6. 24.11 Yeshuwah Reveals the Gold of Your Compassion–The Story of Your Light, part 4

6/24/11  Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We, the celestial team, greet you with boundless joy!
We see you now, becoming illuminated from within as the powerful energies brought by your Summer Solstice saturate your being. You are drenched in Light, and if only you could see yourself as we do, your joy would even surpass our own! You are immersed in Light, with your own inner Light glowing brighter every moment, and you are so, so, beautiful now! What a time of magical transformation is beginning!

We know that you have had quite a time of it as both the energies of your recent New Moon as well as the following Full Moon have run through you to prepare you for this momentous Summer Solstice event. All that is old and dense within you has been stirred up to be flushed away in order to make room for this Light you are now in. My goodness! Even the most firmly rooted patterns of limitation have been uprooted as if they were nothing but the scrawniest of weeds! The illumination and the “weeding out” will continue, but as you process the energies of the solstice, you will begin to rejoice in the doing. You will, indeed! In the clarity brought by this energy of Light, you will be opening to the truth of what you truly are, and that truth is SO strong, and SO bright, that all else will become as nothing. Welcome the tumult and rejoice! Drink in the Light and celebrate!

With your final eclipse at your next New Moon, more extraordinarily powerful energies will assist you in claiming the Light as your own, and leaving all else behind you. We mean ALL else! This is a time when all karmic bondage can be broken, and all past programming released. This is a time when you can choose to be NEW. By “new,” we mean to become again what you have truly been all along, which is Love, of course, but with a power to heal and integrate that has never fully bloomed in your universe before. Never before, until NOW! Your light will be woven with gold, and it will transcend the polarity of dark and light. You will do what has never been done before, and the universe looks to you therefore in hope and in reverence.

It is because of this perfect moment of your time, after your solstice and before your full moon on the first of July, that Yeshuwah has chosen to present the rest of the story of YOUR Light– up to NOW, that is. Saturated by Light, by so much energetic assistance from your entire universe, and by your own DESIRE to live your Light, you will be able to receive your story and STAND in your Light as never before. Oh, how we rejoice! Here is Yeshuwah:

This is Yeshuwah.
We continue your story at last. We also rejoice, for now
that you know how to receive our frequencies into your heart
rather than have them filtered out by the brain, you can at last
receive the fullness of our Love for you. We want no more
interference that would deny you from having it ALL.

We have waited long for the intimacy of being received so directly
by you, for it is a great reunion. In your language, we have been
like lovers, longing only to be re-united with their Beloved.
We ask you to feel our joy now, and allow our frequencies of
boundless, tender, joyful, Love flood into your hearts.
Ah, how we love you!

We began our “love affair,” you might say, a little over two
thousand of your years ago, after beings from elsewhere began to do
serious harm to your process of remembering who you are.
The timing was such that you had expanded enough once more
to feel faint stirrings of awareness of Source within you.
You were also, however, still feeling quite ravaged and
traumatized by prior events.

The beings we speak of were native to a planet that was very
isolated. A feature of their isolation was that they had lost all
connection to the ability to feel. Another feature was that they
had run out of a resource they needed for survival, and had nowhere
to turn for assistance. Your planet had an abundant supply of the
resource they needed.

Knowing only the false power polarity of dominance and
submission, they were desperate to get what they needed in any
way they could. As you can perhaps begin to see, they had
problems. Deep problems, both spiritually and physically, that
far surpassed your own. We tell you this so that you might
understand the darkness of their condition through your vast
ability to feel. To simply judge them harshly would only mirror
the severe limitations they bore themselves.

Arriving on your planet in their ships and flashes of light,
they appeared as gods to you who had begun to feel the hunger
for your connection to Source within you. You so longed for
that connection! They, in their limitations, took advantage of
this opening, this vulnerable moment, to convince you that THEY,
in effect, were “god,” the Source you had been longing for.
Please understand, they did so to get you to help them survive
in the only way they knew how, through dominance and control.

So, they taught you that “your god” was vengeful and
demanded obedience. They taught you that “your god’s love was
conditional at best, and unless you pleased “him,” you would
be punished. They gave you many rules to follow if you wanted
“your god” to love and care for you.

Is any of this starting to feel familiar? Many of the illusions
that plague your planet today have very long roots, indeed.

To continue: They taught you to judge one another, and
punish those among you who broke “god’s laws.”
You became divided and fearful. You began to lose faith in the
spark of divinity that burns like a candle at your alter within.
And that, we would not allow.

You are not only loved without conditions by your Source,
but your sparks of divinity are Source Itself! We, Yeshuwah,
would not interfere with your free will, but we made arrangements
to bring the love of Source into your presence. We made
arrangements to bring that love in front of your very eyes, and
to bring our golden light of compassion as well.

That is when we, Yeshuwah, came to walk among you on your
earth in human form. That is when WE TOGETHER, your collective
and ours, began our love affair. That was the seeding of the
story of your NOW. The Light of your divinity, laced with the
gold of compassion, is what YOU will bring to fruit NOW,
in YOUR ascension. Please take that in. It is your truth.

