end be considered “facts.” You have no “facts’ in the third dimension that would apply. Our “facts’ would be incomprehensible. The metaphors, however, are powerful “flying carpets” to that end.

We would now like to use the metaphor of the colors of your third dimensional chakra system as aspects of your wholeness as a bridge to yet another metaphorical image. We would like you to envision your whole, integrated perfection as dazzling white in the center of a wheel. The spokes are the colors of your chakra system. As they spin in perfect balance, you can see gradations of the colors as they blend from one into the other. You can also see gradations of each color from dark at the outer rims, to the palest pastel at the point of merging into center. Please see that now: the wheel, the rapid spinning, and the brilliant white center. Please close your eyes and take a moment to create that image for yourselves.

In the center of the spinning, in the white light that is the result of all colors absorbed into ONE, there is perfect stillness. It is the integrated all, silent, untroubled, complete, and the very reason for the spinning.

It is the beginning and the end of the spinning colors. It is their creator, and their ultimate creation. Please take a moment to close your eyes and put yourself in that center now. Feel the calmness there. Breathe in the feeling of being that center, and allow each breath to amplify the light. Feel the light ignite within you as it also surrounds you. Please take five long slow breaths to breathe in the light as you amplify it within you. Please do this now, before reading further.

It is from within this center, your divine wholeness, that you will want to now begin to live your life. We say this because the recent frequency shift of your planet has brought her/him, and therefore you, into an entirely new virtual reality. It is where you have been headed for several years now in earnest, some more intentionally than others, most definitely — but this is a planetary ascension. Whether you are a lightworker or just sleepily awakening now, you have arrived. If you weren’t within that range, you would not be reading this, for you would have chosen another timeline altogether. Right now, it probably wouldn’t feel different from what you have been used to,either, because it wouldn’t be. And that is another subject entirely.

To those who are reading this and do feel the resonance, you have arrived. It is important that you understand it that way. This is not just another raise in frequency. Whether it was a leap for you, or just another slight shift in an ongoing, gradual, process is not the point. The point is that you “crossed a line,” much as if you had walked over a boundary that divides one of your countries from another. To use an analogy, you took five steps, and at the first you were in France, and by the fifth you are in Switzerland. New game plan, new rules, new reality. You see? Now, imagine that crossing this line made the way you perceive reality, and the way you operate in it, completely different as well, and our analogy becomes even more accuratre.

Now, using that upgraded analogy, imagine that you are still a bit unsteady on your feet, and you keep tottering back and forth across the line. Or, that you left a few things on the other side, and so keep running back to either fetch them or spend little more time with them there. . For awhile, many of you have been doing just that, playing right “on the line,” so to speak. Now, that isn’t possible. You have crossed it; you have made the move.

You can also think of it as moving from a house you have lived in all of your life to the house you have been dreaming about. For awhile, as the sale is being finalized, you move back and forth between the old and the new, gradually acclimating, planning, preparing. Then, the day comes when you finally move into your dreamhouse. The old house is suddenly “in the past.” Perhaps others have even moved in. The home you chose and prepared for is now the one you must learn to be at home in. You have arrived! And yet, it is a bit of a shock. We offer these metaphors to aid you in understanding strongly that you have accomplished a major feat, and things are very different now. We encourage you to create others that resonate even more finely with your current experience.

We hope we have sufficiently grounded the quality of the shift that you have made into your awareness, and so we proceed further now. Using the metaphor and the brief meditation we suggested earlier will help you a great deal in maintaining your equilibrium in your new fifth dimensional reality. From the centered wholeness of your white light, you sit as if on a perch where your vision is expanded. You see all the colors, appreciate them, and value them as aspects of the ALL. You see in their spin how they work together, how beautiful they are, and so accept them all with appreciation and unconditional love. From that position of unconditional love, you can navigate your new dreamhous with ease, in the continual flow of your own divine light.

