9.27.13 Be Careful of How You Use Words!

Oh, Beloved–
This is a “biggie,” as You might say! Please take it to heart. Own the enormous power You have, and that YOU express through every nuance of your being in every moment. Know that your expressions are the seeds of all You see manifested around You. Pay special attention, in this moment of your “time,” to the frequencies You transmit outward through your voice. As some of You learned/felt in our Judith’s recent presesentation of “The Master’s Stance,” your human voice is the most powerful tranamittor of frequencies in our universe. Use it consciously as the Master You are, then, and SEE what You do! Always, YOU are the creator. To see yourself as a victim any longer would be…rather oibsolete, wouldn’t it? Which is certainly not what YOU are here to be! Oh, trust us about that–we KKOW You, remember?
And we bow to You–and we love YOU. Always and in All ways. –the celestial team


Copyright (c) 2013, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://www.thecelestialteam.com

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

BE CAREFUL OF HOW YOU USE WORDS! Whether you have come to recognize that you are a sovereign energy alchemist who creates form through frequency or not is inconsequential. You DO.

So, most especially for those of you who have not yet claimed the truth of this completely within yourselves, I ask that you begin to notice the power of your words–right NOW.

For example, the word “longing” is often used by those who have not yet claimed their sovereign authority as creator beings to express what they wish to manifest in their lives. And yet, what do the frequencies of longing create?

Longing is a frequency of separation from what we need in order to survive.
In the desert, we long for water as we are dying of thirst.
On a mountaintop, we long for warmth as we are freezing to death.
On a deserted island, we long for food as we are dying of starvation.


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9.23.13 A Flying Lesson

If You are feeling a bit lost in space without a parachute these days, we very much want You to realize that You are not alone. Also know that You are not lost, nor do you need a parachute. If You did, You would have one! We asked our Judith to share this post with You because it offers a very grounded flying lesson, one that will serve You much better than any parachute ever could. And if being grounded in order to fly sounds like a contradiction to You…please take a deep breath…as You stand on the earth, is your earth not flying through space? Breathe, Beloved!
Ah, how we love You. Always and in all Ways– the celestial team


Copyright(c) 2013, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://www.thecelestialteam.com

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

You know, I keep “planning” to post certain insights and tools on here, in proper “linear order,” and the knowledge behind my planning is sound. It makes “sense.” It WOULD be of service, in its linear way. And yet, before I can carry out “the plan,” I get whisked into posting something that is not part of “the plan” at ALL, but seems much MORE pressing in the moment.

I wonder if some of you “think” that I am all over the place with my posts sometimes, as a result…if so, I guess I am, ha. Even THIS post is not turning out to be the one I thought I’d write.

But I’m letting it flow out and surprise me, anyway. I trust doing so because my intention in writing these posts is to offer them to YOU. So if they’re all over the place (wait for it)– it means that YOU…

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9.19.13 Pisces Full Moon- A Gateway Within A GATEWAY

9.19.13 Love/Light Message from the celestial team

We shower our Love/Light greetings to You through the gateway of your glorious Pisces full moon, Beloved!

Indeed, it is glorious, for it is a gateway within the larger Gateway that has already formed through recent planetary alignments. You might call it a special door, even a magical one, for all who choose to use it—or a “shortcut” through all of the pressure and confusion that such Gateways stir, and into the integrative energies of your Fall Equinox.
We suggest You also remember the more common term for your Pisces moon as it rises in full splendor at this stage of your yearly cycle, which is “harvest moon,” and know that this term has never applied more than it does NOW.
Then, stand in its light as it rises, large and orange, bathed in the light of your sun as it sets with finely orchestated precision at exactly the same “time.”
Feel the powerful energies of “beginning and ending” spinning together, and recognize that this spinning is precisely what powers and creates a vortex. Then celebrate your own remembered alchemical knowledge, feel the radiance of this vortex resonate within You–and use it!

Use it as a beacon– to feel all that resonates with Love/Light within You, and claim it as your own.
Use it to feel all that does not resonate with Love/Light within you, but instead, scrambles the coherence of your own Light with its dissonance– and let it all go.

Let go of “power struggles,” for they only hold you in the illusion that victimhood is possible.

Let go of blame, in other words..of who did what to you twenty years ago, or five minutes ago.

Let go of all beliefs born of the illusion that anyone ever does anything “to” You, for they will only keep You trapped in the old paradigm of separation.
As the energies of your larger Gateway have been demonstrating in the past months through external reflections, such beliefs only perpetuate the illusion of powerless…and so create power struggles…and so manifest in violence against one’s own Self.

Remember that what You see around You are only reflections of what You hold within You.
Use your vision NOW to release what no longer serves You, and so no longer serves your human collective!
Release all within You that impedes your own expansion into the Love/Light You truly are.
Release all of it gently and lovingly, into the light of your full Pisces moon.