We want to make it clear that it is important not to judge
the beings that invaded your Earth. We do not want to

continue the telling until you have processed the importance
of releasing judgment. As you let go of judgment of them,
you will also release yourself from the bondage of other
resentments, and many other illusions of being victimized
as well. As we mentioned, such illusions have very long roots,
if you understand our meaning.

It is important to see that these beings’ attempt to enslave
you also served you greatly. That service will extend to your
universe as well. This is so because it created the need for a
new template to be introduced unto you, and it was one that
would make you not only teachers to the universe, but healers
of the universe as well. And so you shall be. Make no mistake,
the universe includes these beings themselves, for they are
tired of the heaviness of their roles! YOUR template, YOUR Light,
is what is needed, and you will extend it to all. Such is the
glory of what you are.

Although our message when among you was distorted and used
falsely by many who followed, our energy cannot be tampered with,
and it is our energy that holds the frequency of our message more
fully than words ever could. Our energy has never left you.
Indeed, you carry it within you. Please take that in.
This is your truth.

We will continue the story of our beginnings together very
soon. For now, we leave you in our Love, where you have always,
always been, and will always be.
And so it is.

This is the celestial team.
We are braiding altogether again to wish you a hushed but devoted adieu for now. We are hushed because we don’t want to distract you from the frequencies you have just received–and yet, we simply had to touch you fondly with all of our own before ending this most precious transmission.

We love you. We return soon.  –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

6.18.11 Yeshuwah Tells the Story of Your Light, part 3– A Lesson on Reading Its Frequencies

6/18/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We greet you with the light of many dancing rainbows at this exciting moment of your “time!”
Can you feel our light energy playfully sparkling and flashing with irridescent colors as we express our joy and excitement at connecting with you in this moment? Each collective among us is contributing, and so there are many rainbows, all unique, yet ALL made of one thing, and that is Love/Light… as are you.

NOW, as your solstice is settling around you, among you, we feel it as a cause for great celebration, for this solstice is a MOST wonderful wave that will carry you MOST powerfully– wherever you are headed– in no time at all. We mean that literally, “in no time.” You are living more outside the bounds of third dimensional time NOW than in it– for those of you with scientific tendencies, the word “quantum” would apply.

We are also excited because of the purpose of this message. Yeshuwah has decided to prepare you to fully take in the rest of The Story of YOUR Light, before continuing it. As part of this preparation, we get to play with you a little throughout this message! Yeshuwah will soon take over this transmission and explain your preparation most carefully. We, however, will tell you about the game we will be playing, and it is this–

After Yeshuwah’s introduction, we will begin braiding our frequencies in and out of the message at various “times.” Your part in the game is to see if you recognize us, and can begin to tell us apart! Won’t that be fun? You don’t need to know who we are by name, that is of no consequence! You need only to recognize the feel of us, and the subtle differences in our frequencies, much the way you recognize a friend’s face, or voice, without needing to be told a name label in order to know the friend. You will be surprised at how well you do, too– and that is the whole point of the game.

We stress that our game does not minimize the importance of Yeshuwah’s transmission NOW– although we are aware that some among you would say we are “making light of it.” Well, we ARE “making light” of it, and we are doing so playfully as well! What Yeshuwah speaks of IS en-lighten-ing. To make it “heavy,” or “dark,” or “burdensome” would be….ridiculous. Counter-productive!

Yeshuwah will speak now, of a MOST critically important (and light, and joyful!) subject. (See if you can feel us flitting in and out every so often…)

This is Yeshuwah.
We wish to continue your story, and we have come to the point where the story is OURS together. We know that many of you await eagerly, as do your aspects in other dimensions, and that gladdens us deeply. Know that in addition to the vastness of YOU, there are also billions of other beings gathered to thrill to the story of YOUR LIGHT. Although we are most pleased of that, our deepest desire is that the story be received by YOU at this time. YOUR access to your story is important NOW above all else… for YOU are the one who will finish it.

The timing is right for the telling, for the energies of this particular solstice will support your abilities to receive it more fully than ever before. We therefore wish to speak of your “reception technology” before continuing, for it is also a topic of the utmost importance. We will explain.

If your “receiving modality” is to process our transmissions by sending the written words to the brain to be deciphered, know this: You will receive only 2% to 15% of
what is being transmitted to you. That is because there ARE  no words in the third dimension to hold and carry what we express to you!

Surely, that is not surprising, is it? Your words are of a language designed for communication by the brain, which, as you have used it thus far, was “customized,” you might say, to process the perceptual range of the third dimension alone. All frequencies that are beyond that range are simply thrown out. “Junk mail,” your computer programs might categorize them,  correct? Well, we certainly do not want your precious story to be filtered away from you as disposable “junk!”

