11.23.13 For Energy Sensitives–Upgrades, Tech Support, Empowerment, and YOWZA!

Hello, Beloved! We just want to briefly offer “our take” on this post, as You would say. To us it is a living, experiential, example of what it FEELS like to be a frontrunner on your planet in human form. We also know that it is a mere
taste of the challenge that the Energy Sensitives among You face in stepping forward with the truth of your experiences…
“without a net,” so to speak, in a world that still relies on one. We are awed by such courage. We speak in code with these words. There is much within them. But as an Energy Sensitive, we trust that You will find it ALL. Know how we honor you, and how we bow to your courage in bringing your alchemical mastery to your planet, and in USING it NOW. Those of You who have said YES to that are like sacred babes in the woods.
For those who “think” they are lost, YOU are there to show them, through the courage of Love, that they are NEVER lost–for all in the woods is ONE.
How we love and cherish You for that.
— the celestial team

Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

YOWZA is right. And whew. OK, first let me tell you the good news– A two-part, frequency-packed recording called “BEing an Energy Sensitive” is NOW available! It is alive with energy activations, technical support, and multidimensional information. More details, as well as how to receive it, are at the bottom of this post. The content in between is about how the recording came to be, and my own experience of making it. I’d say its well worth reading, but if you just want to cut to the chase and order the recording, you can do that, too– just scroll down, and there you have it.

To continue. I know you’re pretty used to my “multidimensional ways” by NOW, but this is something else, entirely… my “ways” just took a quantum leap, you might say. So, if you’re just visiting my site for the first time, please fasten your seatbelt, because what I’m about to share comes from three…

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11.17.13 Emergence Emergency– The Perfect Storm

Hello, Beloved! In the energies of NOW, only a multidimensional being who is feeling them while embodied in human form–as You are– could communicate them to You in “experiential authenticity,” human to human. And it is that multidimentional awareness that is MOST important to each and all of You NOW–for each of You hold it within You. It is not “special,” You see, but innate, encoded into your very DNA . So take in this post through your earthly/celestial multidimensional heart center, feel the resonance, and say “I LOVE YOU,” and mean it, NOW! It does not matter, the judgments that have kept You from doing so–they are nothing but illusions, 3D distortions. Cut through them NOW, through “the eye of the needle,” as your Yeshuwah has called it many times– to Love, and express Love NOW. Nothing else matters. Nothing else is even “real!”
How we love you! Always and in All Ways–the celestial team


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Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

What a weekend of unprecedented intensity this is! Not news to most of you, I’m sure– not by this point within it, anyway. As this particular Taurus moon reaches fullness, it is accompanied by a celestial Grand Cross that is designed to propel us into expansion in any way possible. Thus, we are being catapulted into the unknown, and “planted” by the grounding energy of Taurus in a whole NEW territory–IF we allow it, that is.

Whether we do or not, it will  have its way with us somehow, for it is, indeed, “the perfect storm,” and bound to feel like an unprecedentedly radical one, at that. In our Grand Cross, we have the revolutionary energies of Jupiter fueling the evolutionary influence of Uranus, while ruthless Pluto brings all of our pre-conceived limitations right into our faces. What does that look like?  Like “shit hitting the fan,” you might say… But we…

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11.11.13 Emergence!

(Prefacing note: Talk about “emergence!” I, Judith, simply meant to post this as a re-blog from my other site, but then was called to makes a few changes…and before I knew it, the celestial team got in the act, and Yeshuwah came forward with a few words…so the whole post got a “frequency upgrade!” Although “the point” is the same as in the original,   it emerged in a whole NEW energy pattern, and so very different…)

Hi, this is Judith. I’m  feeling incredibly strongly impulsed to let you know that if you are feeling somewhat cranky these days, due to being innundated by regrets, sorrows, resentments, and/or self-recriminations over “things that happened in the past”–  it does NOT mean what it might have meant “in the past.” Even (or especially) if things you thought you’d left behind a long “time” ago are suddenly coming up again in great force, or people you haven’t heard from for a long “time” are suddenly showing up and activating you emotionally in unsettling or downright disturbing ways– this “time,” it does not mean what it would have meant even six months ago!  THIS “time,” it means you are in flow with your own expansion. It means that you are ready to TRULY release your old self-limiting programs at last.

So congratulate yourself, is what I need to tell you! Because what you thought you had  left behind may not have been left behind. You see, the methods we used in the old paradigm…were of the old paradigm. They could only take us so far, and NOW we’re already far beyond their scope. For example, remember affirmations? A few decades ago, that was a method for replacing old self-defeating programs with healthy, empowering ones that became a huge “self-help bestseller.”