Maintaining that neutral, expanded, unconditionally loving balance will be your greatest accomplishment as well as your greatest challenge now. There are many reasons for this. One is that you are now more sensitive, and so “crossing the line” back into the old third dimensional frequencies can feel dissonant to an extreme. For some, it will seem surreal, even grotesque at times, due to fourth dimensional archetypal influences. For others, it will be less bizarre, yet so disorienting that once familiar issues of separation will no longer be easily processed. For all, the body will feel heavier and more fatigued, much like the way it felt before you made your move.

We therefore encourage you to make staying centered in your still, white, quietly joyful, neutral, light your top priority now. This would be a very good time to put all potentially stressful endeavors on hold in order to familiarize yourself with your own new energies, and learn to balance them. We advise that you practice staying grounded in yourself, on your planet, and fully conscious in every moment, because you cannot monitor your focus if you do not. It can change in a flash, triggered by anything at all including your thoughts, and the time to reset your focus is IMMEDIATE. To stay focused and maintain your equilibrium will require diligence at first, for many of you are used to living in reaction mode, yanked around by thoughts and external stimuli, rather than as the powerful beings you are. We encourage you to recognize yourselves NOW as creator beings, conscious of both the power and the responsibility of that, and fully in charge of holding your centered positions as such. The longer you are able to remain in your centers of unconditional love, the more you will learn about what you are doing, what it means, and how to do it, all on your own. You will learn that what you are “doing” is actually a “state of being,” and by holding it, the doing happens without any effort on your part. The doing, then, is simply being centered, and that center is unconditional love.

You will find much freedom to expand from your centered wholeness as well, far beyond anything you have known thus far in this lifetime. We are well aware that, on your planet, you are not very familiar with the state of unconditional love, for you usually equate love with attachments. Attachments, of course, create the idea of need, and the fear of loss, and fear of loss then moves one to a position of seeing love as dangerous, and so creates resistance, and you then find yourselves in a quagmire of opposites rather than love. Unconditional love does not attach. It does not need. It does not even prefer. Therefore, it resists nothing. Unconditional love simply loves.

If you are centered in that self-accepting, unconditional love, it will nurture you, balm your wounds, and make the world such a joyful place to be that you will not want to lose your balance and fall out even a little, for even the highest frequencies of the third dimension feel very harsh indeed by comparison! Therefore, our advice is to stay in the flow of that love, look neither right nor left, keep your eyes on your road and steer. Do not stop to dally with old habits born of separation. Watch the glory of the colors, but stay in love with them, not in with them!

There are other tools to use for maintaining balance as well. We will introduce them soon in another transmission. We wanted to provide you with this broad template for now. We encourage you to make up tools yourselves as well, for once you envision what you are doing, you create methods for yourselves quite wonderfully. We are always impressed and amazed by your creative abilities. We will add that you will begin to amaze yourselves as well when you see what you can do from the position of unconditional love. Love, you see, is as important a tool to “frequency technicians” as it is to “spirit nurturers” in the higher realms. Love is the “tool of all trades,” the master tool. No; it is the key itself.

This leads us to a most critical and potentially pivotal awareness about your process together right now. Perhaps paradoxically to your eyes, those among you who are the most immersed in the highest frequencies available to your planet are also the ones who are most in need of community. They feel love for all, connection with all, and to live in the frequency of unconditional love alone, surrounded by separation, is an excrutiating bliss. We encourage those to whom we speak now to open your arms to one another. If you have community, be attuned to those who do not. Yeshuwa wishes now to speak.

This is Yeshuwa.

Our architects have spoken well just now. They have given you images that can ignite your inspirations and aspirations, and be used as re-activators as you need them. We only wish to add that none of what they have given to you will serve the purpose for which they are intended unless they are used in alignment with that same purpose. All is One. Now is a time of power and a time of fragility. Use both well.

The architects spoke of the preciousness of those among you who have arrived in higher dimensions in a world that is not yet there with them, and so cannot yet fully support them. Many of them arrive in the higher dimensions alone, vulnerable and in need of sustenance. This is a moment trembling with divine possibilities! These great beings, still unaware and fragile, are then assisted by us to make themselves known to those of you who ARE aware of those dimensions, and WILL recognize them. Should one seem to appear in your path, know that you are greatly honored by this, for it is by design that this occurs! Know that they are like newborns arriving, alone as in human birth, yet motherless in human terms. The sustenance they seek is of a different realm, and requires that they be loved and recognized by their own.

