Let’s TALK! POWER TOOLKIT Webinar, 9.14.13

Let’s TALK, indeed, Beloved!
Do not think that WE will not be part of the interconnected energies that create this WEB-inar! We would not miss this golden opportunity to create magic with You–why, YOU are the master magicians of our universe! Just wait until You remember–and SEE what You can do! And when You do…WE will be there. Never would we miss it.
We love YOU so! Always and in All Ways–the celestial team


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Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

Yep, Energy Alchemists, I’m getting loud and clear that the “time” to gather in one time/space to share our energy as well as our voices has come…”time” to hear and answer your questions personally…”time” to address any concerns you have…”time” to  create a space in which to get completely up to speed in your NEW foundation–and KNOW you are. The knowing is crucial before moving into using “The Master’s Stance” (a title that just came to me, absolutely ringing with “Sovereign Authority”).
Yowza. You made it. So celebrate yourSelf, and let’s TALK, by all means!

Let’s talk, for one thing, because I’m sensing that my words, “you made it” may have triggered a pang of self-doubt in at least a few of you who may not be feeling all that steady n your NEW foundation…it might even have brought up a sense of failure, or shame, accompanied by an old voice saying something like, “See? You’re not good enough. Everybody made it but you.”…

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