2.16.11 Tools for Balancing in Your Highest Frequency

2/16/11   Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We, your celestial team, share a most engaged hello with you!

Above all, we want you to know: You are all stirring up the energies beautifully for one another now! Know this, deep within your wholeness, and know as well that you are “on the job,” as you say! We reach out to you nowbecause we feel your confusion at times as you practice staying in balance
in the midst of these swirling energies. We especially reach out with great compassion and support to those among you who feel that the energies aremore powerful than YOU are, and so try to “cope” with them from the frequencies of “survival mode” that you have been so entrained to.

Dearest Masters in Human Form, YOU are the force that swirls the energies!
The energies are LIGHT, and nothing more. Although they are of higher frequency than you have ever settled into before, they come through thecenter of your own “galactic neighborhood” itself! They carry in them only love and information, and your sun, Helios, works in tandem to deliver them
according to the precise rhythms of your dimension of “time/space.” Helios gathers the information, then shoots it out to you in perfect timing with your particular rhythms within the orchestra of the great universal design.

We tell you this because we want you to take this information into your beings, and find within it the resonance of calm authority and peace. All is “of a piece,” and you are part of that. Nothing, NOTHING, is occurring that is more than you can handle. Not anymore, not now. Indeed, you can
handle FAR more than what you are experiencing with a mere raise of aneyebrow when you are centered in your sovereignty! Centered within the ALL that you are, you can orchestrate beautiful concertos of energy that tremblethrough galaxies, creating intergalactic symphonies!
When this occurs, the entire universe bends to listen.
Take that in, please! Say it aloud.

We ask that you keep the vastness and the power of this image in mind now,as we ask you to focus as well on the image we have already presented concerning your white light as ignited by the balanced spin of your 3rd dimensional chakra system. You can keep both of these in focus with ease now, for you are multi-dimensional beings. If you think you can’t, please discard that thinking, for it is obsolete. Instead, simply allow yourselves to experience what we are telling you that you can do. We want deeply that you do so, for you have yet another chakra system now, in alignment with your
5th dimensional frequencies, that is ready and operational. You will enjoy it very much!. Therefore, we want to “leave no stone unturned” in assisting you with the integration of your 3rd dimensional system, for it is from that foundation of wholeness that the vast energy beings that you are will,
in turn, ignite and expand in a most wonderful energetic flow.

So, as to the “nuts and bolts,” the “technical expertise” you arepracticing to that end, we offer a few more creative ideas from our perspective. As preface, we reiterate that All of you are unique, and not one of your processes is alike. We stress that nothing we transmit now should EVER be
considered as a “generic rule,” or “expert advice!” YOU are the experts, each and every one, on aligning your choices with your courses. We are responding to some frequencies that request the suggestions we offer, and some that will use our suggestions as stepping stones to their own discoveries. That is all.

YOU are the masters. Do not ever give your sovereignty away again to any being by believing that you depend upon their guidance! That would only keep you trapped in the paradigm of need, of powerlessness. It is important that you know this, as you proceed through the swirl of energies you are all creating. You are not isolated on the planet, you know! You are as “out there” in the galaxy as every star you see. You are among them, as you are among humanity, as your organs are among your human body, asyour cells are among themselves. On and on. One energy. You see the
picture? Many perspectives can be offered, both on your planet and from “your neighborhood” as well. None are precisely yours. In that, each of you are gods.

Now. Regarding this swirl of energies: You are all in it together. What you feel around you activates that within you. What is within you activates what is around you. You can, however, feel energy around you and not be activated. If you are, your collective is helping you to see so that you can find the activation within you and release the charge. You are all working together. There is only one energy, period. Ever. Whatever you choose to call It, It is divine creative potential, Source Energy, expressing and learning about Itself. It simply expresses Itself differently in a continual process of exploration andre-integration. You are all expressions of that divine energy, connected, ONE BEING, expressing, discovering, and re-integrating Itself.

To the metaphor of balancing in your circle of wholeness, centered within the dazzling array of colors that the 3rd dimensional prism has made possible, we add: You can ONLY do this when you are fully conscious of being alive. You are only alive NOW. What was now five seconds ago is not
relevant. What will happen in five seconds is not relevant. You are not living in either one of those! You balance by BEING, and no other way. You canonly feel frequencies when they are pulsing with energy, and that is only NOW. Practice being alive! There is no other way to live your life
consciously, and discover your mastery as the creator being you are.

Should you feel stuck in a particular refraction, such as self-doubt or judgement, we suggest that you try to “oil the hinges,” so to speak. You want to create movement and possibility. Another metaphor is that the particular color spectrum you are in is weighted on one side. To loosen this, or
“oil the hinges,” we suggest that you imagine the OPPOSITE of whatever you are stuck in. We do not suggest that you believe it possible, or even want to go so far in the other direction! Simply pretend. To do this, use the magic you had in childhood, then put aside in order to lose your memories of
magic temporarily. Oh, yes, you still have it! Use it now, for what we do suggest with confidence is that by freeing your consciousness to slide easily from one end of the spectrum to the other, you will allow it to eventually settle easily and gently in the center, naturally of its own accord, having integrated all possibilities. This a “frequency tool” that can work very quickly, and
be quite a lot of expansive fun. You see, in the dimension you have at last ventured into, you no longer have to wallow through emotional mud to find your way out!

Another piece of information we offer is that there are really only two main polarizing energies that make up the array of all of your emotional experiences: They are unconditional love and fear. It is fear that causes both resistance and attachment, and thus fragments unconditional love into so many variations. The less fear, the less resistance, and so the less need to attach. The more neutral and allowing of ALL of your refracted colors you are, the more you flow easily through all landscapes, navigating in the moment as you choose, and emanating unconditional love for ALL as you go.

We have gone on long in your time, and we apologize for this. We have so much we wish to share, and we have only begun! Yet, we feel that perhaps this is well enough for now. We end by giving you one last powerful and crucial suggestion: Walk upon your earth. Every day, as much as you can.
Take your shoes off, feel her energy support you, feel it run through you,and realize that you are one of her/his own, as the plants and animals are.

Spend time with them as well, as much as you can. They resonate easily with Gaia’s new frequencies, for they have not become estranged from her/him as you have. They will help you eagerly to balance, and even give you guidance. Despite all that has happened on your planet, they hold no judgements of you, and they delight in your returning to commune with them. The same is true for your Gaia. She/he loves you unconditionally, and will hold you safely together as you soar new heights in your expansion. Put your feet upon the soil, and ask your earth to fill you with her/his energy. You will feel it! Be grateful and thank her/him, for the energy given from your earth  is no different than the energy of Source Itself.

We end now. Our energies of support do not. Know that, no matter how disoriented you may feel at times in the coming months, you are entering a far, far easier “reality” than you are leaving behind! You are finding your own, rediscovering your true resonances, coming home to yourselves. Whereverthat turns out to be, it will be your choice now, and not an enforced imprisonment, and you have much, much, support. We clarify that the support is there unconditionally, and it is for your freedom to choose. We care not what your choices are! We care that you are free to remember, step intoyour mastery, and choose from within yourselves. Do not ever judge yourselves! You DO know what you are doing, and NO ONE can do it in the unique and important way that you do. You are an irreplaceable refraction of ALL. How could ALL ever be ONE without YOU?

We love you.   –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

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