Community for such as those is of a kind that has not been known on your planet for thousands of years. Their need for it now will be the key that opens the door for ALL. Use the key. It is the community of your future, seeded over two thousand years ago and now ready to bear fruit at last. Forget your boundaries, your individualism! They are propaganda to keep you in fear of one another! Forget your fears! They only lead to back to your boundaries and your isolation. Their cruel reign of terror is over.

Be whole now within yourselves so that you can do what you are here to do:
love one another as you are loved. Gather together, make safety, honor one another, and take in and care for the newborn seers and prophets among you. No template is more important now, for it is for all. and All is YOU. All is ONE. Live that, and your joy will be boundless. Take care of one another! We love you as we watch you ALL be born now, each in your own ways, to what each of you impregnated in confidence, conceived in courage, and carried, true to your intentions, for thousands of lifetimes.

This is the celestial team. We will return with more metaphors and suggestions soon. We end this transmission now, but remain completely attentive in our care and love for you ALL.

–the celestial team

Copyright(c)Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved   www.thecelestialteam.com

2.11.11 Celebrate the Colors of Your Love/Light!

Hello, hello, a most fond hello to you from the celestial team!

We feel the intensity of your frequencies now, and so we want to say, “Yes, we feel them! We see you! We are right here watching!” There is a collective among us, usually called by the name of Mary, who is most moved to “speak” to you in that regard now, for they watch you with an exquisitely tender and caring eye. We encourage you to feel the frequencies of this energy and know them that way, rather than by any stories you have been told thus far. They are but stories; now begin to feel the truth:

From Mary:
Yes, you may call us Mary, although we are much more than what you might associate with that name. Here is how we want you to know us: through our love. We love you with the fierceness of focus, the devotion, and the boundless, nurturing, will that you would find if you put the love of every mother on the planet and Divine Source together into one energy frequency. That is what we shower you with, Beloveds.

We watch you now, climbing, playing, tumbling, jumping, experimenting, squabbling, joining hands, and soaring in your most beautiful, noble, and courageous, creative process. You are creator beings, and you are teaching yourselves to remember that now. All the while, we watch you as with the heart of a mother, our attentive, adoring, gaze never wavering as you rise shakily to your feet, lose your balance, rise again, take tentative steps, begin to walk, grow taller, transform yourselves, and begin to fly, all within an instant. That is what we see, even though as you yourselves go through each process, it feels as if it takes forever sometimes.

Ah, Beloveds! While you experience each tiny fragment of the continuous flow of learning to walk, for example, as repetition, constant practice, exhilarating moments of success, and the particularly potent lessons of bruises and skinned knees, we see it all happen in a flash of brilliance, and are overcome at the miracle that you all are. Know this. We watch over you, always. We see every effort, every tumble, every quantum leap, and we are overcome with compassion, pride, and boundless love. What you would call “our hearts” leap with every gesture of love that one of you makes towards any of your siblings. We are always with you, among you, caring for you, loving you, and ready to hold your spirits close to us when you feel weary. Never forget that we are there.

This is the celestial team again.
We deeply wish that you always remember Mary’s words, for you are loved more than you can “know,” or even begin to imagine. You have many kinds of love on your planet, and it is most remarkable. It is one of the gifts of the duality that you created for yourselves, and many in your universe would very much love to experience these variations! Stop now for a moment to remember as many of these love variations as you can. You have romantic love, motherly love, fatherly love, brotherly love, sisterly love, the child’s love for a mother, for a father, the love of friendship, and on and on, and with many nuances to each! A symphony of love that plays on your planet all the time! Just listen. You hear it? If you listen, you will always hear it!

If you expand your imaginations now to embrace the possibility of a love that holds within it every type of your human love, and every nuance of each, and multiply that love too many times to fathom — THAT is the way YOU are loved by us. THAT is what you are returning to, and are in the process of doing right NOW. Keep that awareness alive in you!

