Whatever Happened to Judith?

June 15th, 2018

Here she is. This is Judith. Whew. It’s been awhile. My last post here was a transmission from the celestial team on September 3rd, 2017 about the big RESET we were on the edge of experiencing. To quote, “The vibrational reset of Beingness that You have taken on is of the magnitude of myth and prophecy.”

Hear, hear. That was only 2 days before returning from my summer-long respite high in the wooded alps of Austria by Hallstattersee. I certainly needed that respite, too, because upon my return, I was struck down and plummeted into the very bowels of WHAT needs resetting in our “Beingness,” and WHY. 

Was it an attack? Absolutely. Was it meant to be fatal? Absolutely. Was it also the opening into the profoundest phase of my service here as an earthly delegate from the celestial team? Absolutely. And I SURVIVED? Absolutely. 

purifying downloads

That is of the utmost importance, too, because what I experienced must be SHARED. I am about to begin to do that very soon. 

Call this a prelude, a heads-up… a preparation, actually, for what I will be sharing is multidimensional, and so cannot be either communicated all at once in our linear language or digested all at once in our current states of expansion; the human nervous system requires a more gradual process. Even the re-telling would be too hard on mine were I to bring it through me all at once.

So, the celestial team is going to help me bring it through as a FLOW, one that all of us can handle and assimilate. In preparation, the main thing to remember is… exactly THAT, actually.

If you choose to receive the flow, then DO so. It will come as it comes, through the linear illusion of steady trickles over “time,” and yet it is actually simultaneous in nature. Remember that and SEE it that way. Do the best you can. You will be surprised by how you can! 

On the other hand, it would NOT be beneficial to “dabble,” and by that I mean read snatches here and there– for in truth, you will either get nothing that way, or you will get the distortions that come from partial truths which on their own can lead to dangerous misassumptions. And TRULY, none of us can afford that anymore. 

So. (This is the celestial team, by the way!) Consider yourSelf prepared, Beloved. And stay attuned.

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