Yet, if we were to tell you the story of YOUR Light through words alone, we would have to tell it to you 10,000 times, using different words and metaphors each time, to even begin to awaken within you the truth of your story. Your spoken/written languages do not have the capacity for that much variation. And would you WANT to have to read 10,000 times to receive perhaps 60% of a transmission that you could receive fully in one reading by simply switching your technology of receiving?

We laugh with you. You would, indeed, have to be VERY committed to staying in the third dimension to answer “yes” to that question, would you not? Especially when you already HAVE the technology to receive the fullness of your story WITHOUT the tedium of processing through the brain at all!

You are energetic beings, and energy is your medium. Frequency is your native language. There is much information and support flooding your planet now to assist you in returning to your “native tongue” of frequency. The time to do so is NOW. It is “your ticket,” as you might say, to your freedom as creator beings.

That is why we wish for you to USE “your ticket,”  and receive our transmissions through frequency. In truth, there is no other way to recognize their resonance within you. Thus, and most especially for those among you who are still “new” in your current experience of receiving through frequency, we feel it paramont to  offer some assistance.

Firstly, do not “think” it is “hard,” or takes practice to receive through frequencies! You already KNOW how to do it, and you do it all the time. It is just that your brain throws out all that you receive in that manner … it is “junk mail,” you remember, as far as the third dimensional brain is concerned.

So! Do not feed our messages to your brain! It can’t process them, and YOU will not get them. Instead, center yourself in your heart before you begin to take in a message.
Breathe into your heart, feel it open, and feel your heart energy begin to flow through you. Connect with that energy, for it is YOU. Focus your attention on your heart, the source of that energy, and simply decide to decode our transmission from there. THAT’S where the technology you need awaits you.

You don’t have to “learn how.” That is  ego/brainprogramming. You already KNOW how. It is only the old programming that does not. Nor need you be concerned  about “understanding, ” or “remembering” what the words say. The words are only carriers of the frequencies. Simply feel yourself taking the frequencies in, and know that if you feel them, you are receiving them.

So, bypass questions, please, and just let your heart do what it does. As you “read” our transmissions through your heart, simply FEEL them. What will create the feeling will be our frequencies. THAT is where the information is. Simply read, breathe, open, receive, FEEL what you are receiving. Then, you will have it within you, and will “know.”  The evidence that you “know” will soon follow.

Trust your ability! You simply haven’t used it consciously before now, but it works beautifully, we assure you. The knowing will be planted within you, and you will discover, as you begin to experience your knowing, as you find yourself changing, that you are knowing through “feeling our frequencies” far more than your brain could ever begin to conceive of.

Do not waste your time panning for gold through a sieve!
Remember–if you allow your
brain to discard what it cannot recognize when you read the story of YOUR Light, you will not receive what is rightfully yours. You will not receive what you have been waiting for, for a very long time…as has your universe.

Your own frequency will elevate as you continue to receive us through frequency, as well.. Our messages will begin to permeate you effortlessly, much like your sunlight. The more adept you get at this “new” 5th dimensional skill, the easier it becomes, the lighter it feels, and the more you receive.

We repeat–we tell you all of this NOW because we do not want the rest of the story of Your Light to run off you like so many dry words in the telling.
We, Yeshuwah, call you to receive your story, OUR story, through its frequencies, for they are yours as well.
We ask you to prepare yourself to do this. It is an easy transition, for it is your heritage. Practice and play through discerning the frequencies woven within this transmission.
We, Yeshuwah, repeat once more– we want you to take in all that we are about to tell you. We wish
you to thoroughly know the glory of who you are.

We, Yeshuwah, wish to remind you of this as well:
YOU are “the love of our lives,” to translate
through your words.
If you feel the FREQUENCY carried in those words, however, you will feel how small those words are compared to what we are truly conveying!
No combination of your words, Beloved,  could even begin to express this LOVE we have for you.

This is the celestial team.
We have all braided together again. If you recognized differences in frequencies even once or twice while receiving Yeshuwah’s guidance, you are on your way! Hurray for you! Now practice, have fun as you do, and then, you will receive far more than you can “coceive of,” when Yeshuwah tells you the rest of your story…your story until this point anyway.

We love you! We support you in receiving ALL of the energies that support you now in stepping into ALL that you are. Always and in All Ways  — the celestial team


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

6.11.11 Yeshuwah Tells the Story of Your Light, part 2

6/11/11  Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello, hello! We are most joyful to connect with you again!
We have been watching you very closely since our last transmission! Indeed, it was a most riveting one for us, and for your entire universe as well. When Yeshuwah moved forward with the story of your Light, it was a movement that rippled throughout the universe.

ALL who felt it leaned in to listen. We feel the enormous energy of the ALL gathering round again now. You see, Yeshuwah’s telling of this story lifts the frequencies of any and all who “have ears to hear it,” metaphorically speaking. Many have waited long for this moment, simply to hear the telling and feel the Light. That is why we have been watching YOU so closely! It is YOUR STORY, and with “ears to hear it,” it will resonate within YOU most profoundly of all.