Then CLAIM what remains–your NEWly freed and empowered Love/Light.
Set your intentions to LIVE them, breathe them, and take actions that are only of their resonance.

Understand that your full Pisces moon is a gateway because his/her energies can not only assist You in dissolving old patterns–
they can assist You in transmuting them, as well;
they will amplify, support, and assist You in assimilating  your intentions to LIVE, free of them at last.
In turn, You can then integrate that wondrous leap into the energies your Fall Equinox are already beginning to bring You, for that is the power of your equinox–to integrate all that You bring to it into your NEW way of being.

So You see, Beloved, all of these seemingly separate energies that have been/are/will continue to flow to You are not separate at all. They are “all of a piece,” as You say.
And the reason You have all of this energetic assistance NOW is because the very LARGE Gateway You are passing through in your year of 2013 is into claiming that Oneness-of-the-all. We say claiming, because Oneness already exists, of course.
It is up to You, however, to claim it within yourSelf in order to create the reflections around You that we call Unity Consciousness.

We invite You to remember NOW that as a sovereign energetic being, all of the conflict that is swirling around You is sourced within You. Indeed, it is only swirling so that You will recognize it as your own, and until You do, it can do nothing but increase its swirling.

We suggest that You use the powerful assistance of your Pisces full moon to explore and allow the diversity that exists within You, rather than projecting certain aspects outward and calling them “wrong” or “bad.”
Once You allow them to exist, and include them in your perception of all-that-is–THEN, You can begin to harmonize with them. THEN, You will truly make your leap into ALL-that-You-are! 
And once You experience, within your own being, that diversity need never result in conflict or struggle, You will recognize that diversity, itself, is the very medium of your expansion!

My goodness, Beloved, how could it be otherwise?
Expansion is inclusive. Separation is divisive.
Transmuting the dissonance that many different notes create when they simultaneously play “on their own”–into the glorious symphony they are when played in harmony together–why that IS expansion!  It is that simple–and, we will add, it is the most accurate definition, from our perspective, that we have ever seen transmitted into words.

And NOW, Beloved– even though we are aware that this message is not only long already, but “high frequency packed,” as our Judith says–
even though we are well aware that the many on your planet feel so uncentered and frantic within themselves that they refuse most adamantly (bless their hearts), to sit and receive any input that is not presented in “bullet-like” statements, akin to the “sound bites” that your media has entrained them to be programmed by–
we accept the truth of that for NOW, and most lovingly.

We understand that those who are still running the old 3rd dimensional treamills–the so-called “unawakened,” as well as the “light-workers” who make those labeling calls–are very busy in their process of learning that they go nowhere but round and round!
We also know that You who DO take in our messages will one day be their Wayshowers. And so it goes…

Therefore, we are not bothered that our message is “long,” nor do we hesitate to make it even “longer” by asking our Judith to say a few words about her experience of the vortex she is in along with You NOW, even as she is also part of us. We believe she will not say much after transmitting our message, however, for she found it to be very “long” her human Self, we are hearing! Still, she is willing to make a brief appearance, even if only through a few words, for she knows that doing so, along with her “humanly offered” suggestion or two, will help to ground our message into your own divinely human/celestial energy grid. And that IS what it is ALL about, is it not, Beloved?

This is Judith. And man, is the celestial team ever right. This is a long, high frequency transmission, and I am ready for some down time–just to integrate it fully myself, for one thing! But I will say that I really “got” their description of how a vortex is created, and it helped me to understand why this energy feels as “wired” as it does, and with no particular reason we can pinpoint as the cause.

For me, it DOES feel like everything that goes into experiencing both endings and beginnings are all swirling together. Loss, despair, excitement, anticipation, fatigue, high frequency energy, you name it. And hallelujah for the gateway of this Pisces full moon!  I could feel the vortex that it is as I was translating its frequencies into words, so I very strongly suggest that you use it exactly as the celestial team suggests.

And remember to do so in the NOW, heart-centered, grounded in your body on the earth, and plugged into Source, as well–and let the baggage go. Set your intentions in the resonance of your own sovereign Light, hold the frequencies in your OWN frequency signature, then ride the waves of EVERY NOW on/in/through them. And TRUST your own process–because that is the only surfboard you/we have right NOW.

I also have two things to suggest that WILL support you through this Gateway, both of which I’m offering only after learning how and why they are so supportive through my own experience.  One is to review the video the celestial team and I made in mid-July. It was a powerful pre-curser to what we are going through NOW. Here’s the link:

Alchemy, The Law of Creation, Integrating Male/Female Energy, and MORE!