But that was then, not NOW. Besides, they never really worked all that well even back then, did they? That’s because affirmations are formulated in the brain… which is a programmed treadmill… which can create the illusion of “getting ahead,” of course… which can get us feeling hopeful for awhile… until we realize we aren’t really going anywhere we haven’t already been. The brain is very dedicated to keeping us running its 3rd dimensional treadmill, and since every thought is formulated from its vast storehouse of what we already know, how could it take us anywhere NEW, anyway?

But NOW, however, our NEW operating system is the multi-dimensional heart center, and so there are no limits to where we can go. That is why the old patterns of Self-limitation are rising up into your consciousness again, and they are not being pulled up by thoughts. In fact, they usually seem to come rushing up on their own, and often in spite of what we think! Well, they’re not coming up entirely on their own, either, nor do they mean you’re on the same old treadmill, repeating the same old patterns. Remember the Laws of Resonance the celestial team and I keep mentioning in our posts and videos? Aha! That’s what you’re experiencing NOW, and so vividly that you can’t help but get an excellent lesson in how they work. And that is a GOOD thing!

As I said, the way the old stuff is coming up NOW is different, and the difference means that you are in flow with your own process of expansion. Remembering how the Laws of Resonance work will keep you focused on that difference; otherwise, you might end up resisting your own expansion (oh, no!). As we move into higher (more expansive) frequencies, all of the lower ones that are still within us attempt to resonate with them, and so are propelled upward, too. And the beauty of that is, when they do, you can release all of the beliefs, fears, judgments, etc., that kept some of your own frequencies locked in their lower ones!

So they’re all coming up to let you know EXACTLY what you need to let go of– you don’t have to worry about them lurking in crevices within you, “hiding from the Light”– because they can’t! These NEW higher frequencies just cause them to spiral right up. NOW, how great is that? And since you’re reading this, you’ve probably also read at least some of my posts over the past three years, on either this site or my own, about HOW to release them. So USE that information, and do so NOW!

See…this IS YOUR responsibility. Whew, it made me nervous just to write that, because  I am aware that  those who cling to the old, powerless, victim/aggressor paradigm would take it as a giant, “victimizing,” accusation. (See? That’s some old fear in me that just came up, and I had to stop and clear it before pecking out another word!) Self-responsibility is the ticket out of “victim consciousness,” and into “sovereign authority.” Out of the dissonance of separation, and into the harmony of Unity Consciousness. I’d even go so far as to say that claiming “Sovereign Self-Responsibility” is the biggest gateway into JOY that any of us could enter.

And THAT’S why its so wonderful that these old fear-based thoughts and perceptions from “the past” are coming up to be released NOW– because something much BETTER is ready to emerge. And it is everything your heart desires. So self-judgment comes up, for example. Why? To be released. Why? Because SELF-LOVE  IS READY TO EMERGE. So fear comes up to be replaced by the safety of Love, resentment to be replaced by compassion, self-doubt to be replaced by self-trust….you get the picture, right?

Wow, just typing that filled me with excitement! Did you feel it, too, as you read it? If so,  welcome to our ancient connection, Beloved! (Yikes. Did that “Beloved” just come out of ME? I guess so, because the celestial team is letting me know that they had no part in it– and they are absolutely loving that it “popped out” of me, btw…those magnificently divine stinkers!) And, so…yes. I DO love you. And I know you by heart, for you are an aspect of me that I have missed for long. So there. And here comes the celestial team (thank God,  because I need some recovery-from-emergence time!)–

Indeed, here we come, Beloved!  For we are also fizzy with excitement in this moment, and we encourage You to use our excited frequencies to tap into your own as fully as You possibly can. And then follow that excitement wherever it leads You! If You do, where You will soon find  yourSelf is WITHIN  all that is emerging inside You NOW. 

Let the focus of your process stay within your EMERGENCE– not on what is coming up around it to be released– for the focus of that is to make room for your own emergence!  Stay there within the blooming, then, and remember that it is YOU.

From there, we promise You that clearing space for your own blooming will not seem like an “ordeal”… not once You begin to feel the eager delight  of your own divine nature  at finally having that space to fill! Not once You begin to feel your OWN eagerness light You up… then grow brighter with gratitude, joy… and finally fully ablaze in every cell with wildly celebratory excitement. Ah, don’t miss any of it, Beloved! Focus on the emergence, clear the space for it, and…en-JOY. EN-JOY!