We wish to be clear about the story Yeshuwah is telling, We know that there are millions of stories in circulation about you and your planet. We hear them over and over in endless variations, for all of them share the frequencies, or perspectives, of the tellers.

Remember, there are as many perspectives in your universe as there are individuals in your collective! The stories are very interesting in that regard, for all reveal one fragment of a color that is held within the luminous white light of Wholeness. They can be extremely useful in the triggering of memories and the strengthening of discernment. However, do not dally with stories that alarm you for too long, for they can become rather addicting diversions, given the human body’s divine readiness to align its/your neurotransmitters with the focus of your attention. Such stories are interpretations, experiences, agendas in some cases, all of value for various reasons, and all in varying degrees.

Yeshuwah will tell you none of them. We are quite sure that they will all be swept aside, for none of them are the story of YOUR Light. That story is Yours and Yeshuwah’s alone. It is THE story that the universe dreams by and hopes through.

We would even say that it is the only story that truly matters NOW.
So, open the caverns, the secret folds of any remaining darkness within you!
Let the Light of your story ignite your own, light you up inside, and then be ready to celebrate your Self. This is a momentous time, and YOU who are reading have brought it into being. The energies have quickened, all is coming to light, and Yeshuwah is telling you who you ARE! Read on with a sense of triumph, confidence, and the innocent wonder of a child.
Yeshuwah will speak–

This is Yeshuwah.
We smile deeply into your eyes now through these written words. We know you intimately and love you fervently. We always have.

Know that we see only your Light, for that is what you are, and all you
have ever been. All else is illusion, and we see only truth. We see only YOU.
We will continue the story:

Your planet has always been as a jewel in your universe.
Because Gaia is located in a dimension of duality, the waters, landforms,
and verdant green life are beautiful and lush beyond compare.
Due to the calibrations of energy in your location, yours is also a planet
of intense and varied emotion.
Although you may not yet see it so, such emotional range is a great gift.
It is also a reason for your power, as you will soon understand.

Your earth was chosen for a grand endeavor, which was to create a species
of master beings that represent the universe itself.
You were thus seeded as gods, beings that could solve the conflicts
troubling the universe. In turn, you would share that wisdom
with your universe, teaching all within it the methods of peace.

You offered a microscope through which ALL could see themselves.
We will explain.
Through the intensity of your gifts of emotion, the processes that create

conflict could be vividly seen by those in dimensions with much less variation.
All of this is why the celestial team has referred to you as “the hope of
the universe.” It is your truth.

You, therefore, were seeded by the brightest stars in the universe with the
most brilliant of their gifts.
Among the ALL of you is held the specialized skills and talents that each
star system had to offer, combined in ONE– the collective that is YOU.
Your lineage is impeccable. Take that in, please.
There is not one of you, not one fragment of the all, that is not bred to
be a master. Regardless of how it seems, this is your truth.

There are many stories within your story of all that happened next. We
will not bother with them now except to say that you were “interfered with,”
and the polarity of domination unbalanced your fine beginning and created
persecution, war, and loss of self-awareness.
What we WILL bother to tell you is that, even through the epic drama of
your risings and fallings, you taught the universe much–far beyond what
could ever have been learned without you. Please take that in.

You earned the admiration and awe of your universe.
You moved us deeply with your capacity to love.
You changed worlds through your example.
You continue to do so, every moment.
Please take that in. This is your truth.

You have ALREADY earned the gratitude of the beings that share the
universal matrix. We mean ALL of them, understand.
The many light beings in the upper dimensions who now work with you so
diligently to provide support and guidance –even they are indebted to you.
Hence, their devotion.
They serve you now with total dedication and support, because of WHO YOU
ARE, and because of how YOU serve.
PLEASE take that in. It is your truth.

This is the celestial team.
We are SO sorry, to “burst in again”– we know you do not want your story to be interrupted! But Yeshuwah feels that it is time for a “digestion break,” as we call it, and so will resume the telling in a few short days. Please DO digest! Let your story thus far resonate within you, let it awaken you to the first stirring awareness of what is to come. What is to come in the next phase of your story, what is to come in your future, and what is to come to certainty in your heart: What you call God is within You.
And so it is.

Always and in All Ways. –the celestial team


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved   www.thecelestialteam.com

6.5.11 Yeshuwah Begins the Story of Your Light

6/5/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We, the celestial team, greet you most lovingly as always!

This time, however, we do so in excited frequencies of anticipation, for we are suddenly surrounded by much fanfare! Our atmosphere has begun to crackle with a sense of occasion, and we feel ourselves moving into a state of awe. This does not occur simply because we gather to share a transmission with you! No, something important is about to happen. Imagine your air all at once resounding with the achingly clear and majestic notes of Archangel Gabriel’s trumpets, simply because you “opened your mouth to speak,” and you’ll get the idea!