The other is to listen to the recording of segment #3 of the POWER TOOLKIT for Energy Alchemists–over and over. This was a live, 95 minute, voice-to-voice presentation, and the participants and I created an “energetic feedback loop of coherence” at the beginning that amplified the entire experience, and which will also be LIVE for anyone who participates in creating it while listening to the recording. Here’s the info on how to receive it:

Reciprocal energy exchange– $7.00
To activate, press the “donate” tab in the right sidebar. Paypal will do the rest.
You’ll receive your recording within 48 hours.

OK, gotta go! Gotta get out in the moonlight. I hope there aren’t too many typos left uncorrected as a result, but if there are, please be understanding. I’m “only human,” after all….♥

Copyright(c) 2013, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: www.thecelestialteam.com


9.8.13 The Frequencies of NOW, the Frequencies of YOU

From the celestial team–

We greet you with frequencies of finely focused encouragement in this moment, Beloved! We do so through such focused frequencies because we see how the energies of transformation are swirling WITHIN You and around You NOW. We stress “within You” as a strong reminder that the internal and the external are neither discrete nor separate, as You used to believe. We stress even more strongly that believing such was exactly what held You in the illusion of powerlessness. Only through letting go of such illusions do you open the space within You to claim the truth of your own infinite creativity. Only through integrating the awareness that the external is simply your own reflection do You claim your mastery as a Sovereign Energetic Creator Being–One who creates form out of frequency.
Here is Yeshuwah–

Ah, Precious Beloved! Please listen to us carefully, for we speak from within your own heart. Take our words in and You will find yourSelf within them. Many “times,” You have heard/felt us tell You through these transmissions that the eye of the needle is within YOU. And so it is. And so it is “time” to take the blinders off, drop the shackles, and RECOGNIZE the truth of our words, within You.

Recognize that as a “human being,” You are very far from powerless. Recognize that as a “human being,” you are a master of creation, for You are divinity embodied. We tell You that You do not only change the world…please take a deep breath, Beloved. Then, please breathe what we are about to tell You deep into yourSelf, as often as You need to, until You feel the resonance of truth within your own Being…

…for we tell You NOW that You do not only change the world. By spinning your frequencies outward and manifesting them into form, YOU CREATE THE WORLD IN YOUR OWN IMAGE, and YOU DO SO WITHIN YOUR OWN BEING. Thus, the eye of the needle is, indeed, WITHIN YOU. 

Breathe, Beloved. Breathe. Breathe all that we tell You into your Being. Breathe, and know thySelf. Learn NOW to remember your divine alchemy. Learn NOW to feel your sovereign power coursing through You once again…to feel your freedom and your crown of responsibility…to feel yourSelf come alive as You re-activate your exquisitely fine attunement to frequencies…and exhalt in remembering how to USE it as the Sovereign, Divinely Human, Creator Being, that You are!

Please do not hesitate in embracing this process, nor try to rush through it, for neither is possible. It is “time,” and You, Beloved, were the one who set the clock. DO, however, let us assure You that as your commitment to your own awakening deepens, the process becomes increasingly light, increasingly engaging and joyful– for as You remember that all is energy, and energy is Love, you also forget fear. 

Savor every delicious, tantalizing, moment of awakening, then, Beloved, for that is why You are here! It is the “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow, when all of the colors merge once again into the dazzling white they’ve been part of all along. It is a glorious, magical moment, as all of those colors find their way home…and one that has never occurred in your universe–until YOU embodied into human form to co-create it. Do not miss any of it!

Remember as well that always we are with You, for we are also within the One energy, the One Love/Light that is the all, and so we are within YOU, as well. How could it be otherwise, Beloved?  

This is Judith…and I cannot believe the celestial team is asking me to chime in on the heels of  Yeshuwah. Not even “on the heels,” but while still IN Yeshuwah (or vice versa), basking, tears streaming down my face as always…but they are. (Lol–quite a medley of frequencies you’re getting today, huh?) And, I just “got” that their asking me to chime in is by design, of course. Nutshell version–because NOW is the “time” to remove the illusion that there is any separation between “divine” and “human” and claim ourselves as both.

So, what the celestial team has asked me to do is remind you that the whole lot of us will be on “Moonlighting by Numbers,”  Monday 9/9 at 6;00 p.m pst, talking more about what they/Yeshuwah have opened up in this message. The BIG reason they want me to remind you about that is because we’ll also be answering questions called in by listeners. It seems that the celestial team is feeling questions coming from some of you already, so they are encouraging you to call in–on a “real” phone number, so that they can answer “in person, voice-to-voice.” (Um…my voice, that would be…oh, never mind. OUR voice…I’m getting it. Yowza.) To access the show, hit the link below, and you’ll be there.