So, THAT is why things are not the same on your planet now! And they are MUCH more “not the same” than a month ago, are they not? They are also not the same as they were a week ago, or two days ago, or this morning! You are integrating yourselves back into wholeness, just as all the aspects of love as you know it are integrating back into ONE.

We know it may seem as if you are more fragmented than ever at times now, as you begin this integration in earnest. We encourage you to expand your vision. Then, what you will see is pieces of a whole in a process of defining themselves so that they can each be more clearly seen–by ALL. You cannot put a puzzle together if you cannot see the pieces, can you? Nor can you mend a broken vase if you cannot see the broken edges sharply defined in order to put them perfectly back together! Ah! Now you see! Keep seeing that way, and you will become a master of integration! You will also find much joy in being such.

We want to suggest yet another way of seeing yourselves now in this magnificent creative process. There are infinite ways of seeing this now–soon you will begin to remember many yourselves! We will try to limit ourselves to only one more for now, however, so you can chew on it, nurse it, feel it, expand on it.
Indulge yourselves, by all means! The one we suggest will also help you to balance and center yourselves, providing you with stability in your new higher frequencies:

Notice that the colors of your third dimensional chakra system are the same as the colors of a rainbow. They are the colors of light, refracted by a prism. Therefore, they are simply aspects of your one light, expressing itself in different ways, through the prism of the third dimension. YOU are that light. One dazzling, whole, brilliant, perfect, Light.

What’s more, you actually have many chakra systems, and many colors that you have not yet even seen! Think of the brilliance of the light THEY express! In order to expand into your energetic bodies and activate them, however, you must first balance the chakras that are already active. This is important! In order to integrate them into the one, whole, Light that you are, they must be balanced, for it is only in that balanced spin that they can merge again. Spin, spin, spin, until poof! you see them as one again! Magical! Beautiful, what you can do, is it not?

And so, dear hearts, clear them, clean them, let them shine and spin together! You do this by identifying all thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that feed illusions of separation from others, within yourselves. This can only be done by being conscious in every moment, and deciding to be the author of your own destiny. The only time you are alive is in the moment, anyway, so why be anywhere else?

Catch those false illusions that lead you to fear rather than love! Throw them out, and decide to fall in love instead. We repeat that you must do this within you, for all around you are merely reflections of –yes indeed– the quality of your own light! We feel that perhaps you would like us to explain all of this in detail; prepare a sort of “lesson plan,” or “how-to book.” We understand. You are used to believing that you need to be taught by a “knowledgeable source,” and clearly that would be someone “other than you!”

We laugh most tenderly at this, for you ARE the ultimate source! You are, every cell of you, comprised of Divine Source energy! Read our transmission again knowing that, and let your SELF take over. Not your minds! They are computers made for the third dimension. Go to your hearts, your centers, and let yourself process the words from THERE. Don’t even bother trying to “know” with your brain, and don’t let your attention drift up there, either, for then your brain will only run you around the third dimensional treadmill one more time! Inside YOU, you already know. Trust us on that one, please! Just trust. Trust you. Trust.

One last word or several: You will notice that from the center of your spinning chakras, in your whole, white light, you are in a perfectly balanced position. You are neutral. You are not attached to one color, resisting another, or even preferring one over the other. You know that all are equally important aspects of the whole that is you, for each is precious and needed to bring your brilliant wholeness ablaze.

That “neutrality” is the frequency of unconditional love, is it not? Indeed it is! Aha! We further add, just to give you a taste of the continuous, expanding, wonder of all of this, that each one of YOU is like one color of the white light that is ALL of you, one whole. Every one of you is unique, and beyond special, for without each one and every one, the light of ALL, your collective, could not flare into its own awesome brilliance. THIS is your magnificent, alchemical, work now! To ignite your individual stars, and then the breathtaking star that ALL of you make together. We are overwhelmed just transmitting the frequencies of your magic to you.

We will end with a “teaser,” as you say! This integrating is a universal event. If you “thought” that integrating ALL of you into ONE was the end of it, we tell you, that it is just the beginning! What a wonderful one it is, too! So, love yourselves, love each other, love Gaia, love all life, love, love, love! If you are angry, just forgive. It’s so easy! It’s so easy to be happy! Simply love. Love. Love as YOU are loved.

