11.17.13 Emergence Emergency– The Perfect Storm

Hello, Beloved! In the energies of NOW, only a multidimensional being who is feeling them while embodied in human form–as You are– could communicate them to You in “experiential authenticity,” human to human. And it is that multidimentional awareness that is MOST important to each and all of You NOW–for each of You hold it within You. It is not “special,” You see, but innate, encoded into your very DNA . So take in this post through your earthly/celestial multidimensional heart center, feel the resonance, and say “I LOVE YOU,” and mean it, NOW! It does not matter, the judgments that have kept You from doing so–they are nothing but illusions, 3D distortions. Cut through them NOW, through “the eye of the needle,” as your Yeshuwah has called it many times– to Love, and express Love NOW. Nothing else matters. Nothing else is even “real!”
How we love you! Always and in All Ways–the celestial team


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Judith Dagley Flaherty, mft

What a weekend of unprecedented intensity this is! Not news to most of you, I’m sure– not by this point within it, anyway. As this particular Taurus moon reaches fullness, it is accompanied by a celestial Grand Cross that is designed to propel us into expansion in any way possible. Thus, we are being catapulted into the unknown, and “planted” by the grounding energy of Taurus in a whole NEW territory–IF we allow it, that is.

Whether we do or not, it will  have its way with us somehow, for it is, indeed, “the perfect storm,” and bound to feel like an unprecedentedly radical one, at that. In our Grand Cross, we have the revolutionary energies of Jupiter fueling the evolutionary influence of Uranus, while ruthless Pluto brings all of our pre-conceived limitations right into our faces. What does that look like?  Like “shit hitting the fan,” you might say… But we…

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