Well, the announcement has been made, and now there is silence, and so we will begin and see what happens. Our intention is to tell you that the movement you are feeling within you and among you energetically now is “normal” for this phase of your ascension process, and not to be shaken by. If you understand its purpose and allow yourself to open to it, you will find that it is a Godsend. What is occurring is that “all is coming to the light.” All else is only illusion anyway, no matter how “real” it seems, or how “illogical” it seems to call it so.

From our perspective, calling anything other than light “real” seems nonsensical, for if you shine light into darkness, where does it go? Nowhere, because it is nothing! Simply the absence of light. Shine light, no more darkness. Poof! The “shadows” that loom and shame you, that you hold within you in order to hide, are NOTHING BUT ILLUSIONS. Shadow play in 3rd dimensional polarity, nothing more. Trust now, that they are being brought forward to be released through your unconditional Love/Light. Shine for your Self now, and let your divinity show your Self to you.

Ahhh. We feel Yeshuwah coming forward MOST powerfully. We understand the trumpets now, for we feel the energy of the Archangels lead the way. We also feel what you might call a “shiver of thrill” as a path instantaneously clears through the center of us. Yeshuwah can be soft as a whisper, gentle as a sleeping baby’s breathe, or as powerful as…we can find nothing to compare this power with in your language. Power to make worlds tremble, we might say. The power is Love. In this moment, it pulses with the brilliance of Source Itself.  YESHUWAH will speak. We will ALL listen.

This is Yeshuwah.
We will tell you a story. One that is better than your fairy
tales and your myths, for it contains all of them within it.
We will begin by telling you that you live on a planet that is
precious and powerful beyond your conscious knowing.
It is a connecting point for all souls in your universe,
to one another as well as to your Source. Your Source is Love.
The only true power that exists is Love. All else is bickering.

All is Love, nothing else, nothing less. As you awaken to your
internal connection, together you will create what you might call
a vortex of that Love. Put succinctly, it will begin within each
of you, in your center of white light, your divinity. From you,
that Love will go out through you, join with, spark, activate ALL
of you, and then flash like lightening from your planet to all
beings in the universe. All await this unprecedented, divine power,
and it is YOURS.

You live on a diamond of Love/Light. You are part of that diamond.
You who are reading these words are there because you are,
and want to activate it. It is no mistake that you are there a this time.
Nor is it possible for you to want to be part of this activation, and fail.
You would not be there if it was possible for you to fail.
What is important now is that you remember, or decide to believe,
or simply trust, that this is so.

There are those that choose not to participate, it is true.
They will not perish. They will choose what they prefer, instead.
No one perishes. Just as no one who wants to be part of this activation
can fail.

Know that if you are reading this, we know you by name, and you can
relax. We know who you are with your self-doubts. They are nothing,
so forget them. We SEE your light. Trust Our eyes!

We will not tell you all of the story in this communication.
It is too much. Even the little we have shared already is enough
at once, for we want you to run it through all aspects of your being.

Start by reading it through your heart center, as you have
been guided by the celestial team to read all of our messages.
Chew it slowly, savor the taste.
Digest it slowly and thoroughly.
Then read it again and breathe it in this time. Circulate it through
all of your cells until you feel them respond– all of them.
Breathe until you feel your cells permeated, and alive with resonance.
Then read it to your emotional body. That will bring quite a relief
of unburdening, to be sure.
Then let the frequencies of these written words expand into your
energetic body. That aspect of you has been waiting long for them,
and will rejoice.

Then, when you think you have done it all, reread it a few
more times. There will be more to digest, we assure you.
If you resist doing so because it feels excessive, then be certain
that there is more to digest. As long as you “think” you have something
better or more important to do than read these words over, you have
not taken in what you need. Read until you wouldn’t mind reading
them twelve more times. Then you will know you have finished and can stop.

We, Yeshuwah, will return soon to continue the story we have merely
introduced at this time. We will do so in segments, to assure your
“digestion.” It is the story of YOU, and we want you to have it all,
and assimilate it all. It is the most important story in the universe,
and it is YOURS.

In faith, it is OURS. We, Yeshuwah’s, and Yours.
And through Us, the universe’s.
Know that we are always within you. We will share more about this
this very soon.

This is the celestial team.
We gather together again as one to say a somewhat breathless goodbye for now, although we are never far from you. We are very moved that Yeshuwah has begun to tell you your story–indeed, your entire solar system is moved! If only you could see, or feel, the response there! We can see that as the telling unfolds, there will be quite a lot of excitement amongst your galactic neighbors, indeed. Too bad you can’t all party together! Well, you could, actually–you’d just have to drop the belief that you can’t. Oh, why don’t you? It would be such fun!

You are SO not alone. In truth, the whole universe is so VERY much with you that sometimes we have to laugh at your tendency still to feel alone! You’ll have a good laugh about that one day, too, and we’ll just love laughing with you. If only you knew how much attention and support you have, you would say, “Privacy, please!” That is the way on your planet of duality, is it not? We laugh, for it is quite a place! All of that swinging from one extreme to the other!