We end our communication now in celebration of you, and of love. We have created quite a stir in our realms with the energies of this transmission! You see how you engage us, move us, and excite us! We hope you feel our joyful energies, and know they will be around you always.

ALL WAYS, we love you. –the celestial team

Copyright(c)Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved http://www.thecelestialteam.com

2.6.11 Using the Light to See Your Wholeness

This is the celestial team, and we say “hello” to you with much, much,

We feel the light energies that have recently showered your planet stirring most powerfully among you now. What you are experiencing is the phase that follows an innundation. The “ball is in your court,” now, so to speak. The greatest momentum to your expansion is now in your hands. You see, energetic flow is always participatory. That is very important for you to know and remember!

We wish to assist you in that by sharing our perspective of the particular opportunity that you are now immersed in. We do so because the most powerful support we can give you is to convey that, through our “birds eye view,” we can clearly observe how it is through your conscious participation in engaging with the new energies that you create your own pathway of ascension. This is a perspective that you are not accustomed to, we know. In general, you are used to feeling powerless, and often passively victimized by forces greater than your own. That is why we feel what you might call “urgently” motivated to awakern you to the awareness that you are not!

Energy is potential, it is power. What it creates is determined by how it is used. Oh, we know you know how this works! You might say to us, for example, “We all know how to turn on a light switch. We know how to start the ignition in our vehicles. We already know how to use power for our own means!”

Yes, you do know how to do these things. What we are talking about is
different. You “turn things on,” in your third dimension, but you do so from
a position of dependency on those who provide the circuitry for you. This
is the truth beneath the illusion of power you feel when you turn on a
switch. Now, with the energies you are feeling, it is important to know that YOU are the power that directs the energy, and you are the circuitry as well. No longer will plugging into energy grids that are “pre-set” for your use be of service to you. It has never been more important now to be fully awake to that. Now you can at last fully embody the powerhouse that YOU are.

Thus, as you are in the period of integrating the energies you have received, we want very much to see you integrate, own, and take responsibility for claiming your sovereignty. Soon enough, the next wave of light will propel you even further, and it will be good to get your “foothold” in the process now! As you see and feel on your planet, the energies are pulling you in many ways to move into integration of your oneness. Open to them, for they will lead you into that foothold!

Open to them, for throughout much of your collective history, you have been programmed to do just the opposite. You have been taught to fear one another. You have been told that you need “boundaries” to protect yourselves from one another. You have been entrained to resist merging, to choose the solitary path, to maintain your “identity!” Indeed, you have been indoctrinated against joining with others in deep and insidious ways, have you not?

As a result, you have found yourselves experiencing one another through a twisted illusion of mutual mistrust. You were taught that joining with others would lead to being controlled by others. Caught in this illusion, you allowed yourselves to become broken into pieces. Thus isolated, you began competing, warring, working always against others as the way to assure your own survival. Now, you have the opportunity to see that all of this was only in service of resisting the oneness that is your very essence, your truth, your heart’s desire, and the very wholeness of your own powerful identity!

These light energies that innundate you now will assist you to integrate your oneness once again. Let them open you to join together, to collaborate, to come into the Unity Consciousness that is your birthright! In the doing, the illusions of separation will be revealed to you as what they are—nothing but programs designed to keep you feeling fragmented and powerless. And for what purpose? To render you dependent, and so easily controlled by a very few who have not had your best interests at heart. So use the light of the currents of energy that swirl among you all to illuminate your wholeness, and you will find this illumination through your willingness to be swirled together once again!

We know that expanding into this willingness is a challenge. This is due, of course, to the very programs that have caused you to resist that which you most long for! However, you have entered one of the critical points in your planetary shift, and as such, it requires a leap of faith. If you choose to honor the challenge, know that you are up to it. We remind you that you are masters, and these leaps of faith are exactly what you came here in this lifetime to make! So, begin now.