Wait a sec, not done yet–I just got another reminder prompt–
POWER TOOLKIT #3, “The Master’s Stance” (OUR first voice-to-voice communal gathering!), Saturday, Sept. 14th at 1:00 p.m, pst
If you haven’t yet registered, don’t forget to do so soon, as this might be the last reminder (because…Ok, I admit it. Posting reminders is not my favorite thing, OK?)
To review details about registering, or about the event itself, see my post of 9.2.13–Lets TALK! POWER TOOLKIT Webinar, 9.14.13!

And…I think that’s finally about it…yep seems to be—for NOW, anyway.  ♥♥♥

Except to say how much we love YOU, Beloved. Always and in All Ways. — the celestial team

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9.4.13 New Virgo Moon–the Energy of Alchemy!

Love/Light Message from the celestial team

Hello again, Beloved!

My goodness! Everytime we tune into your energy field, it is fuller, busier, BIGGER…You are in the midst of the “Master’s work,” indeed! However You may experience that–be it as an athlete who is finally participating IN the Olympic event that h/she has been practicing for, or as a mother IN the midst of birthing the child she has been carrying within her, or as a god IN awakening to his/her own divine power—all of those perspectives apply.

You are BECOMING what you came to BE, actualizing the incipient potential You have been carrying within You, and creating the future in the NOW with the energies that are swirling about You. NOW is your “time.”

We watch, along with your entire universe, as You project the upheaval that is growing within You, out into your world, and we recognize your mastery at play in the doing. We see that You are creating a “master’s failsafe,” so that not a single aspect of what needs to be integrated can be overlooked. We are riveted by your courage, and your sheer ability to create a call to action in such a “seemingly” dangerous fashion– to any but a master of alchemy, that is.

We are in awe, as well, at your perfect “timing” in the sequencing of your collective process of massive transformation. We will tell You that the energies of your Virgo New Moon, with your Helios also in Virgo, are in perfect alignment in supporting your divine purpose in creating such upheaval NOW–but we know that YOU know that through your NEW operating system of the heart. We know that there is no longer a single one of YOU who does not have access to that multidimensional awareness.

And yes, we know that there are many among You who still pretend they do not. How could there not be, when the process your human collective has taken on is one of integrating duality? Obviously, all spectrums of separation need to be played out, then– how else could they all be integrated? Indeed, those among You who are choosing to pretend that they do not see, or have been so traumatized that they cannot see, are playing the most challenging roles of all. Surely, You would not want to be in their shoes, would You? But somebody had to fill them, and so they did. In return, they need your eyes NOW.

Your Virgo New Moon will be exact, according to your linear time perspective, on 9.5 at 4:35 a.m. pdt. It is providing You with the energy You called for NOW. It is the energy of alchemy, offered to You, the alchemist, for your purposes of restructuring, transmuting, and healing. It will come exactly as You ordered it.

For the majority of your day, it will be focused on supporting your confidence, boosting your energetic resolve, much as a powerful coach or mentor might. Then, in the evening, it will give You what You really want– some small but unavoidable conflict, either internally or externally (both are the same), that will cause You to stretch beyond where You were, which is exactly what your heart desires.

Ah, what a master You are! USE this energy well, Beloved, to integrate the lessons you have “lived through,” and allow them to be what they truly are–the seeds of your expansion– which You will then plant and grow, through your alchemical mastery, in this New Moon of yours.

We love you. Always and in All Ways. — the celestial team


Copyright(c) 2013, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: www.thecelestialteam.com

Let’s TALK! POWER TOOLKIT Webinar, 9.14.13

Let’s TALK, indeed, Beloved!
Do not think that WE will not be part of the interconnected energies that create this WEB-inar! We would not miss this golden opportunity to create magic with You–why, YOU are the master magicians of our universe! Just wait until You remember–and SEE what You can do! And when You do…WE will be there. Never would we miss it.
We love YOU so! Always and in All Ways–the celestial team


Copyright(c)2013, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://www.thecelestialteam.com

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Yep, Energy Alchemists, I’m getting loud and clear that the “time” to gather in one time/space to share our energy as well as our voices has come…”time” to hear and answer your questions personally…”time” to address any concerns you have…”time” to  create a space in which to get completely up to speed in your NEW foundation–and KNOW you are. The knowing is crucial before moving into using “The Master’s Stance” (a title that just came to me, absolutely ringing with “Sovereign Authority”).
Yowza. You made it. So celebrate yourSelf, and let’s TALK, by all means!

Let’s talk, for one thing, because I’m sensing that my words, “you made it” may have triggered a pang of self-doubt in at least a few of you who may not be feeling all that steady n your NEW foundation…it might even have brought up a sense of failure, or shame, accompanied by an old voice saying something like, “See? You’re not good enough. Everybody made it but you.”…

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