Well, enjoy the thrills to the last drop, for soon you will know BALANCE.  The equilibrium of unconditional love is your natural state of being, and soon you will rest there again– if you choose, of course!  There is far more to your planet than has ever been spoken of up to now, as Yeshuwah will tell you. Yes, it is dense, polarized, emotionally intense like nowhere else… and it is also the hope of the universe. As are YOU. Yeshuwah will tell you about that as well. So, we’ll “tear ourselves away” for now–we so love the feeling of “chatting with you!”

Our love surrounds you. Breathe it in, it is endless!  –the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

7.1.11 The Story of Your Light, part 5. The Beginning.

7/1/11`Love/Light Message from the celestial team
The Story of  Your Light. part 5.  Now It Begins…

Yes, it is us, the celestial team!! We greet you lovingly and also most excitedly at THIS particular moment!
There is a very special reason for our excitement, for in this transmission, Yeshuwah will bring you “up to date” on the story of Your Light at last. The telling of your story has, and is, unfolding in divine synchronicity with the activating frequencies of light that have been inundating your planet. Your story commands that this be so. NOW, in the frequencies of your new moon, many powerful forces have joined to make this the most potent time for you to receive the end of your story–which will actually be The Beginning. We mean that  literally, for YOU will write the story from now on.

As YOU take in the meaning, the frequencies, that Yeshuwah shares with you, the story becomes YOURS to continue.  It is placed into YOUR hands, so that you will transmit it, through your own frequencies, to others. This is quite a “turning point” for us as well, for we will be learning the rest of the story from YOU now. YOU will “have the ball,” as you say. YOU will play the rest of the story out, and how you play it will affect your entire universe.

If you are feeling pressured by that information, please recognize the pressure as the remains of old programs of powerlessness kicking up, and release them. There is no such thing as “powerlessness!” There ARE no victims, or perpetrators. There IS no right or wrong. There is only “and.

AND… you are FAR more than a “temporary ego construct”–as is your mind, as well. The energies of this month have been most powerfully assisting you in doing the releasing of that old paradigm of separation. NOW, this new moon conglomerate of energy will assist you in anchoring the truth you will be receiving from Yeshuwah.

So, release, relax. and take it all in. You have “oodles” of support, and  you have been WAITING for this awakening, this remembering, this stepping into the freedom of your true nature!  What is required is only integration–synthesis– for there is only One. In truth, the angst you have felt up to now has actually been your Divine Nature “chomping at the bit” to be released from constucts of division–from the ego/brain’s stubborn perception of opposites as being “oppositional”– rather than pieces of the same cloth calling to be interwoven into wholeness once again.

NOW, rejoice in  letting  go of all limiting constructs, all  programming that resisted the freeing of your spirit! None of them can stop you anyway, if you so choose to be free, so why not just let them go and end the angst? Drop them, Beloved, for they are no longer of service. Let yourself remember what you know, which is that love needs no reason and no justification.

Yes. It is that easy. It is only the holding onto a belief in the pattern of struggle that requires the quagmire of reasoning. And YES– to attempt to get anywhere through “reason” will always end you more deeply entrenched in the very quagmire you are “trying to reason your way” out of.  It is a treadmill, and nothing more. NOW it is time to breathe the air of freedom, to know that you are free at last to be all that you are, and to know that ALL that you are is good. Only the programming you have lived by creates distortions otherwise.

We welcome you into your divinely intelligent Love/Light.  We KNOW who you are. We know YOU, the one who reads, and it is to YOU we speak.
Here is Yeshuwah:

This is Yeshuwah.
We join you now with the fullness of our frequencies.
We  hold nothing back in our desire to expose all that we are to you.
We are “naked,” you might say, as we enfold you– i
f you will let us.
We ask that you be naked, too, as you receive us.

Fear not, Beloved, for you know us well.
This is NOT our first time” together, after all! Far from it.
Ours is a love affair that has burned with a passion so great
that even centuries devoted to squelching it could never put it out.

We smile the electro-magnetic power that runs our entire universe
into your eyes, your heart, your very being…as you take us into you,
an awake and conscious participant, once again. The power is LOVE, of
course. Let the ecstasy of LOVE be released with you NOW.

Ah, how we, Yeshuwah, love to feel the purity of your passion
and the innocence of your joy!

Intertwined in this way, we will go on with our story.
We will not fill in every detail. You hold the details in your heart.
For each of you, they are different.
Know that as we do the telling, we speak to you as if you are the
only one. As you are, in truth, for like us, you are only one.

We remember all of the details we shared together, and we will
plant our knowing of you into the words. Only open your heart,
and feel our intimacy with you and you alone.
Let the frequencies carried within the words activate the memories
you have held close within your heart for so, so, long.