Get used to leaping! As you do, you will reclaim the exhilaration that comes from using your long-dormant ability to leap over obstacles! There will be many more leaps ahead, and with each one you make, you will enjoy the leaping more. You are masters of energy! As you practice together, you will begin to leap in unity over obstacles at every opportunity. Then, as geese fly together as one to distant lands that offer nourishment and warmth, so you will take wing as one to soar above all obstacles of separation– and eventually, to fly high and far beyond them.

With that as your hearts desire, be conscious now, beloved, of what you choose and from whence your choices spring. All choices are perfect illustrations of your beliefs and intentions. Use the reflections of your choices now, as they appear as the manifestations of your daily life, to see yourself clearly. Adjust them anew in every moment until they are in alignment with your deepest truth. You are carving your destiny with your choices now, and only you have that power. All power is wiithin you. Be present to your life in every moment, then. Be conscious of your choices, and sure as well that YOU are the one who is making them. Let go of allowing your destiny to be chosen by default, which is what you do when you allow old programs of powerlessness to make them for you. Instead, remember our words: YOU create your future through the choices you make NOW.

You will notice, as well, that the old programs of control would only have you look outside yourself for some other power to depend on. See how they have entrained you into accepting misery as your human lot, praying helplessly to be saved by some external god or other! Free yourself from the bondage of such illusions, and recognize yourSELF. FEEL the truth of your divinity, the power of Source by whatever name you call the Divine Consciousness of Creation, within YOU. You are your savior, as you are one anothers’. That is the crux of your truth. How is that for a glorious truth to leap into?

Know that no matter how great a leap this might seem to you, it already well established in your universe, for you are known to all as a master of co-creaton. The alchemical power of your human collective to manifest physical reality through the focus of your energies is glorious, indeed. Although you have forgotten that, the universe has not, and your own remembering will be a cause of great celebration. Therefore, as the light swirls your memories now, welcome them! Weave yourselves together, for every single thread of the magnificent tapestry of the ALL that YOU are is much beloved and cherished. Only the “special effects” of illusion have made your own experience otherwise.

We end our transmission now, but our energy continues to flow with boundless love to the ALL you are!! –the celestial team

Copyright(c)Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved http://www.thecelestialteam.com

2.2.11 Expanding Your Multi-dimensional Awareness!

It is us, the celestial team, and we reach out to you now with frequencies of great love, support, and care!

We can do this because we feel your frequencies reaching out to US quite powerfully at this time! This is how it works, you see! We wait for your invitations, and then we rush to accept them most eagerly gratefully. Some of you are surprised at that! Many others of you have heard this before, in your communications with friends and guides who dwell in the higher realms. Yet, none of you yet takes in the full implication of that–your power and your sovereignty.

We wanted very much to begin our communication with a fine, extravagant, greeting, but we could find no words in your language that can carry the scope and depth of the warmth, care, love, and attention we wished to convey! We share with you now that Judith, our one who is the conveyor of our transmissions, is feeling much frustration these days at the limitations of your language in conveying our requencies as she feels and experiences their meaning! She is “stuck!” She wants to communicate them fully, yet it isn’t possible, but still she wants to anyway!! We laugh, and understand her great desire for you all to feel them, but we are telling her to “lighten up!” We are telling her that messages relayed must henceforth go in the “makeshift crates” that are words, and to stop trying to FIND words in the third dimension that do not EXIST in the third dimension! We have advised her to let the messages, therefore, be delivered in “crates,” and leave the unpacking to you. We hope she listens! We will see.

We do see all that is being stirred on your planet, and we wish to offer our perspective of the seeing: For some time now, you have been experiencing events and information that stirred the “status quo” of your perceived reality. Events would happen “here and there,” and efforts were made by those in charge to make them seem random, coincidental. Another kind of significant stirring was the introduction of a thirteenth energy in your zodiac. That was a splendid rattling of your set ideas about your identity, was it not? Many of you were much loosened from constriction, saying, “All my life I thought I was this, or that. Now I don’t what I am!” We thought that was wonderful! We say, “Indeed, you don’t! And wouldn’t you now like to find out for yourself?!”