This is Judith again. What I’m seeing is the metaphor of cleaning out a grungy closet after a decade or ten of neglectful inattention– once we get into it and “see” it begin to emerge without the grunge, it becomes amazing. The cleaning out process morphs from being “hard” into being exciting, because our focus has shifted from what we are clearing out (the old) to what we are clearing space for as it emerges. And…whoa. Yeshuwah–

This is Yeshuwah. Beloved, know that your excitement is most precious to us. We love nothing more than to see You filled with your own excitement, for it is a force generated to You through your very SOUL. Excitement is what You feel as You allow your own divinity to emerge and live within You! Excitement is also what You feel when You allow it to lead You. Follow it, indeed, Beloved!  There is no wiser, more trustworthy guide in your universe for You than your own excitement.

Remember what we have told You many times. The eye of the needle is WITHIN You. All that You perceive around You is nothing but your own reflection. Trust us in that, and above all, TRUST the divinity of your passion. Let it lead You “through the needle” NOW to be and do what delights You the most. You need no map, or plan, or even to know ahead of “time” exactly where You are going. Simply enjoy your excitement with child-like wonder, for it DOES know, we assure You, where it leads… as do we. Like a brilliant star that outshines all others and for your eyes, alone, it will always lead You HOME. Follow its Light and rejoice, Beloved. You need never feel lost again. And so it is.

Um…Judith, here again…completely speechless.  What else is there to say?  ♥♥♥

How we love you! Always and in All Ways– the celestial team


Copyright(c) Judith Dagley, 2013, All Rights Rezserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: www.thecelestialteam.com

11/1/13 Heads Up– YOUR Frequencies Are Manifesting “Reality” Right Under Your Nose!

Hi, this is Judith. The celestial team is right on my heels (so to say, ha), but they want me to start this one off in my own words. Which are, that I can feel throughout my whole human being how intensely we are moving into the thick of transformation right NOW (I mean, those of us who  have chosen to, of course)…into becoming the radiant Selves we know we are but have kept locked away before NOW…into facing all the illusions of helpless victimhood, and the ego-defenses of protection that have kept us enslaved in them…into choosing to move BEYOND them, finally, and receiving unprecedented–and very intense support– from Pluto in doing so. THIS is what our current Scorpio solar eclipse is offering us.

So I strongly suggest that you consciously make every single choice over the next three days from your heart center. Why? Because whether you have yet embraced your sovereignty or not, it is fully yours NOW. There are no limits to your powers of creation anymore.  WHATEVER you choose to sow through the frequencies of your thoughts, words, and intentions–no matter WHAT it is–so shall you reap (to paraphrase an ancient master and current intimate supporter of ours).

This is the real deal, guys. This is no “woo-woo” idealization. This is the GAME, and it has changed. We are NOW “in charge”– which we always have been–but NOW, we are in charge of the NOW. OK, that’s all I need to say, I’m getting, as I’ve already explained the “whys and wherefores” plenty in prior posts…and you are sovereign, so you either have read them, or can, whenever you want, since they’re all here archived on the site…

Whoo, can you feel it, this shift?  No more molly-coddling, or any other such infantalizing  treatment–not for YOU, (or me either, I’m sure feeling that!) –not anymore.  So I’ll shut up for NOW, and let the celestial team take over–

Heads up, Beloveds!

Rise and Shine! With your current Scorpio solar eclipse, You are, indeed, in the thick of unprecedentedly powerful energies that support You in rising NOW. And there has been much preparation for this…much has been offered to prepare you, and from many beings in our cosmos. We, the celestial team, came forward through our Judith for that very reason as well, and for the last three of your years have been working with You through words and frequencies in our messages and videos (as much as You would allow us to, of course).

NOW is the time to USE whatever You have chosen to learn! NOW more than ever before and from NOW more and more, what You say goes. You are manifesting “reality” through your frequencies more rapidly every day, and soon there will be no “time” to “change your mind.” You see?

NOW is the time to step into LIVING in alignment with your intentions, and leave all thoughts and actions that undermine You behind. Soon, You will see that what You say goes in an instant! THAT is how sovereign You are. And it does not even matter WHAT You choose to manifest–what You say will go, no matter WHAT it is. THAT is how much your Source Loves You.

So, heads up! Rise and Shine, Beloved. And how we will delight in that, for we will tell You this–NO star can Light our cosmos as You can.
How we Love You! Always and in All Ways–the celestial team


Copyright(c) 2013, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: www.thecelestialteam.com

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