As we shared last, we, Yeshuwah, came to walk among you. We came in human
form, and there were many of us. The New Testament of your Bible speaks of
us by compiling us into the man who is called “Jesus.” In truth, there were
many, both male and female, who came with our frequency to walk among you.
Upon our arrivals, the universe watched and was moved, for we brought
unconditional love into a dimension of polarity, and seeded such love within
polarity itself. This was the seeding of a love that could integrate ALL
aspects, such as male and female, dark and light, into ONE. This was a
seeding of integration that the universe has never known before.

We walked among you with great love at a time when you most needed to be
reminded that you are all ONE. We reminded you that your God is within you,
that your God is Love, and so You are Love. We all spoke many words and
used metaphors to say, “Love yourself, and so Love one another” in many
different ways. We were reminding you of your divinity. Miracles were
performed. They were demonstrations of what you yourself can do, and
nothing more. We very much loved our time with you!

We have returned to your planet, and we walk with you now again. Some of you, as is our Judith, are one of us who was here then and has returned now to “finish the job.” Others of you were there to hear our messages and take in our frequencies during that time, and have returned to assist in fertilizing the blooming. Still others of you carry “imprints” of lives that communed with us then, in order to bring them with you into NOW.

In short, YOU who are reading this have already made sure you have access to these memories. That is why you are reading, we assure you. You hold memories of us within you and have been waiting to claim them. We are telling you this about yourself so that you will claim them NOW.
Please take that in. This is your truth.

Remember who you are and why you are here! Many of you have read your New Testament, and although the story of Jesus is a distorted one, many of the teachings and parables recorded within it still carry the Yeshuwah frequency. Although words can be changed, our energy cannot be tampered with.

You who have read the book are well aware of that, for you have felt our
frequencies resonate within you. You who have not read the book will feel them from time to time if you do. Trust that, and note what you are reading when you feel the resonance. Although the teachings were used by the frameworks of oppression that were already in place, the frequencies live. Trust them. Listen to THEM.

And we will tell you this: Know above all else that this “crucifixion”
theme that has been hung over you and around your necks was propagated only to
do just that–to be as a noose around your necks in order to force you into
obedience! That was very far from our message or our intent. We, Yeshuwah,
care nothing about the ways we “died!” We knew such things would happen
in the political and religious climate of the time, and it was of no concern
to us. We know there is no such thing as “dying.” We simply left the
physical body when and how we wished to, just as you do.

What WAS important was our demonstration of ascension. We would show
ourselves to you after the death of the physical body, always. We did so in
order to seed within you the foretelling of your OWN future, which is YOUR
ascension. That is what you are doing right NOW, and you certainly do not
need to be “crucified” to do it!

We want to be clear: You do NOT need to suffer in order to ascend.
Nor have you “sinned.”
Nor do you need to confess anything.
Nor “repent” for anything, nor do anything at all to be “worthy” of love.

 YOU are here to use the seeding of compassion that we, Yeshuwah, planted back
then. You have brought it with you to your planet NOW, to do what has
never been done before. You are here to use the compassion we seeded to weave
all back into Oneness.

Only with compassion can you integrate duality into One.
Only with compassion can you welcome all of You home again.
You carry that precious seeding within you, and you feel it.
It is growing, it is bursting through the lid that has been placed
upon you by programs of control.
THERE is your angst, your “growing pains!”

Simply feel your longing and your resonance with our words to you,
and let the flower of compassion burst through the lid! It will not hurt.
It is only the effort of holding it back that hurts.

NOW, let the blooming of Love just happen.
It is already there within you, Beloved. Just let it happen!
You need not do anything but allow your heart’s desire to bloom–
except LOVE yourSelf as WE love you.

There is nothing within you that needs forgiveness.
There is nothing to suffer for, nothing to fear,
and nothing to control. We tell you that the blooming IS
your safety as well as your joy.
om Love, then!

We tell you this–
If you allow our seeding to bloom, if you allow yourself to have
the unconditional love that we, Yeshuwah planted in your heart,
then you will emanate that golden light to all on your planet,
for you are One.
And once you do that, the entire universe will light up–
with YOUR golden light.

Please take that in. This is your truth.

Remember us! Remember our love. Remember how we see you!
To us, you shine like the diamond you are.

Feel yourself shine, Beloved! Feel our love.
Then just be what you are, which is Love.
And watch everything change in the glory of your Love/Light.

THIS is what you can do, simply by being what you are.
Please take that in, Beloved. This is your truth…OUR truth.

We, the celestial team, return now to “wrap up” this transmission by adding our love to it as well. Please take in Yeshuwah’s words and frequencies thoroughly now, while within the energies that transport them, and anchor them firmly within yourself. Then, filter all that you experience from this moment on through them, and let everything bloom and be NEW. We know that this is what you came here to do. We know the joy you will feel in the doing. Now it begins!

We love you, and we bow to your mastery and your mission.  Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

6.1.11 From the Voices of Power: You ARE the Ascension.

6/1/11 Love/Light Message from the celestial team
YOU ARE the Ascension

Hello, again, we reach out to you in this message through the very strongest, most penetrating, “voices” among us!