As the new light energies continue to move through and penetrate all of your set beliefs and habitual patterns on the planet, you now are beginning to see the stirring occur more rapidly and more intensely. You look around you in wonder, for you begin to see not isolated events, but the stirring itself! This is an enormous “Voila!” or “Aha!” on your parts. You are beginning to see a pattern! And what does that mean? It means you are seeing that they are connected because they are part of a WHOLE! A pattern is a variety of frequencies expressing various aspects of one design. And so it is.

We congratulate you on your seeing. Every one of YOU as individuals, of YOU that is an aspect of the pattern of humanity, and of YOU who is Gaia herself, is expressing and responding in unity to one experience. Each of you are unique and yet integral parts of one ALL, processing and integrating in a grand collaboration what is actually ONE experience. As you see this, you take a quantum leap in consciousness. Once you see this, nothing will ever be the same.

We wish greatly for you to know that energetic support is all around you! Itwill carry you, in fact, if you let it. Perhaps by using two examples from energetic patterns that are already familiar to you, we can offer you a foothold on the sort of steadying reassurance you are looking for now.

One is that you are now experiencing the lunar phase that you call “the new moon.” This energy expresses the empty, fertile, womb, waiting only to be impregnated with new life. This is the time of ripe and potent possibility. Seeds planted that are in alignment with the new moon’s energy will have the same force of creation behind them that an embryo has in a human mother’s womb. This particular new moon carries the energies of spiritual and emotional flow, and nourishes the flow of mutuality as part of the web of life itself, one energy. It is a flow away from domination in any form.

The second example we offer is the energy of the earth’s position in relation to Helios, your sun, at this moment. It is the point you call “mid-winter,” at which your planet begins to move out of the dark of winterand into increasing light, towards spring. You see the implications! Take heart! Live in your heart! As the stirring energy brings up familiar feelings of fear or doubt that were seeded in the past, realize that this moment is certainly not the past! You can feel that certainty all around you, running through you! Let the feelings go, stay in the present, and let the present teach you what to feel! It is nothing you have felt before. We hope you find something in those mentionings that resonates with your own internal stirrings, and therefore brings them full and upright within you! We feel the attention of your hearts on Egypt now, and we wish to address that “in the same breath,” as you say, for they are playing out a drama for you there, as was their chosen contribution for the all. Your hearts are there with them because of that–you are all one. You are feeling it so you can know it! What they are playing out is of great service. Hold your high frequency, and hold space for all of them as they grapple with the issues of power abuse on your planet! Send your honoring and love to the love/light within each one of them. You are ALL part of what is occurring there now; there are no exceptions to the truth that all of you are ONE. Find what most disturbs you, or arouses your judgement, and clear it where you feel it, WITHIN YOU. You have no idea how powerful you are, and how much what you do within you affects what occurs “over there!”

We also want to add that having your attention focused on abuses of power in the location that is Egypt is significant for broader reasons as well. In this land of the pyramids, there is much power that has been kept secret, and used by those at the “top of the pyramid,” shall we say, at the expense of others. As you focus your love and attention there, you begin to activate memories of those secrets, on behalf of all. You see? All that is occurring is truly multi-dimensional in scope, and is the beginning of the unraveling of a thread that would “boggle your mind,” would you be foolish enough to use it to try! Instead, use your inner knowing now, eternal and always present in your heart center, and allow it to unravel the spirals of all that you know and all that you are!

Well, we have shared our perspective, and we invite you to pick through it for the fruits you are drawn to, and don’t try to “digest” what doesn’t readily appeal to your palate! Always, YOU are the master of your choices and your course. We will end this transmission for now, as our Judith is tiring, and you may be, too! We will communicate more soon, when we feel your energies becoming a chorus, inviting another message! In the meantime, we say trust yourselves to feel your way. Stay relaxed, let the energy run through you, breathe deeply, and let all that is not light and love be spiraled up and out of you. Laugh often, play with oneanother, and love well.

Enjoy the light! Trust! Love all that you are, and love one another as streams of light from the eternal fountain you are! You are all one.
We love you. –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved

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