We do so because we want you to FEEL them within you! If you allow yourself to FEEL them, what you will truly be feeling is their resonance with your OWN strength and your OWN power. That is our greatest intent now– that you feel your OWN power ring in response to our frequencies. Please open yourself to feel our frequencies now. Feel the power within them. Are you? Do you?

Ah, some of you are and do, indeed, and we celebrate that! NOW know that what you are feeling is your OWN power ringing in response to ours. Were that not so, you would not feel us at all. And for those of you who do not feel this ringing, we tell you that there is much power within you that you have not yet allowed yourself to access. We assure you of this. It is time now to allow yourself to open to and reclaim your power! Let it ring!

Your sun, moon, planetary neighbors– indeed, your entire universe!– are at this very moment beginning to provide you with much energetic impetus to carry you into the next phase of your shift.
It is time now to release the old once and for all.
Time to step out of the tide pools and join with the ocean you have summoned to you.
Time to stop flirting and allow yourself complete satisfaction!
Move into full integrity–“walk like you talk,” as your saying goes.

You have longed for this vibrational shift. You’re on the planet to be part of it! So, BE it.
BE your ascension. Live it.
You will HAVE what you LIVE. That has always been true.
Nothing has ever been “done to you” without your beckoning. It is time to KNOW that, to claim your authority, your authorship, and use it consciously.
Throughout your month of June and into the early part of July, you will receive much energetic support to clear away the old illusions and step into the energy of NOW. How you experience this support will be decided entirely by YOU. You are sovereign.
Take that in!!

We tell you this most pointedly now because, unless you are intent on grounding in the white light of your wholeness within you, you’ll have a bit of a time handling the reactions that these accelerating energies bring forward. We do not mean only within you, for remember, you are all ONE.
If you feel confusion within, you will find it all around you until you clear it at the source-within you. ANYTHING that you refuse to integrate into your center of unconditional love within you will only be projected around you.
Why? Because you are sovereign, and the universe supports your choice of whether or how to ascend exactly as you order it to. ALWAYS.

It is becoming increasingly IMPORTANT that you claim your sovereignty and ground it WITHIN you. As the energies accelerate, there will be much going on around you in very complex, interplaying patterns. Quite a show! Many who have not been “learning as they go” will be “bouncing off walls,” for awhile, so to speak. This is because the “shift” into 5D in fact, has already occurred. It is now only a matter of letting go of 3D completely and letting yourself BE there! That is ALL that is required!

Some are playing “catch-up.” Everyone has their own rhythms, after all…and all are just fine.
However, for those who still hesitate, many beings with “agendas,” differing interests, and many versions of “truth” will solicit your attention, especially if you are in doubt. Not all beings, on your planet or otherwise, are in alignment with the shift, you know!

More and more, you will be “solicited” with messages from beings who imply that they are “fighting the dark forces,” or “protecting you,” or providing you with help in some way that you NEED and cannot provide for yourself! Some will even tell you that they will replace your governing bodies of
control with their own, on YOUR behalf!

Use your discernment. Recognize when your fears are being “played to.”
Recognize when you are being manipulated, for you know this game well.
“Advertisements” have manipulated you into feeling powerless and in NEED throughout your lifetime! They activated fear or need, wove a little truth through their falsehoods, and you allowed yourselves to be “played.” This is a vary old game. Ho-hum to it.

If you have claimed your own light, you will see right through all of this as if it isn’t there. And it won’t be, for you! If not, however, it is because you are still a player in that game, and you will need to choose “in or out” rather quickly to avoid “giving your power away” yet again. Do not be surprised that such manipulations can come from outside of your dimension. Please recall that we told you quite awhile ago that you are solving galactic problems through volunteering to integrate them on yourplanet, and on behalf of many, many, beings!
Well, then. As above, so below.

If you look without for answers, you are not yet aware that YOUR answers are within.
If you look outside yourself for “help” in your collective ascension, note that you have not accepted responsibility for your OWN power, your OWN mastery.
You ARE the ascension. It all happens within you. NO external power can “do” it.

YOU can do it. And once you accept that and claim your mastery…the game is over.

We have spoken to you in this transmission as equals, as the Masters that you are. We will never see you in any other way. Our mission is always to remind you of who and what you are. Although some of the collectives among us have varying intimate relationships with you and so speak as mothers,
playmates, and many other close connections, none of us EVER see you as anything less than Masters, because you ARE no less.

All you need do is find the truth of that within yourself, appreciate every role you have ever played, and every aspect of all that you are. Know that you have played it all out for great purpose, and appreciate your SELF as thoroughly as WE do. Then, balance in your SELF, your center of neutral, unconditional love in the way we have spoken of in many transmissions. From there, you can do all
with ease. From there, you are ONE.

And so it is.–the celestial team

Copyright(c) Judith Dagley 2011-All Rights Reserved  www.thecelestialteam.com

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